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It is so important that email addresses and names are enclosed with your donations of Sunshine Blankets, Shawls and Butterflies please. Thank you!

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'Crochet keeps our hands busy so our minds can rest. It is a gift to help quiet the world around us, if even for a moment. To create -- and think of those we create for --is a quiet prayer of hope, love and dreams all wrapped up in a hook, a book and a ball of yarn. Author Anonymous. Thanks Cynthia.
I NO LONGER ACCEPT KNITTED OR CROCHETED SQUARES. I DO HOWEVER ACCEPT MADE UP BLANKETS FOR THE ELDERLY IN CARE HOMES. I'D BE VERY HAPPY TO RECEIVE YOURS! THANK YOU! 'SIBOL' is a charitable outlet for your Crocheting and Knitting Skills why not join us? Together we are 'Sending a ray of Sunshine into the Lives of the Elderly.' All enquiries please contact Sue on sueatpigsty@virginmedia.com Thank you!
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Please may I remind you to enclose your email address with parcels delivered to my home. If I don't acknowledge receipt it's because I can't find your address. Thank you.

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Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Wednesday's Sunshine Blankets.

Good afternoon,

I would like to thank Linda for two very pretty Granny Blankets.
This is the simple Granny Square made in plain colours with very pretty borders.
These two Blankets are a great size to snuggle under and I know they  will be giving a
great deal of comfort to two lucky Residents.



Decorated with Roses and Butterflies and tied up with Ribbon
these will make wonderful Gifts.


Thank you so much Linda.

x Sue x 

Saturday, 26 September 2015

Saturday's post.

Good morning,

With thanks to Sally today we have another two beautiful Sunshine Blankets for Residents in Care Homes. They have both been made in gorgeous yarn and in such pretty patterns too.  If you are new to our 'SIBOL' Blog every Sunshine Blanket we have made over the years has been showcased on here. I'm sure you will get plenty of ideas. Blankets can be Knitted or Crocheted and in any colour you like. It's a great way to use that un-wanted yarn and at the same time do something worthwhile for the Elderly.

All of our Blankets are hand-delivered by myself or by one of the other Ladies that help our Group so you can be assured we know where your Blanket has found it's home.  I have to say this is  just for Care Homes in the UK but we are lucky enough to have support from places as far as Singapore too!
Quite a few of our Ladies live in Europe and very often send their work to us. So if you are visiting from abroad you are most welcome to help us.  The nice thing about our 'SIBOL' project is that others
can benefit from our creativity!

Let's take a look at Sally's work today. Thank you so much Sally!

1120 1121 Thanks Sally.



Absoutely gorgeous two lucky Residents will love these.

Any enquiries please contact me

or pop over to

Thank you

x Sue x

Friday, 25 September 2015

Up-date on Blanket Delivery.

Good morning and welcome!

I had a lovely email from Amanda at Belvoir Care Home. If you remember Lisa visited them recently I thought you might like to read what she said.

"Just dropping you an email to thank you, Lisa and everyone else for the beautiful blankets and shawls, the Residents enjoyed choosing their favourites and have worn the shawls and had the blankets on their laps or to hand on the back of their chair since receiving them.

Gladys is thrilled to bits about being on the Internet and having her picture seen around the world.

I took some pictures of the Residents with their shawls and blankets so I will ask their permission to share some of them with you all.

I think what you do for people is wonderful and once again I would like to say a big thank you from all at Belvoir and thanks also to Lisa for thinking of us".

It's so nice to get feedback from the Homes we visit it makes everything so much worthwhile. I'm sure the Blankets and Shawls will be talking points for many days to come.

Thanks everyone!

x Sue  x

Monday, 21 September 2015

Lilac Day

Good afternoon,

My postie has been very busy today - three beautiful Sunshine Blankets arriving for Residents in Care Homes. 

The first one arrived from juliesgems3 over on RAVELRY.   Here's the LINK to her page.

This Crocheted Blanket is so pretty. I've added a Butterfly too which we do on all of our Blankets.  If you'd like to have a go yourself they are very easy to do. Nettie's Blog in Australia has a great video tutorial. Here's the LINK. We are always in need of Butterflies so please feel free to make some. Decorated with Ribbon and a Butterfly this Blanket is going to be a wonderful Gift. Thank you very much juliesgems3.

1117 -'Granny Square Lap Blanket -  Thanks Julie C.


The centre really stands out and I love the variegated yarn used too.  What a treat thank you!

Next we have two Sunshine Blankets arriving from Linda. Linda has made the Sunshine Blankets in two shades of Lilac and I love the roses and frilly edging. It must be the day for Lilac! Both are great sizes for someone's lap thank you so much.

1119 - 1118 Thanks Linda - I love the colours in these two Sunshine Blankets.

1119 - Cute Roses Linda!

1118 - Thanks Linda - such a pretty Sunshine Blanket.

I would also like to thank everyone who has contacted me after seeing the small article in 'Yours' magazine.  I've had a lot of enquiries and I'm pleased you'd like to support us.

If you'd like to visit 

SIBOL CHALLENGES it gives you information about our work.
Here's the LINK

I'd like to say my address is available by email only.

We also have a SIBOL Group over on RAVELRY.
Here's the LINK.
You are most welcome to join our chats anytime.
So why not introduce yourself? (Optional).

It's so nice to have new enquiries so thank you. 

Thanks once again Linda and juliesgems3 I am very grateful to you both.

x Sue x 

Thursday, 17 September 2015

Delivery Day to Belvoir Care Home, Rochdale

Good evening,

A busy couple of  days for me visiting 'Bramley Grove Care Home', and also for 'BigBlue' Lisa over on RAVELRY for visiting a home near to her called Belvoir Care Home in Rochdale.

My post is underneath this one so please scroll down.

I asked Lisa if she would write a couple of paragraphs about her visit. This is the first time she has invited Ladies to send her Squares on behalf of 'SIBOL' and as I have found out over the years Ladies in the Crafting Community are terribly kind and it wasn't too long before she had enough to start assembling Blankets together. Not only did she assemble  Squares into Blankets she also had donations of finished Blankets which really helped her.

I am now going to let you read what she sent me.

Belvoir Care Home

"It's taken me  a few months but finally I finished off the Sunshine blankets this week.  My friend Dorothy helped with putting ribbons and butterflies on all the blankets and made a lot of butterflies for me.
Today we took 20  Sunshine blankets and 19 shawls to a home quite near to me in Rochdale called Belvoir Care Home. The manager Amanda Richardson was really friendly and welcoming, and very interested in hearing about how the blankets were made by many people around the world. She was amazed at how much work went into them by so many people. The residents were interested in them too and one lady called Gladys was very keen to have her picture taken with Amanda and the blankets.  They will be a big talking point for quite a while. 
With many thanks to Amanda for accepting them.  

They enquired about sharing them with their sister home, so they will be the next on the list."

This is great thanks Lisa. I'm so pleased the visit went well.

Now we have some photos which Lisa  sent over to me. I would like you to see them.

That was really lovely of Gladys to allow you a photo Lisa and what gorgeous Sunshine Blankets too! They are absolutely beautiful and  decorated perfectly.

Thanks to everyone for helping and to Belvoir for accepting them.

'SIBOL' is a place where we can be creative and at the same time doing something worthwhile for others too. As you can see from today's posts many Elderly Residents are benefiting from our work and I am so pleased that our  Sunshine Blankets are getting to people in other parts of the country.

Thanks so much.

x Sue x


Bramley Grove Care Home - Delivery day!

Good Morning to you all!

Thanks very much for popping in to the 'SIBOL' Blog this morning.

I'm very pleased to be telling you that this morning I have visited Bramley Grove Care Home in Birmingham to deliver 36 Sunshine Blankets and 20 Shawls.


These ones too that arrived yesterday.

1113 - Kate thank you such  a pretty Sunshine Blanket.


Kate such pretty work thank you!

Over the past few months I have been getting them ready with pretty Butterflies and Ribbons and today was the day that  I could finally take them out to a home. Due to family commitments and our holiday I haven't had much chance over the past few weeks.   I'm sure you will agree the Sunshine Blankets will certainly make lovely Gifts for the Residents and will certainly be the topic of conversation for many days to come.

Both Crocheted and Knitted Blankets are always so well received in the homes. They are a great size and have many uses. Not only can they be used while sitting in a chair they can also be used on top of a bed. What a lovely Gift for someone.

The Staff at Bramley Grove Care Home today were extremely grateful to you all for the Blankets and Shawls. Admiring them greatly this morning when I took them in and they just couldn't believe the work that had gone in to them. Amazed too that I have support from all over the world. So a Big thank you from them and also myself.


Everyone in the home will be able to receive one of our Sunshine Blankets
and they also have a Nursing Home on site so I asked Natasha on the left if they would like some too.
She said they would be able to use some so if you want to make a Sunshine Blanket and send it to me please do not hesitate to contact me or even pop over to


which gives you all the information you will need.
Here's the LINK.

Or mail me on


With many thanks to Natasha at Bramley Grove Care Home for accepting our 
Sunshine Blankets today and thanks to everyone who has supported our project.
I am very grateful to you all.


When arriving back home this morning after visiting the home I found these Sunshine Blankets in my porch. They have arrived from Gill.  Made so beautifully and such great designs I will keep these for my next delivery.
Thank you very much once again Gill.
I'm only sorry you've missed today's delivery!
Nevermind next time. 





Fabulous designs and colours.
I love them!

x Sue  x

Wednesday, 16 September 2015

'Yours' magazine.

Good afternoon,

Today I picked up a copy of  'Yours' magazine after I was approached by one of their writers.
Just a snippet about our work which was a little disappointing but nevertheless I've already had
an enquiry.

Yours  -  SIBOL


If you are visiting our 'SIBOL' Blog for the first time today may I link you to our other Blog  'SIBOL CHALLENGES'  which gives more details about sizes of Blankets and what we need. Here's the LINK

I live in the Birmingham area but my address is  only available by contacting me on email which is

Sue on sueatpigsty@talktalk.net

I'll be most happy to answer any questions you may have.

Thank you.

x Sue x

Up-dated post. 

Kate has sent me a beautiful Granny Square Sunshine Blanket this morning and also some Shawls.  It's so nice to receive them Kate thank you so much.  I am going to take them out tomorrow to a local care Home I know Residents will love them. 

This is what Kate has sent today all made beautifully.

Kate thank you such  a pretty Sunshine Blanket.


Kate such pretty work thank you!

I can't thank you enough.

x Sue x 

Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Strawberry Sundae and Peppermint Cream.

Good afternoon and welcome!

'BigBlue'  over on RAVELRY has been collecting Squares on behalf of SIBOL and assembling them into Sunshine Blankets for a Home called 'Belvoir' near to where she lives. On Wednesday morning she will hand deliver 20 Sunshine Blankets and 19 Shawls to Residents in their Home. What
an achievement! I must congratulate her and all the Ladies who have very kindly contributed.

The latest Sunshine Blankets are Strawberry Sundae and Peppermint Cream. Two more stunning Sunshine Blankets.

Thank you to brownie47 for 'Peppermint Cream'. Perfect name. 

I will be very interested to read how you got on 'BigBlue' thank you so much for doing this and everyone else who has donated Squares and Blankets.

x Sue x

Sunday, 13 September 2015

What's new today?

Good morning and welcome to our SIBOL Blog,

Throughout the year we have been very busy making Sunshine Blankets and Shawls for Residents in Care Homes mainly in the Birmingham area.  I'm very pleased to be telling you that a few Ladies in our SIBOL group have taken on the task of assembling Blankets in the SIBOL name and arranging delivery near to where they live. This is fantastic because it means that our Blankets can reach other parts of the UK. BigBlue  over on (RAV) is one of these Ladies.

Over the past few months she has been collecting Squares and has assembled some stunning Blankets and it is my pleasure today to be showcasing more of her work.

Let's take a look now.

The first one is called 'Berrylicious'.

Berrylicious made and donated by BigBlue and SIBOL Ladies. Thank you.

The second is called 'Creme Caramel'.


The third is 'Parma Violets'.


BigBlue thank you so much for collecting the Squares on behalf of SIBOL and assembling them. You have made a fantastic job of putting them together. I'm really grateful to you.  I would also like to thank everyone for sending in Squares to BigBlue.  The Blankets are really interesting and I know the Residents in Homes are really going to appreciate them especially as the weather is starting to change now.

brownie47 has also spent time making a Blanket for SIBOL. I'm sure you are going to love this one too. It's called 'Blue Lagoon' and once again a stunning Blanket.

Blue lagoon made and donated by brownie47 RAV. Thank you.

This brings our total to 1110
Thank you all so much!

Any enquiries please contact

I'm Sue

Thank you. 

Friday, 11 September 2015

Pop in and see our new Sunshine Blankets.

Good afternoon and welcome to our 'SIBOL' Blog,

I would like to thank Linda today for sending me two very pretty Sunshine Blankets she has made for the Elderly.  Made in the traditional Granny Square way they are going to be perfect for two Residents.  A great size for a lap and in great colours too. So thank you very much Linda.

Linda T thank you.



'Dulcatis' over on RAVELRY has been busy too making a Sunshine Blanket for a home near to where she lives. The Squares are so interesting. 
This one is called 'Different Shades of Grey'. 
Isn't it lovely?

Different shades of grey by Teresa thank you.

Thank you for making this Blanket on behalf of 'SIBOL'.

I'm really pleased that our Blankets are reaching other parts of the

 The closing date for Shawls and Sunshine Blankets is
30th November 2015. This will give me enough time to 
take them out to the homes before Christmas.

Thank you. 

x Sue x