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Monday, 11 June 2012

Update on our 'Going For Gold' Olympic Blanket.

Hello Everyone!

Thank you for visiting 'SIBOL' today.

As you know for  around a year I have been collecting Squares to make a massive Blanket with the Olympics London 2012 in mind. Squares have come in from all over the World as far as the States, Europe and of course the UK.

After making The Royal Wedding Blanket back in April last year to celebrate Prince William & Kate Middleton's Charity Gift Fund  where we raised over £100, I thought I would like to make an even bigger Blanket and as the Olympics were coming to London 2012, I thought why not!  So I put this out to our 'SIBOL' Group and soon after Squares started coming in. You really put your thinking caps on with this Challenge and the Squares were a joy to receive! My aim was to raise money for Alzheimer's here in the UK. Dementia affects  800,000 here in the UK alone and I thought it would be wonderful if 'SIBOL' could raise some money for them to carry on their research. 

I received enough Squares to make a few Blankets some smaller and a large 130 one. So I set to work after Christmas working on the Squares. I was really pleased with the finished Blanket and everyone has been very kind telling me how much they love it.

Now the bad news...... I have since found out over the last couple of weeks in fact that it will be illegal to sell our Blanket due to the The London Organising Committee of the Olympic Games and Paralympic Games protecting their Olympic Brand.  In our Blanket we have made Squares which show the Olympic Logo and other words relating to the Olympics. 

I have been terribly upset about this and after numerous telephone calls and emails to the LOCOG I am afraid that we won't be able to go any further with this Blanket. I have just received another phone call from a member of Staff and once again I have tried to 'fight my cause'. Unfortunately, I cannot go any further with it. I really have tried extremely hard for our Group. I want you to know that I have done my very best. I have even written to the PM, (sadly no reply).

I am extremely embarrassed, that I have asked you all to send in Squares for this Challenge and I want you to know that I am really really disappointed too. You have all worked so terribly hard and I'm really really sorry.

But saying that I want us all to be proud of what we have achieved. As a Group we once again rose to the Challenge. Our Blanket is beautiful and I know that it has brought us all a lot of pleasure. We have sat in our homes working away on these Squares for hours on end  and I want us to be proud although we can't sell it.

Thanks  so much everyone for your support with this Challenge, I am terribly grateful to you.

'Going For Gold!' Olympic Challenge. Thanks to everyone that sent me Squares! Truly amazing! Please 'add note' if you see your Square(s)!

Just found this photo.

On a  lighter note I am very pleased to be showing you some 'SIBOL' Butterflies which arrived in the post today from Dansnanna on RAVERLY. They are little beauties thanks so much!

Dansnanna (UK) Butterflies & Square for SIBOL.

Thank you for popping in to 'SIBOL' today!

x Sue x


  1. That is certainly a great tribute blanket Sue - it's a shame they won't let you sell it.

  2. Sue, that's really terrible. All your hard work. :(

  3. It's too bad that it happened. It's such a beautiful blanket! But sharing it online might at least bring new people to the site to see the great work the SIBOL folks are doing.

  4. Sue, I know you've done everything possible to make it work.
    It's quite disappointing. What will happen with the blanket now?

  5. Do you think Lord Coe (formerly known as Seb Coe when he "just" was an athlete) might be prepared to buy it for a little more than reasonable amount on behalf of the IOC to protect their "commercial rights" but to still benefit the Alzheimer's Society? I think we'd probably be laughed at for the suggestion but I think morally it's wrong that little people get screwed in more ways than one while the big guys, once again, come out winners. Liztelf

  6. ooooh que pena,es una gran y preciosa manta,no entiendo que siendo algo benefico no dejen venderla,que lastima

  7. What a total bummer. I can't believe this has happened. It's the best I've seen yet. I know how upsetting this must be to you.

    Shaking my head in disbelief.....

  8. Sue, I am with you. I am so proud of you for this fight, and this is not your fault if they are narrow-minded! I know you work hard for SIBOL.

    I crocheted few squares for this olympic blanket, but I don't regret, I am very very happy to have participated, even if she is not sold.


  9. I could sit and look at that for hours on end, how totally beautiful. I had heard certain stories flying around. During Olympic years when they are held in other countries, various shops use an Olympic theme to sell all sorts and are never questioned, sadly this year Coke and P&G have paid a fortune to own the rings. Could you remove that square? the IOC dont own the flags of all nations or the word London or the year 2012. Im sure you must have had this out with them already, what a total bummer.

  10. Where there is a will, there is a way... what if all the rings and letters were crocheted over in some way, turned into hearts perhaps? The Olympic Commitee does not own hearts!! I only have two letters in this blanket, but would be very happy to have them altered so as to make this blanket happen and then, we could have a story behind it...the blanket of love and friendship that conquered over a COMMITTEE!! NEVER GIVE UP, NEVER SURRENDER!!

  11. I have put this out on Twitter in the hope that people might take notice. You never know someone may notice it and get something done

  12. I only just heard that you've been told no and I'm pretty disgusted. It's not like you want to sell it for personal profit after all. I agree that Seb Coe or Locog should buy it and make it a part of the 'official' London 2012. They could display it somewhere to show how much people have taken the games into their hearts.