Our SIBOL TOTAL IS 1376! Thank You!

Slideshow of Sunshine Blankets (Click on Left/Right Arrows).

Challenge Blankets
I'm Sue and can be contacted on

It is so important that email addresses and names are enclosed with your donations of Sunshine Blankets, Shawls and Butterflies please. Thank you!

Butterflies LINK

'Crochet keeps our hands busy so our minds can rest. It is a gift to help quiet the world around us, if even for a moment. To create -- and think of those we create for --is a quiet prayer of hope, love and dreams all wrapped up in a hook, a book and a ball of yarn. Author Anonymous. Thanks Cynthia.
I NO LONGER ACCEPT KNITTED OR CROCHETED SQUARES. I DO HOWEVER ACCEPT MADE UP BLANKETS FOR THE ELDERLY IN CARE HOMES. I'D BE VERY HAPPY TO RECEIVE YOURS! THANK YOU! 'SIBOL' is a charitable outlet for your Crocheting and Knitting Skills why not join us? Together we are 'Sending a ray of Sunshine into the Lives of the Elderly.' All enquiries please contact Sue on sueatpigsty@virginmedia.com Thank you!
Please Note

Please may I remind you to enclose your email address with parcels delivered to my home. If I don't acknowledge receipt it's because I can't find your address. Thank you.

Total 1384 Thank you!

Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Thank you Luna and Louise! Your Squares have arrived today!

Hi Everyone on Wednesday!


Luna will be relieved today.  Her Squares have arrived safely and have touched down in the UK! They have been a long time coming.  It's always nice to know when Squares have arrived.  I tell the sender straight away, as I know you are anxious to know.

Such beautiful Squares Luna.  Colourful Grannies and lovely Flower Squares.  Elizabeth Cat suggested a
Flower Blanket for a theme.  So yes, we'll do that soon. Of course we have the 'Sun' themed Blanket going on at the moment. Last Squares must be in by 21st April.  Karin suggested this one. She wondered whether we could make the 'Sunniest Sunshine Blanket Ever!'.  By that she means it's got to be so bright and cheerful that you probably need your sunglasses to look at it. It can be a square that looks like the sun, it can be a bright flower, you know oranges and yellows. Really anything you like.  I have crocheted  'Little Miss Sunshine'.  The Squares which have come in already are really bright, I can tell you know. So let your imagination run riot with you and have a fun time.

It's nice to do 'themed' Blankets it gives the Blankets more interest I think.

Here's Luna's Squares in my Conservatory.

Luna, Texas, USA. Thank you!

Luna all your Squares are now in the Slide Show I do hope you enjoy looking at them.

I was amazed at 12.45 our second post arrived.  Another package! Gosh we are getting a lot in this week! You certainly are keeping me on my toes. This time it was from Louise, Handmade in Gibraltar. Thank you so much Louise for the package, the Squares are delightful! Two really bright ones for the 'sun' themed Blanket. I presume the others are for the other Blankets.  So more photos in the Conservatory were called for.  Another Slide show too. So the Slide show is now updated to include the Squares from Louise.

Gibraltar Louise Thank you! Your Squares arrived this morning! We need sunglasses again! Thank you!

Thank you both for gorgeous Squares! You're both very kind and I just get so......excited!


Amber is stuck on your square diagram a few posts back. Can you help her? I am just about to have a go myself. Thankyou. x

Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Postie was overworked delivering Squares.

Hi Everyone!

My Postie was very busy today he delivered four packages of Squares! I would like to thank Flickr pattygloria (Gloria), Flickr teacuplane-sandy, 'Teacup Lane' blog, Mrs. Moneypenny off MSE, and Ellen Flickr WiLDaBoUtCoLoR. The squares are all just so beautiful and I am truly grateful to all of you. It was a sheer delight looking at them all. So thank you!

These are Squares from Sandy, Teacup Lane. (USA).

teacuplane-sandy. Thank you your beautiful Squares have arrived today all the way from USA!

Ellen, WiLDaBoUtCoLoR  sent these squares. (USA).

wiLDaBoUtCoLoR, Louisana Your Squares arrived today, beautiful patterns! Thank you!

Gloria, pattygloria Flickr - Canada.

Pattygloria, Canada. Thank you so much your Squares arrived this morning! Really bright and sunny, Thank you!

Mrs Moneypenny (MSE). (UK).

mrs moneypenney belongs to the MSE Forum in the UK. She very kindly sent me some 'Sunny Squares for the SIBOL project' this mornng. They do a lot of Charity Knitting and Crocheting. Thanks so much they are lovely!

Aren't they all just lovely? Thank you to everyone!

Brenda's Square (Luna's pattern).

sues square, originally uploaded by BrendaS2.

After Luna very kindly posted the square diagram and instructions for the Square I am very pleased to say that Brenda had a go at it. I just love the colours that she has used it certainly has come out very well indeed. Now I have to have a go!

Thank you Luna!
Thank you Brenda for trying the pattern out and sharing it with 'SIBOL' readers.

Monday, 29 March 2010

This is a Challenge ...Let us start crocheting together.

Luna Square. You can use hook E 3.5mm or hook F 4.00 mm.

Hi everyone ! Have a blessed week.This is an invitation to all of you who enjoy crocheting....yes ..let start crocheting together.I have this beautiful square pattern for all of you who can or would be interested in participating ( No Obligation) Let's make this square and when you finish it just posted it in here and if you can we can mail it to Mrs. Twin anytime we will be ready to do so. Let have fun..... , let use all pieces of yarn that we have around our baskets and boxes with no use at all....I will start making this square in a bit...! ENJOY !!! LUNA !


1- chain of 8 .

2- 16 single crochet ( all around )

3- 8 double crochet as follow - 1 double crochet , chain of 5 ,skip one stitch and , 1 double crochet , chain of 5 , skip one stitch , 1 doble crochet , chain of 5 , skip one stitch and ect . ect. til' completing 8 double crochet all around. Go To The Pattern.

4- FLOWER - (crocheting in Chain of 5 ) first 1/2 of the PETAL - a single crochet then half double crochet and 2 double crochet or triple crochet then chain of 2 , repeat the same for the second half of the PETAL. Continue and complete all 8 petals ( all around ). Go To The Pattern.

5- ALL AROUND THE PETALS - starting with chain of 7 , following with another chain of 9 , again chain of 7 , following with chain of 9 , again chain of 7 , following nad las chain of 9.
Go TO The Pattern.

6- 13 single crochet , then chain of 3 , 19 single crochet , then chain of 3 , 19 single crochet , then chain of 3 , then 19 single crochet , then chain of 3 , then 19 single crochet , then chain of 3 and for last ...... 6 single crochet . Go To The Pattern.

7- 13 single crochet , then 21 single crochet , then chain of 3 , then 21 single crochet , then chain of 3 , then 21 single crochet , then chain of 3 , then for last 7 single crochet. Go To The Pattern.

8- 48 double crochet all around as follow- 1 double crochet , chain of 1 then skip 1 stitch and again 1 double crochet , chain of 1 , then skip 1 stitch and repeat .....IN THE CORNERS YOU HAVE TO CROCHET a Chain of 3 and again repeat the first steps .Go To The Pattern.

Note : if you want you can crochet a small border with single crochet all around to keep square nice and firm. Also you can use a different color.

For Reference ............Please always look on the Pattern ...!

Ta - Dah! Introducing 'The Irish Sunshine Blanket!'.

 Hi Everyone!
I hope everyone who visits 'SIBOL' has had a good weekend! I'm very pleased to say that with the help of your Squares I have finished 'Sunshine no. 5'. My Husband thought that the Blanket had an Irish feel to it and a Friend over on Flickr Stricksusi, Susanna suggested we call the Blanket 'The Irish Sunshine Blanket'. I spent Sunday afternoon finishing the edging off, and then outside into the Garden to take a photograph as I always do. I always have a look around to see if anyone is looking out of their window, on this occasion I got caught! Do you ever do that? Anyway, here's the Blanket. OOh! I'm very pleased to say that the photograph above has made it into Explore on Flickr coming in yesterday at 260. So well done Ladies!.

I do hope the Ladies over on the MSE thread are checking in to see how we are doing. They do a lot of Knitting and Crocheting for Charities too. Three of the Ladies have already donated Squares to our project. That's Maytaurus, Linda and of course Kathy! Thank you!

Could I ask if anyone would like to take a bit of our 'Sunshine' and grab the button to spread the 'SIBOL' word please do so. We all want the 'SIBOL' project to grow, and the more people taking part the better it will be. Thank you!

I'm off after tea to finish the next Blanket. I've already crocheted the Squares together.

Sunday afternoon with my 'SIBOL'.

I walk out into the Garden looking around to see whether any of my Neighbours are looking through their windows. Today I was caught out!  :(  Oh well never  mind!

Have a good day everyone!

Saturday, 27 March 2010

Happiness on Saturday all the way from Latvia. Elizabeth Cat sends me Squares!

Hi Everyone!

I had some really bright and colourful Squares arrive this morning all the way from Latvia! You may know Elizabeth's work on Flickr (Elizabeth Cat). If you haven't seen her Photostream I do hope you will check her out. Thank you so.....much Elizabeth for the beautiful Squares they are so bright and cheerful. Just what we need for the 'Sunniest Sunshine Blanket Ever!'. Once again we will need our Sunglasses for these!

I thought you might like to have a look at Elizabeths Squares.......

Thank you so much Elizabeth Cat, your Squares have arrived this morning!

'Sunshine Squares for our 'SIBOL'  Blankets!  From Latvia Elizabeth Cat! Thank you so much Elizabeth!

Look at these Sunny Colours! From Elizabeth Cat!

Squares travel across the miles from Latvia to the UK from Elizabeth Cat.

Beauitiful Sunny Squares, Thank you Elizabeth!

Friday, 26 March 2010

Fun in the Sun!


Hi Sibolettes,
Have a nice weekend!
~X~ Karin

'The Sunniest Sunshine Blanket Ever! - Aussie Maria sends me Squares from Australia.

Happy Friday!

Welcome to all our new Followers, I'm pleased you are visitng 'SIBOL'. We have a Challenge at the moment running until the 21st April. Karin in the Netherlands has suggested we make Squares for the 'Sunniest Sunshine Blanket Ever!.

Details of the Challenge are on 24th March post.

I'm just writing a post today to show you the Squares I have received from Aussia Maria. Now, you'll going to need your sunglasses for these Squares because they really are wacky! So bright and sunny, just what we need for the special Blanket.

Aussia Maria has sent me Squares for the 'Sunniest Sunshine Blanket Ever!'.  They have arrived this morning from Australia.Thank you!

Three Bright Squares, we need our Sunglasses on for these! So bright! Great for our 'Sunniest Sunshine Blanket Ever!'.

Have a good weekend everyone! Happy Crocheting!

Well done Maria, and thank you!

Wednesday, 24 March 2010

More Granny Squares.

For a larger Image , Just click on picture.When the picture opens , if it still small just one more click on the image.

This is to all of you who are looking for a different pattern to make.Thanks a have a nice evening.
Luna !!!

Just reminding anyone...........

Hi Everyone!

Welcome to all our New Followers! It's so nice to have you with us.

Everyone knows I am making Blankets for the Elderly, collecting Squares in from all around the World. But are you aware of our first Challenge? Some days ago Karin posted an idea on 'SIBOL'. I'm going to post it again because if you haven't already sent a Square in to me, for 'The Sunniest Sunshine Blanket Ever!' it might be a good idea to read it. The closing date for these special Squares is 21st April. But of course I shall be collecting Squares for other Blankets all year round. We are going to have these special challenges every now and then because it 'spurs' us on a little.

So here's Karin's post from a few days ago....... Please join us.

Last night I couldn't sleep. Suddenly I had this idea:
Why don't we all crochet a few sunshine squares in sunshine colours to make the Sunniest Sunshine Blanket of the year.
I've made this "blanket" of images to inspire you all:

Don't you love the colours? All the different shades of yellow, orange, pink and a little bit of red.
Are you inspired by these colours and shapes, please crochet or knit the most sunny squares you can imagine and send them to Sue.
I can't wait to see the result.

Can I just say if you have made Squares for the ordinary Blankets or for the special 'Sunshine' Blanket, would you like to post your photos on to my Flickr group 'Blankets for the Elderly 2010?'. This is a special group on Flickr where we are posting photos of the Squares and Blankets. You can upload them on there before you send them to me if you want to or I will do it when they arrive at mine.

If you're not on Flickr photos, why not join them. It's a great place to post your photos and meet new Friends in the Crafting Community. Everyone are so nice and friendly.

Thank you.
Everyone is welcome to join in the fun and if you have any queries please email me sueatpigsty@talktalk.net or leave a comment. If you'd like an invitation to 'team blog' with us please let me know. 'SIBOL' is by invitation only. I'd only be too pleased to send an invitation out to you.
The more the merrier!

Bye for now, Happy Crocheting or Knitting!


Monday, 22 March 2010

Sunshine Granny - Luna !

This is how I made it :

1- Chain of 7
2- 16 double crochet
3- 16 Popcorn of 3 double crochet - 1 popcorn and chain of 1-(all around)
4- 16 Popcorn of 4 double crochet - 1 popcorn and chain of 2 - (all around)
5- Corners - 3 double crochet , chain of 2 , 3 double crochet , FOLLOWING with 3 double crochet ( 3 times ) then again the corner - 3 double crochet ,chain of 2 and 3 double crochet.
6- Repeat all in # 5 BUT - the 3 double crochet are 4 times
7 - Corners - 5 Half Double Crochet - continuing with 1 half double crochet on top on all the others.(making a border and keeping the square firm)

Sunday, 21 March 2010

Do I have to be an Expert Crocheter or Knitter to contribute?

Thank you all very much for comments on 'Across the Oceans!'. I really enjoyed making the Blanket and I really do think it has a 'maritime' feel to it.

It seems all our Blankets have acquired names, except one! If you scroll down the blog. Right side at the bottom. You will see photographs of the Blankets we have made together. There is one Blanket second from the bottom that is sad, because it hasn't got a name! Any ideas are welcome!

Our Followers are increasing day by day, and I would like to welcome all new Friends.

Can I just say everybody is welcome to join in our fun. You really do not need to be 'an expert' at either Crocheting or Knitting. The Square does not need to be 'perfect' either. We are all at different levels in our 'crafting'. I'm sure all our Squares will be made with Love and Compassion and they will be gratefully received by myself when I make them into Blankets and when they reach their destination.

The only requirement really is that they are 6" (15cms x 15cms) with a straight edge easier for joining. It doesn't matter what colour they are, what design either. You are just free to do whatever you feel like making. Try out that new pattern you've seen in a book or perhaps you've been sent it by a Friend. If you have Acrylic yarn that would be great, but if you haven't it's no big deal. Just use what ever you have!

I'm always so excited every day when someone new emails me and says they want to get involved. I'm only too pleased to send my address details on to them for when the Squares are ready. I get such a buzz when someone new shows an interest.

So please don't be shy. Don't think that you're Crocheting or Knitting is not good enough. It is, and all are welcome! You may have just started Crocheting and feel that you want to take part in a worthwhile project so it might be a simple Granny Square, that's absolutely fine. Or maybe you want to try a really involved Square from one of the many books on the shelves. Please do have a go. All Squares will be gratefully received by me.

Thank you


My Turn...

Just a little post from me... seeing it's my first.
I have a crochet friend, Erika from Brazil & she sent me this link to help me decipher patterns written in other languages... I think it is too good, not share with you all...
Make sure you don't have your translator switched on because the first time I looked at it the Portuguese was already in English & that threw me for a while - some days I'm not the brightest spark around... ha ha
I'm sure some of you will know Erika...
Hope you are all having a great w/e... Bethel

Granny with The African Flower - Luna !

Thank You to pertinitaco Galeria.Please take a short trip to this GALERIA.You will enjoy it !

Saturday, 20 March 2010

Sunshine Square

Sue here is a photo of my Sunshine Square, it will be in the mail to you soon.  Your blankets are so inspiring, your effort in this project is commendable.  There are going to be so many people with a smile on their face and sunshine in their heart.  You are precious.  Take care, Molly

Sunshine award

I received this Sunshine Award today, and I want to pass it on to
Sue of course for her  great work and efforts with the Sibol project.
Thanks Sue!!

And also to all of you contributing to spread some warmth and
sunshine with your beautiful carefully lovely made squares.

Sunshine to all of you!


African flower in square

Pilar (Flickr Pertinitaco) made this beautiful diagram for
crocheting eight-petal african flowers into squares.

You find the larger picture on Flickr >>

carinagardner_2ps_mayfreebie_element_flower Thanks Pilar !!

Thank you for Squares! Kim and Debra

Hi Everyone on Saturday,

It was a bit difficult for me to show you these Squares yesterday because I was out and about with Mr. Twin. Kim very kindly sent me her 'Sunny Squares'.  They really are so..........bright and beautiful thank you Kim.

Kimbles Sunshine Squares! Aren't they bright and sunny! Thank you!

Also Debra's Squares from the USA arrived this morning. They really are so pretty and I'm so pleased you have joined in the fun with us.

More Squares from across the pond USA. Debra Thank you very much!

Thank you Kim and Debra very much.

May I welcome all our new Followers to 'SIBOL', I hope you are enjoying reading about our project. We certainly are having a lot of fun.

Last night I uploaded photos on Flickr of the latest Blanket.  Pertinitaco (Pilar) was on line at the time and she suggested that we call the Blanket 'Across the Oceans' SIBOL.  She said the Blanket reminds her of the maritime flags they use on ships, like the 'signal flags'.  When you look at it yes I can see what she means. It's because of Kim's 'Anatasia X', we think.  She said the blue curly edge looks just like the sea waves.

Bethel said, " We are all across the Oceans from each other but at the end of a click in 'cyberspace!'.

So here it is. 'Across the Oceans' SIBOL.

'Across the Oceans' SIBOL.

That's the fourth Blanket we've made now. A joint effort with Friends all across the  World. A truly International effort, and aren't we having fun!

Contributors to this Blanket were:-
Kate                        (The Garden Bell) (USA)
Cathy                       (Ed 4448) Flickr (USA)
Rita (UK)
Elizabeth Cat            (Flickr) (Latvia)
Brenda                     (BrendaS2 Flickr) (UK)
Aishwarya                (Arien 156) (Singapore)
Louise                      (Handmade in Gibraltar)
Pilar                         (Flickr Pertinitaco) (Spain)
Michelle                   (Kim's Daughter 'Little Kimbles'. (UK)
Kim                         (Kimbles at Home) (UK)
Amy                        (Amy Woo Flickr) (UK)
Sue (Me)                 (Mrs Twins) (UK)
Jacquie                    (Bunny Mummy) (UK)

If you can't see your Square please bear with me. It will be used.  I seem to be colour co-ordinating.

Okay, here are our four 'SIBOLS!'. 'Sunshine International Blankets of Love' for the Elderly. All my Flickr and Blogland friends have helped me make these Blankets. If you'd like to join in the fun, you are most welcome! Details below Thank you!

Have a good Saturday! Thank you all for your help.  If there are any other Friends who would like to help please email me or leave a comment. Thank you.    sueatpigsty@talktalk.net

Friday, 19 March 2010

Granny Square.......Luna....!

I Used 4.00 mm (F) Hook and 4 Ply Acrylic Yarn ...!
Just double click to Enlarge .

Sunshiniest Aussie Maria squares

Hi everyone
My version of sunshiniest/sunniest????? squares - sorry forgot to block them

Posted to you Sue yesterday

Thursday, 18 March 2010

I found a gorgeous site!

4005 4014
I found this gorgeous site with lots of free patterns and diagrams for knitting and crochet. Check it out !!

MyPicot >>

The first page shows the links a bit strange, if you want to go directly to the quilt motifs, they are here >>

Felt cat badge5 Wish you a nice crochet evening!

Sunshine squares

I have finally got round to bringing out the orange wool and doing something with it ! I have a confesion- I don't like orange, not on it's own, not with yellow. I see things that other people have made and it looks nice but I take a look at the ball of orange wool and can't think of anything I want to make !!

Well,this Tuesday was nice and sunny and I thought of a bright sun in a blue sky, are you with me ? Are you thinking what I'm thinking ?
Then, I had to work at the craft shop and took my hooks and wool with me for a bit of hooky time killing between customers.

So I made these...

I used my daisy middle squares, you can find the pattern on my blog if you like it.

(this square is desperately in need of blocking)

I also used my method of making corsages with 8 petals and worked it up into a square. I was feeling terribly clever until I got home and realised I had a book which explained very clearly how to make exactly such a square!

Anyway I have 2 sunshine squares for the post, I will make one for your frendship blanket Sue. I must have been snoozing because that project had passed me by. I'll make you something nice with no orange...

Louise x

'Lady Helsie, Helen your Squares have arrived today all the way from Australia!

I'm a lucky girl having two postal deliveries in one day.  The first one was the parcel post which brought Karin's Squares and at around 12.45pm we had the second usual post.  I've got me Mr. Twin at home this week and even he rushed down the stairs to see what had arrived! I think he almost wanted to open the package himself.  'Australia now' he said. 'Of yes, that's Helen!'.  I think he's surprised how popular 'SIBOL' has become!

Now as we was saying the other day Friends have asked me to make my own 'Friendship' Blanket, so I will be doing this now I have Helen's Square arrived for it. They all thought it would be nice for myself to have a memento if you like of the Squares that come in. So they can all sit by me in a special Blanket when I make the others! How cute is that! I even took you all outside the other day, we sat round a table 'chatting away' remember? The 'Alice in Sunshineland' Blanket' had a photo took outside, and it was nice to know that you were all sitting out there on my patio with me, watching the trains go by.  We have a railway line up high on the embankment.  Sounds horrible, but it's really nice because in the Summer we have the Steam trains do their special trips.  There's nothing nicer than to hear a Steam train go by.

Getting off 'the track' (sorry) so to speak.......
Here's Helen's Squares, thank you so much I love every one of them, and can't wait to put them together now.

Across the Miles from Australia. Thank you Lady Helsie! :)

I haven't put the Slide Show on here before but there might be new Followers who haven't seen it. So I hope you enjoy it. Thank you Helen.

Oh I have to say. Pertinitaco has posted the link for the 12" Square pattern, so please pop down to
where she had her photographs. It's right underneath in the comments. Thank you!

Thank you Karin, your Squares arrived this morning from the Netherlands!

Hi Everyone!

Karin has very kindly sent me some Squares which arrived this morning.  I was seeing my Daughter off to work and there on the Porch carpet was a box containing two sets of Squares.  One for the 'Sunniest Sunshine Blanket Ever!' and the other set was for the other 'Sunshine Blankets!'.  I still get that excitement when a package arrives, and I am always touched too that someone wants to help me make Blankets for the Elderly.

I will be letting you all know which countries I have received Squares from, a friend was asking and a total of how many. They are growing in number and I still get that 'buzz' when a new lots arrives! This project does seem to be successful and I hope it grows and grows. 

I would like to thank everyone that has recently signed up to 'follow us'.  Welcome! I do hope you enjoy being on here with us. We are a friendly bunch of moms who have quite a few things in common, but I have to say it's mainly 'crocheting' that we have that special connection with!

If anyone feels they would like an invitation to 'team blog' with us. Don't be shy just leave a comment and I will send an invitation out to you, or email me privately sueatpigsty@talktalk.net  or Flickr  Mrs Twins.

We exchange ideas, pass on pattern information, show our Squares or generally try and have a chit chat! So please let me know if you want to join us. You are most welcome! Thanks to everyone that is 'following us' and keeping a track on how we are 'expanding' ha.ha..!! Good one, sounds as though we have our own little business here.  Oh! don't start me, we'll be opening a shop soon. (joke!!)

Thank you too Karin for the very thoughtful gifts. (please see Mrs Twins).

Karin's Squares from the Netherlands arrive today! Thank you so much Karin!

Look at these Sunny Squares! Just right for our Challenge! Do you want to take part in our Challenge? Please see below! You are most welcome to join our group!