Our SIBOL TOTAL IS 1376! Thank You!

Slideshow of Sunshine Blankets (Click on Left/Right Arrows).

Challenge Blankets
I'm Sue and can be contacted on

It is so important that email addresses and names are enclosed with your donations of Sunshine Blankets, Shawls and Butterflies please. Thank you!

Butterflies LINK

'Crochet keeps our hands busy so our minds can rest. It is a gift to help quiet the world around us, if even for a moment. To create -- and think of those we create for --is a quiet prayer of hope, love and dreams all wrapped up in a hook, a book and a ball of yarn. Author Anonymous. Thanks Cynthia.
I NO LONGER ACCEPT KNITTED OR CROCHETED SQUARES. I DO HOWEVER ACCEPT MADE UP BLANKETS FOR THE ELDERLY IN CARE HOMES. I'D BE VERY HAPPY TO RECEIVE YOURS! THANK YOU! 'SIBOL' is a charitable outlet for your Crocheting and Knitting Skills why not join us? Together we are 'Sending a ray of Sunshine into the Lives of the Elderly.' All enquiries please contact Sue on sueatpigsty@virginmedia.com Thank you!
Please Note

Please may I remind you to enclose your email address with parcels delivered to my home. If I don't acknowledge receipt it's because I can't find your address. Thank you.

Total 1384 Thank you!

Sunday, 30 September 2012

Busy day here at 'SIBOL'.

Hello everyone!

Thank you for stopping by.  I have such beautiful Blankets and Squares to show you,  I do hope you will go back previous posts to catch up.

I would first of all like to thank everyone that supports the 'SIBOL' project. The Squares that I receive from all over the World are just the best. Simply amazing! I know I say it quite a lot but I am terribly grateful to everyone that takes part. Without you we couldn't make these stunning Blankets. Our Blankets are all so unique. We enjoy donating them to the Elderly in the UK which is terribly important but  we also belong to a really special Group 'SIBOL'. 'SIBOL' is a place where we can practice our Crocheting and Knitting Skills, meet friends and generally have a chit chat!  So why not join us over on RAVELRY?

At the moment I am not really accepting 'Stash Squares' because I am trying to get down the bags that I have here. I feel I must do this before I accept anymore. One of these days I will do a Square count, I would love to know myself how many Squares we have actually received now and made into Blankets. Of course we also have beautifully donated Blankets too which I am always very happy to accept from you.

I have a lot to show you, I have spent all afternoon up-dating  the 'SIBOL'  website. Would you mind scrolling down and reading the previous posts to catch up?

We have had some really gorgeous Daffodil Squares for our Marie Curie Cancer Care Challenge and I am so pleased that you think making Blankets with Daffodils is a good idea. My aim is to donate 9 Daffodil Blankets to the 9 Hospices up and down the Country. With your help I know we can do it.

So let's start looking at the Squares and Blankets I have received over the last few days.

I have received some Squares from 'tintocktap'. Thank you so much for these pretty Squares. Two Squares for our 'Irish Rose' Challenge which has now ended, three Squares for our 'Daffodil Squares' and five for our Stash. Simply beautiful.

'tintocktap' thank you for these Squares!

I have made a Slide Show for you 'tintocktap'.

Created with flickr slideshow.
Thank you!
I'm also very pleased to receive Squares from new 'SIBOLETTE's'.
This one has come in from Gina.
Welcome to 'SIBOL'!
Gina has very kindly made a beautiful Daffodil Square. I love this Square. It's so nice to
see everyone's personality shining through. Love the colours used and I love the lines of stitching around the Daffodil. We certainly are going to have some beautiful Blankets for this Challenge.
'Gina' Thank you for your 'Daffodil Square'. I love it.
I'm so pleased you took part Gina, thank you!
Next we come to Jennifers' Squares.
We are having a 'Freeform Challenge' over on RAV, why not take part?
We are inviting Ladies to make a 6" (15cms) Freeform Square. 'creativegranny' is
going to make an item which will be raffled next year amongst everyone who took part. It will be
really interesting to see what Squares we come up with.
Jennifer has very kindly sent in her 'Freeform Square'. I think this one is so appropriate because 'Butterflies' are rather like a trademark here on 'SIBOL'.  This Square has been made in such wonderful colours and I know my Mother would love this one. Purple and Green are her favourites!
Jennifer (Scotland) Thank you for the Squares.
A gorgeous Daffodil Square for our Marie Curie Cancer Care Blankets and some sparkly Butterflies, so pretty! I am very grateful to you Jennifer, many thanks.
Sit back now I have made a Slide Show for you!

Created with flickr slideshow.
Well I think I have loaded up everything that I have received now. As I have said you will need to scroll down because there is a lot to see.
I do hope these posts have inspired you to make a Daffodil Square or a Freeform one.
Any queries about Squares or Blankets please contact me
Sue on sueatpigsty@talktalk.net
In closing may I thank everyone for the beautiful Squares and Blankets that come in daily. 'SIBOL' is quite hard work keeping everything up to date on a daily basis. Up-dating Flickr and the Blogs is no easy job.  But I do enjoy every minute. Apart from taking photos I do crochet! I am finishing off the 200th Blanket now, I only have the border to do on it now. I am so pleased with that one too. It certainly is going to be a special Blanket with my Grandmother as inspiration. Thank you!
 x Sue x

Daffodil Squares and two beautiful Blankets to show you!

Hi everyone!

I would like to thank 'jean nock' for her parcel yesterday. Inside I found a Blanket that she has very kindly assembled for me and also one that she had made herself. These two Blankets are gorgeous. So...pretty! Let's take a look at the one she has made herself and very kindly donated to 'SIBOL'.

A beautiful Blanket, gorgeous Flower Squares.

The colour combinations in this Blanket work so well together, don't you think? Lovely Flower Squares in the centre. It's terribly kind of you 'jean nock' to donate this gorgeous Blanket to the Elderly. Thank you.

Now I'll show you the 'take a bag' Squares. These have all been made in super pastel colours, beautifully assembled and I think the border goes so well together.

Thanks to 'jean nock' for assembling. Thanks everyone for sending in such pretty Squares!

Once again we are gathering together a great selection of Blankets which we donate to the Elderly. They are so pretty and I know for a fact each one is so well received. Thanks to everyone who sent in Squares for this particular Blanket. They are really nice.

I'm going to combine the two Blankets in a Slide Show now for you!

Created with flickr slideshow.
As well as receiving these two super Blankets, I also received 5 Daffodil Squares from 'jean nock' for our Marie Curie Cancer Care Challenge. It's so nice to see what you are coming up with for this Challenge and I'm sure we are going to make some really interesting Blankets to give to the Hospices up and down the Country.

Created with flickr slideshow.
Thank you 'jean nock' I do love your Daffodil Squares! I just love the realistic centres too!
If there is anything you want to know about our Blankets or indeed our Daffodil Challenge please email me
Sue on sueatpigsty@talktalk.net
Thanks for stopping by!
x Sue x

Ta - Dah! Introducing SIBOL 278!

Hi Everyone!


I'm very happy to be showing you a Blanket that Marilyn has given me a hand with. She very kindly offered to 'take a bag' of squares and assemble them for me. The squares are amazing and I would like to thank everyone for sending them in.

It still amazes me after nearly three years that we are making such wonderful Blankets. Each one is just so different from each other. My original idea was to make 6, we have now made 278! I am doing my final delivery of the year in November and I am trying to get the last bags of Squares finished off in time. If we don't finish for November they will be given out in 2013.  I'm sure the Elderly are going to love the Blankets that I have ready.

Let's take a look at the one Marilyn has made up now, and thank you so much for assembling it so beautifully!

Thanks to Marilyn for assembling, and thanks to everyone who sent in these beautiful Squares!

Do you have time to look through my Slide Show? I hope so.

Created with flickr slideshow.

Thanks for visiting me today!

x Sue x

Friday, 28 September 2012

Faces, Daffodils and Butterflies!

Good evening,

Welcome to 'SIBOL'.

I am very happy to be showing you some gorgeous Challenge Squares which have arrived today!

First of all we have some from 'creativegranny'.

As you know we are inviting Ladies to make a 6" Crocheted or Knitted 'Daffodil Square'. The aim to make some Blankets for Marie Curie Cancer Care.  Why not join us?

We have some great links for you.




Let's take a  look at the Squares.

Squares for our 'Marie Curie Cancer Care' Challenge.

Beautiful Squares and perfect Butterflies have escorted them to 'Two Times'.

I have also received some Squares for our 'Faces Challenge'. These really are so..interesting. I love the hair on both of them.

Squares for our 'Faces Challenge' are great!

Thank you very much 'creativegranny'.

I also would like to thank 'Beang' for her Squares. Just take a look at this interesting
'Faces Square!'.

This is 'Chad' and look at what he is saying!

'Chad' for our 'Faces Challenge'.

So comical! I love it.

I also love these Butterflies for our stash.

Butteflies for our 'SIBOL Stash'.

Perfect colours thank you so much!

I am very grateful to both of you, thank you!

I also have a beautiful Blanket arrive back at 'Two Times' but my camera has gone dead. I'll be back shortly to show you!

x Sue x

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Daffodils bloom, a blanket from Spain and shall we have Summer fruits?

Good Afternoon everyone!

As you know if you follow the 'SIBOL' Blog we recently made a 'Think Pink (2) Blanket for Breast Cancer Care Awareness Month.  The Blanket was assembled by Joanna here in the UK and Squares flew in from all over the World. My original plan was to auction it on EBAY but a Lady contacted me a few days ago and she was very interested in buying it.  I am very happy to say that I have sold the Blanket for £200.00 and every penny will go towards Breast Cancer Care here in the UK.

This really is a wonderful achievement for our Group and I would like to thank everyone involved in this particular Challenge. We do have another Blanket coming up very soon, Fiona over in the Netherlands is very kindly putting it together for me. That will be the 3rd 'Think Pink'.  I will let you know when it is ready for showing.  We will be trying to sell that one by 'Silent Auction' here on the 'SIBOL Blog'.

Thanks to Ladies all over the World for helping to make this blanket.

I am very happy to be showing you some 'Daffodil Squares' which arrived today from 'bonsall' here in the UK. She has very kindly sent me three Squares for our Marie Curie Cancer Care Challenge. These are just pefect, I love them thank you so much!

bonsall. Your Daffodils are in bloom! Thank you!

Created with flickr slideshow.

Why not join us? We are collecting 6" (15cms) Knitted or Crocheted Daffodil Squares for Marie Curie Cancer Care Challenge.

Please mail me with any queries Sue on sueatpigsty@talktalk.net

I had a parcel arrive this morning from Sonieta and her Mummy in Spain. On opening I found a beautiful Granny Square Blanket. This really is such a gorgeous Blanket, a wonderful selection of colours make these  Squares so....interesting.  I just love this Blanket. I am very grateful to you both for going to such a lot of trouble for our 'SIBOL' project. I know this Blanket will give a lot of comfort to an Elderly person it is so warm!

What wonderful Granny Squares!

Why not make one yourself! I hope we have inspired you to collect all those ends of yarn and see what you can make with them.

Created with flickr slideshow.
Before I finish my post this afternoon I would like to show you the Blanket that I have finished myself. This one reminds me of Summer fruits. I hope you like it.
Thanks to everyone that contributed Sqauares for this Blanket. 

Created with flickr slideshow.
Many thanks to everyone who contributed Squares for this Blanket too!
I think that's about all for now,
thank you for popping in today and once again thanks to everyone who took part
in the Breast Cancer Care 'Think Pink' Blanket, a really good result!
x Sue x

Monday, 24 September 2012

I'm up to date now! Pop in and look at our gorgeous Blankets!

Good Afternoon!

I'm very pleased to be now back with 'SIBOL' after a weeks break you might say. Due to 'family commitments' I have been unable to get the latest Squares and Blankets loaded up on Flickr and the 'SIBOL' Blog. I really have missed you all! 

May I ask you to keep scrolling down and read previous posts. There are a lot of new Blankets and Squares to see and I wouldn't want you to miss any.

I would like to thank the Ladies over on RAVELRY for keeping the threads going and I would like to thank everyone for contributing to 'SIBOL'.

There is quite a  lot going on with 'SIBOL'. We have a fantastic 'Freeform Challenge' taking place on RAVELRY. Would you like to take part? Please follow the Link!

We have 'SIBOL SWAPS'  Please follow the Link.

We collect 'Butterflies' in our Butterfly Club for our 'SIBOL' Blankets.

We  have a 'Daffodil Challenge' for Marie Curie Cancer Care. We are collecting 6" (15cms) Knitted or Crocheted Squares. Would you like to take part?  Please follow the Link.

We also need some Squares for our 'Faces Challenge' if you would like to take part.

I have all the other Challenges filled now I am just waiting for one 'Irish Rose' and one 'Snowman Square' to arrive.

In November I will be hand-delivering Blankets to homes locally and sending a few off to Dorset and Age Concern.

I would like to thank Sally very much indeed for the great help she has given me with 'take a bag'. She has made some beautiful Blankets and I have four which I would like to now show you.  These came in last week but I was unable to show them before now.

Thank you so much for helping me Sally.

Thanks to everyone for contributing Squares for this Blanket.

Thanks to everyone who contributed Squares for this Blanket.

Thanks to everyone who contributed.

Thanks to everyone who contributed Squares for this Blanket. It's beautiful!

Aren't they wonderful? 

My SIBOL project started out in January 2010 and the Blanket today is Number 275.  We make and donate our Blankets to local Nursing Homes and to those people who are in need.  I originally wanted to make half a dozen Blankets and I'm absolutely over the moon that our 'SIBOL' project has been so very successful.

I know for a fact that when we deliver our Blankets they really are useful and  that they give a lot of comfort to the Elderly.  If you think you can help in any way please contact me
Sue on sueatpigsty@talktalk.net

I shall leave you now with a Slide Show featuring the Blankets that Sally made up for us. Thanks again Sally.

Created with flickr slideshow.

Butterflies and Blankets!

Good Afternoon!

I am catching up with 'SIBOL' posts and I'm very pleased to be showing you two beautiful Blankets that came back from 'The Wool Stop'.  'The Wool Stop' has very kindly assembled two  bags of Squares for me. These Blankets are amazing!  She was also very kind to send a bag of SIBOL Butterflies! They are all such wonderful colours, I love them.

Thanks to 'The Wool Stop' Butterfies for 'SIBOL'.

Thanks to 'The Wool Stop' for assembling this Blanket. Thanks to everyone who contributed Squares for this Challenge.


I've made a Slide Show to showcase these two gorgeous Blankets! Thank you very much everyone!

Created with flickr slideshow.
I have also received another set of Butterflies, these came in from Hazel .  Once again what  a pretty set!
I love the colours and I'm really pleased you enjoyed making them Hazel. Thank you very much!
Thanks to Hazel 'Quietly Stitching'.
I do still have places in our 'Faces Challenge'.  I am very grateful to Maria-Jesus for sending these Faces in to me! They really are very nice, I love the hair accessories!  Thank you so much for helping me Maria!
So pretty I love the Hair slide!
This one too very nice indeed. Thank you so much!
Maria-Jesus (UK) 'Faces Challenge'.
I hope you have enjoyed looking at the Squares and new Blankets!
I hope they have inspired you!
x Sue x

Challenge Squares to make us smile!

Good Morning!

What a miserable day today. It's pouring of rain and really miserable. Let's find something to make us smile. Let's think of Daffodils, Spring and Music!

I am about a week late showing you these Squares from joyce28 I do apologise. As you know I have recently put up a Challenge for Marie Curie Cancer Care. I am inviting you all to make 6" (15cms) Squares Knitted or Crocheted with Daffodils as a theme. I would like to try and make some Blankets for their Hospices. There are 9 altogether in the UK, and I thought wouldn't it be nice to give them one each. Let's see if we can collect enough. Please search Google, books, magazines and also follow these wonderful links from Luna and Debi  in the States and let's see if we can make some interesting Daffodil Squares. Or of course create your own!

joyce28 has already very kindly made 3 Daffodil Squares, let's take a look at them. Knitted Squares aren't they just lovely?

joyce28 'Daffodil Challenge' Thank you!

Really lovely Squares joyce28 thank you. Very interesting and great colours.
I also received some Squares for our 'Snowman Challenge'.

'Snowman Challenge'

Such wonderful designs and will be great for our Snowman Blanket Joyce!

I really needed some Music Squares and joyce28 very kindly made these. 

The top one as you can see straight away is a Square with 'The Beatles' in mind.  The second is the top of a Guitar -  the bit with the twiddly knobs on for tightening the strings. Just wonderful ideas thank you so much joyce28.

'Musical Challenge'.

You have come up with some wonderful Squares thank you very much.

joyce28 also offered to make up a bag of Squares for me. I am very pleased to be showing you now the finished blanket which I received with the Challenge Squares. The Squares in this Blanket are amazing! I really love the variety and indeed the combination of colours.

Thanks joyce28 for assembling. Thanks to everyone for contributing Squares.

I've made a Slide Show sit back and enjoy!

Created with flickr slideshow.

Such a pretty Blanket. Thank you so much Joyce for giving me a hand assembling and also for the beautiful Squares.

x Sue x

Sunday, 23 September 2012

A bumper parcel from the Netherlands.

Good Afternoon everyone!

I am very happy to be showing you some Challenge Squares that have arrived from Fiona in the Netherlands. These Squares are amazing! I love them.

Let's take a look at them.

First of all two beautiful Owl Squares. Aren't these cute? I love the big white eyes on the left Square. Love also the combination of colours on the one on the right too! Fiona you have made these so well.

Squares for our 'Owl' Challenge.

Next we have a 'Freeform Square'. Would you like to take part in 'SIBOL's Freeform Challenge?' Please pop over to RAVELRY and see what we are up to over there.  This is a really interesting Square made with various types of yarn. We are all beginners at Freeform on the 'SIBOL' Group so please don't feel shy, pop over and join us!

'Freeform Challenge' - Fiona Thank you!

A very interesting Square Fiona, thank you for taking part.

Two great  Squares for our  'Faces Challenge'! What wonderful ideas!

'Faces Challenge' squares are lovely!

My Grandmother loved the colour of Navy and Fiona has very kindly made a Square for our 200th Blanket. I am just finishing off a blanket and I will be starting to put the Squares together very soon. We have had some great Squares in for this celebration Blanket. Thank you Fiona.

Square for our 200th Blanket, thank you!

Fiona sent me a bumper parcel of Goodies for 'SIBOL'.  Blankets, Butterflies,  Squares, Hearts, Yarn, Owl charms and a wonderful selection of ribbons. How kind!

A gorgeous selection of Butterflies.

Beautiful Hearts made by Fiona with an Owl and Butterfly.. So cute!

Thank you for the donation of yarn I'm very grateful to you.

Thank you for the donation of ribbons too!

The Squares are superb Fiona and it was extremely kind of you to donate the above for our 'SIBOL' project.

I am now in the process of taking some photos of her Blankets. Three she made herself and one which was 'Take a Bag'. Fiona has made an excellent job of putting them altogther.

265. 'Carp Diem' made by Fiona.

This one is called 'Carp Diem'. She made it on her holiday in France, just living an easy way of life, enjoying the sun, her family and nature.

This is made with odd bits and ends of yarn, just picking it of a bag.




This Blanket has been made so well, the Granny Squares are so interesting made with a variety of beautiful colours. Has Fiona inspired you to make a Blanket like this?  Well I have plenty more of Fiona's Blankets to show you!

This is going to be a long................................post!

The next Blanket that Fiona very kindly made and donated to our 'SIBOL' project is called 'Colour Book'. Fiona used lots of odd bits of yarn that she had at home for this stunning Blanket.  She made this Blanket  like a book full of colour.  She has a bag full of left over yarn which she cannot throw away so she made the Blanket for 'SIBOL'. She hopes it brings a lot of sunshine into an Elderly person's life.

Fiona I am positive it will. Fiona I know our 'SIBOL' project means a lot to you by the amount of Blankets you have made for us. I can never thank you enough.

266. 'Colour Book' made and donated by Fiona.

A stunning vibrant Blanket! Thank you so much!

I love the centre Granny Square in this Blanket with the smaller ones around it. You have used every colour in your box I can see. It surely is a stunning Blanket.

I love the idea of the Granny Square in the middle and smaller ones around it.

This really is beautiful thank you!

That one is called 'Colour Book'. I'm sure you will agree it's a gorgeous Blanket.

The final Blanket that Fiona made and 'donated' herself is called 'Ocean Wave'. She says, "It looks like the waves on the beach, different colours and texture you get from the Ocean." It certainly does have a Sea feel to it Fiona. Let's take a look now.

267 'Ocean Wave' made and donated by Fiona.

This is a beautiful Granny Blanket and especially because it reminds Fiona of the Ocean.

Can you see the beautiful Heart and Butterflies attached to this Blanket?

Can you see the beautiful Heart and Butterflies attached to this Blanket? I love the Hearts too Fiona, thank you for adding them.

Such a striking Blanket Fiona, thank you!

Absolutely superb!

Golly these are beautiful Blankets don't you think? I can't get over how quickly you have made them Fiona, thank you.

But it doesn't end there......Fiona very kindly offered to make up one of the 'Take a Bags!'.  These Squares were sent to me and Fiona has very kindly assembled them for me. This one does not have a name as yet. But nevertheless it's another beautiful Blanket.  I would like to thank everyone who sent in Squares for this particular 'SIBOL' Blanket.

Great colour combinations in this one they all go together so......well once again!

267 'Names Please? Assembled by Fiona (Netherlands) thank you!

Thanks to everyone who contributed Squares for this Blanket. Gorgeous!

Such another wonderful Blanket!


Close up of 'SIBOLETTES' Squares!

Thank you all very much indeed!

I told you it was lovely!

Fiona once again you have really made such a wonderful contribution to 'SIBOL'. I can never thank you enough for everything that you have enclosed in your parcel. The most important thing is that you are enjoying our 'SIBOL' Group. 'SIBOL' is somewhere where you can show your 'creative skills and also do some really worthwhile Charity work.

Thank you so much. I am sorry this was a long post but I did really want to put all Fiona's Blankets on to the same post today!

I have plenty to show you over the next few days. I have a pile of Blankets here which are new, so please pop in again!

Don't forget we are collecting Squares to make Blankets for Marie Curie Cancer Care. Do you want to make a 6" (15cms)  Knitted or Crocheted Square with Daffodils as the theme?  Make a Daffodil Square and send it to me we are hoping to send 9 Blankets to the 9 Marie Curie Cancer Care Hospices here in the UK.

I have a great tutorial from Debi over at Hooks & Yarn. She has very kindly written down the instructions for a beautiful Daffodil Square.

I also have a link over to Luna in the States  she also has very kindly written us out a pattern for a Daffodil Square. Why not try the two links? Say hello to these two talented Ladies!

We need Daffodils, Daffodils and more Daffodils! Let's try and meet this wonderful Challenge.

If there are any questions about our Blankets please mail me.
Sue on sueatpigsty@talktalk.net

Or.....Join our Ravelry Group!

Thanks for visiting this evening and I hope we have inspired you!

x Sue x