Our SIBOL TOTAL IS 1376! Thank You!

Slideshow of Sunshine Blankets (Click on Left/Right Arrows).

Challenge Blankets
I'm Sue and can be contacted on

It is so important that email addresses and names are enclosed with your donations of Sunshine Blankets, Shawls and Butterflies please. Thank you!

Butterflies LINK

'Crochet keeps our hands busy so our minds can rest. It is a gift to help quiet the world around us, if even for a moment. To create -- and think of those we create for --is a quiet prayer of hope, love and dreams all wrapped up in a hook, a book and a ball of yarn. Author Anonymous. Thanks Cynthia.
I NO LONGER ACCEPT KNITTED OR CROCHETED SQUARES. I DO HOWEVER ACCEPT MADE UP BLANKETS FOR THE ELDERLY IN CARE HOMES. I'D BE VERY HAPPY TO RECEIVE YOURS! THANK YOU! 'SIBOL' is a charitable outlet for your Crocheting and Knitting Skills why not join us? Together we are 'Sending a ray of Sunshine into the Lives of the Elderly.' All enquiries please contact Sue on sueatpigsty@virginmedia.com Thank you!
Please Note

Please may I remind you to enclose your email address with parcels delivered to my home. If I don't acknowledge receipt it's because I can't find your address. Thank you.

Total 1384 Thank you!

Friday, 29 May 2015

Christian's Star Appeal - Would you like to help?

Hi everyone!

Can you help please?

As a Group we have been making 'Sunshine Blankets' for Residents in Care Homes since January 2010. In total we have made and distributed 1059 which is an amazing achievement. Ladies all over the world have sent Squares and Blankets to me to help people in the UK and from time to time I think it's good to help others.

One of the Ladies in our 'SIBOL' Group 'Judith Hunter'  is fund-raising for her neighbour's little boy. He suffers with Cerebral Palsy and has now been given the opportunity to have an operation which could allow him to walk unaided and reach his full potential in life.

Unfortunately he will not receive funding due to the  limited funds in the NHS and friends and family are fund-raising for him.

Judith is asking whether any Ladies either in the UK or Worldwide would like to make and donate

A Crocheted 'Star Blanket' in any size  and colour.

 Her aim is to re-sell the Blanket at Byfleet Village 150th Parish Day mid-July.

All proceeds from the Blankets received  will go towards the Operation costs and everyone who donates a Blanket will be entered into a prize draw to win a bag of wool 'Care of the Wool Stop' /Judith.

If you would like to read Christian's Story please follow the https://www.justgiving.com/Dyeingtowalk/

For any enquiries please contact Judith Hunter
on Hunterjnn@aol.com

I'm waiting for her to join our RAV Group and then hopefully she will answer any questions you may have.

Thank you all!

Pattern for Star Blanket.

Here's the LINK to the Pattern.

A post on the side bar will remain until the Parish Day has taken place.
Thank you

Monday, 25 May 2015

Do you like Crocheting or Knitting 6" Squares? Pop in to SIBOL.

Good evening to you!

As a Group we have been making 'Sunshine Blankets' for Residents in Care Homes since January 2010. In total we have made and distributed 1059 which is an amazing achievement. Ladies all over the world have sent Squares and Blankets to me to help people in the UK and from time to time I think it's good to help others.

One of our SIBOLETTE'S 'theemuts' in Belgium was so inspired by the 'SIBOL' project that she picked up her hook after 20 years to help us. She donated many Squares and Blankets and recently she thought it would be a great idea to make special Blankets for Zorghuis Oostende which is a small home located in Belgium where single cancer patients can stay and are taken care of during their chemotherapy. 

She would like to invite  Ladies world-wide to send her 6" Squares. You can read on her RAVELRY page here's the LINK.

With a great response she has assembled and delivered Blankets to the Home and they have been over the moon to receive them. So a big thank you to anyone who has helped her.

We still require.

6" Squares
Acrylic yarn
Any Design
Made in any colours you like
Crocheted or Knitted.

All Squares must be sent to 'theemuts' on RAVELRY but not to me at 'SIBOL HQ'.

Her LINK to RAVELRY is here
Please send her a message for her address

and a Big thank you I do hope you will make a Square.

x Sue x


Bank Holiday Blues.....

1059 - 'Into the Blue made by 'Dulcatis' RAVELRY - Thank you.

Hi everyone!

I do hope you have had a good weekend.

I would like to show you 'Into the Blue' made by 'Dulcatis' over on RAVELRY.
This is such a pretty Blanket measuring 40".
'Dulatis' will be arranging to take it to a Home near to where she lives. I think this is a brilliant
idea as it's a great way of getting our Blankets further afield.

I'm sure this Blanket is going to be loved and you have made it so nicely.

Thank you!

x Sue x

Friday, 22 May 2015

Delivery of Shawls today.

Good afternoon and welcome!

Shawls delivered today to Wythall Care a Home.

Today I visited Wythall Care Home  to deliver 18 beautiful Shawls and on behalf of the Home may I thank everyone for such fantastic work. If you remember I recently delivered Sunshine Blankets and half a dozen Shawls and I promised to go back when I had some more come in. Karen the Manager was not available today but I know she will be over the moon to receive donations from us once again. A member of Staff took delivery for me today, so a Big Thank you to everyone.

The Shawls really are making a difference to Residents and there are many patterns available on the net and of course RAVELRY which is a great place to find patterns. Here's the LINK.

18 Shawls delivered to Wythall Care Home thanks everyone.

The Original Half Granny Square/Shawl by Ambar Enid Alcala
is one of the most popular patterns we use and if you want to have a go please do. We are always in need of Shawls for Residents.

Here's the LINK

Una thank you for the Shawl.

If there is anything you'd like to ask me please feel free to contact me

I'm Sue 

Thanks to everyone!

x Sue x


Good morning!

I am very pleased to be showing you a superb Sunshine Blanket that has arrived from Julie.
Made in the traditional Granny Square way this is going to be very welcomed in a Care Home.
I just love the colours Julie has used and it's also a great size too for someone's lap.

1058 'Desserts' made by Julie C thank you.

Decorated with a Butterfly and Ribbon this is going to be a lovely gift for someone.  Thank you also for the Ribbons Julie they certainly will be very useful for our 'SIBOL' project.

Julie C thank you

Ribbon donation thank you Julie

You're very kind thank you!

x Sue x 

Wednesday, 20 May 2015

SIBOL Donations received today!

Good afternoon and welcome!

May I first of all welcome new Ladies who have come through UK Hand Knitting. I've had a great deal of interest over the last few days and it's lovely to be able to say hello to you. Charity Knitting really does appeal to a lot of people I know and if you are visiting our Blog today I can assure you that everything you make for the 'SIBOL' project is hand delivered by myself or one of the other Ladies in the Group. Our Sunshine Blankets and Shawls are always very much appreciated in the Care Homes I visit and they certainly do make a lot of difference to an Elderly person. Very often or not they do not have many visitors and knowing that someone has sat down and made them a special
gift really does make their day as you can imagine.

If you would like further information about sizes and what we need please do pop over to SIBOL CHALLENGES.

I would like to thank Alison today for a really pretty Shawl. Not only has Alison made a Shawl she has also made some fantastic Butterflies. I just love this Shawl and  I'm pleased you have joined us Alison.

Alison H thank you for the Shawl and Butterflies.


I've added one of your Butterflies to uomalley's Shawl too it looks perfect.

Una thank you for the Shawl.

uomalley thank you for your Shawl received this morning. I'm so pleased you liked working with the pattern. If you want to read more about the making of this Shawl please pop over to her Blog here's the LINK. I'm really pleased you enjoyed making it. Thank you.

Next we have 'Club Sandwich'. It has been sent in by Annie who runs a Crochet Club at her school. The children have completed a Blanket for us. What a fantastic idea. Please thank all the Children for a superb Granny Square Blanket. I will certainly pass it on to a local Care Home. Thank you too for organising this for us.

1057 'Club Sandwich' - Thank you to the 'Crochet Club'.

Crochet Club thank you

I am going to be taking these Shawls out very soon. I think I have enough to go back to my local Care Home who are waiting for them.

I will need a few more Sunshine Blankets before I can take Blankets out.

If there is anything you'd like to ask me please feel free to mail me.
I'm Sue on 

Thank you all!

x Sue x 

Friday, 15 May 2015

'Roses for Granny'.

Roses from Cathy thank you.

Good afternoon,

I'm so pleased you popped in to our Blog I have a beautiful Sunshine Blanket to show you. Made in the traditional Granny Square way this is a great way to use your stash up. A really relaxing way to spend a few hours too. I would like to thank Cathy today for her donation to 'SIBOL'. 'Roses for Granny' will be very much welcomed in one of the Homes I visit. Thank you for enclosing these delightful spare Roses which I will  also be attaching to our Blankets. Thanks Cathy so much.

Roses for Granny. Thanks Cathy.

Really pretty...... and Cathy's Blog is here if you want to pop over and say hello!

Have a good weekend everyone!

x Sue x

Thursday, 14 May 2015

Such pretty Sunshine Blankets to show you today!

Good afternoon,

I would like to thank Charlotte today for two Crocheted  Granny Blankets. Charlotte has made a brilliant job of making them. They are a great size and will give two Residents a great deal of comfort. Thank you so much for sending them to me Charlotte. I will take them out as soon as I can.

1058 'Autumn Glow 2' thank you Charlotte

1057 - Raspberry Dreams thanks Charlotte.

I've decorated with Butterflies and Ribbon too they look lovely.

Charlotte thank you

Thanks Charlotte.

I've also had Shawls arrive from Gill they are so pretty!

Shawls from Gill thank you

With two Sunshine Blankets.

1056 - Baby Harlequin thanks Gill

1050 Gill thank you

Thanks Gill

Everything is made so nicely and wonderful designs too!
Thanks Gill. 

The next Sunshine Blanket is called 'Canadian Capers'. The Squares were made by Liztelf and it was assembled by 'BigBlue'. This Blanket will be given to a Home near to where 'BigBlue' lives.

Thank you both it's beautiful. 

1059 'Canadian Capers' thanks to Liz and 'BigBlue'.

Then  we have 'Bright and Breezy'. Such a colourful Blanket thank you so much.
Thanking Ladies of the 'SIBOL' Group who have made the  Squares.

1050 'Bright and Breezy' made by BigBlue etc.,

Now to close I have another Ta - Dah! for you.
This time it is a very special Sunshine Blanket.
Ladies in the 'SIBOL' Group have very kindly sent in Squares to mark our 1,000th Sunshine Blanket.
Pippa over on RAVELRY has very kindly assembled it for me.
The Blanket is so bright and cheerful and I just love the Square designed by 'theemuts' over on RAVELRY. Here's her LINK
It's come out beautifully thanks to Pippa and everyone else involved.

1000th Sunshine Granny Blanket. Thanks everyone!

An amazing achievement for the Group thank you all. 

x Sue x 

Saturday, 9 May 2015

'Train Knitting'.

Good afternoon,

My title is 'Train Knitting' because that's what we have today!
8 beautifully Knitted Sunshine Blankets sent in by Lyn from Bournemouth.
Lyn often travels on trains with her Husband and always takes her Knitting with her like others in the Group. Instead of making Squares she Knits strips which she then assembles in to beautiful Blankets for us. 

We've received some beauties from her over the months and even on her recent trip to Sri Lanka
she was thinking of 'SIBOL' buying me lots of Ribbon for decorating our Blankets. How kind of her! I also received some very pretty Knitted Butterflies too. 











Lyn tells me about the chats on the trains that she has with various people some of them are so amusing! Do you manage to look at any of the scenery though that's what I want to know?

A big thank for everything included in  your parcel today it's very thoughtful of you Lyn.

Before I end my post today I would like to show you another pretty Sunshine Blanket made by the Ladies of the 'SIBOL' Group particularly 'BigBlue' who assembled it. It's called 'Bright and Breezy' and I love it! 

'Bright and Breezy' made by BigBlue etc.,

What interesting Squares thank you all! 

x Sue x 

Thursday, 7 May 2015

'Eton Mess'.

Good Afternoon,

I must show you this stunning Sunshine Blanket made by 'Dulcatis' over on RAVELRY.
She has made the Blanket on behalf of 'SIBOL' and is organising delivery herself to a  Care Home near to where she lives. This will save on postage and it's nice to know that our Sunshine Blankets will be used further afield. This one is called 'Eton Mess' and it's definitely not a 'mess' at all!

Eton Mess

I love everything about this Blanket thanks so much Dulcatis.
Her RAV page is here follow the LINK.

There are a number of Ladies collecting Squares over on our SIBOL RAV Group
for very worthwhile causes in the  States, Belgium and the UK. 
Why not pop over to our SIBOL Group.

Please note I prefer made up Blankets myself it saves me a lot of time as I have the admin work to do.
But if you have Squares please contact me maybe I can point you in the right direction.

Please  contact me by email
I'm Sue on sueatpigsty@talktalk.net

Thanks so much

 x Sue x 

Wednesday, 6 May 2015

A pretty Shawl and Sunshine Blanket to show you.

Good morning!

Thank you for visiting the 'SIBOL' Blog today I hope you have enjoyed the Bank Holiday.

I am very pleased to be showing you a Knitted Shawl and Sunshine Blanket received this morning from 'Gerion'.  Both items are perfect in every way. A cozy Shawl made in a very pretty pattern and a Sunshine Blanket made out of Knitted Squares with a very pretty Butterfly. Once again these will be taken out with my next Delivery. Thank you so much for making them Gerion I am so pleased you found our project.

Let's take a look at them now.

A Shawl from Gerion. Thank you!

1040 'Gerion' thank you.

'Gerion' thank you.

We've called this Blanket 'Diamonds are Forever'.

I hope you have enjoyed looking at what's new today.

x Sue x 

Sunday, 3 May 2015

Four Ta - Dah's!

Good afternoon,
I would like to thank Sally60 for the Sunshine Blanket below. She has very kindly sent it to BigBlue so that she can deliver it to one of her local Care Homes. I am very grateful to you indeed. It is such a pretty Blanket made with really lovely colours. This is on behalf of 'SIBOL'.

BigBlue has very kindly assembled the following Sunshine Blankets. This one is called 'Sea Breeze'.
The Squares are really interesting. I love the centre flower Square too.
Gorgeous colours and a great name. Thank you.

This one has been made and donated by joyce28. It is called 'Twisted Lime'. So Tangy!

Next we have 'Autumn Glow'. Great colour combinations.

Such lovely Blankets thanks everyone!

Saturday, 2 May 2015

New donations arrive for 'SIBOL'.

Good evening,

I have had some beautiful Crocheted Shawls arrive from 'Isrose' (RAVELRY) who lives in Norway. How kind of her to send the Shawls from her part of the world. They are made in such pretty colours and I just love the pattern.

Here they are....

These Shawls will be loved by Residents in the Homes and they will definitely be given out on my next delivery. Thank you so much 'Isrose'.

Next we have a very pretty Granny Blanket made by Joanna. She has a great name for the Blanket it's called 'Fusion of Colours'. Every colour has been used in her Blanket I love it. Thank you so much Joanna.

Another superb Blanket for an Elderly Resident I know it will be appreciated. Thank you so much.

x Sue x