Our SIBOL TOTAL IS 1376! Thank You!

Slideshow of Sunshine Blankets (Click on Left/Right Arrows).

Challenge Blankets
I'm Sue and can be contacted on

It is so important that email addresses and names are enclosed with your donations of Sunshine Blankets, Shawls and Butterflies please. Thank you!

Butterflies LINK

'Crochet keeps our hands busy so our minds can rest. It is a gift to help quiet the world around us, if even for a moment. To create -- and think of those we create for --is a quiet prayer of hope, love and dreams all wrapped up in a hook, a book and a ball of yarn. Author Anonymous. Thanks Cynthia.
I NO LONGER ACCEPT KNITTED OR CROCHETED SQUARES. I DO HOWEVER ACCEPT MADE UP BLANKETS FOR THE ELDERLY IN CARE HOMES. I'D BE VERY HAPPY TO RECEIVE YOURS! THANK YOU! 'SIBOL' is a charitable outlet for your Crocheting and Knitting Skills why not join us? Together we are 'Sending a ray of Sunshine into the Lives of the Elderly.' All enquiries please contact Sue on sueatpigsty@virginmedia.com Thank you!
Please Note

Please may I remind you to enclose your email address with parcels delivered to my home. If I don't acknowledge receipt it's because I can't find your address. Thank you.

Total 1384 Thank you!

Sunday, 27 February 2011


Thank You Butterflies Pictures, Images and Photos

Hello Everyone!

Do you know what today is?  It's SIBOL'S Birthday!!! Yes, we are one year old today!  SIBOL was launched 28th February 2010 with the help of my on-line Friends all over the World.  What a busy year we've had.

Back in January 2010, I asked my Blogger friends on Mrs. Twins if they wanted to help me make Blankets for the Elderly in Memory of my Grandmother.  My Grandmother lived to 103 years of age and I absolutely thought the world of her, and so did all my family.

My Grandmother was very lucky indeed. She lived in good health very independently on her own in a Bungalow until sadly she passed away. Even then she wasn't poorly thankfully, she just got tired and fell asleep. She cooked herself a meal every day a 'British Traditional meal' with potatoes, meat and veg. She knew everything about the World, Politics and History. She was just so interesting to talk to and had many visitors.

I had crocheted myself lots of items, you know Crocheted Ripple Blankets, Carnations, etc., then I got to the stage where I thought 'what else shall I make?'. You know there is only so much you can make for yourself and your family. I thought I would like to make something for a Charity. Which Charity though? This wasn't hard at all to decide.  It must be for the Elderly in Memory of my Grandmother. So I asked my on-line Friends if they wanted to help me make Blankets  by donating 6" Crocheted or Knitted Squares.   Well 'Molly' over in the USA was the first to send me Squares, then Kim, Brenda and Karin.   I was amazed because everyone thought it was such a good idea.  From then on we gathered new Members all over the World and the Squares started pouring in.

Where do our SIBOL Squares come from?
Make yours @ BigHugeLabs.com

My first intention was to make 6, we've now made with the latest Blanket today 56 'Sunshine Blankets'.  44 of these have already been delivered to Nursing Homes in the UK before Christmas. It was such a joy to visit the Nursing Homes and to actually meet the Elderly Residents. To be given the opportunity to read the names out on the Gift cards who actually contributed the Squares was just so special.  The Residents were really interested to know that Ladies from all over the World had taken the time and trouble to make a Square for their particular named Blanket.

It was our intention to send a little ray of Sunshine into the lives of the Elderly by hand-delivering Blankets to them and 'SIBOLETTES' we sure have accomplished that!" The 'Sunshine Blankets' certainly brought a smile to their faces and gave them Love and Warmth knowing that someone had made something especially for them!

So today 'SIBOLETTES' we celebrate our achievement! Thank you all so very much for the hard work you have put in  making the Squares for the Blankets.  It's been such a great priviledge to meet you all over the months  and you have all become such wonderful Friends to me. You are all so....talented,  kind and generous and I'm really so pleased that you think my project worthwhile.

Here is my Grandmother when she was in her 20's.

Here's a photo of my Grandmother around 100.

So thank you all so very much for everything!
We have now made 56 'Sunshine Blankets'
25 Squares in each. Now assembled 1,400 Squares
1 Friendship Blanket 33 Squares for myself 'with kind permission from you all!' Thank you.

I've had such a lot of fun over the months I  hope you have too!

I'm sorry I'm keeping you waiting......Just a little longer for the Winners' names of our SIBOL GIVEAWAY!!


First I want to show you my latest Blanket.  Now the one at the top is my Friendship Blanket, do you remember seeing it a few weeks ago? You kindly gave me permission to keep a Square and make it into a special Blanket for 'myself!' I  thought it was so appropriate to ask Mr. Twins to take a photo of me with my Friends! :)  So this was me Sunday afternoon.

But I have a new Ta - Dah! This is SIBOL 56 and it's a Flower Blanket. I really would love some names for this Blanket. I'm really pleased how it's turned out. Thank you to everyone that has contributed Squares for this Blanket I really love them.

Also it's time........I'm sorry you've been waiting.......... For our 'Giveaway' Winners!

I asked 'SIBOLETTES' to leave their names on Ravelry. Thank you to everyone who has done this! It's time for the 'Random Generator'. So here goes let's see who is our first Winner!

Okay over to the web site........Drum rolling..............................................

The first Winner of SIBOL'S First Giveaway is Number...........................

Number 3

Who is????????????

The Suspense is killing me...................





But I said we will have two Winners.

Let's see who the Random Generator comes up with  this time shall we???

Here goes......................................

Random Generator please find me another Winner!!!

                                                               Are you Number 22?
                                                      I wonder who Number 22 is?????

                                                 The Suspense is killing  me once again!!!

                                                      CONGRATULATIONS TO .............

                                                                   Cathy  (USA)

                                           Oh! goodness Two Winners from the States!

                                       I shall be putting your Giveaway Gifts in the post asap for you!

                                          CONGRATULATIONS TO MY TWO SIBOLETTE


If you are one of my 'SIBOLETTES' you're eligible to enter my Giveaway!

Oh! well done to you both! What fun that was!

I would like to say at this point I am very thankful to dear arien 156 for all her hard work over the last few weeks setting up our SIBOL Ravelry Group. So............
I thought it only fair to put the same gift in the post to you Aishwarya! 

So....that's it SIBOLETTES, we have two lucky Winners Ellen and Cathy! Congratulations to you both!
Let's celebrate our Anniversary now by having a party.........'Housework' what a shame!!!

I hope you all have a good day, I'll probably be back later with new Squares arriving until then, have a good day everyone and thank you for visiting SIBOL today!!

x Sue x


Saturday, 26 February 2011

Saturday Squares from the UK and the USA!

Hello Everyone!

Well its 7.15pm here Saturday evening.  I do apologise this is my first chance to write a post today. I've been out all day virtually with one of my Daughters and I got back to find two packages.  One was from Debi Y (USA) and the other from Maryfairy (Rav) (UK).

Thank you so much for the gorgeous Squares received today.

First of all I would like to welcome 'Maryfairy' (RAV).  Maryfairy has sent me some gorgeous Squares she has made for Charity.  I'm so pleased that she has chosen our Charity to donate her Squares to.  They are simply gorgeous and I am really grateful to you.  Such pretty Flower Squares especially! Welcome Maryfairy you are now a 'SIBOLETTE' and are most welcome to enter our SIBOL 'Giveaway' now! So please pop over to Ravelry.  The button is at the top of the web site.

Maryfairy (Rav) (UK) Your Squares arrived today! Thank You!

I hope you think the photographs are okay, I was trying to take them quickly before the light started to go on me.

Maryfairy sit back now and enjoy your Slide Show and thank you so much for your Squares, they are lovely.

Created with flickr slideshow from softsea.

I also had some Squares come in from Debi (USA). I do hope you will pop over to her blog and say hello to her! Thank you for the super Squares received Debi and as I said in my email to her I think I will be keeping the Butterfly Square for the 'Spring Challenge'.  I really love them and thank you so much too for the donation of yarn for SIBOL!

Thank you so much for your SIBOL Squares Debi, they are gorgeous!

Created with flickr slideshow from softsea.

So.....'SIBOLETTES'  do hurry up now for our SIBOL 'Giveaway!'.  If you have sent me Squares you are eligible to enter, we have some lovely yarn up for Grabs!

If you are one of my 'SIBOLETTES' you're eligible to enter my Giveaway!

Don't forget the rest of our Challenges Ladies!  Please make some Squares too for our 'Royal Wedding' Challenge. We're having some great ones come in and it's so much fun!!!! I feel as though I'm going to the Wedding myself with all this excitement!

I'll chat soon thanks for visiting SIBOL today!

x Sue x

Friday, 25 February 2011

Ta - Dah! Introducing SIBOL No.55. Squares from the UK!

Table view

Good Morning Everyone!

Friday has come around so quickly!!!! I've  had a busy week with the gorgeous Squares that have been coming my way!  Today I received Louises'  Squares for the Royal Wedding Challenge.  They are so lovely!! Some really beautiful Squares have arrived in the week for this Challenge and all I want to say is please.....keep them coming!   March 18th is the deadline for the Royal Wedding Challenge.

Louise has used the Union Jack on one Square and the other one she has a picture of a Crown.  But she has also sent some lovely Squares for the Farmyard Challenge and the Spring Challenge.  I'm sure you'll want to take a look, here goes......

lulabelle1967 Your Squares have arrived! Thank You!

Not only has Louise sent in Squares but she's also returned the Blanket that she kindly made up for me. I'm sure you 'll agree she has made a wonderful job, and the method of flat braiding the Squares together has worked out a treat!  Louise has chosen one of the names given by my visitors to SIBOL. Congratulations Renee, Louise has chosen your beautiful name 'Flowers for Florence'. Thank you!

Here is your Slide Show Louise, Enjoy!

Please don't forget to enter my Giveaway if you are a 'SIBOLETTE' which means you have sent me a Square for SIBOL. Please pop over to Ravelry and leave
'Hi Sue, please enter me in your Giveaway!'

in the Giveaway Feb 2011 Topic post. RAV Group SIBOL.

The Giveaway will close mid-night 27th February with winners announced 28th February (our SIBOL ANNIVERSARY) !!  Best of luck everyone!

If you are one of my 'SIBOLETTES' you're eligible to enter my Giveaway!

Thanks so much for visiting SIBOL today, I hope Louise has given you some inspiration and you'll have a go at making a Square for the Royal Wedding Challenge. Squares must be in to me by 18th March. I'll be very happy to receive your Squares.

Have a good weekend, and I'll probably be back tomorrow if any more new Squares arrive.

x Sue x

Thursday, 24 February 2011

Squares from the UK!

Good afternoon Everyone!

It's such a lovely afternoon here in the UK. Sun is shining and it's reasonably mild.

I've had some lovely Squares come in at lunch time, they have been sent by Rainbow Ribbon (Rav) here in the UK. A great selection of Squares in beautiful colours. I particularly like the Flower Squares they are gorgeous, so delicate looking.

Rainbow Ribbon (UK) Your Squares arrived today! Thank You!

I've made you a Slide Show Rainbow Ribbon, Enjoy!  Thank you so much for your SIBOL contribution.

Created with flickr slideshow from softsea.

Can I also remind you about the Farm Challenge and the Spring Challenge.  If you would like some inspiration please pop over to Kim's blog.  She has made the cutest Squares! Absolutely gorgeous!

Not forgetting our 'special project' and you all know what that is! 'Our Royal Wedding' Challenge.
If you are doing initials on a Square please use 'W' and 'K' although Kate's correct name is Catherine! As it was pointed out to me yesterday by Joyce28 for which I am most grateful. Like she said we all have to be consistent in the initials we use.

Have fun with these Challenges everyone!  I am still waiting Jan Eaton and Circle of Friends, I can't proceed any further until I have these in.  Thank you for visiting SIBOL today!

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

New SIBOLETTES Today, New Squares!

Good Afternoon Everyone!

I have some lovely Squares for you today! New SIBOLETTES too! Let's Welcome 'MummyCat', 'Anakat', 'Emily and her Mother' and 'Puppet Lady'.  So nice to have you join our Group!

Well first of all let's welcome 'Puppet Lady' (UK),  I do hope you will pop over and visit her blog. Puppet lady knits puppets  for charity and they are just so lovely! She has made over 100 now, and it's so nice that they go to underpriviledged children.

Puppet Lady has sent me two - two tone Green Grannies for our Challenge.  These are Puppet Lady's  first Crocheted Squares and I think she has done very well indeed. Thank you so much.

Puppetystuff (UK) Your Squares arrived today! Thank You!

Next we have Mummy Cat (UK).   She has very kindly made a Granny Square for SIBOL and inside the envelope was a little drawing from her sweet little girl.  She drew me a flower and it said, 'here's a flower to make you happy" from Mummy Cats little girl.  I thought that was just so...sweet.... Please give your little girl a big kiss from me and have you noticed my smiley face saying I love it! Thank you!

MummyCat (UK) Your Square arrived today! Thank your Daughter for the Flower Drawing please!

Our Royal Challenge has brought some new Squares in to day! They are from Anakat (UK)  over on the MSE Forum.  She has sent me two Knitted  Squares one is a Crown with beads, and the other Square shows two wedding rings with Kate and Williams initials.  Both Squares are so...good Anakat and thank you very much for joining our Challenge!

Anakat (MSE Forum) (UK) Your Squares arrived today! For our 'Royal Wedding' Challenge. Thank You!

I had a package arrive today from Emily (UK).  Not only was it from Emily but her Mother also.  There was a great selection of Squares inside and it was a pleasure to receive them. Simple Grannies but I'm sure you will agree they all look so different with each colour used! Emily sent me some Squares too with various patterns used and once again the colours were beautiful. Thank you both so much for the Squares and they will be really useful to me, thank you! Please put in two entries for our SIBOL Giveaway over on Ravelry. The button is at the top of the web site.

Emily & Mother (UK) Your Squares have arrived! Thank You!

Well I have been busy today, but I've loved loading these Squares up for you.  Welcome to all our new SIBOLETTES, and you are now most welcome to pop over to Ravelry (button at the top) and enter our Giveaway!

Please join Ravelry
Please go to SIBOL Group
Go to Topic Post 'Giveaway' FEB 2011
and say
Hi Sue, Please enter me in your Giveaway!

and don't forget Emily your Mother is eligible too!

Please think about your Royal Wedding Squares Ladies in by March 18th please.
We're coming up with some great designs and I am so...grateful to you all.

I've had an interesting email come in this evening from Joyce 28.  She pointed out to me that when our Royal Squares are coming in, Squares have the initial 'K' on.  When in fact Kate's correct name is 'Catherine'. She wondered whether there were any official guidelines for the competition.

 This really is a difficult one to decide.  When Prince William speaks he calls her 'Kate' not 'Catherine'. We all know her as 'Kate'.  I've been trawling the internet and articles written about her refer to her as 'Kate'.  The official Wedding invitation would of course say 'Catherine'.  No there aren't any official do's and don'ts at all for the competition. I think as we have already had the Squares come in with 'K' on, we will continue with this. Not 'C'. I think everyone seems to know her as Kate, so I think this will be fine.

So please anyone making Squares with initials on please use 'K'. I think if we are all the same this won't be a problem.  Thank you.

Thank you to Joyce 28 for pointing this out to me, I appreciate you taking an interest.

Have a lovely evening everyone, thanks for visiting SIBOL today!

Created with flickr slideshow from softsea.

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Royal, Farmyard, Spring, Two Tone Greens, take a look at these! Squares from France and the UK!

Good Afternoon Everyone!

Just would like to thank Louise for yesterday's post.  If you haven't already read the post she wrote please do pop back a post and have a look at her beautiful Blanket.  She is asking for a name on this one.  She would like to name it after her Grandmother Florence.  Do you have any ideas please?  She has been very
kind helping me out with making a Blanket and I'm sure you'll all agree she made a beautiful job of it.

Ta - Dah! SIBOL 55. 'In proper Yorkshire Style!' A 'Sunshine Blanket' made up for me by 'lulabelle1967!' Thank you so much, it's gorgeous Louise! 'please add note!'.


If you are a 'SIBOLETTE' please click the Ravelry button at the top of the web-site and enter my Giveaway. Closing 27th February at Midnight. So do hurry up, I wouldn't want you to miss it. You have to leave a comment in the Giveaway Topic Post.
Hi Sue, Please enter me in your Giveaway!
Best of Luck everyone!
Yummy yarn and a surprise gift up for grabs. Two winners!!!
Do join in with new ideas over on Ravelry SIBOL Group, arien156 has been working very hard to have fun with the Group!


Now....The 'Royal Wedding' Challenge Squares have already started coming in.  Do you want to see them? We already have some brilliant ideas.  If you haven't read about our 'Royal Wedding' Challenge please do go back a couple of posts and have a read.  We are making a special Blanket for a competition.  It has to have a Royal favour to it, because Prince William and Kate Middleton are getting married very soon.  I have asked 'SIBOLETTES' if they want to make a Square depicting something to do with Royalty/Wedding.  We've had some wonderful ideas already come in today and I want to share them with you. Please take part.
I want to make a really 'unique' Blanket which will be sent off and auctioned to raise funds for one of Prince Williams charities.  But there are three prizes, and I'm hoping that our Blanket will be chosen.  Go back a couple of posts and have a read, see what you think. Would you like to take part?

Anyway, let's get on.....

First of all crochet3love (UK) has sent me in two Squares. The first one she has named 'Queen of Hearts Crown'.  She has named this Square after Princess Diana. She is extremely sad that Princess Diana won't be able to see her son get married and I think this Square is a wonderful tribute to her.  crochet3love particularly likes working with beads and I'm sure you'll agree she has finished it off beautifully with them.

crochet3love (UK) Your 'Royal Squares' arrived today! Thank You!

The other Square is great too. I think the gold thread around the Heart gives it a 'regal' favour. I love your Squares crochet3love and I know you enjoyed making them for the Blanket, thank you so much!

Next we move on to Kathy (France).  I can't believe how quickly Kathys' Squares have arrived! They are both beautiful. I think such a clever idea of making a cute 'garter' in this Square! The other one too a Wedding Cake is just lovely! Once again finished off beautifully with gold thread. I love both the Squares Kathy thank you!

Kathy (France) Your Squares arrived today! Thank You!

OOh......I'm getting excited just looking at these Squares!  But...we have more 'Royal Squares'.  These ones are from bonsall (UK).

bonsall has sent me in two Squares and once again the imagination of you Ladies never fails to amaze me! The first Square has two gold rings in the middle and has the two names sewn on. The other a Crown with their initials once again.  bonsall you have made a lovely job of both Squares thank you so much, I love these too!  Such brilliant ideas! I love them.

bonsall (UK) Your Squares arrived today! Thank You!

Have the Ladies given you any inspiration? I do hope so. Have a go and join in the fun with us. They have to be here by March 18th.  Thank you.

Well you know we are also having a 'Spring' Challenge and also a 'Farmyard' one.  Not to mention the 'Two Tone' Green Challenge.  Well Squares have come in this morning from Joyce28.  Joyce28 has sent me in Squares before.  She knits beautifully and has some brilliant ideas!  Would you just take a look at her Squares they are gorgeous!

Joyce28 (UK) Your Squares arrived today! Thank You!

I think the Square with the Butterfly on, is really.....nice.. Of course I love the piggie one too with his curly tail.  OOh.....wonderful Squares Joyce28, many thanks!

I've had such fun today.  A lot of work as you can imagine but it's all worth it.......
Thank you to our SIBOLETTES who have sent the Squares in today.

Just before I go.....I found out last week that SIBOL had a letter printed in the UK's 'HobbyCraft' magazine. I think I must have sent this letter up months ago.  I would really like to obtain a back copy if possible. I would pay for the magazine and postage costs if  anyone has one out there. Thank you. My email address is

One of those mornings today.....I went to Tesco to do a bit of shopping, mainly yogurts and fruit. I didn't see the flood of water from one of the chiller cabinets on the floor! I absolutely went flying! OOh, yes there was a 'slippery' sign on the floor, but I was busy looking for the yogurts on the shelves as I was approaching that I didn't notice it.   I was okay at the time but I'm starting to ache now, so I think I am going to have five minutes now I've posted with a cup of tea I think......   I did complain, wouldn't you? I'm not a complainer at all, but there was an elderly lady just standing at the side of me and as I said to the Deputy Manager it could have been her quite easily! As I walked out of the store I glanced over the flood of water was still there! Probably happen to someone else!  Nevermind I'm okay.

I do hope you have enjoyed looking at the Squares.  A lot of work today but aren't they just all lovely! Thank you to everyone that has sent in Squares today and for everyone else that takes an interest in SIBOL!
A joint Slide Show for you all now, enjoy!

Created with flickr slideshow from softsea.


Monday, 21 February 2011

Tah dah Yorkshire style

Hello dear SIBOLETTES, I have a small surprise today and a story to tell.
A few weeks back Mrs Sue was organising a new year of blanket making, reflecting on the success of the year gone by and beginning new projects. I became concerned that as the number of willing helpers had increased, Sue would have an overwhelming task on her hands.
I mentioned this to her and asked if anyone lived near by to give her a hand. Sue said “ Are you offering Louise” Gulp, was my first reaction then I just thought why the heck not. What better way to understand a persons life (or part of it) than by walking a mile in her fluffy slippers (are they? I have no idea, mine are so I’ll go with that)
Soooooo, some time later I had a precious delivery of squares from around the world, yarn and a cart blanch from Sue to “Let your personality shine through.
Now, fair to say Sue has been kind, most of the squares were uniform in size so could be relied on to be swiftly joined without resizing, well done ladies, that makes SUCH a difference. I used a flat braid join as you go method which gives an open lacy border to each square, plus its so quick. I have then grannied my little heart out round the edge in sugared almond colours.
I have love LOVE LOVED this project, Sue was always so worried that it was too much and a burden but I can say nothing like that. Its been an honour and a privilege to be trusted with such precious work which I hope that I have done justice too.
Now I have no clue how to get it onto flickr for you to claim your squares, we might have to wait until Sue gets this in the post before that happens. Now as for naming, I am quite bad at it so can I have help? I would like to name this after my Maternal Grandmother Florence who would have loved this whole enterprise and would have likely made a few squares. She spent her latter years in a wonderful home.
Thanks for listening I hope you like the blanket.

Sues' Monday's message.

Thank you so much Louise for making up these Squares! I'm sure all the Ladies visiting SIBOL today will think the same. I just love the border that you have made and I particularly like the idea of the 'flat braiding' too! The  blanket is gorgeous. So it's SIBOL 55! Well done to you and I'm pleased you enjoyed the 'SIBOL EXPERIENCE!!!!'.  So now Ladies, let's have some names for Louises' Blanket please!!

Can I remind you I'm not accepting 'Giveaway' Entries on SIBOL' comments. You will have to pop over to Ravelry to do this.  Join Ravelry, Join our SIBOL Group, and then go to Topic Posts. You will see a topic listed 'SIBOL Giveaway Feb 2011'.  Please say
Hi Sue, Please enter me in your Giveaway!

That's all you have to do.  It's nice to have the names all in one place over there and then I will use the Random Generator to find two lucky winners. Entries will only be accepted until February 27th Midnight when our Giveaway closes.  Winners will be announced February 28th on SIBOL. Thank you!

'Two Tone Green'  - does anyone have any more Squares for this one please?
Can I remind you about the Spring Challenge, Farm Challenge, and of course......

The Royal Wedding Challenge.  Please get your Squares in by March 18th for this special Challenge.  Please go back posts and read all about our 'competition blanket idea'.

I've had some Squares arrive this morning from Belgium.  ATheeC has very kindly sent me in some Squares from herself, her neighbour Maria and her Daughter Annelinde.

It's so nice when new Ladies want to join SIBOL. I'm very grateful to ATheeC's neighbour Maria for her gorgeous Squares.  You are now a 'SIBOLETTE' Maria 'Welcome'.

I have sent you some Flowers 'to say thank you!'.

Maria, thank you I love your Squares! So pleased you joined our project!

Also many thanks to Annelinde for her Squares and Tinka too!  Please ask Maria to come and see her Squares in your Slide Show now! Make her a cup of tea and enjoy!

Created with flickr slideshow from softsea.

For those of you living in the UK.  I have a programme to watch this evening BBC 1 at 9.00pm. It's about the Elderly in Residential Homes. It looks really interesting.....I don't think you will spot any of our Blankets there 'yet!'. ha.ha.  It's all about younger people going into homes and sharing their skills.

Bye for now.

Friday, 18 February 2011


Hi Everyone!

I'm very happy to be announcing my first 'SIBOL' Giveaway!  On the 28th February we celebrate our First Anniversary. I can't believe a year has flown by already! In this time we have collected so...many Squares and managed to make so.....many Blankets! Unbelievable!  Thank you all so much.  I'm also very pleased to be telling you that we have just reached our 300th Follower too! Fantastic!

Before I tell you about my Giveaway, thanks to everyone that has been mailing me about the 'Royal Wedding' Challenge.  I really appreciate your kind words and enthusiasm for this Challenge! In particular an email I received this afternoon from a Lady in the UK telling me how the wedding is reminding her of Princess Diana, and how terribly sad it is that she won't see her son's wedding. Making a Square for the 'Royal Wedding' Blanket,  she feels she is making this for Princess Diana  as well as for SIBOL.   She was indeed a very special person.

I hope I haven't stepped over the mark telling you what she said, but I thought this was really nice. It's given her such a lot of enjoyment taking part in the Royal Wedding Blanket.  I know from comments you are all leaving you think the Blanket is a good idea, so I'm really pleased thank you.

So have a think about your Square, I'm sure we can come up with some brilliant ideas!


I will be using the 'Random Generator' to select two winners.
I have a  quantity of yarn and  two  'surprise tiny weeny' gifts  to share between  two lucky people.

To enter:-

You MUST BE one of our 'SIBOLETTES!'
Which means you have sent Squares to SIBOL during the last year.
If you haven't sent any I'm afraid you can't qualify for this 'Giveaway!'

Then you must pop over to Ravelry SIBOL Group
and join if you are not a Member already.

Then in the 'SIBOL' Giveaway  Feb 2011. -  Topic Post.
Just say hi to me and 'please enter me in your giveaway!'
Your Name will be at the side, so I will know who you are!

That's all you have to do. Simple as that.
The Giveaway will be closed Midnight 27th February.

We will then let the 'Random Generator' find two lucky people.
On the 28th February our '1st Year Anniversary' the two lucky winners will be announced on the SIBOL web-site.

Best of luck everyone!


Well thank you to everyone that is having a go with my Giveaway!
I must say. I'm not accepting entries on SIBOL web site.
You must pop over to Ravelry and put your name down on the Giveaway post.
Thank you!

As long as you have sent me Squares you are eligible to take part.


I have some really beautiful Squares arrive this morning.  I think Karin and Laura were flying over from the Netherlands together because their packages arrived together! Did you make friends on the way? :)

Karin (Netherlands) has sent me her two tone Green Squares. These Squares are so lovely. Nice shades of Green Karin and the patterns are lovely.  Thanks so much.

Karin (Netherlands) Your Squares have arrived! Thank You!

Your Slide Show Karin! Enjoy!

Created with flickr slideshow from softsea.

I would also like to  say Welcome to Laura from the Netherlands. She has sent me 25 Squares this morning and they are just so lovely.  Thank you very much also for the donation of yarn for SIBOL, very much appreciated!  You are now a 'SIBOLETTE' and I hope you enjoy SIBOL! Take a look at her Squares they are really nice.

Laura (Netherlands) Your Squares have arrived today! Thank You! IF YOU ARE A 'SIBOLETTE' PLEASE ENTER MY GIVEAWAY ON SIBOL!.

These are just some of them, take a look at these in her Slide Show now! Thank you Laura very much!

Created with flickr slideshow from softsea.

Thank you also to Beverley for the package this morning. Beverley has sent me a donation of yarn for SIBOL. I am most grateful to you. I am so pleased you are continuing to take an interest in SIBOL!

Have a good weekend everyone and please pop over to Ravelry. Button at the top of the web site!

'The Royal Wedding' Challenge / Squares from the UK!

Hi Everyone!

I'm very pleased to be telling you we have now reached our 300th Follower! Welcome Delfina!

Thank you all so much for the kind comments on the 'Young At Heart' Blanket, I am so...pleased you liked it.

You may be aware of a certain event taking place on April 29th. Yes it is the royal wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton. 

Great British Yarns is running a special competition. They are asking participants to Knit or Crochet something to mark the occasion. 'SIBOL' has decided to make  a 'Royal  Wedding' Blanket.

Another picture Blanket  but this one to celebrate the Royal Wedding. So you could have pictures of a Crown, Royal Wedding Cake, Wedding Rings/Engagement ring, Royal Carriage, Initials on a Heart/Union Jack Flag, Bouquet of Flowers.

If we send a Blanket on behalf of SIBOL, the Blanket  WILL NOT be sent back. We would send it off to reach by the 20th April and then the items are auctioned off to raise money for  a Charity that  Prince William is involved in. It  may be the Prince William and Prince Harry Foundation.  This supports disadvantaged people, especially the young and servicemen/women.

The top prize will go to the design the judges think is best, it's got to be original, well designed and appropriate.

The  Top Prize of a £50.00 voucher to spend in the online store, with second and third place also receiving vouchers.  The Winner would be announced 29th April. Every entry will be photographed and put on the Great British Yarn web site along with the name/s of the person(s) who made it.

I have been told that the Great British Yarn web site will tell us how much each item has raised when auctioned.  Of course we should not be disappointed if our item a SIBOL Blanket  did not raise very much, as it can be very disappointing.

If SIBOL was lucky enough to win a voucher this would be put towards yarn for our SIBOL 'Sunshine Blankets'.  But at the same time we would be having fun making the Squares, and watching them come in on Flickr.

Now SIBOLETTES, FOLLOWERS, any one visiting today. Let's put our thinking caps on. Let's use that wonderful imagination you all have. Let your imagination once again 'run riot' and come up with some original ideas.

I really want this Blanket to be a piece of art. I would like you to make a 6" x 6" (15cms x 15cms) Square Crocheted or Knitted but it must have a picture on.  Let's think now. It has to have a Royal connection of course, but it's also a Wedding between two people in love.

So let's see some Doves, Hearts, Rings, Initials as well.  Here are some images so let's try really hard to think of some fantastic Squares for our Royal Wedding Blanket.  I just think it would be so much fun to work together and come up with something brilliant 'as we always do!'.

I really would love our Ladies abroad to have a go too! It would be absolutely lovely if the World could come together on this project, even though it's a British event. I need the Squares by 18th March though so there isn't much time. We must get a move on with this one. I  know we can do it.

Here are some more images....

Good idea? Let's have some fun now. Remember.........


Crocheted or Knitted Picture Squares.
Acrylic if possible.
Use any colour  yarn on your Square.
It's got to have a Royal theme and a Wedding theme.

For my address or queries sueatpigsty@talktalk.net

I know we can do it. Thank You!

As we have reached our 300th Follower and actually SIBOL has it's first birthday on 28th February. I am holding a Giveaway! This hopefully will be announced on Saturday, so please visit us again!

OOh, please pick up your Hooks or Knitting Needles, we need some fantastic Squares. Please send them as soon as you can.  If there are enough Squares for two Blankets we will save the other one for the Elderly.  But as I say we are aiming to make one for the 'competition'. 

Friday Update

Thank you so much Pippa for the beautiful Squares received just now.  I love the colours on these Squares they co-ordinate beautifully. Very kind of you to send along a few more, thank you so much.

Pippa (UK) Your Squares arrived today! Thank You!

Bye for now