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'Crochet keeps our hands busy so our minds can rest. It is a gift to help quiet the world around us, if even for a moment. To create -- and think of those we create for --is a quiet prayer of hope, love and dreams all wrapped up in a hook, a book and a ball of yarn. Author Anonymous. Thanks Cynthia.
I NO LONGER ACCEPT KNITTED OR CROCHETED SQUARES. I DO HOWEVER ACCEPT MADE UP BLANKETS FOR THE ELDERLY IN CARE HOMES. I'D BE VERY HAPPY TO RECEIVE YOURS! THANK YOU! 'SIBOL' is a charitable outlet for your Crocheting and Knitting Skills why not join us? Together we are 'Sending a ray of Sunshine into the Lives of the Elderly.' All enquiries please contact Sue on sueatpigsty@virginmedia.com Thank you!
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Please may I remind you to enclose your email address with parcels delivered to my home. If I don't acknowledge receipt it's because I can't find your address. Thank you.

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Sunday 28 February 2010

'SIBOL' - 'Sunshine International Blankets of Love'.

Welcome to  'SIBOL',  I'm Sue (Mrs Twins),

We are an internet based  group of friends, who are enthusiastic Knitters and Crocheters.  Between  us very interested in making  'Sunshine International Blankets of Love'.  We will be donating our Blankets to local Nursing homes and Charities for the Elderly.

I'm so glad you've visited my new blog. This is an extension of 'Mrs Twins' If you haven't visted my first blog I hope you do. We all have so much fun over there. 

I started blogging last September. I just cannot believe the amount of fun I've been having with my new friends. I would like to thank them all for such wonderful support. Through the regular posts we are exchanging ideas and generally having a good old 'chit chat!'.  It's nice to visit my friends all over the world every day while having a cup of tea.  We ask what each other are up to, we give each other advice and we just generally have a 'wicked time!'.  So if you are new visiting my blog today 'Pleased to meet you all!'.

I had an idea at the start of the year that I would like to make Blankets for the Elderly. The reason was because my Grandmother lived until she was 103 years of age.  She was so lucky that she was in very good health and able to  look after herself. She bathed herself and cooked a meal which consisted of meat and two veg every day.  She knew everything about what was going on in the world and she was so...interesting to talk to.  Let's face it if you have lived that long you've got a lot to tell.  The local village school visited her with birthday gifts when she was 100 and they often made her cards.  She received her 100th birthday telegram off the Queen  and even hit the front page of the local Newspaper on her birthday.  Both my Grandmother and my Father shared an interest in football. For her 100th birthday she had signed birthday cards off the players of her favourite football club, and at times there were heated discussions who would win the football matches at the weekend. She was just so interesting to talk to.  I loved her dearly and would often visit her. My Grandmother as I say was in very good health until the day she passed away, she wasn't ill, she simply just fell asleep. I thought my Grandmother would live forever.

I think it is for this reason that I feel so strongly about making Blankets for the Elderly.  I have crocheted such a lot of things over the last year. I have had such a lot of inspiration from Flickr and Blogland and now I'm feeling this is something I really want to concentrate on.  I suggested the idea to my friends on Flickr and asked if they wanted to donate 6" squares towards helping me on this project. Well back in January I was amazed because I started having squares come in and I must say they have been absolutely beautiful. From the simple Granny square to a more involved pattern. I'm overwhelmed by peoples kindness and they all feel this is a good project.

The Blankets are so bright and cheerful and names have been suggested for them. We have recently decided on a name and it's all thanks to my friends who have helped me. 'Sunshine International Blankets of Love'. 'Sunshine' because we're hoping the Blankets will bring a ray of sunshine into someones life and 'International' because my dear friends from all over the World are taking part in my project.  'Love' because the Squares and Blankets are made with our 'Loving Hands' and will be sent with our love.  I hopefully want to take them into local Nursing homes and send some off to Charities too as I realise not everyone is as lucky as my Grandmother.

So thank you to everyone who has taken part already, and  if there is anyone else who would like to take part you are most welcome.

Here's my Slideshow of the Squares I have already received,   I hope you enjoy looking at them. Details of Square requirements are on the side bar, and if you wish to contact me either on email or through the blog please do.