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Monday, 16 August 2010

A busy Monday for SIBOL!

Hi Everyone!

Well once again 'Thank You' for the lovely birthday wishes. My mail box had some lovely Birthday greetings in this morning,  I am in the process of replying to everyone! Very sweet of you thank you!

I peeped through the front door glass this morning and there were three packages! I have mailed the three Ladies to say their packages have arrived! Thank you to Luna, Karin, Rachael and her Mother! I hope you will pop over to Rachael's blog. She is telling the world something very special!!

Monday's are always busy for me in 'Two Times' there is always plenty of laundry to be done and rooms to be cleaned. So it's taken me a bit longer to get my photos sorted today. I have Mr Twins at home this week too and it's been a bit difficult to walk out into the Garden because he's painting fences 'still' and tidying up conifers.  I have electric cables lying over the grass and it's a bit difficult to get to my Photography studio! ha.ha. My 'table and chairs' !!  So I've had to make do with shots inside my Conservatory.

May I first of all thank Karin. I do hope you will check Karin's blog out. She lives in the Netherlands and just loves our SIBOL Challenges!  She's made some great Black and White Squares for one of our Challenges coming up and also some beautiful Squares for our Sea/Seaside Challenge. Aren't they just lovely? Thank you Karin!

Here's your very own Slide Show Karin, thank you so much!!

I also have to thank Rachael and her Mother (UK)  for the beautiful Squares that they have sent me today. I have quite a few Ladies who Crochet with their Mothers, I think this is so nice. I keep asking my Daughters if they want to learn but no not at the moment, they are more interested in going out with their friends and the usual things that 24 year old girls do clubbing and shopping etc.,  The Squares are going to be absolutely great for our Men's Challenge. A Selection of Colours and such a variety of different Squares! So thank you both very much!

Please tell your Mother I have your Slide Show running Rachael. I would so like her to see it. Thanks again.

Luna (USA)  has sent me some Squares today. They are wonderful for our Challenges coming up. We have some Squares for the Men's Challenge, Black and White, Sea/Seaside, Blue and White, and the Strawberry. You have been working hard Luna!  I know you enjoy SIBOL like the rest of us! The Squares are gorgeous please have a look at your Slide Show Luna!

I am so grateful to all of you for the wonderful SIBOL Squares. These Challenges are so much fun. I know from mail I get that you enjoy taking part in them. I also want to thank you for the very nice emails I get, telling me how much you enjoy SIBOL and how much you like the Blankets. Your comments are very much appreciated.

I am as usual welcoming all New Followers, you are most welcome to join our happy crowd.  SIBOL is by invitation only. If you want to 'team blog' with us please email me and I will send you an invitation out.

Please also check our blog out SIBOL - The Archive. This is a place where we share patterns for Squares. If there is anything you'd like to find out pop over. We haven't been going for long but we already have some nice pattern ideas on there.

Well I'm off to sort out the Blue and White Squares now, thanks for visiting SIBOL everyone! Have a great day!


  1. Lovely squares. Just catching up on what I missed while I was away, wow you are busy aren't you.

  2. Happy Birthday!!
    They really did a wonderful job making those squares!

  3. You got some lovely squares again. All ladies did well. I especially like the strawberry ones. Watch out there are some more squares heading your way :-).

  4. Lovely ladies - your squares are wonderful. Each is so special in its own way. Thank you Rachael & Mom, Karin and Luna!!!!!

  5. Aw i'm glad they turned up okay and in one piece. It was a bit of a challenge to get them all into the envelope - they never do seem to make an envelope closest to the size you need!

  6. Thanks Ladies!
    Yes they were fine thank you Pink Flower!

  7. oh these are just stunning, I can see them now. lol. I ended up turning the music off and they slide shows have worked. not sure why that happened, I love the 'SIBOL' music playing when I come on here. Those squares are so beautiful. Sue you are going to be very busy.