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Sunday, 20 May 2012

It's all go this weekend!

Hi Everyone!

I haven't stopped all weekend doing our SIBOL work. First of all we had the SIBOL Giveaway which was very successful and Congratulations to all of the Winners! For details of who won please go back a couple of posts.

Then we had our Olympic Ta - Dah's. I'm so pleased you liked the Blankets once again please go back to the previous post. Your kind comments are very much appreciated. I am terribly grateful to you all for sending in such wonderful Squares. It was a joy to make the Blankets up to raise money for Alzheimer's here in the UK. I am in the process of organising EBAY for 'Rule Britannia', 'Jubilation', and 'Mae'. The large Blankets 'Going For Gold' and also 'Flying The Flag' will be auctioned nearer to the Olympics. I thought with the Diamond Jubilee coming up shortly it might be a good time to try and auction these Red, White and Blue Blankets more or less straight away. I'll keep you posted.

Then on Saturday morning I had three Blankets arrive from Sara H here on RAV. I am so grateful to Sara she has crocheted three amazing Blankets and she is donating them all to SIBOL!

The first one is called 'Joyce' This is such a pretty Blanket and I really think it has a 'vintage' feel to it. I love the colours she has used in this Blanket. Actually the yarn was donated to Sara by her aunt and Sara was telling me that her aunt's mother' recently passed away so she would like to name the Blanket 'Joyce' in her aunts' mother's memory. I will be most happy to do this for you Sara thank you very much.

Thank you Sara for Blanket 'Joyce'.

Beautiful isn't it? Let's take a look at the next Blanket that Sara donated. This one is a Large Granny Square and it's been named 'Fred'.

Thank you Sara, a beautiful Granny Square Blanket. Super colours!

I love the colour combinations Sara!

Then finally, I love them all but this Blanket is my favourite. It's called 'Dorothy' and it's a 'mile-a-minute' afghan. Don't you just love this one?

This is a 'mile-a-minute' afghan. This is just so pretty. I love the colours that Sara has used. It's superb! Thank you so much!

I have seen video tutorials on You Tube of someone making one of these. I'll put this on my 'to-do list!'.

Sara, you have been so busy. You are so very kind donating these beautiful Blankets of yours to SIBOL. Thank you so much! Let's take a look at your Slide Show now!

Created with flickr slideshow.

Wow! That's all I can say! Thank you very much!

Have you ever thought of joining our SIBOL RAV GROUP? We welcome new Members. We have monthly Swaps of Squares and small gifts, a SIBOL Butterfly Club, and we are also going to do some Diamond Jubilee 'yarnbombing'. Why not pop over!

Finally, there is always such a lot going on in our Group, I wouldn't want you to miss anything so please read previous posts!

 Thanks to everyone for your support.

x Sue x


  1. Ein wunderschöner Blog, der von sehr viel Kreativität und handwerklichem Geschick zeugt. Hier guck ich gerne wieder vorbei!
    Liebe Rosaliegrüße und hab eine entspannte Woche ∙∙♥♥∙∙

  2. Beautiful blankets, all three are stunning, and such gorgeous colours.

    Jennifer xxx