Our SIBOL TOTAL IS 1376! Thank You!

Slideshow of Sunshine Blankets (Click on Left/Right Arrows).

Challenge Blankets
I'm Sue and can be contacted on

It is so important that email addresses and names are enclosed with your donations of Sunshine Blankets, Shawls and Butterflies please. Thank you!

Butterflies LINK

'Crochet keeps our hands busy so our minds can rest. It is a gift to help quiet the world around us, if even for a moment. To create -- and think of those we create for --is a quiet prayer of hope, love and dreams all wrapped up in a hook, a book and a ball of yarn. Author Anonymous. Thanks Cynthia.
I NO LONGER ACCEPT KNITTED OR CROCHETED SQUARES. I DO HOWEVER ACCEPT MADE UP BLANKETS FOR THE ELDERLY IN CARE HOMES. I'D BE VERY HAPPY TO RECEIVE YOURS! THANK YOU! 'SIBOL' is a charitable outlet for your Crocheting and Knitting Skills why not join us? Together we are 'Sending a ray of Sunshine into the Lives of the Elderly.' All enquiries please contact Sue on sueatpigsty@virginmedia.com Thank you!
Please Note

Please may I remind you to enclose your email address with parcels delivered to my home. If I don't acknowledge receipt it's because I can't find your address. Thank you.

Total 1384 Thank you!

Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Wonderful World Challenge.

Good afternoon to you all!

I'm very pleased to be showing you some lovely Squares that have arrived from bonsall today. These are for our Wonderful World Challenge.


We are hoping to make a Blanket to raise money for 'Sight Savers'. If you would like to take part please follow the Link to SIBOL CHALLENGES. 

 Some months ago I received an email from one of our 'SIBOLETTES' Linda.
At the time she was waiting for a cataract removal operation and it made her start thinking about how lucky we are here in the UK to be able to have such operations and how grateful she is herself. 

She said,

"This afternoon I have
been thinking about all the people in the world who do not get such.
Wonderful treatment as us and being doing some research into cataract
charities. They are numerous, some even for children and this is where
this email is leading.

I wondered if in the fullness of time you could
possibly consider adopting a cataract charity for the proceeds from the
sale of a blanket on eBay as you have with cancer and Alzheimer's
charities. I thought maybe the blanket could be called " all things
bright and beautiful" because right now I would love to be able to see
the bounties of this wonderful world of ours with a clear vision once

So in the fullness of time a blanket auctioned in aid of cataract removal
would be wonderful and thank you once again for agreeing to do this in
the name of SiBOL"

Please follow the link.

I'd be very happy to receive your Squares for this Challenge.

Aren't they lovely?

I would very much like to thank orbitingstar over on RAVELRY for the generous amount of yarn received just now. This will be passed around the group thank you. There is always a use whether it's for Butterflies or Squares. Every bit will be useful.  I'm very grateful to you.


If there is anything you would like to ask me about our Blankets please feel free to mail me
I'm Sue on sueatpigsty@talktalk.net

Thank you bonsall, thanks everyone  for visiting the SIBOL Blog today!

x Sue x 

Monday, 29 July 2013

Using your odd bits of yarn!

Good Morning,

Welcome to 'SIBOL'.

I am very pleased to be showing you a very colourful Granny Square Blanket today. It has been made and donated by 'jean nock' here in the UK. The Squares are so pretty and put together we have yet another wonderful Blanket for the Elderly. I really appreciate the time you have taken to make the Blanket especially in this terrible warm weather we are having. Thank you so much. It really is pretty.
Nice size and it will give an Elderly person a great deal of comfort.


Have you any odd bits of yarn that you'd like to use up?
Why not do the same as 'jean nock' and make a Blanket for the Elderly.
I'd be really happy to accept it.

If you are interested in making a Square for two Challenges
which are taking place  why not pop over to SIBOL CHALLENGES.
Here's the Link.

If there is anything at all you would like to ask me about our blankets please
feel free to mail me
I'm Sue on

Thanks for visiting today!
x Sue x 

Friday, 26 July 2013

Squares from the Netherlands.

Good Morning,

I am very pleased to be showing you some pretty Squares and Butterflies that have arrived from F de Hont who lives in the Netherlands.


These Squares have been made in lovely colour combinations and your Crocheting is so neat F de Hont. Pretty Butterflies too how lovely!

They certainly will be used for Blankets for the Elderly.

Thank you so much!

I am very pleased to be telling you that we have had some lovely Thank you's from the Marie Curie Hospices throughout the country.

When I have them all in I will be posting on the SIBOL Blog.

Thanks to you all.

Have a good weekend everyone!

x Sue x 

Thursday, 25 July 2013

A new Sunshine Blanket arrives today!

Good morning to you all!

I am very pleased to be showing you a blanket that Sally has assembled for me. I sent her a mixture of Squares and once again she has put together a superb blanket. The Squares are all different patterns and they have come together so well again. I would like to thank everyone who sent in Squares for this particular blanket. It's another great blanket for the Elderly and I will be very pleased to hand it over to them. It's a great size and it is so warm and comforting.


Created with flickr slideshow.

This is no. 483! So we are nearing 500 now!
Thank you Sally!
x Sue x

Tuesday, 23 July 2013

'Sweet Memories and Autumn Glory'.

Good Morning,

Thanks for visiting 'SIBOL' today!

I would like to thank 'tangled_web' for the beautiful Blankets received today.  A lot of thought has gone into both blankets but especially the first one. If you look closely you will see that each Square has a 'sweet theme' how exciting!

It's called 'Sweet Memories'. 'tangled_web' has enclosed a card for the person who receives this blanket and she writes what has inspired her to make this blanket.

'There's a little sweet shop stall in the Indoor Market where I live in Wales. My daughter and I are good friends with the lady who owns it and we recently made her a 'sweetie' blanket I thought I would make another for the wonderful 'SIBOL' project. I hope you like it!"

The 'loose' sweets are from 
top left hand corner:-

Gobstoppers, Pear drops, Strawberry Bootlace, Toffee Blocks (with hammer), Barley Sugars,
Lollipops, Licorice Allsorts, Everton Mints, Peppermint Creams, Parma Violets, Gingerbread Man and Licorice Sticks.

This blanket is amazing and I absolutely love it.
Well done!


This blanket of course is beautiful too! We certainly are churning out some wonderful blankets for the Elderly. This one is called 'Autumn Glory'. I have done my best with photos but I can assure you when you see these blankets in the flesh so to speak the colours just pop out at you. This is such a warm and cosy blanket too. A lovely size and perfect in every way.

If you want to pop over to her Blog please do! Here's the link.

The note from 'tangled_web' tells us once again what inspired her to make this blanket.

"My favourite time of year is the Autumn! I adore all the colours - the gorgeous shades of green and all the colours the leaves become. So I hope you like this 'seasonally inspired' blanket and that it keeps you warm when the days are chilly."


I have made a Slide Show for you now thanks so much 'tangled_web!'

Created with flickr slideshow.

x Sue x

Monday, 22 July 2013

Two Granny Blankets have arrived today!

Good Morning,

I am very pleased to be showing you two gorgeous Granny Blankets that have arrived today from Kathy here in the UK. Kathy contacted me after seeing our piece in Simply Knitting a short while ago.
After making a few enquiries  by email to me she picked up her hook and hasn't stopped since! It's even got to the stage now where her Hubby is helping out with the cooking! That's my gal! You have got him trained. I have to admit my Hubby is doing a little more lately too, I wonder why!

The two Blankets that have arrived today from Kathy are both absolutely perfect. Great colours and I love how they are both different. Four large Squares on the one and four small Squares in the centre on the other.  They are a great size and are just so warm and cozy. You just want to snuggle under them even on a warm day.  I couldn't resist taking some photos outside today well we have cleaned the furniture now and I do want to show you my petunias! Do you know the ones in the stone trough were actually  from our local nursery at £5.00 each I thought a bargain. I have been feeding with Miracle Gro All purpose you know the blue powder that you have to add to water.  Well my petunias are certainly doing well! I'm really proud of them. The baskets too were only £5.00 from Tescos of all places! Sorry I'm getting off the subject.


I'm very pleased to be showing you two 'Sunshine Blankets' kindly made and donated by Kathy for the Elderly. Thank you so very much for donating them to our 'SIBOL' project. I know they are going to be loved!



Created with flickr slideshow.

Kathy I have made a Slide Show for you, sit back and enjoy after all that hard work!

Thanks again!

x Sue x

Thursday, 18 July 2013

Challenge Squares arrive.

Good Afternoon,

Well it's so.....hot here in the UK today and I am just about managing to cope with this heat. Moving from room to room to keep cool I am sure everyone is the same.  My conservatory is the best place in the morning but in the afternoon boy is it hot! I am trying to do a little crocheting for myself but I can't even cope with that. It is far too hot to do anything.

I did have some good news today, I'm very pleased to be telling you that I have managed to sell the 10th Daffodil Blanket. If you remember we sent 9 off to the Hospices and the 10th was for auction.
But I have managed to sell it by private sale so I am so pleased. It sold for £100.00 and this will go off to Marie Curie. Thank you to the Lady concerned.

I would like to thank Katou today for the Challenge Squares received. They have arrived a little late as you know but they will go in to future Blankets. Here they are.



They are so pretty  and I'm also very grateful for the SIBOL Butterfly and donation of yarn.


Inside the parcel was a very thoughtful gift for me!

Katou had very kindly crocheted me some slippers and they are so comfy!


You are sweet Katou, thank you very much.

x Sue x

Monday, 15 July 2013

'Flowers in the Garden'.

Good Morning and welcome to the 'SIBOL' Blog,

478 'Flowers in the Garden'

I am very pleased to be showing you our latest 'Sunshine Blanket' it's called 'Flowers in the Garden'.
It has been assembled by 'jean nock' and it's arrived in the post this morning. Thank you such a lot for putting this one together for me I'm really pleased how it's turned out. Such beautiful Squares once again and the border  finishes it off so well.  Isn't it amazing how each of our Blankets look so different!  We are nearing 500 and we are still turning out these 'unique' Blankets. When I go to the homes they really can't believe how pretty they are. I am so proud of everyone.



If you would like to contribute in any way whether it be Squares or Blankets
please follow the link to 
It gives all details on there.

It also gives information about two Challenges we have running at the moment.
One is for Sight Savers and the other for Macmillan Nursing.

So please join us!

Thanks for visiting today
Stay cool!

x Sue x 

Saturday, 13 July 2013

'A Ray of Sunshine'

Good Afternoon and welcome!

I am so pleased to be showing you a 'Sunshine Blanket' that has arrived today from Scotland. One of our 'SIBOLETTE's' 'jenniferanne' has very kindly made and donated it to our 'SIBOL' Group for the Elderly.

Such a lot of work has gone into this Blanket, lots of tiny Squares crocheted and ends sewn in this is definitely a 'work of art'. What a lot of planning must have gone in to this Blanket!

It's called 'A Ray of Sunshine' and when you see it you will be see why.


'jenniferanne' said,

"The colours were all from my stash - even the grey, all apart from the bright turquoise that I wanted for the “shaded square” between the dark and the light turquoises. I love those most of all. I wanted to try making the triangles, and the blanket evolved from that. Lighter at the top to indicate where the sun is shining through."

This Blanket is fantastic 'jenniferanne'
it's so warm too, thank you very much indeed.

'jenniferanne' also sent me some 'SIBOL' Butterflies and Ribbon
these will help me also thank you!



I hope you enjoy looking at the three Blankets received today. 

Thanks for visiting the 'SIBOL' Blog.

x Sue x

Pop in and see our 'Lavender Love' Sunshine Blanket.

Good Afternoon,

I am very pleased to be showing you two 'Sunshine Blankets' that Sally has assembled for me.
The lilac one is for our 'Lavender Love' Challenge. I invited Ladies to follow instructions for a Square
designed by our dear friend Debi over in the States.

Here's the link to the pattern if you want to try it. Debi has a great Blog and is always very helpful to us as a Group. Her work is amazing.

I didn't quite have enough Lavender Love Squares come in for this Challenge but I raided my Stash and found some other Squares that I thought would look good together.  Who would have thought that Red would go so well. Sally has such a knack of putting Squares together the red joining really shows them off well and I love the border that she has put on to the Blanket.


Thank you very much Debi for designing this pattern for us. Thank you to Sally for assembling so....well and I would like to thank everyone that contributed a Square for this Challenge. All of our Challenges are finished now apart from Wonderful World and Festivals. Please pop over to the Challenge Blog to see what we need.

Here is the other Blanket assembled by Sally. I'm sure you will agree this is perfect for a Man.


Thanks to everyone who contributed Squares for this Blanket too.  It's a lovely warm Blanket and I know it will be loved by an Elderly person.

I'm very grateful to Sally for helping me out on these two Blankets. Thank you.

x Sue x

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Delivery Day is here again!

Good Morning to you all,

Over the past few weeks I have been getting the 'Sunshine Blankets' ready for another delivery. I had 27 in total when I took the photo but late last night I managed to finish the Butterfly Blanket too so that was a total of 28.

I'm very pleased to be telling you that I took 28 'Sunshine Blankets' to Alexandra House, Olton this morning.

Here's some photos if you want to have a look at the home please  follow the link. They actually have 36 Residents in their main home but also have Residents in Sheltered accommodation too. It was a pleasure to be able to tell Jamiel - The Residental Care Home Manager  about our work and show her the beautiful Blankets. She loved them and thanks you all.



I would like to thank SnazzyB over on RAVELRY for the donation of yarn this morning, very kind of you to think of us!


Also a big thank you to 
Great Balls of Wool
for the donation of Ribbon and yarn.
Here's the link to her beautiful Blog.


The Ribbon will be  very useful thank you!

I would also like to thank MarilynJG for assembling two beautiful Blankets for me.
Unfortunately, they didn't quite make today's delivery.
I found them in the porch when I got back this morning.

Marilyn has used a beautiful joining method and it really gives both Blankets a delicate feminine feel to them I think. I love the Squares too in the Blankets thanks to everyone who sent in Squares for these Blankets. 



Superb thank you Marilyn for assembling them.

Thanks to everyone for supporting the 'SIBOL' project.
If you would like to ask me anything please contact me.
Sue on sueatpigsty@talktalk.net

x Sue x 

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

'Amazing Butterflies!'

Good evening everyone!

I am very pleased to be telling you that another of our Challenges has ended. This time I have 'Amazing Butterflies' to show you. This is the second of the Blankets for the Butterfly Challenge. Once again thanks to everyone for sending in the Squares. A special thank you to PurlyGalore for helping me out on the last 5 'the striped ones'. They have all been so pretty. Thanks very much.

I am off to Alexandra House tomorrow to deliver 28 'Sunshine Blankets'. I had a phone call last night asking if we could help them. So I'm pleased the Butterfly Blanket has been finished in time. Any remaining Blankets on their way to me will be given out next time. Thank you!





I'm very grateful to the Marie Curie Offices for mailing me to tell me that the Daffodil Blankets are arriving. 

I'm very pleased that you will be able to display them in your offices and use them as a fund-raising tool.

We had such fun making them as a Group.

Thank you!

x Sue x

Monday, 8 July 2013

Tiny Squares!

Good Afternoon,

I would like to show you a very pretty Granny Square Blanket that has arrived today from Sarah.
Sarah tells me that this is the very first Blanket that she has made. It's absolute perfect. She's used really lovely colours in the tiny Squares and the border finishes it off so well. I'm so pleased that you
have enjoyed making it Sarah, I'm sure that an Elderly person is going to get a great deal of comfort from it as it's a lovely size too. I added some Ribbon and of course our Butterflies!

471 Made and donated by Sarah Thank you!





Thank you very much Sarah!

x Sue x 

More Blankets from Grace.

Good Afternoon and Welcome to 'SIBOL',

I am very pleased to be showing you the 3 Blankets made up by myself with Squares from 80 year old Grace. Grace uses double thickness yarn, sometimes triple and sits and crochets for 'SIBOL', how lovely of her. It's good for her hands she says, good exercise! She is keeping pippa and myself very busy indeed with her Crocheted Squares. They really do look pretty and the Ladies over on RAVELRY have been trying to suss out how she actually makes them. They certainly are talking points before they get in to Blankets. Here's the Link to RAVELRY if you want to read all about them.

I worked solid yesterday and this morning making the Squares up I hope you like them.





Thanks Grace!

x Sue x 

Sunday, 7 July 2013

Grace is a Crochet machine!

Good evening!

A busy weekend here at 'SIBOL' HQ. On Saturday afternoon after visiting Mom I went over to the wool shop by pippa. On the way back I called at her house hoping that she would be back from her holiday. I was amazed when the front door opened I really didn't expect her to be there.  I knew she had some Blankets made up with Squares from Grace and thought I would take them off her hands. Well pippa has been busy because she gave me 4 made up Blankets. Grace is 80 years of age and lives at one of the sheltered accommodations I have visited. Actually pippa's mom lives there too. As well as
the Blankets I came back with another 75 Squares from Grace. She is a non-stop Crocheter at the moment and is churning out massive amounts of Squares. It's good for her hands I understand. Isn't it nice that an Elderly Lady has a new interest! Grace isn't our eldest 'SIBOLETTE' I have a  90 year old too! She also is Knitting for our Blankets.  Anyone I found some Ribbon and Butterflies and decorated the Blankets up and took some photos.





Aren't they good! pippa has very kindly assembled the Squares from Grace.
I have another two yet!



Wonderful Blankets thank you pippa for assembling them. I will write to Grace to thank her.
I always send her photos of the finished Blankets too!

I have been quiet today I have been trying to make the Squares up from pippa 'the 75 from Grace'
I have assembled two Blankets today and I still have a third to do so I will
show you what I've done with the remaining Squares as soon as I have finished.

Yesterday I managed to finish the Gardening and Wartime Challenges. I hope you like them.
The Squares were so interesting and it was a pleasure to work with them.


You don't always notice how you place Squares when doing them. I think the middle Poppy should have been over the other side. I think there are two many medals down the bottom? Nevermind. I hope you like it.

The next one is the Gardening one. I had a couple of Squares over for this Challenge, so I tried to do something different with them.


467 'Gardening Challenge'.

I would like to thank everyone for the beautiful Squares 'Grace' I don't think she will be on-line! 
But thank you Grace. Thank you to pippa for assembling the four Blankets for me.
To everyone else who took part in our Gardening and Wartime Challenges I'm very
grateful to you!

I have one more Blanket to make up with Squares from Grace.
Also the Butterfly Blanket to finish.

  I really need Squares for 'What a Wonderful World' and 'Festivals' please.

We do need Ribbons for Blanket decoration too if anyone has any lying around not being used. We get through so many. Thank you!

If you are interested please pop over to SIBOL CHALLENGES Blog
The Link is here

If anyone has any thing to ask me please don't hesitate to contact me
Sue on sueatpigsty@talktalk.net

x Sue x