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Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Our 100th SIBOL Ta - Dah! Please pop in.....

Hello Everyone!

Thank you so much for visiting ‘SIBOL’ today!

This is a very special day because today we are celebrating our 100th SIBOL!
That’s 2,500 Squares assembled! Plus 33 ‘Friendship Blanket’ and 56 ‘Royal Wedding Blanket.

I just cannot believe we have now made 100 ‘Sunshine Blankets’!

My project was first announced on my ‘Mrs Twins’ blog on 2nd January 2010. It was one of those evenings where you can’t sleep and you decide to go on the computer. I remember being excited about a new magazine hitting the shops called ‘The Art of Crochet’ and I first of all started writing my post about that. But.... then I decided to tell you all about my idea. This is what I wrote on that very first post.

By the way, something I want to get started this year is my Charity Crocheting. My Grandmother lived to the fine age of 103. She was very very dear to me. She lived on her own and looked after herself right up until the day she passed away. Cooked and bathed herself, knew everything about History, Sports and Politics. She was so loved by everyone. Even the local school children thought very kindly of her. I always think she was very fortunate to be in good health yet I know there are many others who aren't and who are in Nursing homes. Often they don't have any visitors.

As my Grandmother was so dearly loved by me, I just thought that I would like to help a Charity for the Elderly by making blankets and donating them to give them some comfort. I'm wondering..........whether anyone would like to help me. I'm thinking of making blankets comprising of 6" squares Crocheted or Knitted. If you have a spare bit of wool and would like to make a 6" square, one at least, maybe more if you wish. Would you like to email me for my address? When I've got enough for 'several'  blankets I will sew or crochet them together and then send them along to a local Charity for the Elderly.

Now please note how I say ‘several Blankets! Little did I know then that my idea would be so successful!

On January 26th the first Squares arrived from Molly over in the States, and then soon after Squares from Karin, Brenda, Kim, Helen ‘Colorbook’, Amy Woo, Rita, Kate, Cathy, Wintertells, Kathy, Linda (Chalky), Pilar, Aishwarya, Damaris , Bethel, Elizabeth Cat, Susanna , Maria, ‘Louise’ in Gibraltar started arriving.

I couldn’t get over the response at the time. Simply ‘amazing!’. We soon started making our Blankets the first one being called ‘The Never Boring Afghan’ because the Squares in it were just never boring to look at!

On 28th February our ‘SIBOL’ web site was started I thought it was best to have somewhere where we could showcase our Blankets.

The name was decided jointly with Ladies all over the World. ‘Sunshine’ because we hoped our Blankets would be like sending a ray of sunshine into the lives of the Elderly. ‘International’ because we have an international group of Ladies in our Group, ‘Blankets’ because that’s what we make and ‘Love’ because each and every Square has been made ‘lovingly’ from each of you!

It was just so much fun to put the Blankets together. On April 25th ‘Butterfly’ was made. Squares all 50 of them were sent in by dear Posy Linda over in the States. I decided to put 25 of them in to a Blanket and I decorated the Blanket with Butterflies! Posy Linda was asked to name the Blanket and Salma said we should use the Butterflies as a ‘SIBOL trademark’ which we have been doing ever since. With all my thanks to Netspets.

We soon started thinking of themes the first one being the ‘Sun theme’. This was so much fun and others followed soon after.

We took part in a competition to celebrate the Royal Wedding and we were fortunate to win first prize £50.00 worth of yarn from ‘Great British Yarns’. What an achievement that was!

Our Royal Wedding Blanket was such an achievement for not only myself but all of us as a Group. We even managed to get on CNN’s website, and our Blanket was used as a Header picture on Flickr’s Group ‘The Peoples’ Royal Wedding Album! I was so excited when they asked if they could use our Blanket. Not to mention various magazines that we have been lucky enough to be mentioned in!

It was all down to Ladies all around the World who very kindly took part in this special Blanket.

Not only have we had themes for Blankets but Ladies have been just so kind not only making enough Squares for a whole Blanket, but also making the Squares and the Blanket and then sending to SIBOL HQ ready to be delivered to Nursing Homes.
These ‘acts of kindness’ have really brought so much joy and I can never thank you enough.

Dear Aishwarya asked me one day if I would like a Ravelry Group started up. Well I had left various threads on other Groups before mentioning ‘Square Donations’, but to be honest I have always found Ravelry a little hard! But she was so kind she organised everything herself for me, even SIBOL SQUARE SWAPS! I left everything in her most capable hands and she has made a wonderful job. So thank you very much Aishwarya. Look at our Group now ‘thriving!’.

I have also had wonderful yarn donations from several members in our Group , for this I am most grateful to you. It’s surprising now how much yarn we are getting through. It wasn’t too bad in the beginning but we are ‘stepping up our Blanket making production ’ now if you like and it’s surprising how much we do get through. This is why I am forever trying to source new supplies of yarn to help us. So thank you to anyone who has even sent me ‘one ball of yarn’ I am most grateful to you.

I would also like to thank the Ladies who have helped me 'assemble' Blankets too. it's very nice of you to give me a hand!
As I have recently said on a thread on Ravelry as a stay at home mom of 25 years I have somewhat lost confidence but with our ‘SIBOL Project’ I must say I think I am getting my confidence back. It was a big thing for me to go to the very first Nursing Home up in Cheshire. Walking through that door was quite an important step. Our ‘Sunshine Blankets’ were received so well those first half a dozen and I remember going home with my Husband Colin ‘on a high!’. The feeling was just lovely knowing that we had all come together and done something so worthwhile for the Elderly. Of course there have been other visits to Nursing Homes and all our ‘Sunshine Blankets’ have been received so well. Not only by the Staff but also the Elderly folk themselves. They just cannot believe that Squares in their Blankets have maybe travelled thousands of miles away! They have all been so terribly grateful and I always make a point of making gift cards with the names of the Ladies who have made a Square in their Blanket.

It’s so nice to chat with you on email, Flickr, Rav, and the blogs. It’s lovely to exchange ideas and help each other too.

I would like to thank each and everyone of you for your continued support. Not only have we been doing something so well worthwhile for the Elderly but we have also been having fun as a Crocheting and Knitting Group.

I am sorry for babbling on but I did want to talk abour our ‘past’ if you like on this most important day.

Follow the link now and then come back.........

Let’s get to the business now of showcasing our 10Oth SIBOL!

A short while ago I asked Ladies on Ravelry if they could think of doing anything special to celebrate our 100th SIBOL which was soon to be made.

Steph ‘Craftymizz’ very kindly offered. She put together a design and showed everyone on Ravelry. Well the first reaction was ‘Wow!’ this is going to be good. Soon after Ladies started putting their names down to take part in this special Blanket.

The Blanket was to be made up from Jan Eaton’s blocks namely Corner Square, Triangle Stripes, Bobble Triangle, Waterlily, Colourful Bobbles and Lemon Peel.

I thought at the time this is going to be something else. Well last week the Blanket arrived and at the time of receiving I was just so tearful!. It really did bring tears to my eyes because it is something just so beautiful. Each Square has been made beautifully and Steph has made a wonderful job of putting it all together.

The Ladies over on Ravelry are saying that they think I should keep this one as it’s rather special. I would be very happy to accept it and I would like to say thank you and I am going to treasure it. This certainly is a milestone Blanket and a milestone for our Group as a whole.

It is with great pleasure now that I showcase our 100th Ta – Dah! With thanks to our dear Lotti (Charlotte) who has very kindly put this Slide Show together. We even have Butterflies fluttering which is lovely.

I’m sure you will agree this is a stunning Blanket so thanks to everyone that has taken part in this special Blanket.

I do hope we can continue with our work for a long time. It is hard work to keep everything up to date but I just enjoy it so much it’s not a ‘chore’ it is a pleasure!

So in ending ‘this essay’:) thank you all so much for everything! I am very proud to have you all in our SIBOL Group you are all such wonderful Ladies, it is so nice to have you as Friends and ones which I know are always there for me.

Bye for now and enjoy our special day everyone!

Thank you

x Sue x

SIBOL project dedicated to my dear Grandmother who I loved very much and was just so remarkable. Thanks Nan x

Created with flickr slideshow.


beekeeper40 (UK) Your Squares arrived this morning! Thank you!

These beautiful Squares arrived just now from beekeeper40 (UK) They are so lovely. The pink ones she made 20 years ago and doesn't need them. She wonders if we can use them? What do you think Ladies? Of course we can, thank you beekeeper40!

I'm sure you will agree these are really pretty Squares, all in great colours and patterns. I am most grateful to you thank you very much!

x Sue x


  1. Congrats - wonderful header photo

  2. What a wonderful tribute for your Nan and thank you for that dear photo of her.
    Wonderful news about the 100th blanket!

  3. OH, Susie, it is stunning. You must keep this and frame it. What a beautifully written posting. I can't believe how far this project has gone and how many dear hearts it has touched.

  4. Congratulations Mrs.Sue for bringing SIBOL to life!! :) I really treasure this day for celebrating the 100th SIBOL blanket..
    Very beautifully written post!

  5. The day SIBOL was born and today will be always treasured in our lives! :)
    Thank you Mrs.Sue for being such a great companion and introducing me to SIBOL! :)

  6. Hi Sue,
    my big compliments to you because you're so busy, to your 100. Blanket. My wish for you that you can make happy a lot of old people with these blankets.This is a beautiful picture of your dear grandmother.
    All the best Crissi

  7. I read the post on my phone this morning as we were without electricity. My phone wouldn't let me comment and I ws so excited to do so too. Anyhoo I really want to add my congratulations on your 100th blanket. Very well done.

  8. Dear Mrs Mrs. Sue ...still remembering when you started it.Never forgot.Time is passing and The group keep on growing with so many wonderful people.Damaris from PR told me ¨go and take a look , you will like ¨ since that I also started it ....! I was doing it in USA ) squares donations ) ...I said " One more group.... I won't hurt me ? now I'm so proud of the group.
    I want to congratulate you and The Sibol Group.
    Thanks for the opportunity to enjoy the group.
    You have done a wonderful job.For those who are helping you ....Thanks .....they are awesome people too and part of this journey.Love the group.I'm feeling proud of been part of The Sibol Group.
    Your grandma looks just like an angel....she was beautiful .
    Thanks Mrs.Sue and have a wonderful week ,waiting to celebrate not 200 but much more blankets.


  9. hi sue , congratulations on your 100 blankets , your nan will be so proud of you , please you got the squares , u take care love you lots mel xk1 p1 project xx

  10. Congratulations on 100 beautiful blankets, Sue ... I look forward to seeing the next 100 taking shape :)

  11. Wow Sue!
    Congratulations on this milestone, making people happy is wonderful!
    As you know already, my contributions are little at this moment, due to personal circumstances, but I hope to be back with more squares as soon as possible.
    I'm honored I'm a little part of SIBOL.
    ♥ Karin

  12. Dear Sue,
    I only can say: