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Wednesday, 3 October 2012

'Grandma Button' our 200th SIBOL!

Good Morning and welcome to 'SIBOL',

Our 200th SIBOL. Thank you!

I'm very happy today to be showing you our 200th SIBOL Blanket. As we were approaching our 200th Blanket I asked Ladies on RAVELRY if they had an ideas of how we could celebrate. Craftymizz suggested that we make a Blanket using inspiration from my Grandmother. As you know my 'SIBOL' project was started in her Memory.

I wrote a text and posted it on RAVERLY. It read.........

"She lived in a Bungalow at Hockley Heath, Solihull. She had three boys, Geoff, Frank, Little Derek who passed away when he was 6 sadly. Then there was my Auntie, and of course my Mother Alice.

She was marvellous. She cooked a British Traditional Dinner every day up until the day she passed away. She loved Kidney Beans, Runner Beans, other veg and of course Meat and Potatoes. She cooked every day herself without fail.

She cared for herself too up until the day we found her.

She loved listening to her radio, watching tv for the news.

Loved Aston Villa Football Club and in fact there were many disagreements because my family loved Birmingham City Football Club. As they were both local clubs of course there was competition.

My nephew George called her ‘Grandma Button’ because he loved playing with her buttons. In fact I have some Bottle Green ones here still.

She knew everything about History, well let’s face it living that long she certainly had gone through events. Often talked about the Wars and the poor Soldiers. Absolutely loved Churchill and the Royal Family. Also loved Politics.

She loved reading cowboy stories I would often go to the library to fetch her ‘large text’ books for her. Would often go and have a game of Whist at Lapworth. Her favourite flowers were red roses which were grown at her old cottage, daffodils and forget me nots. Loved growing vegetables of all sorts in her small back yard.

Years ago she would knit socks and loved receiving my crocheted green and granny square cushions. She would toast slices of crusty bread in front of her open fire, and then the butter would just melt off them. Oh how I long for some!

At Christmas she would lay her table with sandwiches, pork pie, christmas cake , trifle and after tea my Dad, Uncle, Mr. T, and Kevin my brother would have a game of cards.

Favourite colours were Green and Navy.

Most of all she loved her family not to mention the great grandchildren."

Sadly missed. x

It always amazes me how soon Squares start coming in when I announce a Challenge.  The Ladies in our 'SIBOL' Group read this text and soon after they started using their Knitting and Crocheting Skills to make these wonderful Squares, really taking on board what I had mentioned.

I would like to thank everyone who took part in making this special Blanket. It certainly was a pleasure to assemble each and every Square and while putting it together I sat and remembered my Grandmother fondly.

Thanks to everyone who contributed Squares for this Blanket. They are amazing!

Last night I took the Blanket round to my Mother's house to show her. She loved the Blanket and wanted me to thank you all very much indeed.  I have named the Blanket 'Grandma Button'. My nephew and niece always called my Grandmother this because they loved playing with her buttons.

I'll leave you now with my very special Slide Show!

Thank you so....much!

x Sue x

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  1. It's beautiful Sue - congratulations on your 200th blanket. :)

  2. Oh goodness, isn't it a treat to see this lovely blanket, a fitting tribute to the memory of a remarkable lady. It was fun taking part, and seeing all the other squares inspired by your Grandmother.

  3. Gorgeous! You are an inspiration too. Congrats on your 200th blankets, dear Sue.

  4. Congratulations on reaching your 200th blanket; it turned out so pretty and the motifs are very unique. Your grandmother sounds like a special lady. Heather

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