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Sunday, 7 October 2012

'Going For Gold Relay'.

Hi Everyone,

As you know as one of our special 'SIBOL' Challenges we made a large 180 Square 'Olympic Blanket'. Squares came in from all over the World and over the past few days I have received some photos that I would like to share with you.

The new owner is 'Jennifer' who lives in Scotland. The Blanket itself has taken part in it's own relay to get to her. First of all Mr. Twins kindly took the Blanket to Jackie in Redditch, who is the Sister of Jennifer. It was then taken up to Warrington. Then it went up to Halifax, Newcastle Upon Tyne and finally it arrived in Edinburgh. I would like to show you some photos now of the handover..... and I would also love you to read what Jennifer has written.

Jennifer says,

"I met up with my sister at her grandson’s Christening, so of course had to be patient and pay attention to the service, and chat to lots of lovely people in the Vestry over a very welcome cup of tea . Then on to the buffet lunch where we had more chat, and finally - the box was passed to me  and I opened it……

Our Olympic Blanket has it's own 'Going For Gold' relay!

Well! - the blanket was carefully folded and tied with a big red bow, and adorned with two red, white and blue butterflies and a St. Andrews flag.

Jennifer opening the box.

Jennifer reading our 'SIBOL' card.

I read the card with the list of SIBOLETTES that Sue had popped inside.

I opened it out and this caught the attention of all the people sitting near us. One lady said it made her want to rush home and start making something. I was asked several times if I had made the blanket, so I was able to talk a little about SIBOL, and about LOCOG, which aroused sympathy all round. The blanket was unfolded and admired several times as word got around. The pub was crowded, so I didn’t get the chance to see it properly. It is a wonderfully big blanket!

Golly it's huge!

Jennifer looking at the Squares.

I studied the details.

After thanking my sister for her part, and making our goodbyes we set off back to my DD’s home in Newcastle. There I was able to spread the blanket out on a guest bed (whereupon my little Grand daughter, Maisie, curled up under it). We all spent ages looking at every one of the squares, and the printed sheet that Sue MrsTwins had carefully written out with all the names and countries of all the Sibolettes who had contributed to the blanket.


Maisie snuggling under!

It is now back in Edinburgh and I took it along to my  Craft Evening 'Granny Green's Big Night Out'.
At Jennifer's Craft Group 'Granny Green's' in Edinburgh where she shows it off.

All of the Group pulled out their camera phones to capture the moment.

I am sure it will come as no surprise that it is a very very fine piece of work. Each individual square is different and has been made with care and craft and love; and the wonderful construction, layout and finish that Sue has given it, with a tag on the back of every square, and the beautiful red, white and blue border, is lovelier than words can say.

Thank you every one from the bottom of my heart, for the chance to own this amazing blanket."

Jennifer xxxx
Thank you so much Jennifer for sharing these photos. I am so pleased you like the Blanket and that you have  had such fun showing others too.  These photos are amazing and how nice to see where the Blanket has travelled. Squares in this Blanket have travelled from the States and Europe not to mention all over the UK and then up North to reach you.  It's amazing what we have achieved as a Group, I really love doing these Charity Blankets.

I would like to thank everyone who took part in this amazing piece of art. It truly is a beautiful Blanket.

x Sue x

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  1. So, you know I've been away on a health holiday of sorts. But, had to pop by and see what's up. This my friend is my most favorite post in a while. You can just tell by her smile how please she is to have received this treasure. It truly is a treasure. You truly are a treasure. Keep up the great work you are doing over there. Know, I'm always here and always thinking about you as I work myself back to good health. I'm well on my way. Hoping to find something to work on and pick back up my hook soon now that the weather is changing to fall with winter right behind here soon.

    Hugs and Cheers for a great job done,