Our SIBOL TOTAL IS 1376! Thank You!

Slideshow of Sunshine Blankets (Click on Left/Right Arrows).

Challenge Blankets
I'm Sue and can be contacted on

It is so important that email addresses and names are enclosed with your donations of Sunshine Blankets, Shawls and Butterflies please. Thank you!

Butterflies LINK

'Crochet keeps our hands busy so our minds can rest. It is a gift to help quiet the world around us, if even for a moment. To create -- and think of those we create for --is a quiet prayer of hope, love and dreams all wrapped up in a hook, a book and a ball of yarn. Author Anonymous. Thanks Cynthia.
I NO LONGER ACCEPT KNITTED OR CROCHETED SQUARES. I DO HOWEVER ACCEPT MADE UP BLANKETS FOR THE ELDERLY IN CARE HOMES. I'D BE VERY HAPPY TO RECEIVE YOURS! THANK YOU! 'SIBOL' is a charitable outlet for your Crocheting and Knitting Skills why not join us? Together we are 'Sending a ray of Sunshine into the Lives of the Elderly.' All enquiries please contact Sue on sueatpigsty@virginmedia.com Thank you!
Please Note

Please may I remind you to enclose your email address with parcels delivered to my home. If I don't acknowledge receipt it's because I can't find your address. Thank you.

Total 1384 Thank you!

Wednesday, 31 October 2012


Good Morning and Welcome to 'SIBOL!'.

I am inviting you to join our RAVELRY SIBOL GROUP.

 'SIBOL' is a very active Blog, I know because I spend hours up-dating it. I really enjoy showing you the new Blankets that have been made either by myself or other 'SIBOLETTES' but I have to load them up as soon as they are available. If I don't I get muddled...... So please scroll down and see what's new!

If you scroll down below this post you will  see two beautiful 'Sunshine Blankets' that have arrived today. They have been assembled by 'The Wool Stop' and she has made a fantastic job of them. So thank you very much! Below that we have 'Fireworks Surprise' made by 'jenn1feranne' a most wonderful 'Sunshine Blanket' that she has kindly made and donated herself. Thank you!

I am very pleased to be showing you 'Twit-Twoo!' - Owl Challenge. I am very grateful for all of the Squares that I have received for this particular Blanket.  The Owls that have flown in from all corners of the World are absolutely beautiful. Our friends in the States, Europe and the UK have once again used their creativity to make these wonderful Squares.  That's what I like about SIBOL - It's a place to show our creativity off. We work very hard for the Elderly making these 'unique Sunshine Blankets' and I know they are all so well received but it's also the fun that we have putting them together. Sharing ideas, showing photos of what we have achieved and most importantly the friendship that we share amongst ourselves.  I always welcome new members to our Group too, so please don't be shy pop over on the link at the top of the page. We really want lots of new members to join us, so that when we start our Challenges very soon we will have lots of new friends to share the fun.

I particularly like the 'picture Square' Sunshine Blankets. Yes it is interesting to see what we can come up with, but the Elderly in the Homes really enjoy receiving them too. It's a talking point for them. Last Christmas I delivered around 20 picture Square Blankets to a Home in Olton near to where I live. Each one of the Residents received one on Christmas Day. Can you imagine what they spoke about all day long? Yes our Blankets. They  really are beautiful when finished.

I have two Challenge Blankets left now, the Musical and Irish Rose. I hope to get these finished 'very soon!'.

Let's take a look at our cute Owls now!
Thanks everyone for sending them across the miles!

Border is from 'Around The Corner' Edie Eckman No. 3.

Thanks everyone for these amazing Squares!

Created with flickr slideshow.

I hope you like it, thanks everyone!

x Sue x

Wednesday's 'Sunshine Blankets'.

Good Morning,

A busy morning taking photos today.  I have two new 'Sunshine Blankets' arriving at 'Two Times' today. They have been made up by 'The Wool Stop'.

I would like to thank everyone for sending in the Squares for these Blankets.

First of all we have 'Marion's Garden'. 'jean nock' very kindly sent in the Squares for this pretty Blanket. I know you will love it!


The Flower Squares are superb 'jean nock' thank you!

Then we have 'Gypsy Bloom'. These Granny Squares are just so pretty also!

Thanks to 'Jean' for the Squares.

Thanks to 'The Wool Stop' for making up. Thanks everyone for the Squares!

I think the pink yarn really shows these Squares off well. Do you like them? I hope so!

'The Wool Stop' also sent these beautiful Roses for our Blankets! Aren't they gorgeous?

The Wool Stop - Thank you!

Let's take a look closer now in the Slide Show I have made for you.

Created with flickr slideshow.
Thank you so much 'The Wool Stop' for assembling these Blankets so nicely. I love them.
Thanks for visiting today!
x Sue x

Tuesday, 30 October 2012

What do you do when those chores are done? 'Play!!' It's time for SIBOL!

Good Afternoon,

First of all I hope our friends in the States are keeping safe. Our thoughts are with you all from your friends here in the UK and other parts of the World.

I couldn't wait to come out and play today I have a beautiful blanket to show you. Good job those chores are done now so I can spend time with my 'beloved SIBOL!'.

A big thank you goes out today to 'jenn1feranne' over on RAVELRY. In the post this morning I have received 'a work of art'. jenn1feranne' has made a blanket called 'Fireworks Surprise!'. The blanket you are about to see is full of 'colour explosion'. The first thing I thought of without even reading the card was 'Fireworks!'.  The colour pops out at you.

The pattern is found on RAVELRY as a free download so why not pop over and have a look at it. It is actually called 'Firework Surprise' and it has been designed by Amy Schwab who lives in Canada.

'jenn1feranne' has had a few projects on the go at the same time I add. I really don't know how she finds the time to contribute to SIBOL and make her own personal projects. If you want to see her beautiful work then please pop over to her RAVELRY page.

I know I'm keeping you waiting sorry!!!!  Here we go.

May I introduce to you 'SIBOL 302' - 'Fireworks Surprise!'

This blanket was made and donated by 'jenn1feranne' (RAV). Thank you so much! It's absolutely gorgeous!

The blanket was started with scaps of yarn 'jenn1feranne' told me. I love the colours in this blanket. I was trying to pick out my favourite square earlier, but that's impossible they are all so wonderful.

Mr. Twins said this morning when this blanket arrived. 'It's really nice to receive the squares but when someone has sat down and made a whole blanket it's really so....kind!' I totally agree with him. He takes as much interest in SIBOL as I do now! I really don't know how you have made this blanket because I know you have other personal projects on the go too. Your hook must be smoking!!

I have made a Slide Show for you now. Have you a cup of tea ready 'jenn1feranne?' Sit back now and view your amazing work. Thank you so much. One Elderly person is going to be absolutely over the moon  receiving this beautiful blanket and it is so warm too.  I love it!

Created with flickr slideshow.

I am just finishing the border on the Owl blanket I hope it's not too long before I can show you. I went out and bought some white and black yarn today. That's a clue for the next Challenge blanket to be made up!

Thanks  for visiting today!

x Sue x

Monday, 29 October 2012

Our 'SIBOL' Snowman Challenge.

Good Afternoon,

It was November last year that we made our first 'Snowman Blanket'. Do you remember it?

`Please add note' if you see your Square Ladies! Thank you very much mandas' challenges and to everyone who has contributed Squares for this 'Snowman Challenge'

'Frosty and Friends' made by Amanda.

We had Squares arrive but we didn't have quite enough to make a 2nd Blanket, so this year I have been collecting for the 2nd one. Once again you  have  let your 'creativity' shine through. It always amazes me when I receive your Squares. Let's take a look at them.

Thanks to everyone who contributed Squares for this Challenge.

I know my usual border again, but I do love it. I used a blue and white variegated yarn I think it was 'Paton's yarn which I love mixed in with a white yarn. I wanted to give it an icy blue feel to it.  I had two Squares which I didn't have room for unfortunately but I am going to hang these on to the Blanket when I deliver it.

I tried to pick up the border from the middle Square which was the variegated blue and white too. On the white Square which I received from Kay in the States, I put blue and white variegated around the edges and I hope you don't mind Kay I added a Snowflake from Lucy's Attic 24!  So easy peasy!  Can you spot the 2 Snow Butterflies? There they are amongst the Snowmen!  Our friend Nettie supplies the You Tube tutorial for those. Why not pop over and while you are over there make some for SIBOL!

I'm really pleased with this Blanket and I would like to thank everyone for their wonderful support once again!

I'll leave you with my Slide Show!

Created with flickr slideshow.
I'm finishing off the Owl Blanket  now and then I shall start the Musical Blanket. I hope you can stop by again!
Thank you!
x Sue x

Saturday, 27 October 2012

300 'Sunshine Blankets' - Thank you!

Thanks to everyone that has supported 'SIBOL' since January 2010. We have now made 300 'Sunshine Blankets!'.

Good Morning,

We have now made 300 'Sunshine Blankets' for the Elderly and I would like to thank everyone that has helped me with the 'SIBOL' project.  Without your help we could have not been so...successful! I really appreciate your kindness.

Today I would like to thank Pamela for the beautiful Squares received today. 2 - Think Pinks and 1 - Daffodil Square. These Squares are amazing! I love the patterns on the Think Pinks and the Daffodil is so delicate looking.

I am grateful to you Pamela for knitting a border around the Square because I find it easier to join when there is a firm border. Let's take a look at the Squares now and a BIG THANK YOU!

Marie Curie Cancer Care Challenge.

Think Pink (5) Beautiful thank you!

Pamela (UK) Your Squares have arrived! Thank you!

Great for our Blankets Pamela, I love them!
x Sue x

Friday, 26 October 2012

'We've hit 300 'Sunshine Blankets!' (Part 4).

Hello everyone!

I am very pleased to be telling you that we have now reached our 300th 'Sunshine Blanket'. What an achievement!  When I started this project I thought of making 6! Now  I have just loaded up our 300th!

I have spent the majority of the day taking photos for loading up on to Flickr and the SIBOL Blog. I am pretty tired now, but my work must be done today!

On Thursday I met up with Pippa who gave me three bags full of 'SIBOL' goodies and I have just managed this evening to post everything on here for you.  So 'please' go back previous posts and view our new Blankets.

I would like to thank Chalky, Pippa and 'jean nock' for their help.

Our 300th Blanket is for the 'Heart Challenge'. Do you remember the one I made a while back? Here it is.

'One Heart From Around The World' Challenge. Thanks everyone great Squares! 'Warming Hearts!' thanks Ellen x

It was called 'One Heart From Around The World' and Luna supplied the Heart diagram. I have it still if anyone wants to try it out.

The second Heart Blanket has a variety of Hearts and I love the colours in them. Thank you so much 'jean nock' for your help assembling this one.  'jean nock' has been very helpful to me. In fact she was the first 'SIBOLETTE' to offer to give me a hand. Always very keen to take 25 Squares off me but now I won't have any more Squares until the New Year. Thank you very much for your kind help.

Heart Challenge is finished thanks to 'jean nock' for assembling.

Such amazing Squares in this Blanket 'as usual!'
Let's take a look at the Slide Show now.

Created with flickr slideshow.
Pretty Blanket isn't it? I love it.
I have a lot to show you today, please scroll down and look at what's new!
x Sue x

Chalky's Blankets! (Part 3).

Hello everyone!

Good Evening to you all!

Some weeks ago 'Pippa' went down to Devon to meet up with Chalky from the MSE Knitting Forum. Chalky very kindly offered to make up 100 Squares for me so  I gave the Squares to Pippa ''to hand-deliver' and a few weeks ago when Pippa went down there again on holiday she once again met up with Chalky who handed the Blankets back.


Chalky has assembled the Knitted Squares so beautifully. She has edged all the Squares in cream which really makes the Squares come alive! I really love these Blankets and I am terribly grateful to her.




Names please Ladies?

This Blanket was made and donated by 'Chalky'.  I absolutely love it. Thank you so much. A complete surprise!

Thank you so much for this gorgeous Blanket.

Not only did I receive beautiful Blankets, Chalky also sent a Butterfly, some ribbons and a jar of 'Churchyard Chutney!' How kind!


Chalky put the Blankets together so quickly too! They surely are going to be giving our Elderly folk
some comfort this Winter as I am due to go out on my Blanket Deliveries mid-November.

Why not pop over to Chalky's Blog and say hello!

Thank you Chalky!

x Sue x

Created with flickr slideshow.

Lots of Goodies coming my Way (Part 2).

Hello again,

I wrote an earlier post and I do hope you will go back and see the goodies that I received from Pippa. I have spent the afternoon taking photos of new Blankets coming in and I am about to load up. I will have to do it in seperate parts that's why I've numbered the title.

Pippa  has been assembling 'take a bags' for me. This has really helped me over the past few months and I am very grateful to her.  Yesterday I collected two which she had finished and I would now like to show you.

Thanks to everyone who contributed Squares for this Blanket.

Thanks to everyone who sent in Squares for this Blanket.

Aren't they absolutely gorgeous? My favourite edging on the bottom one. Lovely Squares, lovely colours!
I've put the two Blankets in a combined Slide Show. Why not sit back and enjoy! Thanks to Pippa and everyone else that has contributed to these Blankets.

Created with flickr slideshow.
x Sue x

Lots of SIBOL Goodies coming my way! (Part 1)

Good Morning,

I am in the process now of taking photos of what I received from Pippa yesterday.  Pippa is one of our 'SIBOLETTES' and she lives near to me.  I arranged to meet her yesterday at her home and I came back with three bags full of 'SIBOL' goodies.

I am first of all going to show you what she herself has made for 'SIBOL'.

pippas45 Bumper parcel of goodies! Thank you!

Let's take a look in more detail!

SIBOL Butterflies! Wow!

'SIBOL' Butterflies for our Stash!
Aren't they gorgeous? I love the textured yarn. Pretty colours too Pippa. Thank you so much they are going to be great for our Blankets!

Are you interested in joining our Butterfly Club? Please pop over to RAVELRY

The Ladies over on RAVELRY have been making Roses. Pippa has very kindly made some for 'SIBOL'.

Roses for SIBOL.

I have been sewing some on to our Blankets these will be very useful thank you Pippa.
The pattern is from
Nikki Trench ‘Cute and Easy’ book.

Two beautiful Daffodil Squares for our Marie Curie Cancer Care Challenge. Wow! I love these.

Daffodil Squares for our Marie Curie Cancer Care Challenge.

Also a Square for our 'Irish Rose' Challenge which is gorgeous! What a pretty Square. I can't wait to make this Blanket up.

Irish Rose Challenge. So pretty! Thank you very much!

Pippa you have worked so hard, thank you very much.   Please thank your Mother too for the ribbon she sent to me. If you remember Pippa's Mother 'Kate' is in Howarth House we visited recently.

But that wasn't all I received. Pippa has very kindly assembled two 'take a bags' for me. I'll be back as soon as I can with the Blankets and some also from Chalky!

Thank you Pippa, I love your work!

x Sue x

Thursday, 25 October 2012

Busy day!

Good Evening to you all!

I'm very pleased to be showing you some gorgeous Squares. They have been made by Bev and 'Daphne' and they are just so pretty.

 First of all a fantastic Square for our Owl Blanket. This has arrived from Bev and I am terribly grateful to you. My Owl Blanket will have 36 Squares and is larger than our other Blankets. I have just one space waiting for this Square and tonight I will place it with the others. I hope it won't be too long before I can show you the finished Blanket.

baw1812 (Bev) Your Owl Square has flown in! Thank you!

|I love the background Square  Bev, great colours and I don't think your little Owl is drunk! :) A joke over on RAVELRY! Thanks very much.

I have four other Squares to show you. They have arrived from Daphne. I am very grateful to you for taking part in our Challenges. We have 2 - Think Pink, and 2 beautiful Daffodil Squares.  Let's take a look at them.

Think Pink (5) are beautiful! many thanks!

Marie Curie Cancer Care Daffodil Challenge.

Daphne (UK) Your Squares have arrived! Thank you!

These are really lovely Squares and I know they are going to look great in our Marie Curie Daffodil Blankets. Thank you Daphne!

This morning I went to see Pippa. Pippa lives quite near to me, and it was nice to catch up on her news. Several weeks ago she met up with Chalky from the MSE Forum while she was away on holiday in Devon. Chalky very kindly offered to make up 4 'take a bags' for me and Pippa has very kindly delivered them back to me. I did have a look at them while I was at Pippa's and they are so pretty. Knitted Squares from the Craft Groups in the UK but with a Crocheted join and border. Chalky has made an excellent job for me and has also sent another Blanket called 'Wisteria'.

I took 'Over the Rainbow' with me to show Pippa. She loved the Blanket Joyce. Can you see it in the header photo?

As I was late back this afternoon I shall take photos tomorrow hopefully.  Pippa also made up 2 - 'take a bags' for me and once again they have been assembled beautifully. I can't wait to show you all my goodies. Blankets, Butterflies, Roses and even Chutney from Chalky! Wonderful! Thank you both so much!

~Three bags full from pippa. Have to wait until tomorrow now it's going a little dark to take photos.

Thank you for the cups of tea Pippa, nice to see your Hubbie too!

I'll be back with the photos as soon as possible, thank you for popping in to SIBOL today!

x Sue x

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Don't you just love colour!

Good Afternoon and thanks for visiting 'SIBOL' today!

This morning I received a parcel from joyce28.  joyce28 had very kindly offered to help me out with an Owl Square which I desperately needed  to finish the Challenge. I'm sure you will agree this Owl is so lovely.

joyce 28 'Owl Challenge' - many thanks!

I took him outside and sat him on my tree stump out in the garden. I thought he looked quite happy there.  I think he looks so feathery with his beautiful variegated yarn. Love his big eyes too! Thank you very much for sending him on to me joyce28.

But it wasn't just an Owl I received!  It was quite a large parcel and I kept having a feel. Could it be Squares? Could it be a Blanket? I couldn't wait to find out. To my amazement was a beautiful coloured Granny Square Blanket. I wanted to take photos earlier but I had to meet Little Miss Twins at lunchtime. I couldn't wait to play with this wonderful piece of art.

Now I'm keeping you in suspense!  Here goes. I am very pleased to be showing you a beautiful Granny Square Blanket made by joyce28 and I know you are just going to love it.


Isn't it absolutely gorgeous|? I love the bright colours. When I have visited the Homes the Residents have told  me how they love bright colours. This Blanket is going to be ideal for an Elderly person and what a complete surprise! I had no idea joyce28 was going to send a Blanket with her beautiful Owl.

I have made a Slide Show for you joyce28! Sit back and enjoy. Thank you so much for this fantastic Blanket.

Created with flickr slideshow.

Another beautiful Blanket made and donated to 'SIBOL',  how kind of joyce28. Thank you so much!

I had a letter today from Breast Cancer Care thanking us for our 'Think Pink' (2) donation for £200.00.

It read:-

Dear Sue,

On behalf of Breast Cancer Care, I would like to say a big thank you for the £200.00 that has been raised through the sale of a Think Pink  blanket. Please do pass on our appreciation to the ladies of the SIBOL group for their kindness in supporting our work.

Nothing like a letter! I did put the payment through on-line but I requested a Letter to confirm. If you would like a copy please mail me.

I am busy finishing off the Owl Blanket and the Snowman Blanket. I hope it's not too long before I can show you.

Thank you joyce28 and thanks everyone for stopping by!

x Sue x

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

A SIBOL Delivery and Owls flying in!

Good Evening and welcome to 'SIBOL',


A couple of weeks ago I saw this post on line, and I thought our 'SIBOL' Group could help.

Age UK Waltham Forest are seek knitters to help with supporting older adults in Waltham Forest who are at risk of ill health or death during the cold weather by knitting simple hats, scarves, gloves or squares for blankets. Items received will be distributed to adults we have identified as being at risk as part of a variety of 'warmth packs'.

So I sorted a few 'Sunshine Blankets' out for them. Not many due to our other commitments this year but I'm sure just these few will make a difference to them.

Age UK, Waltham Forest sent me an email thanking you all and they very kindly took a few photos for me.
"Just wanted to say a huge thank you for the blankets - we have opened them today. They are absolutely beautiful!"

We were so hard all year for the Elderly in Nursing Homes, but there are other people who need blankets too. It's nice to help others who really are at risk during the Winter months.
Thank you so much for these photos Age UK, I am so pleased that you like them and that you will find a good home for them.
I would like to thank everyone who helped me put these Blankets together for them.
I am very pleased to direct you over to Ravelry 'theemuts'.
As you know we are presently collecting  6" Daffodil Squares Knitted and Crocheted' for our special Marie Curie Cancer Care Challenge. We aim to make 9 Daffodil Blankets which hopefully will be donated to the 9 Marie Curie Cancer Care Hospices throughout the UK. 
'theemuts' has very kindly written out a pattern with photos too for a gorgeous Crocheted Daffodil Square.
Now she is prepared to send the file over to you, but if she does you must promise to make at least 'ONE'
Square and send it on to 'SIBOL' for their special Challenge.
If you are interested then please follow the link over to 'theemuts' on RAVELRY. Leave your email address on a RAV mail and the file will be sent to you. If you should need any help at all,  'theemuts' will be very pleased to help you or one of our other 'SIBOLETTES' over on RAVELRY.
Joanna has today sent me her Squares which she has tested for 'theemuts'.  They are wonderful Squares Joanna, and I am terribly grateful to you. Thank you! The pattern is certainly a success! Thanks also 'theemuts'.

 (Sorry about my footie!)

Joanna also sent in her Owl Square.
A lovely design and I think the variegated yarn is perfect for this little fella!

Another great Square for our Owl Challenge from bonsall. Love the background colours on this Granny Square. Certainly make this a colourful Owl!
I'm really grateful to everyone, thank you so much!
x Sue x

Saturday, 20 October 2012

Challenge Squares arrive today!

Hi everyone!

I am inviting you to join  our RAVELRY SIBOL GROUP! 
Well thanks a lot for the great comments about my Delivery day to 'Greville House Care Home'. Please feel free to go back a post and have a read if you haven't already done so. What a wonderful morning I had yesterday delivering our beautiful 'Sunshine Blankets'. 

Before I show you the new Squares I would like to thank Jane at Papillon Gold for the great Blog post!  Jane has worked in a Nursing Home  herself in Australia and she knows how comforting a Blanket can be. Please pop over and say hello!

I would like to thank jenn1feranne for the great Irish Rose Square received this morning.  It really is a very pretty design and I have found myself needing a few more to finish my Challenge. Thank you for helping me out on this one.

Jennifer (Scotland) Irish Rose - Thank you!

We are collecting Squares for our special 'Marie Curie Cancer Care' Challenge. These Squares are different because they have all got to have a 'Daffodil' Design. Squares can be Knitted or Crocheted but they must be exactly 6" Square (15cms).

I was asked yesterday for some patterns why not have a go yourself?

Try Luna's Daffodil Square  on here

Try Debi's Daffodil Square on here

Daffodils of Spring here

We are in need of 2 Freeform Squares. 'creativegranny' has a 'Freeform Challenge' taking place over on RAVELRY. Have you tried Freeform? Why not make a 6" Freeform Square? Pop over and say hello to her.  here

We are collecting Squares for 'Think Pink'  5. Are you interested in making a 'pink' Square to raise money for Breast Cancer Care? We have recently sent off a donation for £200.00 to Breast Cancer Care and these Blankets have become so popular!

Say hello to joyce28  here

Plenty still going on while I'm finishing off the Challenge Blankets.

Thanks for visiting today!

x Sue x

Friday, 19 October 2012

I love 'SIBOL' Delivery Days!

Good Afternoon and welcome to 'SIBOL'.

I'm very happy to be telling you that today I visited Greville House Care Home in Four Oaks, Sutton Coldfield.  I was contacted by Sandra - the Manager of the Home  a few weeks ago,  she was given my contact details through someone visiting Crochet Spot - Charity Section  over in the States and  emailed to see if we could supply her home with several 'Sunshine Blankets'.  After having a lovely chat with her I arranged to take in 20 of our beautiful Blankets.

As Mr. Twins was on holiday this week I arranged my visit for 10.00am this morning.  I have spent the last few weeks getting our 'Sunshine Blankets' ready for their deliveries. It's always an exciting time for me because our Delivery days are always so rewarding.



Sorting the Blankets out ready to take with us.

Greville House have 20 Ladies living there and I thought these 'Sunshine Blankets' were ideal for them.

20 Blankets ready for Greville House Care Home, Sutton Coldfield.

Don't you just love to see our 'Sunshine Blankets' all lined up like this! Beautifully tied with ribbons, 'SIBOL' Butterflies hanging and  cards tied on to the Blankets!  I call this photo my 'Blanket train!'.

I moved the Boxes in to my Lounge ready for the off this morning and stopped to take some final photos!

20 'Sunshine Blankets' ready for the off! 19/10/2012

We set off for Greville House using the sat nav. We left around 9.15am and got there for just gone 10.00am. 

'Greville House Care Home'. Blanket Delivery Day!

Mr. Twins carried one of the boxes for me while I knocked the main door.  We were met by friendly Staff and Residents and soon started chatting to them. We were introduced to Sandra who showed us into her Office. We were offered cups of tea and there we sat telling her about my Grandmother and why I started the project. She was absolutely amazed we had made so many 'Sunshine Blankets' and she couldn't get over how beautiful they were.

I explained how the Squares came in from as far as the States and Australia and I told her how terribly kind you all are. We had a great conversation about Knitting and Crocheting and we were also talking about how theraputic these crafts were.

While we were drinking our tea, Mr. Twins went outside to fetch in the other two boxes. When he came back  I also told Sandra about our special Charity Blankets in particular making the Olympic Blanket and Flag Blanket for Alzheimers. Also the special 'Think Pink' Blankets. They were amazed that our Blankets made so much money for various Charities.

Soon after we were shown in to the Lounge where Sandra  introduced us to the Ladies. I talked a little about my Grandmother and then Sandra started giving the Blankets out.

Sandra introduces me to the Residents and tells them why I am visiting.

I was allowed these wonderful photos.

Well what a reaction! The Ladies absolutely loved our 'Sunshine Blankets'. They were all absolutely over the moon with them. They could not believe how terribly talented you all were.  They were asked which Blanket they wanted and the Staff read out the names of the Blankets to them and who had made the Squares and indeed the whole Blankets.

I spent a lot of time with each Lady talking about who had made their Blankets.

Nice to be able to talk to some of the Ladies too!

One Lady asked where Bev lived in the UK. Another Lady asked me who had made 'A Loving Touch'. Another Lady wanted to talk about Pauline. I told her we call her 'creativegranny'.

It was an absolute pleasure to meet all the Ladies.

The Lady who received the Blanket  assembled by Joyce called 'Cherry Crumble' told me that it matched her carpet beautifully.  Another Lady told me how cold her knees get, and how useful the Blanket would be to her.

I talk to the Residents and read the names out of the Ladies who have made the Squares and Blankets!

The new owner of Fiona's Blanket 'Carp Diem' was  terribly interested in what she had wrote on the small card attached to the Blanket. We wondered whether those words were 'Latin?'  They enjoyed listening to what Fiona had written about the making of her Blanket, the Lady said the Blanket was made in her favourite colours.  What I found with this Home  was that the Residents were really interested in the Ladies who had made the Blanket for them.  I'm thinking it might be a good idea to always attach a little card written from the person who put it together. We did try this before, but let's try again!  It's a very personal touch I think and the Lady who received one of Fiona's Blankets really liked reading why she had made that particular Blanket.

Our 'SIBOL' Butterflies were such a talking point and I explained how they could be hung on door knobs and zimmer frames. They loved the colours they were made in and once again they just couldn't get over how talented you all were.  Even more surprised when I told everyone we had made nearly 300 'Sunshine Blankets!'

Sandra distributes the Blankets.

We had such a wonderful morning Mr. Twins enjoyed himself too. It's been a long time since he has been out with me on 'SIBOL Deliveries!'.  He took me to the  very first one up in Cheshire back in 2010.  Without him this morning I don't think I would have got there.

I'm so grateful that we could have some photos taken,  it's important to me that I show you where our Blankets have been delivered to.

Mr. Twins Sandra and myself having our photos taken.

Sandra admiring 'Silver Lady' and 'Flamboyant'.

Our 'SIBOL' Delivery Day is very important because it's the end of  the process if you like from receiving Squares to the making up of the Blanket. To know that it has been given to an Elderly person really warms my heart. Each of our 'Sunshine Blankets' are so unique no two Blankets are the same and each Square in the Blanket has been made lovingly  Your kindness is always so much appreciated not only by myself but by the Homes we deliver to and the Ladies who receive them.  We really do brighten up an Elderly persons life and we definitely do bring smiles to their faces.

So a Big Thank you to everyone who has helped me with these Blankets from myself, Sandra and the Ladies at Greville House.  On leaving I said Goodbye and everyone applauded us which really made my morning.

I couldn't wait to write this post and let you know how I got on. I hope you enjoy looking at these photos.

Thank you Greville House for making us both so welcome this morning and I do hope you enjoy your Blankets they really are going to be the topic of conversation today! What a lovely morning we both had.
Thank you!

x Sue x