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Friday, 22 April 2011

MORE GOOD NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 22/4/2011 (UP-dated 23/4) Squares from the UK.

Hi Everyone!

Wow! Things have been happening again! I want to share my 'SIBOL' news with you if I may!  I have an email come through on Flickr mail this evening from CNN iReport.

Here is the mail.

CNN iReport

Subject: Your Royal Quilt

As the wedding approaches, I have been scouring the web for unique items people have made or things they have done in regard to the royal wedding.

I came across your quilt and I thought it was fantastic!! If you have the time, I would really like it if you would be able to post it on CNN iReport. We have an assignment about the things that people are doing in preparation for the big day.

I'd love to see your quilt in the items. Here is the link: ireport.cnn.com/ir-topic-stories.jspa?topicId=593430

Please let me know if you have any questions!



CNN iReport

I do hope you will pop over and have a read. Here's the CNN link.  Thank you all once again for taking part in this Challenge! Fantastic news!!!!  OOh, don't forget to leave a comment under the article! Thanks!

I hope you are having a good holiday, the weather has been brilliant!

Thanks for stopping by!!!!

x Sue x

I've also just found out this link which tells you about the Flickr Group (Yahoo) for 'The People's  Royal Wedding Album'.  Do you remember I  was telling you that 'SIBOL' has the Royal Wedding Blanket as the photo header? Follow the Link. The TV presenter Jenni Bond talks about the Wedding and the Flickr Group. She was talking about the wedding  on Daybreak TV programme on ITV1.


My  'SIBOL' work is continuing over Easter!  We've had a post today being a Saturday, which isn't classed as a Bank Holiday here in the UK only tomorrow which is 'Easter Sunday' and Monday which is a Bank Holiday 'Easter Monday'.

Today I have had some Squares come in from Joyce28 here in the UK.  Joyce28 as you know always enjoys our Challenges.  She's definitely took the new ones on board because today I have received Squares for our new Challenges, namely 'Tropical, Winter Wonderland, Textured and Cupcakes! I know she really loves our Challenges and I hope she is inspiring you to have a go at them.

Joyce28 (UK) Your Squares arrived today! Thank You!

I hope Joyce28 has a wonderful holiday and I hope she manages to see her Slide Show! Thank you so much for the wonderful selection of Squares, I just love them.

Created with flickr slideshow from softsea.

Could I just say I have one Jan Eaton Block Number left now which is 72 'Ribbed Square' if anyone wants to have a go. Can you email me on sueatpigsty@talktalk.net if you fancy making this one for our Challenge. It's got to arrive before the end of June.

There has been a lot happening this past week, I've been 'over the moon' that everyone has been taking such an interest in our Royal Wedding Blanket.  It's my 'SIBOLETTES' that have  made this all possible.  If you haven't been visiting 'SIBOL' over the past week I do hope you will go back previous posts and follow the links I really wouldn't want you to miss anything. Our 'SIBOL' Group has had a lot of media attention one way or another and it's you I have to thank!

The UK is getting so hyped up now for the Royal Wedding, massive TV coverage every day and on  April 29th 'the wedding day' we will also find out whether we were successful with our Royal Wedding Blanket.

Enjoy your weekend everyone! Thanks for visiting 'SIBOL'.
x Sue x


  1. Wow Ms. Sue - you're getting famous. Congrats! :)

  2. We knew you when.......................
    Congrats. I always knew you were the QUEEN of SIBOL.

  3. Sue....what a fantastic present the Easter Bunny brought you!!! soon you'll have to hide behind the curtains because the front lawn is full of paparazzi!!! congratulations and well done!!!

  4. Onwards and upwards :-) Well Done Sue and Sibolettes!

  5. Mr Twins has got a great big smile on his face while I'm reading these comments out!

  6. Congratulations......this is great and the result of Love and a Hard work from you and all the group.


  7. Congratulations Sue, how exciting, well done!

  8. That is terrific and well deserved; Congratulations! :-)

  9. Absolutely fantastic! Recognition is deserved for all the wonderful work you do. Blessings, Tammy

  10. oh wow, those squares are awesome! I so love the hibiscus flower. oh its almost real. Happy Easter to you Mrs Twins, much choccie munching.

  11. Great news Sue, what good publicity SIBOL is getting. Love the squares the flower one is amazing. Happy Easter, Joanna x

  12. Sue, you are a SIBOL Queen celebrity!!! What a wonderful Happy Easter to you! It is so exciting to know that our work is so noticed...didn't I tell you! I knew it was going to get lots of publicity and it is. Also, getting fabulous recognition for what you are doing for the nursing home residents. OHhhhh! What a glorious day!