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Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Squares from the UK!

Hi Everyone!

A glorious day here in the UK. We are all gearing up for the long Bank Holiday weekend, let's just hope the weather stays nice. It's beautiful today lovely and warm.

May I first of all say thank you to everyone who has left comments on SIBOL and also Flickr these last few days.  It's always so nice to share news with you. You know how terribly excited I was to find out that our Royal Wedding Blanket was used as the header photograph on Flickr's new Group. I know you were excited as I was to know that we had accomplished this. So thank you to everyone that has commented. I 'really' appreciate each and everyone of your comments! Well done to you too! Without those Royal Wedding Squares we wouldn't have been chosen! Thank you very much 'Yahoo!'.  You made our Monday!

Also I was very pleased yesterday to find out that 'SIBOL' had an article in 'Let's Get Crafting Knit and Crochet Made Easy!'.  Thank you Laura!  It's actually out on the 21st which is tomorrow.  Laura has hers delivered because she has subscribed. It works out a bit cheaper if you do this. I've been absolutely over the moon this week, and I know you have too, so thanks everyone!

Today I have had two lots of Squares arrive from the UK.  I'm always very pleased to welcome new 'SIBOLETTES' and today is no exception. Welcome 'Kianie!'.

Kianie (RAV) (UK)  has very kindly sent me  in 25 gorgeous Squares. Thank you so much! But before I show you the Squares I must show you this gorgeous card.  It's absolutely beautiful! I can tell Kianie loves card-making because she has made a card and has incorporated Crocheting with it.

Kianie (RAV) (UK) Your Squares have arrived. Kianie loves card-making and I love how she has incorporated these cute Crocheted Squares! Simply beautiful! Thank You!

I'm sure you will agree this is such a good idea. Tiny little Crocheted Squares matching with the card, how wonderful is this!  I have also had some pretty Flower Squares, these are for our Spring Challenge which ends at the End of April.   Just take a look at these Squares!

Pretty Flower Squares from Kianie. Gorgeous Thank You!

Thank you so much Kianie.  I'm sure everyone visiting SIBOL will want to see your other Squares. I've made you a Slide Show, sit back and enjoy!

Created with flickr slideshow from softsea.

Our Spring Challenge has been so popular, and today Jean Nock   (UK) sent me some beautiful Flower Squares for this Challenge.  I get excited with any type of Square, but when they are Flowers, I'm jumping for joy!

Spring Flower Squares for our Challenge! Beautiful Squares!

Your Slide Show now includes the other Squares, they are all wonderful thank you! Can you spot Jean Nocks' Jan Eaton Challenge Square? It's no. 58 'Peach Rose'. Beautiful!

Created with flickr slideshow from softsea.

Beautiful Squares from  Kianie and Jean Nock in the UK thanks so much!

I have a few Block Numbers for our Jan Eaton Challenge left. If you would like to click on the  Ravelry Button at the top of the web site and go to the SIBOL discussion board you will see which Blocks are left.
Thank you! I'm hoping to get the Jan Eaton Blocks in by end of June thank you!

I think that's for all for now.

Thanks for visiting 'SIBOL' today.


  1. A very talented lady, beautiful work and those flower squares are lovely, they will make a great blanket

  2. the card and squares are so beautiful kianie , gorgeous , WELL DONE SUE ON THE MAG ARTICLE , love to u all xxxmel k1 p1 xx

  3. hi sue , and all at SIBOL beautiful squares , love them all xlove mel k1 p1 project xx