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Thursday, 12 May 2011

Squares from the UK and catch up!

Hello Everyone!

Thank you for visiting 'SIBOL' today!

I have to tell you straight away that I have been  having problems with my land line and internet.  The chap from BT came out yesterday and replaced a 40 yr old cable from the telegraph pole to the house which had
of course badly corroded over the years.  He said the internet would be better........but at the moment it's still running very slow........................................................................very slow indeed.  Apparently it needs re-setting their end so until that's sorted I'm still going at snails pace! slow.......

My emails and blogs are just taking simply ages to load up, and I am getting rather frustrated with it all.  It's a good job really that I have only received two Squares this week because it would have taken me forever to load up. Before I show you the two Squares, I would like to say Congratulations to Louise for winning two tickets to go to the 'Creative Stitches and Hobbycraft' show up in Liverpool!  I do hope you enjoy it.

I very often try and win giveaways in the Knitting magazines to shows etc., and even though the shows are miles away from my home I try and enter because I think they would be worthwhile freebies for my SIBOLEETTES, who help me so much during the year.   A few months ago I won a handbag worth £50.00 which I gave to Little Miss Twin (2). She was really pleased with it.  Anyway Louise, well done and I hope you enjoy the show.

Now these two Squares have come in from Ros today.  She lives in the UK and has sent me Squares because she saw SIBOL in 'Crochet Today'.  So I'm very pleased to welcome Ros to our Group and I must say these Squares are just beautiful!  I haven't got an email address for you Ros.  If you are reading this post, would you contact me on sueatpigsty@talktalk.net  but I will also  be putting a thank you in the post to acknowledge receipt of your squares. 

Ros read about SIBOL in 'Crochet Today!'

These two Squares are really lovely, thank you so much!

Thanks so much Ros, I love them.

May I thank Karin for the gorgeous Squares she has posted on the SIBOL web-site too!  Aren't they just lovely? I especially like the cupcake one! But the tropical are  lovely too! Fantastic tropical colours I think!

It has been a quiet week for Squares and Blankets.....The reason I haven't shown you a Blanket yet is because I am finishing off the 'two tone Green Blankets'.  The edging I am doing on the second Blanket is taking me forever.  I'm chaining 19 then coming back into the same stitch, slip stitch in to the next stitch and chaining 19 again. This giving a loop! But it's taking forever! Rather like a fringe.  Now I thought I would show you the two Blankets together, so hopefully it won't be too long. 

Sharon from Great British Yarns has received an email from the Lady who bought the Royal Wedding Blanket on EBAY. She tells me she is extremely happy with the Blanket and Sharon  has told her all about our Group which I think is lovely.  Sharon has passed the EBAY proceeds on to Prince William and Kate Middletons Charity Gift Fund.  Our Royal Wedding Blanket was sold for £112.00 which I thought was extremely good.  I noticed in the week that the Red Cross were auctioning one which was signed by Celebrities and Newsreaders  on the day of the Royal Wedding and it was sold for £77.00.  So I think we did extremely well Ladies, thank you so much.

I wish we could do this again with another big occasion. It was so...much fun.  Can  you think of one? 

If you are visiting SIBOL today why not pop over to Ravelry and join our SIBOL Swap.  The Ladies over there do  a monthly Swap and the Squares that they are receiving are just fabulous! Aishwarya is organising it, and you might just be in time for this month's Swap if you hurry and sign up!


May I thank everyone that has been sending me emails this week, I've been trying to reply back to them at times it has been difficult because of the connection, but I really appreciate your kind words and I'm so happy that you think our SIBOL project worthy of your time.

So that's all for now, I do hope my internet gets sorted quickly!

Enjoy the day, now I had better go and see that these roofers aren't skiving! :)

x Sue x


  1. Sue, I do hope you get your Internet problems resolved soon. It can be so bothersome when things are not cooperating. Thank you so much for your sweet comments over at Hands of Kindness. The ladies were tickled to see we have a follower from the UK.

  2. Cheers Sue I am all excited, got a friend comming with me.

  3. Love the squares! beautiful colors.