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Friday, 17 February 2012

New Blankets and Squares for you to see!

Hello Everyone!

First of all thank you for visiting 'SIBOL' today! I am very happy to be welcoming new Ladies to our Group and I hope you enjoy looking at our Squares that we make and our beautiful Blankets.

I would like to tell you first of all that our Blanket for the 'Your Local Landscape' Challenge has been received safely in Jersey

'SIBOLETTES' you rose to my Challenge again! Thanks to everyone that has taken part in this wonderful Blanket.

and I have received an email from Pat Robson the Organiser. I'm sure you will like to read what she said.


We opened the package this afternoon , it is amazing, lovely and very unique.
Mencap will be thrilled with your wonderful gift.
A great idea to have the booklet with it.


So well done everyone and I hope this Blanket raises some money in Jersey for Mencap.

I also had an email from Mary from the Alzheimers Society here in the UK and after seeing the article in the magazine the other day about our Olympic Challenge she is going to pass the details on to her Volunteers. She thought it was a fantastic idea and asked me for more details. I am so excited about our Olympic Challenge. If you would like to take part please visit SIBOL CHALLENGES.

I have three new Blankets to show you and I have to apologise for not doing them sooner.
The first one jean nock very kindly assembled for me. The Squares came in from Dolphin Sunshine  (Germany) over on RAVELRY.  What is nicer than a traditional Granny Square and I'm sure you will agree these Squares are just so lovely. All in beautiful colours and fantastic yarn was used too!
Let's take a look now this is SIBOL 126 would you believe!
This is a beautiful Blanket, gorgeous Granny Squares!

So pretty aren't they?
Dolphin Sunshine actually sent me enough for two Blankets that's 50 Squares and jean nock is working on the second Blanket for me. If you saw the article from Inside Crochet the other week you would have seen Dolphin Sunshines' Squares before they were made up. She was really thrilled to see her Squares in the magazine as you can imagine!
Inside crochet page 2..........>

There they are at the bottom what a fantastic pile! I love Grannies.  Thank you so much Dolphin Sunshine and I do hope you like your Slide Show!

Created with flickr slideshow.


The second Blanket I have to show you, our 127th SIBOL has been made and donated by Sarah here in the UK.  These Squares are super too, they have a warm autumny feel and I'm sure this Blanket is going to give such a lot of warmth and comfort to one of our Elderly folk. The Blanket is larger than our normal 25 Squares but that is no problem at all.  Sarah has lovingly made each Square and has made them in such wonderful colours. A great variegated yarn has been used and the rest of the yarn has matched perfectly. I can't tell you how warm this Blanket is!

Sarah (UK) has very kindly made and donated this beautiful Blanket to SIBOL.

I'd like to show you the Slide Show I have made for Sarah!

Created with flickr slideshow.

Another stunning Blanket thank you very much Sarah for all your hard work. I love the Blanket.


I am a lucky girl,  the third Ta - Dah today is from jenniferanne in Scotland.  jenniferanne regularly contributes Squares to SIBOL and I am always very grateful to her.  She has made a gorgeous Blanket with the Sea in mind.  This is SIBOL 128, and it's called 'Still Waters'.

jenniferanne has tried to put a maritime feel to this Blanket with wheels, compass points and cable ropes.

Diagram jenniferanne made for us to explain her Squares!

jenniferanne has put a lot of thought into this Blanket and she writes in her note to me.......

'I have tried to give this Blanket a maritime feel, with wheels, compass points and cable ropes. My dream is that it could comfort the knees of a retired seafarer'.  I have made two SIBOL Butterflies and would like to see them fairly near the top (light portion) of the Blanket, as you wouldn't want to see them submerged in the inky depths!'

I agree with you jenniferanne. This Blanket too is a stunner and I really appreciate all the hard work and thought you have put into the Blanket. Thank you very much.

Would you like to make and donate a Blanket to SIBOL?  Not only do we assemble the beautiful Squares that you make but we also welcome your own Blankets to help us keep the Elderly warm!  If you would like to visit SIBOL CHALLENGES this Blog gives you all the details about our 'optional Challenges' as well as our usual ones  which means  that you can make your own Blanket for SIBOL 'if you want to'.
Every Blanket makes a difference to the Elderly whether I assemble it or one of  our SIBOLETTES. Our Blankets are accepted so well and each one is just so individual and unique!

jenniferanne I have made you a Slide Show so make yourself a cuppa and sit back and enjoy watching your Blanket 'Still Waters'. Thank you so much!

Created with flickr slideshow.

Thank you all so much for these beautiful Blankets! Each one is so different and they will be very well received by our Elderly folk in the UK.


Inside Crochet this edition were asking their readers to send in their favourite Square. I have offered to send in 25 Squares on behalf of our Group.  All details are on the RAVERLY link. If you would like to take part please follow the instructions about sending.

Beverley over on RAV has very kindly sent in her Square which I will forward on with the others. This one is called 'Sunny Spread'. Do you recognise the Square? The pattern is by Ellen Gormley and it is just so pretty. I think Beverley has made this Square really well, I love it thank you!

Beverley (UK) Your Square arrived today!

As our 'Think Pink' Blanket was so successful we are going to make another 'Breast Cancer Care' Blanket to be auctioned  on EBAY.  This Blanket will be put together in time for October. jenniferanne has sent in a Square today which is lovely also.  'Velvet & Lace' by Priscilla Hewitt. Thank you once again! Details are on this link.

jenniferanne (SCOTLAND)

Well there you are two gorgeous Squares and three Ta - Dah's.  I would like to thank everyone that has either made a Blanket or sent in Squares to me. I would also like to thank you for your emails, kind words and visits to our SIBOL Blog.

Thank you. I hope you have enjoyed your visit and that it has inspired you to perhaps 'make your own Blanket for our Elderly here in the UK!'

x Sue x


  1. So wonderful blankets!!
    Have a great weekend!

  2. I love crocheted blankets; fancy, granny, or a combination. There is just something so soul-satisfying about them.

    Renee :)

  3. Wow, everything looks so beautiful! I love the Still Waters blanket, very clever to go from light to dark in the blues.


  4. Wow ...very nice and cute afghans , love all and the squares too.Have a wonderful weekend!

  5. Whew! What an exciting post, Sue! Awesome work from everyone! I need to pop in to Ravelry tomorrow and get busy volunteering another pink square for the next Think Pink blanket! So glad we're doing another! And I am in love with the blanket above that has the Autumn feel to it...awesome use of colors! Hugs, Annette

  6. Wow amazing, some lovely blankets Sue.

  7. I like the butterflies you put on these blankets. Is there a pattern for them?

  8. www.netspets.blogspot.com
    A great video tutorial from Nettie in Australia.
    Thank you Stephanie.


  9. Dear Sue,
    I am having computer problems so I will type this quickly before this computer dies on me...
    there is so much in this post to comment on!
    These blankets that you have shown are magnificent!!! I am excited at the thought of another pink blanket, maybe I can do a square! I have tried to work on an owl square for one of the challenges...wish me luck. Also, wish me luck with my computer!