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Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Good News for SIBOL and Squares from USA and UK

Good Afternoon Everyone!

Well another exciting day for SIBOL today! 

I've had lots of beautiful Squares come in today and I'm so excited to be showing you them! But...before I do. I have something to show you.

This morning I had a parcel arrive...................

This morning I received...........

I bet you are wondering what's inside.  Well I will show you!

'SIBOL' is now Sponsored by 'Addicted 2 Knitting'. / Royal Wedding Squares 16/3 to follow.

A gorgeous selection of yarn!

I am very pleased to tell you that a few days ago a company called 'Addicted 2 Knitting' offered to sponsor our Crocheting and Knitting Group 'SIBOL'.  Of course I was just so grateful to them, and today I received this wonderful parcel.

It is so nice to know that in this day and age a company can approach you and offer to help with a project which is just so important I think. Our Elderly are so often forgotten about it's just so nice that this yarn will help me to continue.  I'm sure we will make some wonderful 'Sunshine Blankets' between us and once again a gift of a hand-made Blanket will hopefully send Love and Warmth to someone who needs it.

I am so grateful to 'Addicted 2 Knitting' and I can  assure you every ball will be used for our project. Please pop over and have a look at their wonderful web site. They have some great yarn for sale. Thank you.

Apart from receiving this wonderful parcel this morning I have had some great Squares too!

ed4448 (USA) has very kindly sent me in these gorgeous Squares.  The tiny flower in the centre is just lovely and I'm sure if you need to know more about the Square ed4448 will only be too pleased to help you. She's over on Flickr ed4448!

ed4448 (USA) Your Squares arrived today! Thank You!

I've made you a Slide Show ed4448. Thank you for the beautiful Squares, I just love the colours.

Created with flickr slideshow from softsea.

I have also had a beautiful Square come in from Mia Self (UK).  Mia has Knitted 'Westminster Abbey'. Just take a look at this gorgeous Square!  It simply is a beautiful Square.  This is where the Wedding of William and Kate will take place.  I  keep thinking that I'm going to the Wedding  with all this excitement on SIBOL!
I'm just so grateful to Mia for making this Square and I have already planned where the Square will go in the Blanket, 'right in the middle' don't you think?

Here's Mia's Square.

Mia Self (UK) Your 'Westminster Abbey' arrived today! Thank you so much! I love it!

Such a good idea, thank you Mia!

I also  had wiLDaBoUtCoLoR's Squares arrive from the USA.  I've been excited to receive these after seeing them on Flickr.  wiLDaBoUtCoLoR has sent me four Royal Wedding Squares, which are just so pretty!  Great ideas once again and I particularly like the Bouquet Square which has net, ribbon and beads attached. It's so lovely! .

The bouquet is made up of 7 little roses then sewn onto a flat crocheted circle. Ellen said she had to do it that way because  she  knew it would be harder to sew individually on the square. She  was trying hard to make it look like a bridal bouquet  and I'm sure you will agree it certainly does. It's absolutely stunning!

Just take a look at these lovely Squares.  Of course the other Squares are great too, I love the Union Jack.  It's so nice to know that Ladies in other countries are taking part in our 'Royal Wedding' Challenge.

wiLDaBoUtCoLoR (USA) Your Squares arrived today!

Created with flickr slideshow from softsea.

Thank you wiLDaBoUtCoLoR!

Another set of Royal  Wedding  Squares came in today from jean nock (UK).  I am so grateful to you, the Squares are lovely.  I think they are such good ideas,  I love them, nice to have some Hearts!

jean nock (UK) Your Royal Wedding Squares arrived today!

Created with flickr slideshow from softsea.

 Your Squares are super, thank you!

We have also had a Royal Wedding  Square come in from Kim (UK). I'm really pleased you've taken part in our Challenge.  The Square is such a nice idea, and I absolutely love it. Another Heart with initials 'W' and 'K'. Two Gold rings too. So pretty!

Kimbles (UK) Your Royal Wedding Square arrived today! Thank You!

Thank you Kim.

I would like to say a big thank you to everyone including the Ladies today who have contributed Squares for this Challenge.  The Royal Wedding Challenge has been so popular.  If there are any more to come in which are on their way could you let me know please. Sue - sueatpigsty@talktalk.net  I'll look out for them.

I've had a very exciting day today.  Beautiful yarn for SIBOL, thank you to 'Addicted 2 Knitting' and gorgeous 'SIBOL' Squares from our 'SIBOLETTES!'.

I do hope you will pay us a visit over on Ravelry and thanks for visiting 'SIBOL' today!

Bye for now

x Sue x


  1. Great stuff Sue! will have a look at addicted 2 knitting - how kind of them to send you some wool, and well deserved too. Love K x

  2. Wow amazing news. Those are some wonderful squares. So much work and creativity have gone into them, I can't believe it.

  3. Oh Ms.Sue! What a great lot of news! I've always worried that you put yourself out way too much..and more then just your time..it's nice to know your are now getting sponsored help. What a load off! I can just see the smile on your face when you opened it..:)
    And the wonderful squares on top of your great suprise. They truly are lovely.
    Take care..xoxox

  4. Gracias por el comentario en mi blog. ¡Tienes un blog precioso!

  5. Hi Sue, what a surprise! the enormous amount of rolls of wool to weave and the colors are beautiful! imagine the possibilities, a greeting, Rose Marie