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Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Sometimes things don't just work out.

Hi Everyone!

I'm popping in to show you some gorgeous Squares that arrived today from mandas' challenges.
Amanda very kindly made some Union Jack Squares, aren't they just lovely?

With one thing and another these Squares didn't reach me in time. You know my deadline for the Royal Wedding Blanket was March 18th.  Well I did wait an extra week but as you can understand I couldn't wait any longer because I have a deadline to adhere to.

Our Royal Wedding Blanket is now finished, the border is crocheted up and I just have  a few  loose ends to sew in and a few other finshing touches to do.  I am terribly sorry I will not be able to use these gorgeous Squares, but I just wanted to show you all. It's so very disappointing they would have been so lovely in the Blanket, 'I am absolutely gutted!'.  With 56 Squares in the Royal Wedding Blanket, I hope you understand there was a lot of work involved and I just couldn't wait any longer.

Sometimes life gets in the way of things we want to do. Our Crocheting, Knitting, Flickr and Blogs have to take a back seat. Our family and our life must come first, so I fully understand.  I am really upset I can't use these Squares on this occasion.

Well that doesn't stop me from showing you these gorgeous Squares.  Amanda sent the three for the Blanket, the large one 'a special one for me' and an extra one for somewhere else to be used.

Thank you Amanda.

mandas' challenges (UK) Your Squares arrived today, thank you! But.......

Due to circumstances beyond my control I am 'unable' to put these beautiful Squares in to our Royal Wedding Blanket. I am gutted!

Really beautiful aren't they?

From time to time here on SIBOL, it's very nice to help others. There are always such wonderful charities on the internet asking for Knitted or Crocheted Squares, but the other day whilst reading one of the magazines I stumbled across 'Melanie'.  Now Melanie is a mother of 5 and has set up a project  called  k1 p1 project . Basically as the name suggests Melanie loves Knitting.  She collects Squares. But Melanie collects 'PURELY' Knitted Squares.  When she has collected the Squares she sits and sews them together and makes them into beauiful Blankets.

Melanie has specific guidelines with her Squares. Here are the details.

this project is small knitted squares sewn together into blankets and posted of to different causes around the world eg:- hospitals,climics,orphanages,care homes,homeless and the list could go on. if u are interested in getting involved its simple.to knit a square in dk wool using 4mm needles cast on 35 sts knit 58 rows cast off using chunky wool and 5 1/2mm needles cast on 28sts knit 42 rows cast of. also needed any unwanted wool would be much appreiciated , also collecting good quality teddy bears and knitted toys to send to children , contact me by e,mail melaniebaxter@live.co.uk

I know I have a lot of Knitters out there, let's try and help Melanie thank you!

Bye for now!
x Sue x


  1. Ohhh..dont' be upset. I'm sure some elderly gentlemen would just love to have those squares in a blanket :) or a lady for that matter..no worries, you will put them to good use I have no doubt of that :)I'm sure Amanda agrees :)They really are lovely.
    Take care!xx

  2. hi sue . all your blankets are stunning , the union jack ones are great , i absolutely love the crochet flowers , u are doing a fantastic job love mel xxx

  3. aahh sue , that is lovely , thankyou so very much for ur kind help , you are such a nice , kind lady , with a heart of gold , you are one in a million xxxlove mel

  4. Sue, I know you are sad to not be able to include the Union Jack squares. They are lovely but there is always time to consider. I hope Melanie gets tons of knitted squares.

  5. Oooh Sue could you maybe make them into a cushion instead to go with the blanket? It would be such a shame to waste them. xx

  6. It is sad the squares didn't get to you in time to be in the Royal Wedding Blanket. You could make a blanket with just squares from ladies of the UK.

  7. Ahh Sue, its a shame about the squares but you had a deadline to stick to, and I am sure Amanda will understand. You can include them in another blanket and I am sure the elderly would love them in a blanket as they are so super. Looking forward to seeing the finished Royal Wedding blanket - you have been so busy. Take care x

  8. Thanks for your ideas ladies!. I'm going to have to think about them. x