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Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Two questions for my SIBOLETTES, and Squares from the UK!

Hello Everyone!

Thanks so much for visiting SIBOL today! I know there are Ladies who check in every day to see the new Squares and I am really pleased that you enjoy SIBOL so much!

First of all before I show you the new Squares. We are asking a question over on Ravelry today. A Lady from Spain was asking me a question about Crocheting and I thought why not put it out to my SIBOLETTES!  So if you follow the Link why not post a reply!

The question she is asking is....
'Which Size Hook do we use to make the SIBOL Squares?'
'What yarn weight do we use?

Now we have already had some wonderful replies, why not pop over and write your own reply?


I wasn't sure whether to send off one Blanket or two for the competition. Then this morning  wiLDaBoUtCoLoR (USA) suggested why not make one large Blanket to enter into the competition 'more eye candy' so to speak!

I thought this was a wonderful idea and I've just got so excited all over again!  Then to top it all bonsall has sent in another Square for the Royal Wedding Challenge, it's so lovely. Thank you bonsall! What a fantastic idea!  I just can't wait to receive the other Squares which are on their way as I speak from as far as the USA!

So.....Ladies, if you want to join in the fun it's 9th March today, I really need your Squares in very soon. I know I put a limit on 2 Squares each, but a couple of Ladies are doing extra ones. So if you want to do more please do!  Let's make this a beautiful SIBOL Blanket!  I'm so grateful to every one that has  already  sent in Squares for this Challenge.  Can you try and get them in for March 18th?  I shall start working on them then, but I suppose if you are a couple of days late that will be okay.

Apart from bonsalls' Royal Wedding Square which is lovely, she also sent me Squares suitable for the Mens' Blankets and Ladies too! They are all beautiful Squares, thank you so much bonsall and I'm pleased you are using those odd bits of yarn up!

Here's your Slide Show bonsall.

Created with flickr slideshow from softsea.

Weren't they lovely?

Have I anything else to tell you about?  Just to tell you, no the phone didn't turn up. Mr. Twins had to go out and buy me another one which he wasn't too pleased about, but it is quite a necessity I need to keep in contact with my Mother and of course the girls. 

Talking about my Mother, I have just remembered.... I want to show you a Pot Holder she has just made for me.  I had some free yarn the other day in one of the magazines and I gave it to her with some free Knitting Needles.  She was 81 this February just gone.  She used two shades of yarn and I think she said this stitch is called 'Moss Stitch'. You probably know it yourselves! I love it and will treasure it!

Mom has just picked up her Knitting Needles after a long time. She's 81! Made me a Pot Holder. I will treasure it! Thanks Mom!

Thanks Mom!

I think that is all for now, so don't forget your Royal Wedding Squares, and don't forget to pop over to Ravelry! Thank you for visiting me today!


I've just had an email from a Lady 'one of our SIBOLETTES' in the UK.
Now she is saying that she would like to try out new Squares.
Now would you like to tell me 'What is your Favourite Square pattern please?'.
Can you help her?

Please leave a comment on the comments below.
Or.  Pop over to Ravelry (in a short while)  and I will make a new topic post up. Leave a message on there please.

Or.  Email me Sue - sueatpigsty@talktalk.net

Thank you!


  1. That potholder is lovely. Say congrats! to your Mother for me. You are right, that stitch is called Moss stitch - Rice stitch in Spanish.

  2. Well done to your Mum, Sue, what a lovely keepsake she has made you! How annoying that the phone didn't turn up - must be really frustrating! Am working on my Wedding Square now, hope to get it finished in the next couple of days - take care x

  3. Lovely potholder and nice yarn.So you inspired your mom to doing needleworks :-).Very pretty!

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  5. que bellos son tus tejidos, me encantan.