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Friday, 20 January 2012

We're in Knit Today Ladies! / Magical Square for our Landscape Challenge!

Good Evening Everyone!

Good News SIBOLETTES!  Today I am very pleased to be telling you that SIBOL is in 'Knit Today!'.  I'm very proud of our Group and I'm very grateful to 'Knit Today' for featuring our 'Olympic project for 2012!'.

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'KNIT TODAY' - Olympic Squares!

Everyone has worked so......hard for this Challenge and I do hope I can get even more Squares to arrive so that we can make a massive Blanket!  This Blanket hopefully will raise some money for the Alzheimers Society here in the UK.  I chose this cause because we do such a lot of work for the Elderly I thought it was appropriate.

So if anyone has seen the article in 'Knit Today' and this is the first time you have visted SIBOL then please pop over to our SIBOL CHALLENGE web site for all information. My address to send Squares is not on the web site, it is available from sueatpigsty@talktalk.net   May I say welcome to you all too!

I thought maybe we were in a magazine today because I have been getting a good response so I popped out to my local Supermarket to pick up a copy! Not only are we in the magazine we are also featured on the Knit Today web site. which is amazing!  Thank you Marie and Staff!

I would like to thank Gemma from the UK for her beautiful Square received today! Gemma has very kindly taken part in our 'Your Local Landscape' Challenge. Now for anyone new to SIBOL, and I know for a fact there are some new Ladies popping in I would just like to tell you about this particular Challenge.

Jersery Textile Showcase 2012 are holding an event in Jersey in March and our SIBOL Group have been busy collecting Squares for a special Blanket which will be exhibited. After the event the Blanket will be sold to raise funds for Jersey Mencap.  This was quite a hard Challenge and at first the Squares were very slow coming in.  But I'm very pleased to say that I have nearly got 30 Squares now for this particular Challenge. Our usual Blankets take 25 6" x 6" Squares either Knitted or Crocheted, so we have extra ones in this Blanket.  If you'd like to go back posts you will see the gorgeous Squares that have been coming in.

The idea is to make a Square either Crocheted or Knitted  showing your Local Landscape. As you can see from the Squares already received we are collecting some great Squares and they are showing views from around the Country. We also have some coming in from the States.  So hopefully this Blanket will raise some money for Mencap. I have now had to end the Challenge over on the Challenge web site as I have enough Squares (well apart from one!)  As the title suggests 'Your Local Landscape' the idea is to make what you see! It could even be a view from your Window!

All through the year we work very hard making Squares which go into Blankets for the Elderly, but from time to time we make 'Charity Blankets'.  Last April we made a great Royal Wedding Blanket which raised £112 for Prince William and Kate Middletons' Charity Gift Fund.  This year we are making a 'Think Pink' Blanket to raise money for 'Breast Awareness' and apart from the Mencap one we are making a massive one for the Olympics London 2012. This will hopefully raise money for Alzheimers in the UK. 

I must show you Gemmas' Square.  She has Crocheted a beautiful Square in great shades of Green. This is called 'Woodland Walk' and if you look at the photograph which inspired her I'm sure you will agree it looks pretty magical! I can just imagine fairies flying around!

Gemma tells me about her Square!

"Rocks East Woodland, Ashwicke near Bath. (http://www.rockseast.org.uk/)
There's sculpture trails, grottos and many other strange things in the woods,
including a sort of folly in the form of a pond in the middle of a sunken ruin."

Hasn't she made a great job! I absolutely love it and I am over the moon Gemma! Great shades of Green and I love the arches!  Only a few more to arrive now and I can start assembling this Blanket.

We have been very successful with our work for the Elderly. We have now made 123 Blankets since January 2010.  Of course while I'm working on these Charity Blankets they will be a little slow appearing.

I will be posting the Squares from the USA as soon as they arrive and I do hope you will pop back again.
If you would also like to pop over to our SIBOL RAV Group we also have fun over there with our Monthly Square Swaps which you may be interested in.


I am very pleased to be showing you some Squares which have arrived this morning from Liz here in the UK. I am very grateful to you Liz for making them for our SIBOL project. The Squares are lovely. There is nothing like the traditional Granny Square and they are so useful for keeping in our SIBOL Stash.

Liz (UK) Your Squares have arrived! Thank you!

There are a lot of Squares to look at so I have made a Slide Show! Sit back and enjoy now.

Created with flickr slideshow.

Great Squares Liz thank you very much!

The other Square is from Joanna. Joanna has made 'Granny Stripe' for our Jan Eaton Challenge. This is a lovely Square too! Once again wonderful colours have been used.  Thank you very much Joanna.

Joanna (UK) Your Jan Eaton Square has arrived thank you!

Thank you for visiting SIBOL today and have a good weekend!

x Sue x


  1. Very,veru nice square,well done and elegant.Love it. :))

  2. Another mini-masterpiece! B-)

  3. I came across you in Knit Today! Nice to have found you. :)

  4. Knit today magazine today, a knit/crochet TV show for you next!

  5. que bonito y que bien lo de la publicacion,enhorabuena