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Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Two sets of Squares from the States fly in together!

Hi Everyone!

I am extremely pleased to be showing you two sets of Squares which have arrived just now. Both sets have flown in together from the States!

First of all I have akarapachas' Square. She lives in Fort Myers, Florida and she has made this very pretty Square for our 'Your Local Landscape' Challenge.  It really is very pretty as  I'm sure you will agree! Colourful Flowers, a beautiful tree and everything about this Square is amazing! You have made a marvellous job of it thank you akarapacha! I am extremely grateful to you for sending this Square in to me for this particular Challenge.

akarapacha says, "The view is from my brothers house, in Christie Gardens, Essex, UK, in 1987. "

It's a great view thank you akarapacha!

akarapacha (USA) Your Landscape Square has arrived today! Thank you!

Next we have Kays' Square. Kay lives in Conyers, GA, USA and once again she has captured her Local Landscape beautifully! This Square is of Stone Mountain, Georgia.  Now if you visit Kay's Blog I'll give you the link you can read all about it.  Kay loves the open air and the photos on her Blog are just so interesting. If you pop over she tells us about her recent visit to the Mountain with her family. What wonderful scenery you have over there Kay! There's also another link here if you would like more information. It really is an interesting read!

'Stone Mountain' Georgia. For 'Your Local Landscape' Challenge.

Kay has also sent in another Square for the Landscape Challenge, unfortunately I wasn't expecting two Squares and I have given the space over to another Lady here in the UK. So if it's okay with you Kay I shall put it in the SIBOL Stash! It's a beautiful Granny Square with colours representing the grass and pine trees from her window!

This Square resembles grass and pine trees from Kay's window! Thank you so much for these Squares! I love them.

I'm over the moon with both Squares and I am so pleased you also Kay have taken part in this special Challenge. Thank you both very much indeed.

Now I shall work on these Squares and then I am just waiting for one more Square to finish the 'Your Local Landscape' Challenge. 

I'm so pleased with the Squares that have been coming in for this particular Challenge. When I first  of all announced this Challenge I wondered if we would be successful in making a Blanket up. The Squares came in pretty slow at first but over the last few weeks we have worked terribly hard between us and I'm pleased to say I only have one more to come in now. This Blanket will end up being 30 6" x 6", which is lovely. Thank you to everyone that has made a Square for this Challenge.

May I welcome new Ladies visiting our SIBOL Blog!  We have had a very good response from the latest 'Knit Today' magazine and I am so pleased you are taking an interest in our SIBOL project! 

x Sue x


  1. Dear Sue,
    You have put my square as your header photo! Thank you!
    And was excited to see the link to Stone Mountain too!
    Love the square from the lady from Ft. Myers, Florida, it's on the Gulf side of Florida and is beautiful!
    Can't wait to see this blanket completed!!!

  2. These are so incredibly beautiful!