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Wednesday, 18 January 2012

You must pop in to see these beautiful SIBOL Squares!

Hello Everyone!

Wow! I'm a happy bunny today! I have had beautiful Squares arrive  and I'm absolutely over the moon!
I would like to thank joyce28 (UK), Kianie (UK), makingtracks (UK) and Fiona (Netherlands)  for the great selection of Squares they have sent in!

You know I have been desperately trying to get in Squares for the Landscape Challenge, well I am very pleased to say we are doing extremely well now. I have started working on the ones already received. Without me babbling on let's take a look at them!

First of all we have joyce 28. She has very kindly made two Squares for our Jersey Challenge. joyce wow! I love both of them. What wonderful ideas!

The first one 'Trees' simply beautiful. I love the trunks of the trees and I love the cute Flowers!

'Your Local Landscape' Trees! Brilliant!

Isn't it pretty!

The next one 'Sea, Sand and Sun'. I think this one reminds joyce of her recent holiday. It simply is such a wonderful idea! Wow!

'Your Local Landscape' Square. Thank you it's lovely!

I am really grateful to you joyce for doing these extra Squares for me, it's very kind of you. I'm sure everyone loves them. It's the colours in the Squares I think that stand out. Simply gorgeous! I am 'well chuffed!' as we say here in the UK!

The next Square is from makingtracks (UK) The idea for her Landscape Square came from this. Isn't it beautiful? A really good idea. The whole point of the Landscape Challenge is ....what would you see from your window? If it's a garden scene that's brilliant! You have made a terrific job makingtracks and thank you so much for helping me out on this Challenge.  Let's take a look at this beauty now!

making tracks (UK) 'Your Local Landscape' Square arrives! Wow!

Oh I do get excited when I see these Squares come in! I love to see where you have got your inspiration from! Simply amazing, what fun!

Kianie (UK) has very kindly made four Squares for our Challenges. One for Lunas' Challenge 'One Heart From Around The World' and the other is the Letter 'Y' for the Olympic Blanket. I am really happy too because Kianie has made two fantastic Squares for our 'Your Local Landscape' Challenge.

Blackpool Tower is a famous Landmark here in the UK. If you would like to find out more about it then please follow the link. Kianie has found inspiration from this tall building and if you scroll down you will see what she has come up with.

Blackpool Tower


Blackpool Tower 'Your Local Landscape' Challenge.

Good isn't it?

The next Square is Darwen Tower here in the UK.  If you would like to find out more then please follow the link.

Darwen Tower.

Kianie has made a beautiful Crocheted Square, gathering inspiration from this monument.  Let's see what she has made now.

Darwen Tower 'Your Local Landscape' Challenge. Wow!

Amazing Kianie! In her note with the Squares she wrote,

"Just thought I would share with you the story of Darwen Tower. It is our local landmark situated on Beacon Hill overlooking the town of Darwen (Lancs).

The tower was built to commemorate the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Victoria (Also known as The Jubilee Tower). From the top are fantastic views and the tower can be seen for miles around.   It is a much loved landmark with the people of Darwen.

In 1947 during gale force winds the dome was blown off and was not replaced until 1971.  This time the wooden dome  was replaced with a fibreglass one.  This dome came off during strong winds on 11th November 2010.  A sad day for the people of Darwen.  When I was making the Square for the challenge. I was undecided as to whether I should add the dome or not.  I did add the dome as I knew that a replacement was being made.  I finished the Square on Thursday 12th January 2012. I took my mum shopping into Darwen Town Centre on Friday 13th January and to my surprise and delight, we witnessed the new dome being put into place with the help of two helicopters.  A case of being in the right place at the right time as we had no idea that the dome was being replaced on Friday morning!"

If you'd like to read more follow this link to the BBC News.

I think your story is amazing Kianie! Just as you are making the Square for the Challenge. I am so pleased that making this Square for SIBOL has meant such a lot to you and no doubt you showed your Mother the Square too. I bet she loved it and I'm sure you will both always remember this special day! How fantastic!

Kianie also sent Squares in for Lunas' Challenge 'One Heart From Around The World'.  It's lovely too.

'One Heart From Around The World' Challenge. Beautiful!

Also a 'Y' for our 'Olympic Challenge'. This one has worked out beautifully! I must check sometime because I think there are some more Letters we need.

'Y' for our 'Olympic Challenge!'.

It sounds as though you have had great fun with these Challenges Kianie. I really appreciate your help on them all.

Fiona over in the Netherlands has been working extremely hard for our Challenges too. She has made three Squares for our 'Knit Today' Challenge. I am afraid this Challenge has now closed because I have got 25 Squares for it now. But if you are in the process of making any then please send them in for our SIBOL Stash!

'Knit Today' Challenge. (Which has now ended after these Squares, thank you so much Fiona! I love them all!

Aren't they lovely? Great colours in these Squares.

Fiona has also made a beautiful Square for our 'Your Local Landscape' Challenge. With her Square she told me where her inspiration came from. I would like to share it with you!

"The Fields of Flowers around the center of Haarlem, Lisse. We are calling it 'de bollenstraeek'. I saw it when I went to visit my Grandmother she lived in Haarlem. It's my point of view I saw it when I travelled with the train."

'Your Local Landscape' Challenge.

I am finding these Challenge Squares so...interesting. Not only are we getting beautiful Knitted and Crocheted Squares but I am also learning about 'your part of the world!'.  It's so lovely that we can let others know too  a little about the Square and why a certain place has inspired you!

I love how you have crocheted the sky and grass! Tiny Flowers too, I love the detail.

Fiona's last Square is a Jan Eaton Block. It's called 'Blocks &  Shells' and it's Block No. 80 in the Jan Eaton 200 Block book. This is such a delicate pattern, and I love the colour you have made it in.

'Jan Eaton Challenge' Block No. 80 'Blocks & Shells'.

Well it's taken me quite a while to write this post in between getting the evening meal and picking my 82 year old mother from work! Yes that's right! 82! She's amazing!

I have really enjoyed receiving the Squares and reading where your inspiration came from to make the Squares, and I will crack on now with getting these Squares ready to make the Blanket. The Blanket has got to arrive in Jersey by the end of February so I must get a move on. Let's hope it raises some money for Mencap.

So in closing many thanks for visiting SIBOL. I do hope you have enjoyed looking at these gorgeous Squares and if you would like to check out our Challenges then please do!


  1. Hi Sue, and everyone,

    What a wonderful day again. The landscape squares are absolutely brilliant - can't wait to see the blanket.It is soooo exciting.

    The other challenges are coming along beautifully too.

    Love and hugs,

    Jennifer xx

  2. Cute, cute...:))...very nice.

  3. pero cuantas y todas son maravillosas,cuanto cariño se ve depositado en todas ellas

  4. Ditto what Jennifer says above...fascinating squares! These ladies are all so verrrrry talented! Hugs, Annette

  5. Dear Sue,
    Do you jump out of bed every morning wondering what the postman will bring you that day? I would! How AMAZING all these squares are!!
    As you say, how very interesting to see all the different squares sent for the landscape challenge and to learn about the places they come from.