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'Crochet keeps our hands busy so our minds can rest. It is a gift to help quiet the world around us, if even for a moment. To create -- and think of those we create for --is a quiet prayer of hope, love and dreams all wrapped up in a hook, a book and a ball of yarn. Author Anonymous. Thanks Cynthia.
I NO LONGER ACCEPT KNITTED OR CROCHETED SQUARES. I DO HOWEVER ACCEPT MADE UP BLANKETS FOR THE ELDERLY IN CARE HOMES. I'D BE VERY HAPPY TO RECEIVE YOURS! THANK YOU! 'SIBOL' is a charitable outlet for your Crocheting and Knitting Skills why not join us? Together we are 'Sending a ray of Sunshine into the Lives of the Elderly.' All enquiries please contact Sue on sueatpigsty@virginmedia.com Thank you!
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Sunday, 1 January 2012

A new start. 2012.

Hello Everyone,

Well things are slowly getting back to normal after the holidays and it's so nice to be posting again after the break. Thank you to everyone that has left a comment recently on 'SIBOL' and indeed for the lovely emails I have been receiving.

I really want to list places of interest today in connection with 'SIBOL'.

1. 'SIBOL' - http://www.sunshineinternationalblanketsoflove.blogspot.com/

    This is our main 'SIBOL' Blog.
    This is where I show you the new Squares arriving and also the Blankets when they are finished.

2. 'SIBOL CHALLENGES' - http://www.sibolchallenges.blogspot.com/

    This is the Blog which lists our latest Challenges.
    This is where you will find information about sending Squares to me.
    My address will be available by emailing me sueatpigsty@talktalk.net

3. 'SIBOL - The Archive'  - http://www.sibol-thearchive.blogspot.com/

    This is the Blog which stores information about some of the Squares we have used.
    Or maybe a new Square which has been submitted by a Group member.
    I am often asked 'Where do I find the pattern from for that Square?'
    Hopefully this Blog will help you.

4.  'SIBOL on RAVELRY' - http://www.ravelry.com/discuss/-sibol-/topics

     What fun we have on here!
     Why not pop over and introduce yourself?
     If you go to 'pages' at the top you will see Blankets made in 2010, 2011 and hopefully 2012!
     If you go to 'pages' you will also see new Squares when they  arrive.

5.  My favourite Place! - My 'Mrs Twins' Photostream. www.flickr.com/photos/sues_favourite_things

     This is or 'was' my personal photostream.
     At the very start back in 2009 I put my own personal crocheting on there, but of course in January 2010
     'SIBOL' came along and it's sort of took over!
     This is where you can see 'every' square that has come in for our 'SIBOL' project.
     This is where I keep my visual record.
     Why not join us over on Flickr?

We have now made 122 'Sunshine Blanket's. An amazing amount of beautiful Blankets. All of which have been delivered to the Elderly in the UK.

Thank you so much for your wonderful support since January 2010.

I am having trouble adding new Blankets to the right hand side bar for some reason on this Blog. But I am now going to give you links for our Blankets.





We have quite an exciting year ahead of us, a lot of work I have to say.

We are collecting Squares (asap) for two really special Charity Blankets.
'Your Local Landscape' Challenge (details on the Challenge Blog).
The 'Olympics London 2012' Challenge.

Our usual Challenges run from month to month.

We have SIBOL SQUARE SWAPS over on RAVELRY. If you are interested please follow my Link.

So is everyone geared up for a New Year? Let the fun begin!

Thanks everyone!

x Sue x

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