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Friday, 10 September 2010

My first Nursing Home visit.

Hi Everyone!

Well before I begin this post, I must tell you that today is my First 'Blogoversary' over on 'Mrs Twins'. So I hope you will pop over there. The Story continues here on SIBOL..........

Not only has it been my First Blogoversary, but also another special thing happened yesterday. A few weeks ago the Deputy Manager from The Willows Nursing Home in Cheshire contacted me because she had seen our SIBOL Blog and wondered whether we'd like to donate 'Sunshine Blankets' to her home.  Of course this made me terribly happy.  I mentioned to her that my Husband Colin was on holiday week beginning 6th September and I asked if we could take them up to her on the 9th which was yesterday.  My Husband was only too pleased. I had planned to give all the Blankets out in November, but because Colin was on holiday and the  home was quite a distance, we decided to go up this week.

So this week I have been preparing the 'Sunshine Blankets' and the cards to go with them. Now I really have to apologise here because I haven't had much chance to get round to my 'blog-reading'.  Please forgive me.
Colin and myself spent Tuesday morning preparing some cards on the computer to give with our 'Sunshine Blankets'.  I couldn't have done that on my own, and I really appreciate his help. 

We had some photos printed off of each 'Sunshine Blanket' and inside I typed a message from 'SIBOL' to the person who receives the Blanket. I wrote the name of the Blanket and  I also made a list of everyones' name who contributed Squares for that particular Blanket.  It does take  a lot of time to sort everything out but this was something I really wanted to do because you have all helped me so much. 

This is the front of one of the cards.

Anyway, the cards were printed, now it was time to go out and buy the ribbon.  I tied the 'Sunshine Blankets' with ribbon and attached the Butterflies.  When I made a  Blanket with Posy Lindas' Squares I made a couple of Butterflies. She named the Blanket 'Butterfly'.  When Salma over on Flickr saw the Butterflies she suggested that I made Butterflies with each Blanket and used them as a type of trade-mark for SIBOL.  I really think the Butterflies finish the Blankets off beautifully. So thank you Posy Linda and thank you Salma!

I took lots of photos when I was preparing the 'Sunshine Blankets' I wanted you all to see what I was doing. What do you think? When preparing the 'Sunshine Blankets' emotion came over me because I actually felt quite sad to think that our 'SIBOLS' were leaving me, but at the same time I knew that this was what I wanted to do.

The 'Sunshine Blankets' were ready to go. So we waited for Thursday.

We went out in the Garden before we left and took a final photo.

We travelled to 'The Willows Nursing Home' in Mobberley, Cheshire.  It took us nearly 2 hours, 80 miles there, driving up the M6 from Birmingham.

When we arrived the Matron welcomed us and we were introduced to Maxine the Activities Co-ordinator. We sat down and explained about SIBOL, how it all started and why. She was so interested.  I told her how all my Friends were so kind in helping me with this project and how amazed I have been  at the amount of Squares that have come in. She just loved the Blankets and wanted to take some photos for a Website called 'Dignity in Care' which she did. But she also explained that they have to be very careful about confidentiality so they couldn't allow us to take photos of the residents or the inside of the home. We were offered tea and biscuits and we really had a lovely chat. She even gave me a Thank You card which I thought was extremely kind. The staff in the home were so friendly and as soon as we walked in we had a really nice feeling about the place.

Maxine spent a lot of time telling us about the activities she arranges. Bingo Evenings, Film Evenings, Quizzes, Poetry and Book readings.  At present they are reading Pam Eyres who I think is so funny!  She really tries to keep the days interesting for them. 

She explained to me that the Blankets would be given out when new people arrived. I actually thought that was a really good idea because I kept thinking on the way up to Cheshire, how are they going to decide who to give the Blankets too. She really loved the Blankets and was so interested in our group. I told her about my Grandmother and how I wanted to do something in her Memory. Colin and myself walked out so happy knowing that the Blankets would be appreciated in the home.  Although we didn't actually meet any of the residents we fully understand the reasons why.  At least we know where the Blankets have  'ended up' if you know what I mean and that's really nice.  

I really love making the SIBOL Blankets and once again may I take the opportunity of thanking you all. You are just the kindest people!

After thanking Maxine and saying Goodbye to her, we thought we'd have a ride out into the Peak District. The scenery was beautiful, it was such a lovely day.

We travelled to the 'Cat and Fiddle' pub, high up in the Peak District hills
where Colin agreed to have his photo taken.

Then it was my turn, I never take good photos.

Why not have lunch while we are here?

The most gorgeous Ploughmans meal.

Come on Sue, 'I want my dinner now!' ha.ha. :)

Then we headed back home, mission accomplished!
7 Beloved SIBOLS have now left me and boy was I sad!

'Sunshine Surprise'
'Orange Grove'
'Across the Oceans'
'Dolly Mixtures'
'Sunshine Blues'
'Sun Reflections'
'Shining Light'


  1. Susie, Susie, Susie-

    The tears are pouring down my face as I read each and every word in the posting. What a special day this was for you and all of us. It means so much to actually see some leave the nest and touch the hearts of others. You are truly on special gal for taking on this endeavor. I for one, couldn't have been more happy to have helped.

    Sweet, Sweet Wishes for one year. I remember all those late night you and I talked back and forth online figuring all this out. There were times we both wanted to pack it up and pull the plug. I'm so glad we decided to stick with this. I know it has changed my life, and I'm pretty sure it has your's also.

    Kate - T.G.B.

  2. Oh Sue, that is fantastic, sad, but wonderful. I am not admitting to having being a bit teary-eyed at the thought of your "little" idea coming to fruition with the first gifting, and the fact that it will cheer someone up too.
    Nice to meet Mrs Twins too ☺

  3. Sue that is so wonderful, it is sad to see them go but what an amazing thing to be helping so many people. You have been an absolute star in co-ordinating this and for all your work putting all the blankets together. It is great to see Mr Twins and what a help he has been too.
    Thanks so much and hugs to both of you.

  4. What a lovely post Sue. The blankets look stunning and it was nice to see where they have gone. Looking forward to seeing more blankets.

  5. Oh Absolutely fantastic!! i admit to being teary eyed too what an achievement, You, Your husband, and all the Sibolettes have done a stunning job but we must remember that making the squares for me was just a tiny contribution considering all the background work, the sorting out, the edging,the sweet cards that followed with the beautiful blankies pictured, the logging etc etc Sue you are one special lady and i'm so happy that finally your dream came true. xxx what a day it must have been you certainly blogged it well big huge hug's i know there'll be more happy days ahead take care now much love Amanda xx

  6. I know that feeling of handing over something you've made by hand...you want the recipient to love it as much as you do. I can imagine being the person going into the home, feeling so anxious and perhaps sad. Then they're given this beautiful bright blanket, and a sense of love sweeps away all that sadness.

    That's why we all do what we do - crochet, knit, and sewing it all together - to give someone love and happiness when they need it most.

    Great job Sue, for sending out all that love into the world!

  7. Sue this is beautiful.
    A beautiful action and beautiful words.
    I appreciate so much what you have just done, because it must have been hard for you, however also rewarding and comforting for your soul.
    This makes me really happy indeed.

    This is a really nice post, I am sure we all Sibolettes thank you so much for the big surprise this is for us, and the nice things you are doing!

    I hope those people's souls are filled with happiness when they receive their blankets.

    Thank you so much Sue! I have no words, you have the biggest heart!

  8. Congratulations to you and Mr Twins dearest Sue! Such an emotional post my eyes are brimming over!!!! And those lovely cards with all of the contributor's names Im blown away by your detail and thoughtfulness - you are one special lady. Lovely to have a super lunch after with Mr Twins - he's lovely!!!!!! Enjoy your very special blogland day dear friend. Love Kim xx

  9. i love the post and the cards you made. It can be very unsettling when people are admitted to a nursing home, both for the resident and the family. It's amazing the difference it can make when they receive such a lovely, handmade, thoughtful gift. I am lucky enough to have seen it firsthand.

  10. What a wonderfull story Mrs Sue, and pictures , the beautiful cards that are made and nice to meet Mr Twins a very nice blog to read on the early morning :))

    Thank you Mrs Sue :))

  11. I have to admit that this post made me a little choked up! How lovely that you've already started distributing and making a difference to people's lives. You should be incredibly proud of yourself and all the hard work you've put in to it.

  12. Sue how wonderful. Fancy being famous enough to be sought out!!! Its lovely to see the fruits of your labours being appreciated and what a lovely job you two both did. So amazing, thank you. xx

  13. Oh Sue, what a wonderful news!!!
    So great you were able to donate the first blanket. I bleive it was hard to say goodbye to them, but hey, that was the good cause and what we made them for. I have learned it is good to make pictures, so you won´t forget.
    And I know, it has been a while since I made my last SIBOl squares. It is busy with Dustin in the house, the kids back to school, back to work ourselves and all other things. I promise, soon I will send you some again, really, promise!

  14. how wonderful for you and the gang.
    i recently found you and the blog and have you on my sidebar now. i plan on helping a bit and starting some blocks for you and all!

  15. It's so great yet sad to hear that your blankets are off on their new adventures out in the world. It's such a wonderfully heartwarming thing that you do so a "big well" done and "thank you" must be said especially for you. The kindness and generosity that you give for each blanket cannot be measured just by words but I know everyone who reads will agree with me that you are a very special person for all that you do for SIBOL. xxxx

  16. I know there's a lot of warmth and LOVE crocheted in these blankets.
    People will feel that warmth and love, I'm sure!

    Dear Sue, thank you for your wonderful initiative!

    ~X~ Karin

  17. Mrs Twins, Bless you for sure. Oh my eyes have gone all misty reading your post. Your darling Grandma will just be so proud of you, she lives on through your memories of her and your dedication to this wonderful cause. These blankets are going to bring such joy to their new owners. Lovely to meet you also, Mr Twins and for also being involved in this wonderful journey.
    Well the first delivery has been made, you now have a bit more space to fill up with blankets and the journey is well on it's way, the dream is coming to life. Your dream Mrs Twins, your beautiful, wonderful dream to bring warmth and love to those that need it most.
    Thank you again so much for giving us this opportunity to contribute. It is an honour to know you Mrs Twins. Bless. xx

  18. Pilar (pertinitaco)10 September 2010 at 15:14

    OMG!!!! Some of our little girls have gone!!! This is such a sad, happy, fantastic moment!! I'm all excited about it, the First Big Day has come! So wonderful Sue! I feel I'm there with you and Mr Twins giving all those beauties to that happier now Nursing Home. I think you should be in all newspapers front pages, this is such an achievement. CONGRATULATIONS to you and to all of us for this!
    I love the photos, love the cards, love the ribbons...!! What else is to be said?. Lots of love to you and to all the people around the world who has made this possible. It's an honour to be part of this project.
    Hugs xxx

  19. I have followed your blog from time to time and just have to tell you that I think you and your husband are the most wonderful people, not to mention all those who contribute to these afghans. I hope to have time someday to make and send some of my own squares to you. It is just a wonderful thing you are doing. God bless you.

  20. Thank you all so much for the wonderful comments, very much appreciated.
    I promise to reply back to you all, thank you so much!

  21. I think your care and consideration throughout this project really does reflect what a very special person you are.
    Love linda

  22. As I read your post Sue it immediately brought to mind how proud your Grandmother would be. I believe she would be proud of your commitment in all things that you do including Mrs Twins and SIBOL. You have created a wonderful legacy in you Nan's memory. Posy and the entire Smith clan are proud of you too!

  23. Congratulations for you and your husband.I´ll imagine new people here using this beautiful blankets. Thanks for all. I¨D love you!!!!!!

  24. Dear Sue
    I am so thrilled that some of the blankets have gone out into to the world. How lovely it has been to be involved in a project that has given us so much fun and that will make other people happy too!
    Perfect !
    Louise xx

  25. Sue, that was a wonderful post. What a mixture of happiness and loss. It's really good to see the blankets going to such a welcoming home and they were so beautifully presented. You have done a marvellous job Sue and certainly much appreciation goes to your handsome Mr Twins too. Cheers!!