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Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Ta - Dah! Introducing SIBOLS 74, 75, 76 'The Story of Sally's Squares'. Wednesday's Squares from the UK.

Hi Everyone.

First of all I do hope you will visit the last post. I only wrote earlier today when Renee's Squares arrived. I wouldn't want you to miss them.

When I first started this project back in January 2010, I asked my on-line friends if they wanted to help me make Blankets for the Elderly.  To this day, it still  amazes me how everyone has helped me. I am truly grateful for every Square received into my home, whether it be one or more! We are all miles apart, but SIBOL has brought us all together and we have a common interest 'making 'Sunshine Blankets'  for the Elderly.  The Squares I receive are coming in from Ladies from all walks  of life and it's a pleasure to meet you all.

On July 1st I received a fairly large package. Inside were 60 Squares for SIBOL.  Dear Sally from the UK had made all of them  for my project.  I was absolutely amazed at the amount she had made and indeed the colours and the patterns.

I set all the Squares on my outside step to take photos because I honestly didn't know where to put them all. It turned out to be a great place for them.

Here they are 60 Beautiful Squares!

I am most grateful to you Sally. Thank You!

                              Sally had made such wonderful Squares, all so different.

Close up of Sallys Squares.

Well a couple of weeks ago, I decided to start on them. But how should I go about it. There were such wonderful Squares, all fantastic patterns and indeed colours!

I decided to put all the bright colours together first, and then a pile of the 'soothing' colours I called them.

This SIBOL No. 76 was the first of Sally's Squares I put together.  I showed my Mother and she thought this one has a 'Caribean feel' to it. Any names Ladies? Do you like it?

No Ladies you won't find your Square on here, this is all Sally's!.....Please read on.....

Then this one
SIBOL No. 77

The bright colours in one, the 'soothing' colours in another one, that's two blankets already! .....

Any names for this one Ladies?

So that was 50 of Sally's Squares used up. It was time to sort the others out. But this time I needed some help from my SIBOLETTES!

Let's raid the 'SIBOL STASH BOX'.

and this is what I came up with.
I do hope you like it.

So this is SIBOL No. 74.
Now the Numbers are a bit muddled my end, but you don't have to worry about that. It's just the order gone a bit funny when loading.

 We will need to ask a few friends to join us......... So if you see your Square you can add note now.......

Now if you click on the photo you'll go through to Flickr and then you can find your Square!

Do you like the Blankets?
Do you think Sally has made a superb job of her Squares?

Sally I am truly, truly grateful to you. You are such a sweet Lady to sit and make all these Squares for SIBOL. I can't thank you enough and be assured that your Blankets will go to a local Nursing Home where three Elderly people will sit and admire your beautiful Squares!. What a joy to receive one of these Blankets.

It must have took you simply ages to make the Squares, not to mention finding the right colour to go with each Square.

You certainly have a fantastic talent, well done to you!

Let's have a look now at the Blankets again!

Thank you so much Sally and also the other SIBOLETTES that have their Squares in this third Blanket.
I love them all.


I thought it was may be too soon to write a seperate post so I'm carrying on here.

Today I received Squares from Steph (UK).
 Of course I have been out amongst my plants taking photographs.
The Squares that came in this morning are once again lovely.  I'd like you to see them.

This is No. 59 'Coral Quartet' Jan Eaton.

I love the shades of these Squares...

This mint green is superb, thank you Steph!

How lovely, thank you very much for sending them to me Steph.

x Sue x


  1. Sally's squares are beautiful in their own blankets and truly lovely when joined with the squares of others! But you know what Sue? Your finishing touches just put them over the moon into the land of gorgeousness! Those lacey edges are delicious. So creative and different...all of your joins. Beautiful work, my friend...and such a lovely cause! x&o, Annette

  2. As always more purely charming stunners. You know I don't make it over to comment on all, but I love to see each and every one of your new ones.

    Hope you had a great time in LON..... can you believe we are getting close to 2 yrs., since those late night back and forth figuring this all out. Who would of thought? Great job.

  3. Goodness me the 100 is so close now. Love the beautiful bright squares

  4. As usual you've done a great job Sue. You have a real talent with colour and the way you put them together.

  5. Hi Sue, Long time no talk, but I do try to keep up with your worthy cause.

    Stunning, as usual, both you and Sally have made something beautiful out of a bit of yarn, crochet hook and determination!

    How about "Jamaican Joy" for the very tropical, sunny blanket.

    Jak x

  6. Oooooohhh, I love them! All the colors are beautiful! Hmmm, maybe "Summer in the Southwest" for the first one? I don't know, it just kind of reminded me of south western colors :)
    Have a wonderful day!
    Grace Ann

  7. Wow! 60 squares from one generous person and three lovely blankets result! Absolutely wonderful! You have put the colors together so nicely. I just love how each and every blanket is a hodge podge of beauty! Blessings to all, Tammy

  8. How about 'Sunkist' for the Carribean blanket?

    Beautiful blankets x

  9. Thanks Ladies. I've gone with the first ones over on Flickr I think.
    76 - 'Flora Fiesta' - bienzfive
    75 - 'Blue Lagoon' - roomontheleft
    74 - 'Blue Sky over the Ocean " "

  10. hi sue , loving the new slide show , SIBOL 76 and 77 are beautiful , they are such lovely colours xxxx u take care all love mel xxx