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Monday, 20 December 2010

Happy Christmas! Jan Eaton Blanket (1) and Squares from the Netherlands!

Angel - kit from Candle House Crafts. (Gone out of business now).

          'Happy Christmas to everyone that is visiting SIBOL today!

Whether you be one of our ' Followers', one of our 'team bloggers', one of our 'SIBOLETTES'.

Thank you all so much for your wonderful support.  

Back in January I asked you if you wanted to help me make Blankets for the Elderly in Memory of my Grandmother.

I'm so pleased because our project has been successful. We between us have now made 44 'Sunshine Blankets' which have been delivered to Nursing Homes as far as Cheshire and in the West Midlands where I live. 

To actually 'finish the journey' for a year has been very rewarding.  All our 'Sunshine Blankets' have been 'very well' received by the Staff and the Residents in Nursing Homes.  To actually meet some of the Residents while our Blankets have been presented to them has just put wonderful.  I personally know that they love them and they appreciate them. 

Thank you to everyone that has sent me a 6" Square whether it be Knitted or Crocheted. Your help has been very much appreciated. 

Thank you to everyone also that has sent me donations of ribbons, yarns and stationery once again your help has been appreciated. 

Many thanks.



I have a Ta - Dah today for you!
Yes the first Jan Eaton Blanket.
I'm really happy how it's turned out ALTHOUGH
it has come out bigger than usual, so I haven't really put much of a border on.

The reason for this is because the Squares have come in at all different sizes, it has been quite difficult to do really. There has been a lot of filling in to get the Squares the same size, this is the reason why it has taken me longer than usual.  I have done the very best I can, I hope you like it.

Next time when we do the second set of Jan Eaton Squares, PLEASE do your best to get the Squares 6" (15cms x 15cms). This applies to any Square sent to SIBOL. When the Squares are all such different sizes it takes me so much longer, and then I tend to get bored with it. (If you know what I mean!).

It doesn't matter if it's just half an inch either smaller or larger I can work with that without too much trouble, it's when the Squares tend to be much larger it causes me a problem.  I know it's difficult to get the Squares exact, if anyone can give us advice in the comments I'd very much appreciate it.  Of course we are all using different yarn which probably causes the problem.

I'll always do my very best but it would help if any Square sent to SIBOL is 'roughly' 6" x 6" (15cms x 15cms).

Anyway, here is my Slide Show for the first Jan Eaton Blanket, and I will definitely be putting up the Block List on January 1st with our new Challenges!

Thanks so much to everyone that has sent me Squares particularly for this Challenge, it has been great fun receiving them! I do hope you like the Blanket.

Ta - Dah! Introducing SIBOL 45! Jan Eaton (1). 'Please add note if you see your Square! :)

The last Ta - Dah before Christmas! Thanks to everyone 'for everything'.


Just popping in to say thank you to Isolde (Netherlands) who very kindly sent me these Squares today and her beautiful little gift.  A La Zouzita! What a  sweet idea! I love it thank you.

I love your Squares Isolde, and thanks so much for your continued support with SIBOL. Thank you!

Isolde (Netherlands) Your Squares arrived this morning! Your little La Zouzita too, simply gorgeous thank you!


  1. Awww and it's been a fabulous journey to share with you too ((hugs)) Don't you get fretting over next years challenges we'll be here ready when you are,Don't go rushing around too much it's dangerous out there with the snow and ice i'll be thinking of you, take care dear Sue love Amanda xxxx

  2. Sue, it's been wonderful to share and be a part in this worthy 'journey'. Looking forward to your new Challenges in 2011.

    I hope that you and your family have a fantastic Christmas.

    Ruby x

  3. Dear Mrs Twins, thank you again for your huge effort in rallying us together for this wonderful cause. Take some time off to spend with your family, put your feet up, put the squares away and partake in the beauty of a white Christmas at your place. Travel safe if you have to be on the roads. I have squares here to post, but leaving them for the moment as you have worked tirelessly this year and look to be doing the same again for 2011 by the sounds of your wonderful plans. Rest your hands, rest your mind, rest your postie, and let your letterbox recoup with you. Blessings to you, you are such a very special lady to us all. To me, you are the spirit of Christmas. Thank you.

  4. Merry Christmas to you and all Sibolettes!!

  5. You're a star working so hard to put the squares together - such a wonderful thing in memory of your dear Mum. You deserve a very well earned holiday now - ENJOY! x
    The only thing I can suggest to everyone to get the squares near enough to 6 inches it to keep measuring. Think about your square as you near the 6 inches, would the pattern fit in the 6 inches or maybe it would be better to stop and just do a round or two in double crochet (single in USA terms)?
    Anyway, well done ladies and looking forward to next years challenges. xxx

  6. Oi Sue passei p/te desejar um Feliz Natal com muita saúde e prosperidade nesse novo Ano e que o Espírito de Natal esteja sempre dentro de você beijos e até mais Rosana

  7. LT81 (Flickr) said.........

    I use 8 ply yarn and a 4mm hook and mine come out at the 6 inch (15cm) size she suggests when the square is in the round; however I have found they come out bigger when they're done in rows. When that happens, I do it a little smaller (with the patterned ones, one pattern repeat less for the width and sometimes one less row) then just make it up to the 6 inches with a round of single crochet (for those who use US terms) or double (if you use UK terms).

    Hope this helps everyone!

    Thanks so much LT81!

  8. This first Jan Eaton looks great Sue!
    So nice to read your stories about delivering your lovely blankets. Thanks for all your hard work Sue!

    I really love the yellow/orange/red square Isolde, great job!

    For Sue and all the Sibolettes: Merry Christmas!

  9. Happy Christmas Sue ! I'm coming over to Uk day after boxing day ( fingers crossed) I'm going to take my Jan Eaton book with me so I don't have to take a bulky project, should be able to send you a parcel of squares soon .
    Wishing you comfort and Joy.
    Louise xx

  10. Oh dear Sue.... I didn't mean for you to start it RIGHT NOW!!!! (I'm kidding!!) :) :) :) Remember you were going to take a little break and rest and relax....maybe work on something for YOURself or do something completely different. I'll see what I can do in a few days from now. I'm still working on slippers...one more to go and then I AM DONE.
    Can't wait to find new things and start experimenting....threw that old to do list out the window and will start with a clean sheet of paper!!
    Have a Wonderful wonderful Christmas....we'll see you on the other side!
    love to all

  11. I've 'shouted out' as my girls would say Marilyn, lets see what happens!

  12. When I need a square to be a particular size, I generally try to work in the round because it is easier to make adjustments to a pattern worked that way. When I find a pattern that comes out the size I need, I generally make several of those. :-) As the other poster said, when you get to say 5 1/2", you need to decide if you can work another round as the pattern suggests or if you need to adjust it. Sometimes I make one choice and have to rip that round back and redo it. Better than having to redo the entire thing though, which I rarely do. There is always someone to use it.