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Monday, 6 December 2010

Delivery Day! - St. George's Home

Hello Everyone,

I'm so happy to be writing this post today.  My friends from all over the World as far as Australia and New Zealand to America and Canada have been supporting me all year round with my SIBOL project. Back in January I asked if anyone wanted to make and donate 6" Crocheted or Knitted  Squares, so I could make them into Blankets for the Elderly in Nursing homes in the UK.  I thought initially of making 6 Blankets if I could, to-date I have made 44.

During the past two weeks I have been getting our Blankets ready and today I visited St. George's Home near to where I live in Shirley, Solihull to hand out 9 of our Blankets.

I first of all rang the Home to ask if they would be interested in receiving our Blankets.  I spoke to Magda - The Manager and arranged to go in at 10.30  this morning.  While speaking to her I gave her the SIBOL web-site address so she could see for herself our beautiful Blankets.

My Husband Colin unfortunately could not come with me due to work comittments but he took some photos of me with the Blankets before I left.

The Blankets were ready........  It was time to leave.........

                                                             I arrived at St.George's Home

As soon as I stepped through the main doors, I had a nice feeling about the Home.  The Staff were most friendly and I was invited into Magda's office.  I sat down and Magda asked me if I wanted a cup of tea. I then told her about SIBOL, explaining how I had initially thought of the idea and telling her all about my own Grandmother who lived to the age of 103. I then went on to tell her how I had asked my on-line Friends if they wanted to help me.  I explained to her that the Squares are sent to me from all over the World and she was amazed. Magda said that she had looked at SIBOL, and she said how nice the Blankets were.

It was nice to chat to Magda because I found out a lot about the Home. It is such a caring environment for the Residents. Activities are organised with the  Activities Organiser and everything is done to make the Residents comfortable.  I was shown around the Home and introduced to several of the Residents, even speaking to one Lady about her Knitting.  It was lovely to see she had her wool by the side of her! Magda also took an interest in my family, I told her about my Brother living locally with his family  and how my Mother still rides her bicycle at 80!

I then went and fetched the Blankets in from the car, everyone said how beautiful they were. I asked if I could have some photographs taken for the SIBOL web-site so you all could see.  I do like to share everything with you. It's important to me that you know I have delivered the Blankets as promised.

One of our Blankets was presented to Mrs. Marjorie Turton.  Marjorie is going to celebrate her 100th Birthday next March.  Magda very kindly rang her family to ask permission for Marjorie's  photograph to be taken and to be shown on our web-site. They agreed and here's the photo.

What a lovely photo of Magda and Marjorie, thank you so much!

Magda with the Blankets.

I asked Magda how she would give the rest of the Blankets out. We both agreed that the rest of the Blankets would be given to Residents who very rarely have visitors. This was my idea back in January.  I know my own Grandmother was very lucky to have Family and Friends visiting but I know there are many who aren't so lucky.

To everyone that has very kindly sent me Squares 'Thank You' from myself and also
'St. George's Home'.

Also a 'Big Thank You' to Magda and her Staff for making me feel so welcome.

I now have to deliver the rest of the Blankets over the next few weeks.



  1. Hello Sue

    It's so lovely to see more of your blankets going out into the world to deserving people. I love the photo of you with Marjorie - it's very touching


  2. You must feel a bit like a secret millionaire ! I really think it is wonderful what you do!

  3. I just couldn't do this. I would be balling my eyes out. What a sweet treat for that lucky lady, so nice to see a picture too.

    You are a treasure, Mrs. TWINS.

  4. What a lovely day , with tears in my eyes I have to thank you for all your effort to make this dream come true and today was the Blessed Day.Congratulations !!! I´m looking foward to mail more squares to the Sibol´s , here I can see where the blankets are going to.This is a Blessing having you and every other friends in the Sibol´s making and crocheting for the elderly and making this wonderful event come true.At the end you can see the results and here they are,I love this post ,one of the most important post in the Sibols.
    Mrs Sue you have made my afternoon....I have such a great moment looking at the picture,you face is looking full of joy.God Bless You and all my friends in the Sibols.

    Happy Holidays !

  5. Yay! How truly wonderful, So fantastic seeing them go to those who really need and appreciate them xxx WELL DONE TO YOU ALL XXX

  6. Thank you Ms. Sue for all your hard work. I'm amazed by you. :)

  7. Sue, its fantastic and such a wonderful time of year to share with those who may not get visitors etc


  9. I just love it, Sue! I think that what you've organized is just fantastic. The squares that have been donated are fabulous and your work putting them together is wonderful. I think that your idea to have the blankets go to residents with few or no visitors is genious. Those individuals will know they are special all the time now.

  10. It's fantastic Sue!
    You bring SUNSHINE, warmth and happiness.
    Wonderful job Sue!
    ~X~ Karin

  11. Amazing Sue! I am actually crying reading the post - imagine being in a home with no one to visit and suddenly you are given a beautiful blanket made with love from the world! It will make them feel special instead of forgotten. Well done Sue and fabulous project - must get a tissue! K x

  12. Thanks for sharing your experience. I Must admit I'm sat here with tears in my eyes. Here's to the next 44 blankets!! I do think however if you are going to do the same next year we should all contribute some additional wool as it must cost you a lot of money to make the blankets up let alone the time. How much wool on average does it take you to make up one blanket ?
    Jayne x

  13. Mrs Sue,

    This makes me happy to read :)) The pictures are so nice to see,hope I can send you new squares in 2011 :))

    A big hug for you to make this possible :))

  14. Hi Sue! It was so lovely to read about you taking the blankets off to their new homes, it must make it seem suddenly so real! Keep letting us know where you're taking them, it's great to see the people receiving them.

  15. Wow Sue, this is how it was meant to be ...!
    It must be so nice to be able to hand over the blankets.

    By the way, I finally stuffed the envelope ... Luckily you have enough squares so you could wait so long for mine ... In Holland the sorting offices will be on strike the next couple of days, so I guess they will arrive somewhere next week.

    Could job dear Sue !!!


  16. Amazing what an achievement Sue. You must be feeling so satisfied. Thankyou for completing the story for all of us. It is gratifying to see them in their new home. Well done!!!

  17. That's awesome!!What a labor of love those blankets are!!God Bless you!!

  18. Wow, my daughter and I are here looking at this beautiful story unfolding at last for this Christmas with tears in our eyes. The best though, was that you and Magda talked about the residents who needed them most...those who had rarely have any visitors. It only takes a moment of time for anyone to visit someone at a home no matter if you know them or not or to leave a lovely little something, even a book or a kind note. Thanks Sue, that's all I need for Christmas!

  19. The blankets look awesome! What a fantastic achievement for you and all your online friends! Its a lovely thought to know each of us have made a small contribution to those peoples lives, even if it is just cheering them up. They must be so grateful for these wonderful gifts!

  20. Oh now look well and truely welled up speechless what a fantastic Day for all of us, i'm so pleased that you helped share this special memory with us and what a beautiful lady you presented the blankie to awwwww xx Sue you looked gorgeous and every inch as proud as we all must be feeling right now i'm babbling i know i'm so pleased i found you and helped fulfil your dream you're the best Mrs Twin's yes you!! thank you xxxxx

  21. such a moving post and a fabulous project! i am trying to make some time for a bit of knitting and when i do i would love to get involved in this.
    my son is an activities organiser in a nursing home and i know how much the recipients of these blankets gorgeous blankets would appreciate them.
    you are a lovely, kind hearted lady.

    warmest wishes xx


  22. Sue, how nice post, this is so wonderful.
    For me it is touching, I almost cried seeing that lady Marjorie and her grateful expression. This reminds me of my grandmother.
    Thanks for having such a big and kind heart, Sue.
    Best wishes and hugs..
    Merchyxxx ^^

  23. CONGRATULATIONS MRS SUE.!!!!!You are a very lovely person.My best wishes from Argentina.

  24. Dear Sue,
    The people at St. George's Home were more than lucky to have you. Many have no one, is heartbreaking to say the least! It's a good and very worthy cause; I commend your devotion to the elderly, because it's good, and because it strikes a personal note to my heart concerning my own parents. Yes, it is very important to care for our elderly as we ourselves will head in that direction sooner or later.
    I'm in awe of anyone who gives their hearts to others in their most vulnerable stage of life. You were a gift to them, and a role model to us.
    “And now here is my secret, a very simple secret; it is only with the heart that one can see rightly, what is essential is invisible to the eye” –Antoine de Saint-Exupery.
    Thank you for sharing! Thumbs up!
    Warmest regards, love and infinite blessings,
    Gloria xxx

  25. As mantas ficaram maravilhosas!! E sua atitude linda:))


  26. I left you a message on flickr Sue , what can I say that hasn't already been said. I hope the old folk that receive the blankets feel the love and the fun that they were made with.
    Well done
    love Louise xx