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Wednesday, 8 December 2010

In reply to your wonderful comments!

Hello Everyone!

Well what a week! Thank you all so much for the wonderful comments that I have received.  I am just over the moon this week after my visit to St. George's Home, where I delivered 9 of our Blankets.

Thank you so much for your comments Cathy. I am so pleased you liked the photo of me sitting with the Blankets in the Conservatory at home. It did take us a couple of attempts to get one with me smiling! I usually end up with my eyes shut. But this one wasn't too bad out of the bunch. I'm so pleased you went over to the Blog and read about my day.  Very nice of you to help me Cathy.

itty bitty0063
So nice of you to comment Brenda. Yes the Home were very pleased to receive the Blankets, I am so pleased they were received well. I hope the Residents enjoy them as much as we have making them. I'm sure they will. They will certainly keep them warm in this cold weather we are experiencing. 'Not that the Home was cold at all though!' Thank you for your help and interest.

Yes it was  a nice Home, local to me near to our Retail Park. You were thanking me in your comment for all I do.  Thank You too, because you have been very supportive to me. I appreciate the Squares you have sent very much.

Elizabeth Cat
A moment captured in a photograph - Yes you are right. What would we do without our photographs? Yes I am pleased to be able to once again show you where I delivered the Blankets.  You remember I went up to Cheshire earlier in the year too. (see the link in the side bar) I'm so thankful to you Elizabeth for the great help I have received from you.

I appreciate your comments Salma.  Salma suggested I used the Butterflies as a 'trade mark' for our SIBOL Blankets. She suggested I always attach them to the Blankets, so this is what I do.  They could be hung anywhere in the Residents room, perhaps on a door knob, or even left on the Blanket.  Salma has also come up with a few names for our Blankets and it's nice that she has given me advice. Thank you Salma.

Well thank you Marilyn.  There is only so much you can crochet for yourself.  After making ripples last year, and lots of pink and peach carnations, I felt it was time to do something else.  As I always think of My Grandmother I had the idea back in December 09 that I would like to make Blankets for the Elderly, so I waited until January to put the idea out on the 'Mrs Twins' blog.  I was amazed that Ladies in the Crafting Community thought the idea was a good one. The Squares soon started coming in, and as you know I thought about making 6! 44 now! Thank you Marilyn for your comments and your help.

Thank you so much for leaving a comment.  If it hadn't of been for you Nettie I would not be making the Butterflies, because I first of all saw them on your wonderful blog. Great tutorials on there.  I am so pleased you wanted to become a SIBOLETTE and thank you too! I agree with you SIBOL has definitely brought us all together. Friends around the world uniting in Friendship and Craft! At the same time we are helping the Elderly Folk in Nursing Homes. I still cannot get over the kindness and generousity of Ladies all around the World.

Thank you Helen. I was worrying a little about the distribution of the Blankets myself. When you have a room of say 30 people how would you determine which people to give the Blankets too, not upsetting anyone. The Home in Cheshire decided to give the Blankets out when the new people arrive. I like the idea
of giving the Blankets to people who don't have visitors, the ones who sit for hours not seeing any family.  Of course there are also special occasions, and what a brilliant way to celebrate a 100th Birthday. I am so grateful to Marjorie's family for giving us permission to take the photograph. It was nice to present Marjorie with a very special gift. I remember when my Grandmother was 100, she hit the front page of the local news. She had a photo taken with my Mother, Aunt and Uncle. Also her favourite Football Club sent her a signed photograph of the team with all the autographs. Of course she had her telegram from the Queen. Such a lot of flowers too. Her room was filled with the most gorgeous flowers. Such lovely Squares from you Helen thank you!

Thank you for your kind comments Ellen. We have all worked so hard this year and everyone has taken such an interest in my project, it's only right that I take 'the end' photos to show you.  When I was speaking to Magda I said that I felt an obligation to my Friends to take a few photos of the Home receiving them. She was only too pleased to allow me to do so.  I also told her how everyone has been so kind sending Squares from all over the World.  Thank you for your help too!

Karin aan de haak
Yes I agree with you Karin, it is a moment we have been waiting for. There will be a few more too! I still have Blankets to deliver. I need to space them out a little because I have things to do at home. I haven't even done anything for Christmas yet.  I have always been so happy to receive your Squares, you have always met my Challenges wonderfully, thank you! Sweet words and hugs too!

Mia Self
I have been so touched by the kind comments too Mia! It's taken  me all my time to read them. Absolutely amazing how everyone has read my post about the Home and left the most generous comments.  Yes Friends from all over the World have come together since January helping me make my project work, even though we are from all corners of the World we have that special thing in common 'Crocheting, and of course  a bit of Knitting!'.  But it is these Crafts that we all have in common and it is amazing how we are making a difference.

Joyce thank you so  much for your comments too. Oh dear we are upsetting you too!  You say you've been tearful also! What are we all like? We are a sentimental lot! As I said to Magda at the Home, we all have Mothers, some of us unfortunately have lost them, but we always think of them. Fathers too. There were actually quite a few Men at the Home, I said Hello and chatted to a few of them. I am so pleased you are following our project and thank you for your kind words.

Manda's challenges
Thank you for your comments. I know the Blankets did look pretty.  When I was getting them ready I stood back and thought to myself 'Yes, they do look nice!' I was proud of them. I said to the Carer at the Home I am quite sad to see them go, but this is why I wanted to do them.  I am actually running out of room now! Well when I first started the project I only ever expected traditional Granny Squares I've been amazed at that too, because our Challenges are certainly bringing the best out of everyone! I showed Magda 'Pilar's Bumble Bee' in the centre of one of the Flower Squares she absolutely loved it. The talent of all my Friends is just fantastic! I was happy to share the photo with you, it's all the different stages of the SIBOL project, isn't it?
Thank you Amanda too for your contributions!

Thanks to everyone that has tagged the photo of me in the Conservatory as one of their favourites! Salma70,
ciocia Mercedes, Loving The Vintage, Dutzie, bonsall, Manda's challenges and Karin for the great 'Just for you' clip art!

I hope you don't mind me acknowledging everyone this way.

Ruth Marie
Yes the photo of Marjorie, myself and Magda was lovely, I thought that too! I just couldn't wait to show you all. Isn't it lovely that we can share these things. I appreciate your comments and your help and I'm so pleased you enjoy looking at the SIBOL web-site. I enjoy doing it.

Saskia @ Crafty Valley
Words in your comment Saskia, 'feeling a bit like a secret millionaire!'. We have a programme in the UK called 'Secret Millionaire!'. I know what you mean. I just felt very honoured that I was allowed to meet the Residents. Magda showed me around the Lounge where the Residents were sitting and it was so nice to say hello to them. I even had a chat with a Family visitor about her crafting at the local Women's Institute.  We got on to the subject of Baby Blankets whether places would accept them or not. She suggested I rang the Womens Institute organisation because she thinks that at one time they did actually make some and was able to donate them. I told her about the problem we had with Childrens Hospitals etc., and the Blanket that we was going to make a while back.  Thank you for your Squares too!

The Garden Bell
I agree with you Kate the visit was quite 'touching'.  I felt that too when we gave the Blanket to Marjorie. I never would have thought that I would be giving one of our Blankets out to such a special Lady. It was a pleasure to meet her. Thank you for your support too Kate, beautiful Squares and beautiful yarn.

Thank you for such sweet words Luna. That is right what you said. We can see where the Blankets are going to. It's so nice that we work all year round with our Challenges, swapping ideas, helping each other with patterns etc., then when finally the Squares are made into Blankets we are able to see where they actually go, and who actually receives them. I know this project is very dear to you and I am truly grateful for your support over the months. Thank you!

Emma Kate
Thank you for your kind comments too! I am so pleased you want to continue helping with our project. Emma was telling me a group of her Friends are hopefully going to send some Squares in the New Year. I was explaining to her that our Challenges have stopped for a short while. This will give me chance to give the Blankets out and to catch up a little.  I do have to sort out the Squares I have got at home, before I can announce any new Challenges. I have to see what colour Squares I will need. I know for a fact that you are all enjoying the Jan Eaton Square Challenge. I am sorry I am keeping you waiting with this one.  It's been such a busy time at home with family commitments and I did really want to finish the Strawberry and Cream Challenge too.

 I will definitely be  putting up another Jan Eaton (2nd Part) Challenge. I just want to get this one finished first. I am progressing with it though, so please bear with me.

If anyone has got ideas for Challenges please pop over to our Flickr Group and leave their thoughts. 
Thank you Emma for contacting me recently and leaving a comment on SIBOL, very much appreciated!

Debi Y
Always lovely to hear from you Debi! I am so grateful for your continued support  and your kind comments on my visit! Thank you.

All the way from Australia. It's amazing how we all live so far away from each other, yet at a click of a button we are all  in each others living rooms! 'or where-ever!'.  Your comments are very much appreciated Maria and I agree Christmas seems the right time of year to give the Blankets out. I suppose a sentimental time for Elderly folk, you know remembering times when they were with their families. Well if they receive one of our Blankets they will know that we have made it with love. Thank you Maria for your help too.

Susi Karin (Brazil)
Você tem comentado algumas vezes em SIBOL agora, e eu gostaria uma vez outra vez de dizer que um grande o agradece fazendo exame de um interesse em nosso projeto para as pessoas idosas.
Eu sou assim que satisfeito lhe pense que é uma idéia boa, se mantem por favor seguir
E sometime talvez você gostaria de fazer exame da parte em escolher um nome para um de nossos cobertores!

Aren't I clever?

Kayren, Pink Daisy Girl
Many thanks for your comment. I am so pleased that you agree with us about who to give the Blankets out to. There is a lot of work that goes on but I enjoy every minute. Especially now when I can go and give the Blankets out, it has given me such a buzz. I feel as though I was meant to do it. I appreciate your comments thank you!

You said in your comment, 'I bring SUNSHINE!'.  Well everyone brought 'SUNSHINE' to SIBOL a few months ago in our 'Sun Theme  Challenge'.  The Squares were amazing, including yours. I am so grateful to you for the beautiful Squares you have sent. You've helped me in many ways too, giving me advice on how to do things. I often get stuck with technical things and Karin is always at the end of an email to give me advice.  I know you enjoy SIBOL Karin, thank you so much for everything!

April Cottage Ramblings
It was a pleasure to share my experience with you all! I just couldn't wait to write the post. Jayne -
You were asking about wool/yarn I use on a Blanket. Well I use the cheap balls of Double Knitting. I often go to the 'pound shop' where you can buy a 100gram ball for just a £1 which is great.  But the cream I often use is £2.25 in Hobby Craft.  This has just gone up a few months ago, 40p actually, which is quite a rise. I did query the price when I was at the cash desk.  The Assistant told me that the prices would be going up again in January with the VAT increase.  So I decided only last week that I was going to try and find other colours in the pound shop to use.  So I'm using white for the Jan Eaton Blanket.  I do prefer Cream. I don't know what it is but I just love Cream 'you may be bored'.  So I use just over a 100gram ball on each Blanket to edge each Square and then do one row of double crochet around the Blanket before I put the border on.

BUT in some Blankets I have been doubling up. For instance in 'Butterfly' the yarn that Posy Linda sent was quite heavy. I do love these American yarns. So using two strands of Double Knitting at the same time gave it some more heaviness. Also in 'Full of Love' Luna's Squares  and 'Blizzard Blooms'.  Damaris sent me 25 Squares do you remember Ladies a while back, I made a Blanket and called it 'Damaris' after her. I used two strands  for that one too.  Also in 'Fun In the Sun'.  OOh, and recently Rebekka's goodies sent me 50 Squares and I made 'Lilac Blooms' and 'White Blossom' I doubled up for those two.

So it all depends on the Squares really, if they are heavier I might double up so I'm using just over  two 100gram balls. Then more for the Borders. But I do tend to go for the cheaper yarn.

I have been thinking lately of ways to source yarn.  I think I'm going to put a notice up in a couple of Libraries to see if anyone has 'unwanted yarn/wool' at home they would like to donate.  You know very often Elderly Ladies have yarn at home they no longer can work with. It may be their hands they have trouble with or even their eyes aren't as good as they used to be. My neighbour recently gave me a bag of odd bits which she had from her Mother-In-Laws House Clearance.  Friends too are helping me 'you know who you are!' I am always so grateful.

But there must be lots of yarn in peoples houses' just sitting there not being used. We could do so much with it. It seems such a waste. I have even put up a notice on-line 'months ago' in a local Ad-site, but haven't had any response.  I'll let you know how I get on with the Libraries.

Thank you Jayne, for leaving a comment. I'd be pleased to hear from you if you have any other ideas.

The Girl
Thank you for reading about my visit. I have three more deliveries to make, so I will be letting you know and hopefully seeing some more photos! I'm so pleased you saw the post! Thank you.

Your Squares have been lovely and I am most grateful for your help. Yes let's hope we can continue to make some nice Blankets! Thanks for your comments!

You are still experiencing postal problems, oh dear! I'll look forward to receiving your Squares thank you.
I'm so pleased you saw the post of my visit. Thank you!

I'm pleased you enjoyed reading about the visit Louise. It is nice to see where the Blankets go to and who  receives them.

Thank you for your kind comments. I am so pleased you enjoyed looking at the Blankets!

Thank you Clara for your kind comments. I agree with you it doesn't take long to visit someone.
I was saying to Magda that unfortunately these days people lead very busy  lives and families find it very hard to visit their Mothers and Fathers. It shouldn't be like this. They may also live a distance away which doesn't help. So unfortunately there are people who sit for hours alone not receiving visits or gifts. I'm sure our Blankets will be of some comfort to them. Thank you Clara.

Yes I was pleased with how the Blankets turned out. We have all achieved something wonderful and I am so grateful to you all. I still have Blankets to give out, so I'm hopefully posting more photos soon. Thank you!

Thank you so much for your comments! I agree with you it must be very touching to receive a Blanket from people you don't even know! How cool is that! Thanks so much for your support Kim.

millie meadowsweet
Thanks for the comments, it's nice you are popping into SIBOL! Your son is an 'Activities Organiser'. Well from what I have heard in two Homes now these organisers are just so.....brilliant! They bring in such a variety of different things to do, keeping the Residents' minds active is very important. Thank you so much for your comments!

I know Merchy you can't help but think of your own Family. I thought this too when I was particularly speaking to Marjorie. As you know my Grandmother was 103. I held her hand just like I did my own Grandmothers.

So ...I hope you don't mind me replying back to your comments this way for a change. I have had so many I just thought it was a different way of doing it.

If anyone has any ideas how they would like to see SIBOL progress. I welcome their thoughts. Please email me sueatpigsty@talktalk.net  It's your group as well as mine!

I'll keep you informed about the next Home visits, thanks for stopping by and for the fantastic comments!


Patty gloria
Thank you very much for commenting. I appreciate your words very much. Yes I totally agree with you.
I was told that even Residents who have family near to them very rarely have visits! Can you believe that!
It's very sad. What does it take to go and spend half an hour chatting!
Thank you for your support too Gloria!

Obrigado tanto para seus comentários amáveis!

Thank you so much for your comments. Well everyone (including yourself) has worked very hard all year, and it's only right that you see the 'end of the journey' for some of the Blankets. Of course there are many more to make.  I'm just loving SIBOL, and I will continue as long as I can.  Thank you!

Handmade In Gibraltar
Louise thank you so much for your comments. I agree with you we are all having such a lot of fun making the Squares, sending them off to SIBOL and me too showcasing them for you all! I just love making the Slide Shows. It's also very nice that we share patterns and give each other advice etc., Thank you for your Squares too Louise.

Thank you so much Tinka for your comments. I am so pleased you are enjoying your Crocheting and that you are enjoying the SIBOL group. It's so nice that this idea of helping the Elderly is reaching out to everyone all over the World, and that it is inspiring them to pick up the hook and try new patterns etc., Of course you know I would be grateful for even a 'basic Granny Square' so I would not want anyone to feel that 'they are not good enough'.  I have a lot of mail saying this from Ladies and this stops them from sending a square. So whether you are a basic Crocheter or 'more advanced' everyone is welcome.  Thank you Tinka for taking an interest in my project and I am so...pleased you are enjoying yourself!


  1. Seriously Sue, you must go get some sleep. This is way above the call to duty. I know it brings you such pleasure, but do you know how much joy it brings to all of us. You have touched each of us with your sweet charity and heart.



  3. I think thanks needs to be given to you too Sue for all your hard work. You always reply to EVERY comment I make so I know that you are doing this for everyone else too and that is just amazing so I personally thank you for that. In addition you have taken the time to have cards printed and have sent these with letters to all the SIBOL gang and for this too I thank you - it's an awful lot of work and I feel priviledged and humbled to have helped such a fantastic project and will certainly help again in the future most definitely!

    Thank you again Sue from the bottom of my heart for all that YOU have done!


  4. I agree with Kate and Ruth Marie...

    Thank you, you're SuperSue!

    ~X~ Karin

  5. Oooohhh Sue, thank you, you bought tears to my eyes with your lovely comments

  6. I will always Thank You ......for your effort on this project.Thanks ....! How small this world is ....this wonderful lady coleccting squares for the Children with Cancer , she lives about 15 or 20 minutes from my City Watauga , Texas ,......then Denton , Texas is near us....Can't believe this ...Mrs. Sue ...God is good.
    I will gather more information about this project.Thanks and have a beautiful weekend.
    Blessings !

  7. i have just had a lovely read of your new posts and now find your sweet reply to my comment :o)

    thank you so much x