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Friday, 31 December 2010

~~~ Important update ~~~ Happy New Year to you all! Challenges 2011


and.........read Manda's Challenges post!

Good Morning Ladies and fellow Sibolettes :)
We have exciting news for you regarding the Circle of friends Square by Priscilla Hewitt :)
It is true that a few of us have been working out a way to achieve the 6" version which i'm pleased to annouce was successful :)
However we have to respect the original designer's wishes of copyright laws and notifying her of any minor alteration's and not doing any photo tutorials without her prior consent, so this in mind i sent her an email expressing our wishes:

Dear Priscilla, i belong to a group of ladies that crochet for a charity called sunshine international blankets of love based in the UK, and we would very much like to do a blanket featuring this particular square, the idea is that 25 seperate ladies each contribute a square made from this gorgeous pattern,

the only snag is : the pattern is designed as being an 8" square and we as a group crochet 6" squares, with your kind permission i would like to alter the pattern slightly so that we can achieve the 6" purposely for this project and if possible do a photo tutorial to accompany the minor changes, i do appriciate the effort that you made to publish this gorgeous square and would naturally like to ask that if you wish to alter it for us we'd be equally delighted.

Here is the link to the site/blog where we have mentioned the possibility of incorperating your square http://sunshineinternationalblanketsoflove.blogspot.com/

my username there is manda's challeges and the lovely lady that put's all these blankets together is Sue we look forward to hearing from you

kind regards Amanda xxx

I also conferred with Sue at every stage to keep her in the loop:)
And so we are extremely pleased to announce that the lovely Priscilla responded very quickly with this reply:

Hi Amanda,

Thank you! I'm flattered that you'd like to use my square for your most worthy charity.
My 6" version of this square is this Antique Pearls square: http://priscillascrochet.net/free%20patterns/Afghan%20Squares/Antique%20Pearls%20Square.pdf When worked in one color instead of two, it looks like a smaller version of the Circle of Friends square. Give it a try and if it's not what you're looking for please let me know and I'll rework te 8" square for you.
Happy crocheting!


Priscilla's Crochet

As you can see from her beautiful response that she is over the moon that we'd like to use her square and has kindly linked an alternative which Jenny picked up on .
Antique pearls
You may also have noted from her response that if we would like to keep to the original she would be willing to draw up a new pattern for us!!
How extremely generous we are flattered too Priscilla xxx
So now we have a decision to make ladies as a group  :) do take a look at the proposed 6" pattern and share your thoughts, it is strikingly similar, i hav'nt worked it up yet but will do as soon as time allows :)
Many thank's Amanda xxx


  1. How kind of her! I will give it a try for sure.

  2. Thanks so much Amanda for doing this. I'll be interested to hear what others would like to do.
    It would be nice to have a new pattern for our SIBOL GROUP!
    Let's see what others would like to do.
    OOh what fun and sleepless nights I'm having!

  3. It's a wonderful thing when a designer can truly share of their talents in such a giving way. All of the squares that have been received for this project are just magnificent and the resulting blankets beyond beautiful. Bravo to the team. Wishing you many blessings in the new year. Tammy

  4. I like the pattern, whichever we choose for ...! I don't have a real preference. So, count me in for this challenge Sue! (I'll wait with crocheting this until we have decided on which pattern to use of course)

    I'd like to wish everybody a very happy 2011!!
    Let's crochet a lot together!

  5. Sorry, I really don't understand all this fussing.
    The only thing that matters:
    Use thinner yarn and a smaller hook and your square will end up 6"x 6"..........That's all!

  6. Happy New Year to all of you ! ....Blessings !

  7. Happy New Year Sue and congratulations on such a fantastic job you have done for 2010. I look forward to seeing more in 2011 and hope to join in more often this year. I will keep my eye on the challenges and hopefully give myself enough time and allow for postage....thats what got me mostly in 2010 :-) I'm sure all those blankets are really being treasured in your snowy cold winter that you are getting!

  8. I'll give making it a try tonight but I'm sure it'll come out beautifully so I'm happy to say go with the antique pearls square.

  9. I made up 2 of these squares last night and thought the pattern was easy to follow and well thought out. I love how this square has a 3D quality to it and thought it very pretty.

    However as the pattern is written for worsted weight yarn (which doesn't seem to be that common over here in the UK like it is in America) I've had to try both a 4.5mm & 5mm hook to get the size right but even with the larger hook I still had to add an extra row of sc to get it to the 6 inches.

    My finished squares can be seen on my flickr stream here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/loopy_jess/5315550186/

  10. Happy new Year Mrs Sue :))

  11. I'm waiting for Amanda to get back to me. Thanks for trying this out Jessica.
    I've seen your Squares on Flickr, they are gorgeous!

  12. Nics blog :)

    I follow your blog ;)

    mvg saramshobby