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Friday, 10 December 2010

Blankets sent to the Nursing Home/Are you interested in helping Children in America?

Hello Everyone!

Today I'm saying thank you for all the lovely comments, it's so nice that you have taken the time to reply on my visit to the Nursing Home.

These were the Blankets donated to St. George's Home on Monday. Thank You!

'Guy Fawkes Delight'

'Bonfire Challenge' Blanket - 'please add note' if you see your Square (if you can!)....>

'Christmas Spirit'

'Christmas Spirit' - Named by Aussie Maria. Ladies 'that dreaded question! Please Add Note!'

'Strawberry Sundae'

Thanks to everyone who contributed Squares for this Challenge 3/4. Please 'add note' if you see your Square!

'White Blossom'

and came up with this......You have a lot of 'add notes' rebekka's goodies! All Yours!........> Ta - Dah! SIBOL 41. 'White Blossom'. Thank You!

'Spring Wattle'

Aren't these Squares just so lovely? ......> (Please 'add note' to your Square!)..........>

'Full of Love'

Please 'add note' to your Square (if you can spot it!). 'Full of Love' - named by shiloandspeiky.

'Ring 'O Posies'

If you see your Square 'Please Add note!'.

'Wedgwood Willow'

Please 'add note' to your Square. Thank You! 'Wedgwood Willow'

'Flower Magic'

Thank you dear Friends for your Flowers! 'Please Add note to your Square'.

Beautiful Blankets for a beautiful Nursing Home 'St. George's'.


I was asking for ideas on my post the other day. I was wondering how you would like to see SIBOL 'progress'.   Brenda (itty bitty0063)  sent me a mail and she was asking if we would consider sending a group batch of Squares to help a Charity in America helping  Children with Cancer.   Now all the details are below in this link. Would you like to read it yourself, see what is involved and let me know whether you think this is a good idea. Just leave me a comment below the post.  

http://thiseclecticlife.com/share-a-square-2010-faq/ she is trying to
make 150 blankets for children with cancer and at last count still
needs close to 8000 squares (she makes them with 80!!! 6 inch squares
in each) it would be kind of cool to say SIBOL sent "these" squares
this is totally up to you.

I was thinking of sending a Group package on behalf of SIBOL of 80 Squares. One from each person if I can. Each Blanket will have 8O different Squares from 8O different people. I will only send 80. Now if you want to send anymore on yourself you will find the address on the link. So anymore received will be used for SIBOL. I'm not being funny when I say that, but I really have my own Charity work to look after. That takes an awlful lot of time for me (and money).

If any Squares come in for this Charity in America, I don't feel that I can 'showcase' each Square like I do the SIBOL ones. I  will not be putting them on Flickr (keeping a visual record so to speak) and I don't think I will be taking photos for SIBOL Blog. Maybe one when I have collected the 80.

I feel so strongly about the Elderly.  It would be nice to help out other Charities from time to time, but I don't really want this being a massive part of SIBOL, although it is 'Sunshine International Blankets of Love'. 

I hope you all have a nice weekend. I'm off to St. George's Nursing Home on Saturday evening with my Husband because Magda has invited us to watch a play which  she has organised for the Residents.

Bye for now


  1. Sign me up! I will make you one over the weekend and send it to you in the post. Absolutely brilliant idea!

  2. I am absolutely amazed at your generosity and the creativity of all those who have crocheted and contributed to such a wonderful cause. You have taken each square and combined them so beautifully! God Bless you abundantly for all that you do. Tammy

  3. I think it would be a great idea Sue. I'll send a couple in. :)

  4. You can count on me!
    I will send one or two!
    Great idea.

  5. I think it is a lovely idea for SIBOL to send out squares to different causes around the world occasionally. Maybe we could take it in turns to suggest possible charities a few times a year?

    I would be happy to do one or two squares as I'm almost through my Christmas craftathon and should have enough time to do some more squares.

  6. Thank you Jess for your comments. It would be nice 'occasionally' to help out other projects as a Group.

    Can I just say Ladies it's only ONE Square from each person. I'm aiming to send out a parcel of 80 from 80 different Ladies thank you!

  7. Yes, very good idea but I understand that SIBOL is a charity in itself so to do this on a regular basis is too much for Mrs. Twins. This could be an opportunity for someone to take the reign if they want to do this particular thing perhaps. The occasional or one time here sounds fine. Another person could do this and also donate to SIBOL.

  8. Hello again everybody,
    Ok Sue understood, only one square per person, it is perfectly ok for me.

    But I agree with Clara too, this can be too much for Mrs Twins, these are 80 squares. And we all know you already have too much work with the SIBOL blankets. Well, the decision is up to you... You are such a generous person.

  9. Good Morning Sue,
    oh my gosh, you totally astound me. Congratulations to you and all your wonderful work. I was reading your post above and I totally understand you are only able to do the one blanket. I am not able to contribute to this one myself as I am trying to make up more scarves I have here for our local Cancer unit. I do have a few squares made up to post to you for next year's batch of SIBOL blankets and will get them in the post to you after Christmas. It's rather quite warm here in Australia now, and my crochet has dropped right back because my eczema flares up in the heat with the yarn. I do manage to sneak in a few hooks later at night when its cooler.
    I think its wonderful of the nursing home to give the blankets to those who dont have visitors.
    Thank you again for all your wonderful work you do.

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  11. Merchy and Clara,
    I have emailed Brenda to ask if she would like to gather the Squares together as it was her idea in the first place. She can of course say they are from our Group, if everyone wants to send to her. It might make more sense, lets see what she says.
    Thank you for your consideration towards me. I think it would be more work for me really, but I never like to say no, thats the trouble.
    You all know my heart lies with the Elderly too. Not that other Charities do not matter they do, but its the Elderly who I'm really aiming at.
    Thank you both. xx

  12. http://ittyspage.blogspot.com/

    Ladies - Update!
    Brenda is going to collect the Squares. So if you are interested in doing this. Please go to her blog and leave a message or email her on
    itty_bitty0063@yahoo.com for her address. She will then post them off.
    Thank you Brenda,
    Thank you Clara and Merchy!

  13. just too many things going on! First of all, so many congratulations on delivery the blankets to the nursing home.Fantastic job Sue!! Love the photos, and it looks like you had a great time indeed!
    Secondly, I agree, it's a great idea to help in other charity projects as a group, but I think that might be just too much for you! So it's so great and kind of Brenda to offer herself to deliver the squares for America! Other option is to send them by ourselves, saying we belong to Sibol. I mean, it's kind of weird to make two deliveries, cost double, and imagine Sibolettes from America sending the squares to Brenda and then Brenda sending them again back to America! that sounds kind of strange to me! I don't know if I'm explaining myself here, I think I'm getting all mixed up, or I haven't fully understood the whole question. I think I'll email Brenda to clear things!
    Anyway, Congratulations again Sue for the delivery of the blankets, I feel so proud of you!
    Lots of love from Spain

  14. Hello Pilar,
    Thanks so much for your comments, I'm pleased you enjoyed reading about the visit.
    I mailed Brenda asking her to collect. But thats a really good idea, simply putting up an idea eg. Children in America and then letting everyone do their own. Saves postage, so expensive!
    Thanks for that Pilar.
    Love Suex

  15. Hello!!

    I want to say thanks to all the ladies for receiving the idea so well, My main intent for mentioning this to Mrs Twins was to get the word out about what Sandy is doing for the children.
    I totally agree that for Mrs Twins to try to send 80 squares is insane - the postage for that would be huge. It can be worked any way each lady likes, anyone who wants to can send the square to me and I will forward it, or it can go directly to Sandy- her address is on the website http://thiseclecticlife.com/
    she would like the squares tagged so she knows who they are from simply put: "Your name" -from SIBOL-in the country you live in. she laminates them and puts each blankets worth on a binder ring so the children can look back in the years to come and say "Mrs Twins from UK sent this square to me" If the squares are coming to me to forward, just drop me an email so i know to look for it.

  16. Mrs Sue
    I posted info on my blog for anyone with questions. http://ittyspage.blogspot.com/
    if this doesn't answer the questions perhaps if everyone reads her faq sheet it will help


  17. how wonderful, i did think it was too much for Sue 80 all at once is a huge postage bill, i love the idea of sending them of on behalf of Sibol and will certainly whip one up for her and mail on. :)

  18. You can count me in Sue. I think posting in behalf of SIBOL is better too otherwise the postage will be HUGE. x

  19. Our thanks to Sue who came on Wednesday and presented us with an arm full of wonderful blankets with the most amazing colours and artistic designs that we had ever seen. To call them sunshine blankets is so appropriate as they definately brought a ray of sunshine to St Bernards. Many thanks to all the wonderful people who support Sue.