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Saturday, 11 December 2010

St. George's invite us to watch a play

Hello Everyone!

When I visited the Nursing Home on Monday 'St. George's', Magda invited me back this evening to watch a play they were putting on for the Residents. 

So this evening  my Husband and myself  went back arriving at 7.00pm.  We were offered Wine and Sherry and we sat down to watch some actors perform 'Beauty and the Beast'.  It was a brilliant performance and there were plenty of songs to sing a long to!

Here are some photos I'd like to share with you.

After the play finished we had this

Two bowls each of the most beautiful Curry I have ever tasted and also mince pies! After that they held a Raffle.

Magda thanked me in front of everyone once again for our Blankets. I even had to stand up!
When she came over to me she said that they had given two Blankets out and the rest would be given out Christnas Day, I thought that was ideal.

When we got back home my Husband took a photo of me for our Blog.

We both had a lovely evening, and Magda said I could pop back any time.

I thought you might like to read about our evening out.

The Ladies interested in doing a Square for the Children in America, hold on to your Square until we have the address sorted out. We may be sending to Brenda, but it makes sense to send direct to the Charity concerned. I'm waiting to hear back from Brenda, thank you to all that are interested. Have a good weekend everyone!


  1. I bet that was great fun!!! haven't been to a play since the children left elementary school.

    I've posted about the children for any who want to read it, on SIBOL and mine

    have a wonderfull weekend

    Love Brenda

  2. Yeaaaa.....hurrayyyy Mrs. Sue ....congratulations .....that´s a very lovely afternoon , good for you ,after so much work what a great feeling ...... for real ! I bit you were feeling so proud of a very lovely chalenge after so many months waiting for squares , mails , E mails , answers and now the real moment.You and The Sibol are blessed.


  3. What a fun evening this looked to be. Nice job getting Mr. Twins to snap a few. Did you make your sweater...oh, that's right you all call them cardi-s, right?

    Bad blizzard tonight here, so we are all buttoned up till at least Monday. 6-8 inches on it's way... then down to -25..... Why didn't I book Floriday this March?

    Off to beddie-bye.

  4. I am so pleased you were invited to take part in such a lovely afternoon with Magda and staff. They appreciated your kindness and have shown it too. It is so nice the residents have these activities. I think it was very generous to even tell you how they plan to give out the blankets. How wonderful. You look beautiful in your sweater that I just bet you made! Thanks for sharing this with all of us.

  5. Hi Sue, what a nice evening, I am glad you had such a lovely time. The play seems fun!
    Great idea to deliver part of the blankets on Christmas Day.
    Thanks for sharing this, it is so nice of you.

    Regarding the Square for the childen in America, I have read everything at Brenda's blog. I guess I'll send the square directly to Sandy at Share a Square, with a note telling I belong to SIBOL. Does that make more sense? I think so.
    Have a wonderful day!

  6. Sue, what a wonderful evening!
    You deserve to be in the spotlight for a few moments!

  7. Hi Ladies!
    Thanks for the comments!
    In answer to your question, my cardigan was 'supermarket' bought! No I didnt crochet. But years ago I did crochet one very similar.
    The play was brilliant, and yes we were made to feel special it was lovely. After the play, the food, the raffle, I went round the Ladies and Gents to have a natter it was lovely to speak to some of them. They seemed to enjoy the show and were all quite happy!

    I think possibly it would be a good idea to send the Squares straight to Sandy. Please do what ever you feel comfortable with.
    Thank you for helping out!

  8. How nice that you were invited for the play and some lovely food. Giving out our blankets at Christmas time sounds lovely too.
    You look so happy on the photo.

  9. Wonderful. I'm glad you enjoyed it you deserve it.

  10. sounds like a perfect evening :)

    i just love your colourful header photo.. all those gorgeous blankets!

  11. Fabulous!! what a treat ooh Sue you'll be worn out come Christmas day but what fun, THe residents belong to a gorgeous home i remember way back going round our local one singing Carol's with the sunday school, ooh that takes me back a bit, it does make a huge difference and i'm glad you got to share a special evening with them all xxx