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Monday, 17 January 2011

Good News for SIBOL! Yarn Donation.

Good Afternoon Everyone!

Wow!   That's all I can say! Do you know what exciting news I have just received from ATheeC (Flickr) Tinka/Martine in Belgium?

Well she has just mailed me with some exciting news that has recently happened to her. For the first time she ordered her yarn over the internet. When she ordered the yarn she mentioned our Crocheting and Knitting Group 'SIBOL' giving Links to my Flickr and Blog site.  Tinka (Martine) asked Gemma who she ordered the yarn with whether she had any 'left over yarn' that she would like to donate to our SIBOL project for the Elderly? Tinka promised her that if she had, I would put a link up on my web-site.

Well......dear 'SIBOLETTES!'  Guess what!!!! 

Today Tinka/Martine has received her order and Gemma has 'very kindly' put extra yarn into the box for SIBOL use.  She has sent 400gr - 16 skeins of 25 gram' beautiful yarn! Just look at this gorgeous yarn Ladies!!

This yarn has 'very kindly' been donated to SIBOL

By  http://www.remyhandwerken.nl/

Isn't this yarn just lovely! What wonderful colours!

I must 'personally'  thank them for this SIBOL donation it truly is so kind of you. I am so very pleased that you think our SIBOL project for the Elderly is a worthwhile cause.  We as SIBOLETTES work extremely hard all year round making Crocheted and Knitted Squares.  These in turn are assembled by myself and made in to 'Sunshine Blankets' for the Elderly in the UK. I have hand-delivered 'personally' 44 of our 'Sunshine Blankets' to Elderly Ladies and Men in the Nursing Homes.  A lot of these people do not have visitors and sit for hours alone.  It is so nice to know that a gift of a  'Sunshine Blanket  brings a smile to their face and sends Love and Warmth to them knowing that someone cares and thinks about them.

Thank you so much to Gemma and her company for thinking of the Elderly in this way.  Every one that belongs to SIBOL, myself and my 'SIBOLETTES' are very grateful to you, Thank You!

I do hope everyone will pop over to the web-site. http://www.remyhandwerken.nl/
It is my absolute pleasure to link you.



  1. Wow, that's wonderful! Sometimes all you have to do is ask... :)


  2. What a nice gesture!
    Lovely spring colours....

  3. Nice colors ,a rainbow full of pretty color for the blankets .very nice from her.Congratulations ! ... this is a sign of how the Sibol is growing.
    Have a beautiful week.

  4. Eine tolle Aktion!
    Viel Spaß damit...;O)
    Lieben Gruß aus Deutschland, *Manja*

  5. Wow - what a lovely donation, such pretty colours :-) Hooray for emyhandwerken!

  6. Aren't you just the lucky one. Great colors too. Off to add a new friends and Sibolette.

  7. A very generous gift and such beautiful colours. They will work up wonderfully

  8. oh Mrs Twins, how wonderful and thank you for the wonderful wool. This is fantastic. It's stories like these that need to hit the headlines alot more often. Mateship, reaching out, asking for nothing in return. I love it. Thanks for letting us know. Bless.

  9. How lovely and so generous, i'm popping over for a look now :-)

  10. ah sue thats fantastic , as i no its such a nice feeling when someone wants to send a gift , how lovely xxxlove mel xxx

  11. Charlene Smith6 March 2012 at 13:23

    I am manager of an elderly/disability homesite and would like to teach some women how to crochet. As my income is limited (I am a senior as well) I only have a few crochet needles and little yarn. If anyone would be willing to donate a few needles and/or yarn please write me at trilbyrental@yahoo.com and thanks for reading this.