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Sunday, 9 January 2011

New Venture for SIBOL

Hello Everyone!

I have a very important announcment for you, some of you may already know.

On Friday SIBOL went 'live' over on Ravelry.  Yes, Ravelry!

During the last week I had an email from Aishwarya (arien 156 Flickr).  She was asking me whether I had thought about going on Ravelry.  I explained to her that Ladies had already asked me before, and I wasn't that keen on the idea. I think the reason why I said no before was that I had not long set up SIBOL, I was just getting it off the ground.  Aishwarya very kindly offered to set the Group up for me. She said she would
take responsibility for me, the daily running etc.,  Well this time I said yes.  The actual SIBOL web-site is a year old on February 28th and I thought maybe it was time to venture out into new ground.

Aishwarya is such a sweet lady, she has worked so hard for the SIBOL Group.  She has studied hard my Flickr photostream and she has taken from there all the 44 'Sunshine Blankets' and loaded them all up on to Ravelry. She has even put all the names with them. Nothing has been too much trouble for her, she has enjoyed the whole process.  She communicates with me every step of the way and keeps me in touch with everything.

When we receive Squares in 2011, all these Squares from you will be loaded up on to Ravelry so others can see them and I think the really nice thing about Ravelry is that we can all get on-line and have a chat over there! It's going to be such fun! I do hope you will check it out.

I'm sure we would all like to thank Aishwarya for her help in doing this wonderful thing for our Group. It is her way of helping us she said.  It's absolutely amazing how the internet can bring us all together don't you think? She's in Singapore and I'm here in the UK! Yet, we can do things like this. Wonderful! Thank you so much Aishwarya!

Thanks to everyone that has already been over to Ravelry.  If you haven't checked us out yet, please pop over and tell us how you found SIBOL and how you are enjoying the Group. We'd all be very pleased to say hello to you, don't be shy!

Blanket wise, I've been working on the Black and White theme.  I hope it's not too long before I can show you  on Flickr and SIBOL.

I  hope you are all having a good weekend, until next time thanks for visiting.!


  1. Hi Mrs. Sue and all the Sibol's Group.This so ice from Aishwary , veru kind and sweet.Congratulations.....Mrs. Sue .This is growing and I can see a lot more in the future.Blessings to all of you and have a warm weekend.


  2. I like Ravelry and it will be great for the SIBOL group. It will be wonderful for keeping track of all your SIBOL projects Sue. Aishwarya sent me an email announcement to join the group on Ravelry just the other day. You've been carrying a heavy load all by yourself so it is great to see volunteers like Aishwarya helping you out. Thanks so much Aishwarya!

  3. And the friendship continues to be shared around the world. Much like the picture at the top with everyone holding hands.
    This is a fantastic idea and wonderful of Aishwarya to help out.
    Joined the group yesterday. And I must admit, I am on Ravelry nearly every day now

  4. Just wanted to say how happy I was to see SIBOL join Raverly!! and yes isn't it ultra cool how the internet puts us all in the same room for chatting and trading ideas?!

  5. Thank you Mrs.Sue for giving me the chance to help you out with the group.Thanks everyone for appreciating the Ravelry group.. Enjoy!! :) - Aishwarya..

  6. This is very good news!
    See you all on Ravelry too!
    ~X~ Karin

  7. Simply Fabulous thank you Aishwarya xxx i was beside myself when an invite was in my inbox i couldn't believe it it's great knowing so many of us are already there,:) You are in safe hands Sue,i've just got to be extra careful now when posting my pics hehe ;) xxx

  8. I have already joined SIBOL group in Ravelry! Many many thanks to Aishwarya for the great job she did~

  9. Aishwarya you are an angel :-) How fantastic for the SIBOL group Mrs Twins, see you over at Ravelry :-)