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Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Happy Birthday Kimblesathome! Squares from the UK!

Good Afternoon Everyone!

Well hi, how are you?  First of all thanks so much for visiting me today here on the SIBOL web-site.  I do hope you are going to be inspired once again by the Squares you are about to see!  I've had Squares come in from the UK today and I can't wait to show you them. 

First of all we have belated Birthday wishes for Karin. It was her Birthday last week and I really should have wished her Happy Birthday then. We have Daughters the same age 25 now and we both had their Birthday celebrations going on last week.  So time has been running away with us both. So I'm terribly sorry I am late saying on here Karin.  Please pop over to her beautiful blog and say hello!

But also today we are celebrating Kim's Birthday too. So Happy Birthday Kim! I hope you have a wonderful day!

First of all Teresa has been mailing me and I would just love to say how nice it has been to have a chat with her. She has been asking me how SIBOL started and how many Nursing Homes I have delivered our Blankets too.  I said on my last mail that I would put up a Slide Show for her of my Nursing Home visits. It is in the Side Bar, but I will make this one larger for her. I have delivered 44 'Sunshine Blankets' just before Christmas and I have some of course which are waiting to be given out.

For you Teresa here's the Slide Show.
If you want it to go faster touch the + key.
If you want to stop and look at a photo just touch the photo with your mouse.

Thank you for taking such an interest in our project Teresa.

Now it's time for Squares!  OOh goodness, don't we just love Squares!

I've had two sets come in today from the UK.  The first  set  is from crochet3love (Flickr).  crochet3love has sent me two gorgeous Squares. Now the tree Square will be perfect for either the Farmyard or the Spring Challenge. I want you to look closely because crochet3love has some tiny beads sewn on. They are just adorable. I absolutely love them! 

crochet3love (UK) Your Squares arrived Today! Thank You!

Aren't they lovely? Thank you so much for taking part in our Challenges, I think the Squares are beautiful.  The Butterfly Square also has tiny beads in the centre. Such fantastic ideas for SIBOL. Thank You crochet3love!

We move on to Gilly Lilly (Flickr).  Gilly Lilly has sent me such lovely Squares too.  OOh I do get excited......
Just take a look at these Squares they are so fresh looking. I love the patterns of the Squares and I also love the colour combinations.  Such a pleasure to receive your Squares also Gilly Lilly, thank you!

Gilly Lilly (UK) Your Squares arrived today! Thank You!

I  hope you two Ladies don't mind me combining your Squares in one Slide Show.  I have made it for you both so sit back and enjoy!

Thanks to everyone that has been emailing me and leaving a comment about SIBOL. I am so pleased you are been 'inspired'.  It's a pleasure to receive these beautiful Squares, but it's also a pleasure to show YOU!
I  know you enjoy looking at them too!

Now don't forget our 'Royal Wedding' Challenge.  We have to have the Squares in by 18th March, so there isn't a lot of time. Go back a post if you haven't heard about our Challenge.

I've just had an email come in from my Brother Kevin. He is married to Suzie and they have two children George and Katie.  Katie (16)  asked my Mother the other day if she could borrow some photographs of my Grandmother. Katie has to draw an Elderly person for her Art work at College. My Mother found out this photograph of my Grandmother when she was 100.  She is standing holding her telegram fron the Queen.

Just take a look at Katies drawing. It's brilliant.

I think she's made a smashing job of it. Thanks Katie for letting me put this on my web site!

Have a good day everyone I'm off to do my ironing :( !


  1. Well done Katie. A family of artists!!! Gorgeous squares. Please count me in for the royal wedding blanket I also have spring, flower and farmyard to send. I will put them all in together really soon.

  2. Cuanta creatividad hay en este blog!!

  3. Hi Ms.Sue...you sure have been busy! Love the new squares, can you imagine the time spent on those beads! Blows my mind! And how lovely are those colorful flowers:)
    What a wonderful drawing of your grandmother, it's perfect. Looks like a mirror image of the photograph. Katie is extremly talented!
    Wish you the best, take care! xoxo

  4. Hola Sue!!! Me han gustado muchisimo estas plaza, son preciosas. Cuanto me gustaria hacer esas maravilas, bueno algun dia lo conseguire, y cuando este segura que lo hago bien yo tambien aportare mis plazas. Un besazo para para todas las personas que hacen esta gran labor, incluida tu Sue.

  5. Wowww, you've had wonderful squares again Sue!

    Thank you for the Birthday wishes.


  6. Wow, lovely squares especially the Butterfly one! Thank you for the lovely Birthday wishes too! Katies drawing is amazing, thats one to frame for the family xx

  7. Sue, thank you so much for including the slide show. All of the pictures are fantastic. A real motivator. The picture drawing is sooo nice. Thanks again for all of your input.