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Monday, 21 February 2011

Tah dah Yorkshire style

Hello dear SIBOLETTES, I have a small surprise today and a story to tell.
A few weeks back Mrs Sue was organising a new year of blanket making, reflecting on the success of the year gone by and beginning new projects. I became concerned that as the number of willing helpers had increased, Sue would have an overwhelming task on her hands.
I mentioned this to her and asked if anyone lived near by to give her a hand. Sue said “ Are you offering Louise” Gulp, was my first reaction then I just thought why the heck not. What better way to understand a persons life (or part of it) than by walking a mile in her fluffy slippers (are they? I have no idea, mine are so I’ll go with that)
Soooooo, some time later I had a precious delivery of squares from around the world, yarn and a cart blanch from Sue to “Let your personality shine through.
Now, fair to say Sue has been kind, most of the squares were uniform in size so could be relied on to be swiftly joined without resizing, well done ladies, that makes SUCH a difference. I used a flat braid join as you go method which gives an open lacy border to each square, plus its so quick. I have then grannied my little heart out round the edge in sugared almond colours.
I have love LOVE LOVED this project, Sue was always so worried that it was too much and a burden but I can say nothing like that. Its been an honour and a privilege to be trusted with such precious work which I hope that I have done justice too.
Now I have no clue how to get it onto flickr for you to claim your squares, we might have to wait until Sue gets this in the post before that happens. Now as for naming, I am quite bad at it so can I have help? I would like to name this after my Maternal Grandmother Florence who would have loved this whole enterprise and would have likely made a few squares. She spent her latter years in a wonderful home.
Thanks for listening I hope you like the blanket.

Sues' Monday's message.

Thank you so much Louise for making up these Squares! I'm sure all the Ladies visiting SIBOL today will think the same. I just love the border that you have made and I particularly like the idea of the 'flat braiding' too! The  blanket is gorgeous. So it's SIBOL 55! Well done to you and I'm pleased you enjoyed the 'SIBOL EXPERIENCE!!!!'.  So now Ladies, let's have some names for Louises' Blanket please!!

Can I remind you I'm not accepting 'Giveaway' Entries on SIBOL' comments. You will have to pop over to Ravelry to do this.  Join Ravelry, Join our SIBOL Group, and then go to Topic Posts. You will see a topic listed 'SIBOL Giveaway Feb 2011'.  Please say
Hi Sue, Please enter me in your Giveaway!

That's all you have to do.  It's nice to have the names all in one place over there and then I will use the Random Generator to find two lucky winners. Entries will only be accepted until February 27th Midnight when our Giveaway closes.  Winners will be announced February 28th on SIBOL. Thank you!

'Two Tone Green'  - does anyone have any more Squares for this one please?
Can I remind you about the Spring Challenge, Farm Challenge, and of course......

The Royal Wedding Challenge.  Please get your Squares in by March 18th for this special Challenge.  Please go back posts and read all about our 'competition blanket idea'.

I've had some Squares arrive this morning from Belgium.  ATheeC has very kindly sent me in some Squares from herself, her neighbour Maria and her Daughter Annelinde.

It's so nice when new Ladies want to join SIBOL. I'm very grateful to ATheeC's neighbour Maria for her gorgeous Squares.  You are now a 'SIBOLETTE' Maria 'Welcome'.

I have sent you some Flowers 'to say thank you!'.

Maria, thank you I love your Squares! So pleased you joined our project!

Also many thanks to Annelinde for her Squares and Tinka too!  Please ask Maria to come and see her Squares in your Slide Show now! Make her a cup of tea and enjoy!

Created with flickr slideshow from softsea.

For those of you living in the UK.  I have a programme to watch this evening BBC 1 at 9.00pm. It's about the Elderly in Residential Homes. It looks really interesting.....I don't think you will spot any of our Blankets there 'yet!'. ha.ha.  It's all about younger people going into homes and sharing their skills.

Bye for now.


  1. Hi Mrs. Sue ...this is cute and with some of light and soft colors make it seem so warm.

  2. OOh thank you Louise 'for telling the story!'. I will try and get it on to Flickr for you.
    Then when it arrives here I will take some more photos! Thanks so much. You have made a splendid job, it looks absolutely gorgeous!
    I'm so pleased you enjoyed making it. Your method too of flat braid looks really really lovely!
    Well done ooh goodness I'm over the moon! Thank you! x

  3. Louise did a beautiful job. The colors are so soft. Ionia this blanket will be loved.

  4. Well done, Louise! I like your blanket. Why not call it Florence's joy.

  5. Louise you have done a wonderful job and so kind to lend a hand - congrats

  6. Flowers for Florence, perhaps? Very nicely done!

    Renee :)