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Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Royal, Farmyard, Spring, Two Tone Greens, take a look at these! Squares from France and the UK!

Good Afternoon Everyone!

Just would like to thank Louise for yesterday's post.  If you haven't already read the post she wrote please do pop back a post and have a look at her beautiful Blanket.  She is asking for a name on this one.  She would like to name it after her Grandmother Florence.  Do you have any ideas please?  She has been very
kind helping me out with making a Blanket and I'm sure you'll all agree she made a beautiful job of it.

Ta - Dah! SIBOL 55. 'In proper Yorkshire Style!' A 'Sunshine Blanket' made up for me by 'lulabelle1967!' Thank you so much, it's gorgeous Louise! 'please add note!'.


If you are a 'SIBOLETTE' please click the Ravelry button at the top of the web-site and enter my Giveaway. Closing 27th February at Midnight. So do hurry up, I wouldn't want you to miss it. You have to leave a comment in the Giveaway Topic Post.
Hi Sue, Please enter me in your Giveaway!
Best of Luck everyone!
Yummy yarn and a surprise gift up for grabs. Two winners!!!
Do join in with new ideas over on Ravelry SIBOL Group, arien156 has been working very hard to have fun with the Group!


Now....The 'Royal Wedding' Challenge Squares have already started coming in.  Do you want to see them? We already have some brilliant ideas.  If you haven't read about our 'Royal Wedding' Challenge please do go back a couple of posts and have a read.  We are making a special Blanket for a competition.  It has to have a Royal favour to it, because Prince William and Kate Middleton are getting married very soon.  I have asked 'SIBOLETTES' if they want to make a Square depicting something to do with Royalty/Wedding.  We've had some wonderful ideas already come in today and I want to share them with you. Please take part.
I want to make a really 'unique' Blanket which will be sent off and auctioned to raise funds for one of Prince Williams charities.  But there are three prizes, and I'm hoping that our Blanket will be chosen.  Go back a couple of posts and have a read, see what you think. Would you like to take part?

Anyway, let's get on.....

First of all crochet3love (UK) has sent me in two Squares. The first one she has named 'Queen of Hearts Crown'.  She has named this Square after Princess Diana. She is extremely sad that Princess Diana won't be able to see her son get married and I think this Square is a wonderful tribute to her.  crochet3love particularly likes working with beads and I'm sure you'll agree she has finished it off beautifully with them.

crochet3love (UK) Your 'Royal Squares' arrived today! Thank You!

The other Square is great too. I think the gold thread around the Heart gives it a 'regal' favour. I love your Squares crochet3love and I know you enjoyed making them for the Blanket, thank you so much!

Next we move on to Kathy (France).  I can't believe how quickly Kathys' Squares have arrived! They are both beautiful. I think such a clever idea of making a cute 'garter' in this Square! The other one too a Wedding Cake is just lovely! Once again finished off beautifully with gold thread. I love both the Squares Kathy thank you!

Kathy (France) Your Squares arrived today! Thank You!

OOh......I'm getting excited just looking at these Squares!  But...we have more 'Royal Squares'.  These ones are from bonsall (UK).

bonsall has sent me in two Squares and once again the imagination of you Ladies never fails to amaze me! The first Square has two gold rings in the middle and has the two names sewn on. The other a Crown with their initials once again.  bonsall you have made a lovely job of both Squares thank you so much, I love these too!  Such brilliant ideas! I love them.

bonsall (UK) Your Squares arrived today! Thank You!

Have the Ladies given you any inspiration? I do hope so. Have a go and join in the fun with us. They have to be here by March 18th.  Thank you.

Well you know we are also having a 'Spring' Challenge and also a 'Farmyard' one.  Not to mention the 'Two Tone' Green Challenge.  Well Squares have come in this morning from Joyce28.  Joyce28 has sent me in Squares before.  She knits beautifully and has some brilliant ideas!  Would you just take a look at her Squares they are gorgeous!

Joyce28 (UK) Your Squares arrived today! Thank You!

I think the Square with the Butterfly on, is really.....nice.. Of course I love the piggie one too with his curly tail.  OOh.....wonderful Squares Joyce28, many thanks!

I've had such fun today.  A lot of work as you can imagine but it's all worth it.......
Thank you to our SIBOLETTES who have sent the Squares in today.

Just before I go.....I found out last week that SIBOL had a letter printed in the UK's 'HobbyCraft' magazine. I think I must have sent this letter up months ago.  I would really like to obtain a back copy if possible. I would pay for the magazine and postage costs if  anyone has one out there. Thank you. My email address is

One of those mornings today.....I went to Tesco to do a bit of shopping, mainly yogurts and fruit. I didn't see the flood of water from one of the chiller cabinets on the floor! I absolutely went flying! OOh, yes there was a 'slippery' sign on the floor, but I was busy looking for the yogurts on the shelves as I was approaching that I didn't notice it.   I was okay at the time but I'm starting to ache now, so I think I am going to have five minutes now I've posted with a cup of tea I think......   I did complain, wouldn't you? I'm not a complainer at all, but there was an elderly lady just standing at the side of me and as I said to the Deputy Manager it could have been her quite easily! As I walked out of the store I glanced over the flood of water was still there! Probably happen to someone else!  Nevermind I'm okay.

I do hope you have enjoyed looking at the Squares.  A lot of work today but aren't they just all lovely! Thank you to everyone that has sent in Squares today and for everyone else that takes an interest in SIBOL!
A joint Slide Show for you all now, enjoy!

Created with flickr slideshow from softsea.


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  1. Oh Sue, Poor You! Have a nice warm bath this evening, I bet you will ache tomorrow - lucky escape I say you could have broken something. Take care. I love the squares coming in I am hoping to work on my contribution soon, been laid up this week with a dodgy stomach! Have already completed a farmyard one and a spring one - my first attempt at pictures and it sounds silly, but I am really pleased with them, so as soon as I feel back to normal I will head off to the post office. xx