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Sunday, 27 February 2011


Thank You Butterflies Pictures, Images and Photos

Hello Everyone!

Do you know what today is?  It's SIBOL'S Birthday!!! Yes, we are one year old today!  SIBOL was launched 28th February 2010 with the help of my on-line Friends all over the World.  What a busy year we've had.

Back in January 2010, I asked my Blogger friends on Mrs. Twins if they wanted to help me make Blankets for the Elderly in Memory of my Grandmother.  My Grandmother lived to 103 years of age and I absolutely thought the world of her, and so did all my family.

My Grandmother was very lucky indeed. She lived in good health very independently on her own in a Bungalow until sadly she passed away. Even then she wasn't poorly thankfully, she just got tired and fell asleep. She cooked herself a meal every day a 'British Traditional meal' with potatoes, meat and veg. She knew everything about the World, Politics and History. She was just so interesting to talk to and had many visitors.

I had crocheted myself lots of items, you know Crocheted Ripple Blankets, Carnations, etc., then I got to the stage where I thought 'what else shall I make?'. You know there is only so much you can make for yourself and your family. I thought I would like to make something for a Charity. Which Charity though? This wasn't hard at all to decide.  It must be for the Elderly in Memory of my Grandmother. So I asked my on-line Friends if they wanted to help me make Blankets  by donating 6" Crocheted or Knitted Squares.   Well 'Molly' over in the USA was the first to send me Squares, then Kim, Brenda and Karin.   I was amazed because everyone thought it was such a good idea.  From then on we gathered new Members all over the World and the Squares started pouring in.

Where do our SIBOL Squares come from?
Make yours @ BigHugeLabs.com

My first intention was to make 6, we've now made with the latest Blanket today 56 'Sunshine Blankets'.  44 of these have already been delivered to Nursing Homes in the UK before Christmas. It was such a joy to visit the Nursing Homes and to actually meet the Elderly Residents. To be given the opportunity to read the names out on the Gift cards who actually contributed the Squares was just so special.  The Residents were really interested to know that Ladies from all over the World had taken the time and trouble to make a Square for their particular named Blanket.

It was our intention to send a little ray of Sunshine into the lives of the Elderly by hand-delivering Blankets to them and 'SIBOLETTES' we sure have accomplished that!" The 'Sunshine Blankets' certainly brought a smile to their faces and gave them Love and Warmth knowing that someone had made something especially for them!

So today 'SIBOLETTES' we celebrate our achievement! Thank you all so very much for the hard work you have put in  making the Squares for the Blankets.  It's been such a great priviledge to meet you all over the months  and you have all become such wonderful Friends to me. You are all so....talented,  kind and generous and I'm really so pleased that you think my project worthwhile.

Here is my Grandmother when she was in her 20's.

Here's a photo of my Grandmother around 100.

So thank you all so very much for everything!
We have now made 56 'Sunshine Blankets'
25 Squares in each. Now assembled 1,400 Squares
1 Friendship Blanket 33 Squares for myself 'with kind permission from you all!' Thank you.

I've had such a lot of fun over the months I  hope you have too!

I'm sorry I'm keeping you waiting......Just a little longer for the Winners' names of our SIBOL GIVEAWAY!!


First I want to show you my latest Blanket.  Now the one at the top is my Friendship Blanket, do you remember seeing it a few weeks ago? You kindly gave me permission to keep a Square and make it into a special Blanket for 'myself!' I  thought it was so appropriate to ask Mr. Twins to take a photo of me with my Friends! :)  So this was me Sunday afternoon.

But I have a new Ta - Dah! This is SIBOL 56 and it's a Flower Blanket. I really would love some names for this Blanket. I'm really pleased how it's turned out. Thank you to everyone that has contributed Squares for this Blanket I really love them.

Also it's time........I'm sorry you've been waiting.......... For our 'Giveaway' Winners!

I asked 'SIBOLETTES' to leave their names on Ravelry. Thank you to everyone who has done this! It's time for the 'Random Generator'. So here goes let's see who is our first Winner!

Okay over to the web site........Drum rolling..............................................

The first Winner of SIBOL'S First Giveaway is Number...........................

Number 3

Who is????????????

The Suspense is killing me...................





But I said we will have two Winners.

Let's see who the Random Generator comes up with  this time shall we???

Here goes......................................

Random Generator please find me another Winner!!!

                                                               Are you Number 22?
                                                      I wonder who Number 22 is?????

                                                 The Suspense is killing  me once again!!!

                                                      CONGRATULATIONS TO .............

                                                                   Cathy  (USA)

                                           Oh! goodness Two Winners from the States!

                                       I shall be putting your Giveaway Gifts in the post asap for you!

                                          CONGRATULATIONS TO MY TWO SIBOLETTE


If you are one of my 'SIBOLETTES' you're eligible to enter my Giveaway!

Oh! well done to you both! What fun that was!

I would like to say at this point I am very thankful to dear arien 156 for all her hard work over the last few weeks setting up our SIBOL Ravelry Group. So............
I thought it only fair to put the same gift in the post to you Aishwarya! 

So....that's it SIBOLETTES, we have two lucky Winners Ellen and Cathy! Congratulations to you both!
Let's celebrate our Anniversary now by having a party.........'Housework' what a shame!!!

I hope you all have a good day, I'll probably be back later with new Squares arriving until then, have a good day everyone and thank you for visiting SIBOL today!!

x Sue x



  1. Your grandmother was clearly an inspiring person, and you obviously take after her, Sue. Well done on all the hard work to all those involved in this lovely project. Happy Birthday and long may it continue!

  2. Happy Birthday SIBOL!!!Here's to many more.
    I'm so proud to be a part of it. Well done Sue xxx

  3. congratulations to those lucky winners! congratulations as well to a year very well spent x

  4. Ps- how about "Fresh as a Daisy" as a name for your blanket. It's what I always say to my girls after bath-time!

  5. Beautiful post Sue, your Grandmother will be looking down on you today - really proud! What an amazing SIBOL year, with more to come. Spring Bouquet is my suggestion for another excellent blanket. Have a great SIBOL birthday Sue (even if it is housework!!!)xx

  6. Happy birthday SIBOL. Congratulations on blanket 56!!! It reminds me of a summer meadow. Lovely work Sue.

  7. Congratulations ladies on winning those lovely gifts. What a lovely flower blanket! x

  8. Cogratulations SIBOL and Sue on the 1st anniversary. The new blanket is very beautiful.
    Congratulations to the lucky winners :-).

  9. Love the green eding on this blanket, it really sets it off.
    Congrats on the anniversary and to the winners

  10. Happy Birthday to The Sibol Blog .Pictures are adorable.Congrat for another blankets and for the winner.Wishing you all a great and blessed week.


  11. Happy Birthday to Sibol and Sibolettes!
    Contratulations to the winners!
    And the blanket is wonderful Sue!

  12. Happy Birthday to all of US..... Fun giveaway Sue. Congrats to the winners.

    Here's what I've heard and good to remember. Could be are situation on why so long.

    The lady here at the post office told me that you need to spell out UNITED STATES and UNITED KINGDOM now or it takes twice as long. All so silly for some yarn if you ask me, but I'm guessing they are serious about checking all packages now.

    Eyes still peeled.

  13. Felicidades Sue!!! por el 1º aniversario de esa gran labor social, siga asi muchos años mas.
    Felicidades a los afortunados con los premios, pues es un ragalo que haran usar con mucha ilusion, seguro que lo utilizaran para hacer Plazas.
    Feliocidades Sue, por la belleza de su abuela en los años 20, y poder llegar a ser centenaria.
    Un fuerte beso desde España para todas las personas aficionadas a las labores.

  14. Your Grandmother is beautiful Sue. It is such a lovely way to remember her. Mia S.