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Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Squares from Canada and the UK!

Hello Everyone!

It's such a beautiful day here today in the UK. There was a bad frost this morning, but it cleared up nicely and now the sun is shining. I have my patio doors open and it's so nice to  have some fresh air circulating around the house.

Today I had two lots of beautiful Squares arrive. Four little bundles of delightful beauties!

OOh I do love little bundles! Thank you Bonsall (UK) and Pattygloria (Canada)! Your Squares arrived today 'together'.

Don't they look lovely sitting there waiting to be opened!

The first set has come all the way from Canada. Our dear friend on Flickr Pattygloria.  Now Pattygloria has sent  some gorgeous Two Tone Green Granny Squares for our Challenge.  I've said many times before it's so interesting to see which tones of Green you are all using. These are just lovely!

'Two Tone Green Granny Challenge' I love these shades of Green....Simply gorgeous!

Also Pattygloria has sent in a Square 'or two' for the Jan Eaton Challenge. Now this one is No. 34 and it's called 'Band of Bobbles'. I'm sure you will agree it's a  really nice Square. Tryng to decide which one to fit in to our Blanket, I think it's going to be the pink one.

Please enjoy your Slide Show and see if you can spot the Jan Eaton Square. They are all lovely Squares Pattygloria. I appreciate you sending them all these miles!

Gorgeous, weren't they?

Now Bonsall has been working very hard 'secretely!'.  She has sent in some lovely Squares this morning, and there were  such a lot! Beautiful, beautiful Flower Squares for the Ladies and she has sent in some appropriate coloured Squares for the Men too!  Amongst the Squares were some 'fun' Squares where she has used her 'textured yarn'. 

Bonsall I love all the Squares thank you so....much!

Here are some of the Flower Squares for you to see, my favourite colours also 'pink and green!'. Just love them.

and in pink and green........>

Your Slide Show Bonsall! Enjoy!

Thank you so much for the Squares 'SIBOLETTES'.  They are lovely!

Just one more thing before I go.......I'm always very pleased to welcome our new friends here on SIBOL and also over on Ravelry.  I just wanted to ask you all a question..........We may be having a 'Male Crocheter' join us.  I know isn't that so......terribly exciting!  Well the question is 'What do you think he'd like to be called?

We have SIBOLETTES for the 'Ladies'.

What about Men? Have any ideas? I'd be very pleased if you'd leave a comment, so I can be prepared to welcome him!

Bye for now.


  1. SIBOLADS !!!!
    Lovely squares by the way

  2. Wunderschöne Granny`s...^^
    LG, aus Deuschland, *Manja*

  3. Ahh - Louise you beat me to it! I thought of Sibolads too! lol

  4. These are all just lovely. The latest blanket is great too.

    I should have plenty of time to work on....you know what... it's going to -25 here tonight. Longest winter I can remember.

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. Thanks for the ideas Ladies!
    keep them coming!!!!x

  7. Ooh fabulous squares Bonsall xxx MRSibol? hard one hhaha xxx