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Friday, 18 February 2011

'The Royal Wedding' Challenge / Squares from the UK!

Hi Everyone!

I'm very pleased to be telling you we have now reached our 300th Follower! Welcome Delfina!

Thank you all so much for the kind comments on the 'Young At Heart' Blanket, I am so...pleased you liked it.

You may be aware of a certain event taking place on April 29th. Yes it is the royal wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton. 

Great British Yarns is running a special competition. They are asking participants to Knit or Crochet something to mark the occasion. 'SIBOL' has decided to make  a 'Royal  Wedding' Blanket.

Another picture Blanket  but this one to celebrate the Royal Wedding. So you could have pictures of a Crown, Royal Wedding Cake, Wedding Rings/Engagement ring, Royal Carriage, Initials on a Heart/Union Jack Flag, Bouquet of Flowers.

If we send a Blanket on behalf of SIBOL, the Blanket  WILL NOT be sent back. We would send it off to reach by the 20th April and then the items are auctioned off to raise money for  a Charity that  Prince William is involved in. It  may be the Prince William and Prince Harry Foundation.  This supports disadvantaged people, especially the young and servicemen/women.

The top prize will go to the design the judges think is best, it's got to be original, well designed and appropriate.

The  Top Prize of a £50.00 voucher to spend in the online store, with second and third place also receiving vouchers.  The Winner would be announced 29th April. Every entry will be photographed and put on the Great British Yarn web site along with the name/s of the person(s) who made it.

I have been told that the Great British Yarn web site will tell us how much each item has raised when auctioned.  Of course we should not be disappointed if our item a SIBOL Blanket  did not raise very much, as it can be very disappointing.

If SIBOL was lucky enough to win a voucher this would be put towards yarn for our SIBOL 'Sunshine Blankets'.  But at the same time we would be having fun making the Squares, and watching them come in on Flickr.

Now SIBOLETTES, FOLLOWERS, any one visiting today. Let's put our thinking caps on. Let's use that wonderful imagination you all have. Let your imagination once again 'run riot' and come up with some original ideas.

I really want this Blanket to be a piece of art. I would like you to make a 6" x 6" (15cms x 15cms) Square Crocheted or Knitted but it must have a picture on.  Let's think now. It has to have a Royal connection of course, but it's also a Wedding between two people in love.

So let's see some Doves, Hearts, Rings, Initials as well.  Here are some images so let's try really hard to think of some fantastic Squares for our Royal Wedding Blanket.  I just think it would be so much fun to work together and come up with something brilliant 'as we always do!'.

I really would love our Ladies abroad to have a go too! It would be absolutely lovely if the World could come together on this project, even though it's a British event. I need the Squares by 18th March though so there isn't much time. We must get a move on with this one. I  know we can do it.

Here are some more images....

Good idea? Let's have some fun now. Remember.........


Crocheted or Knitted Picture Squares.
Acrylic if possible.
Use any colour  yarn on your Square.
It's got to have a Royal theme and a Wedding theme.

For my address or queries sueatpigsty@talktalk.net

I know we can do it. Thank You!

As we have reached our 300th Follower and actually SIBOL has it's first birthday on 28th February. I am holding a Giveaway! This hopefully will be announced on Saturday, so please visit us again!

OOh, please pick up your Hooks or Knitting Needles, we need some fantastic Squares. Please send them as soon as you can.  If there are enough Squares for two Blankets we will save the other one for the Elderly.  But as I say we are aiming to make one for the 'competition'. 

Friday Update

Thank you so much Pippa for the beautiful Squares received just now.  I love the colours on these Squares they co-ordinate beautifully. Very kind of you to send along a few more, thank you so much.

Pippa (UK) Your Squares arrived today! Thank You!

Bye for now


  1. You go girlfriend. What a wonderful idea. I'll put on my thinking cap, just like all us must for this one to be AWESOME.

    Still waiting by the door daily for my package.

  2. Oh, I forgot congrat on the big 300. It does feel good. And you know I'm always up for a giveaway.

  3. Well this sounds a wonderful idea... You sure will be working under pressure Mrs Twins but I know you handle that with ease these days... haha.
    If the Sibol blanket could win a voucher it would be such a great help for you putting all those blankets together & doing borders...
    what a great way to lead up to an exciting event on the world calendar...

  4. Nice to see you on here Bethel.
    It would be great of course to win the vouchers they would help tremendously! But you know to just get recognised for the work we do would just mean the world to me and I know everyone else!
    Thank you Bethel!
    Hugs Sue

  5. That Royal Wedding challenge sounds great! I don't think I can make it in time but I will try and if it gets to you later you could use it to any elderly blanket. How does it sound?
    I really hope SIBOL wins the voucher. It would be a dream!

    ps: congratulations on your 300th follower!

  6. Thanks Garden Bell for your comments!

    Thanks Alhana for yours! Do try! It would be lovely to have a Square from Spain!Yes as I said I can always make another Blanket up to distribute with the other ones I have made for the Elderly. I'm sure they would love a Royal one!

  7. Congrats for the 300 followers,Sue!
    A Royal Blanket sounds a great idea. Would you consider to add some plain squares with the British Royal Family Crest Colours or the 18-carat blue-sapphire diamond engagement ring ?or Kate's blue Issa London Label engagement dress?
    I haven't make figurative squares yet.
    Warm regards,
    Gloria x

  8. Definitely Pattygloria. I had thought of the blue engagement ring. Also wedding dresses! Your ideas would be lovely. All squares must be 6" thanks.

  9. Keep using your imagination Ladies!! Thanksx