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Wednesday, 23 February 2011

New SIBOLETTES Today, New Squares!

Good Afternoon Everyone!

I have some lovely Squares for you today! New SIBOLETTES too! Let's Welcome 'MummyCat', 'Anakat', 'Emily and her Mother' and 'Puppet Lady'.  So nice to have you join our Group!

Well first of all let's welcome 'Puppet Lady' (UK),  I do hope you will pop over and visit her blog. Puppet lady knits puppets  for charity and they are just so lovely! She has made over 100 now, and it's so nice that they go to underpriviledged children.

Puppet Lady has sent me two - two tone Green Grannies for our Challenge.  These are Puppet Lady's  first Crocheted Squares and I think she has done very well indeed. Thank you so much.

Puppetystuff (UK) Your Squares arrived today! Thank You!

Next we have Mummy Cat (UK).   She has very kindly made a Granny Square for SIBOL and inside the envelope was a little drawing from her sweet little girl.  She drew me a flower and it said, 'here's a flower to make you happy" from Mummy Cats little girl.  I thought that was just so...sweet.... Please give your little girl a big kiss from me and have you noticed my smiley face saying I love it! Thank you!

MummyCat (UK) Your Square arrived today! Thank your Daughter for the Flower Drawing please!

Our Royal Challenge has brought some new Squares in to day! They are from Anakat (UK)  over on the MSE Forum.  She has sent me two Knitted  Squares one is a Crown with beads, and the other Square shows two wedding rings with Kate and Williams initials.  Both Squares are so...good Anakat and thank you very much for joining our Challenge!

Anakat (MSE Forum) (UK) Your Squares arrived today! For our 'Royal Wedding' Challenge. Thank You!

I had a package arrive today from Emily (UK).  Not only was it from Emily but her Mother also.  There was a great selection of Squares inside and it was a pleasure to receive them. Simple Grannies but I'm sure you will agree they all look so different with each colour used! Emily sent me some Squares too with various patterns used and once again the colours were beautiful. Thank you both so much for the Squares and they will be really useful to me, thank you! Please put in two entries for our SIBOL Giveaway over on Ravelry. The button is at the top of the web site.

Emily & Mother (UK) Your Squares have arrived! Thank You!

Well I have been busy today, but I've loved loading these Squares up for you.  Welcome to all our new SIBOLETTES, and you are now most welcome to pop over to Ravelry (button at the top) and enter our Giveaway!

Please join Ravelry
Please go to SIBOL Group
Go to Topic Post 'Giveaway' FEB 2011
and say
Hi Sue, Please enter me in your Giveaway!

and don't forget Emily your Mother is eligible too!

Please think about your Royal Wedding Squares Ladies in by March 18th please.
We're coming up with some great designs and I am so...grateful to you all.

I've had an interesting email come in this evening from Joyce 28.  She pointed out to me that when our Royal Squares are coming in, Squares have the initial 'K' on.  When in fact Kate's correct name is 'Catherine'. She wondered whether there were any official guidelines for the competition.

 This really is a difficult one to decide.  When Prince William speaks he calls her 'Kate' not 'Catherine'. We all know her as 'Kate'.  I've been trawling the internet and articles written about her refer to her as 'Kate'.  The official Wedding invitation would of course say 'Catherine'.  No there aren't any official do's and don'ts at all for the competition. I think as we have already had the Squares come in with 'K' on, we will continue with this. Not 'C'. I think everyone seems to know her as Kate, so I think this will be fine.

So please anyone making Squares with initials on please use 'K'. I think if we are all the same this won't be a problem.  Thank you.

Thank you to Joyce 28 for pointing this out to me, I appreciate you taking an interest.

Have a lovely evening everyone, thanks for visiting SIBOL today!

Created with flickr slideshow from softsea.


  1. Welcome to all the Newbies. Looking good. It sure looks like your postal service is working better than mine right now. No mail yet today.

  2. Thank you for the mention, and for showing all the lovely squares you receive. It gives people a warm feeling, I think. I've got another little crochet project on the go now, for my "Operation Christmas Child" charity. It's definitely addictive...