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Friday, 16 March 2012

One of our 'SIBOLETTES' deserves a Gold Medal herself!

Hi Everyone!

Thank you so much for visiting the 'SIBOL' web site today!  What an exciting couple of days we are having!

If you haven't read yesterday's post please go back and catch up with our Group news! We have been nominated 'Club of the Month' in a UK magazine called 'Knit Today' and the write up and photos are superb! I am so very proud of all our 'SIBOLETTES!'.

I would like to thank Kianie (RAV) (UK) for the gorgeous Square received today. This is her 'Favourite Square' and will be sent up to 'Inside Crochet' as they are collecting favourite Blocks! It certainly is very pretty indeed Kianie thank you.

Kianie (UK) 'Favourite Square'. Thank you!

Not only did Kianie send me her favourite Square but she also sent me two pretty gifts she had made. I love them both so much and you have made them beautifully Kianie! A beautiful hand-made card complete with a fluttering Butterfly and a Crocheted Heart on a ribbon with beads, a button  and the words 'I Love SIBOL' using a red sparkly Heart for the Love! I Love SIBOL too Kianie!  These photos will be going on to my side bar. I am really touched by your kindness thank you Kianie!

A beautiful 'SIBOL' Heart made for me by Kianie! Thank you!

A card made for me by Kianie! Thank you so much it's gorgeous!

Aren't they pretty! Wow! Thank you very much indeed.

Well it's been an exciting day all round today. This morning just now in fact at 11.50am I received a parcel from the States! The parcel has arrived from Fort Myers from a very kind Lady called 'Santha' (akarapacha) on RAV.  I have been expecting this parcel for a few weeks now and today I am just so pleased to be telling you that it has arrived! I am sure she will be so relieved in knowing this and I know the Ladies on RAV will too!

Well I am sure you are wondering 'What is inside the box?'  Now you will have to excuse the photo of me but I did want you to see me receiving it first of all! It's very difficult trying to hold a box and take a photo with no glasses on either!


akarapacha (Fort Myers, USA) (RAV) has sent me 100 Olympic Flags! They are wonderful!

Yes inside were 100 Crocheted Flags of Countries taking part in this Summers' Olympic Games here in London. I'm sure you are longing to see the Flags!

Here I am 'MrsTwins' with Flags from the States! Thank you so much akarapacha!

I've taken so many photos I thought I would make akarapacha a Slide Show, sit back and enjoy now.

Created with flickr slideshow.

Every one knows that I appreciate each Square that comes into my home, whether  it comes from here in the UK or as far as the States, Singapore or Australia I appreciate each one.  But when one of our 'SIBOLETTES' has gone out of her way to really work hard for our Group and make this amount of Squares for a Challenge I think she has to be congratulated. I must say that each one of the Squares has been crocheted beautifully and each Square has been labelled with the Country too. I'm just so touched today by her kindness, I could actually shed a tear. The Flags have been made to the highest of standards and I just hope now that I can make a Blanket worthy of them and that I won't let you down akarapacha.

I'm sure everyone visiting 'SIBOL' this evening will want me to congratulate Santha for her hard work and tell her what a wonderful job she has made of them.  I just cannot thank her enough words fail me on this occasion.  From the bottom of my heart 'Thank you Santha' and let us hope that we can raise some serious money for Alzheimers here in the UK.

I am opening a thread on RAVELRY, because I am sure everyone would like to personally congratulate her for her outstanding work!

I am over the moon as you can imagine!

Thanks for visiting our web site and may I thank every one for their congratulations on getting in to 'Knit Today'.  What a week!

x Sue x


  1. Amazing crocheted flags. Terrific!

  2. SANTHA WHAT AMAZING HARD WORK! They look fantastic!

  3. Dear Sue,
    I LOVE those crocheted gifts you received.
    When I saw those 100 squares, I let out such a whoop of joy that my husband thought something was wrong with me! FANTASTIC work on those squares! They are so very perfectly made, aren't they? I can't figure out how to go on that Revelry site, so please tell her how thrilled I am that she did that.