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Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Delivery Day (1) St. Michael's Home for the Elderly.

Good Afternoon Everyone!

First of all the nominations are in at Inside Crochet and I have just received an email from Adrian. It says.....

Just thought you would like to know that your blog was in the top five most nominate for 'favourite craft blog of 2011' that Inside Crochet magazine are currently running.
We are holding a vote at the moment (you can view this on our blog: http://www.insidecrochet.wordpress.com/ and the winner will be the blog with the most votes at 9am on Wednesday 30th November.

The winning blog will receive a write up in IC with a review of the blog and I was wondering if you would be interested in telling our readers a few words about yourself/your blog as well? The runners-up will also receive a small piece of editorial advertising their blog so we're hoping to get a small quote from each of you as well.

Wow! This is wonderful! Thanks to each and everyone of you who have nominated  our SIBOL Blog. Now the voting begins. If you think our SIBOL Blog is worthy of a vote, would you please follow the link to Inside Crochet! Thank you so much!

Delivery Day (1)

As you can see from the Header picture, we have now completed another set of 'Sunshine Blankets'. I cannot believe how many we have put together in just a few months. This simple is 'AMAZING!'.  Thanks to everybody that has sent me in Squares!

Each of the Blankets is 'unique' my Husband says. When I do that final crochet stitch I hold it up and say well do you like it?  He says, 'Each one is unique Sue!'.  He is right because each and everyone of them are different.

I cannot thank you enough for sending me the Squares and taking part in my Challenges. The Blankets are beautiful.

It is a long process from when one of my SIBOLETTES  sit down to make the Square to it arriving at my home . They have a little rest before they meet their chums. Well let's face it some of them have travelled thousands of miles as far as Australia and America haven't they?  They sit patiently waiting until they can be put into a Blanket. Sometimes waiting for enough of their 'same colour' or waiting for our Challenges to be made up.  This is the time I like best, when I know our 'Sunshine Blankets' are piled high and they are ready to be delivered to the Nursing Homes.

                                        All Beautifully tied up with Ribbons and Gift Cards made!

I first of all rang St. Michael's Home for the Elderly in Solihull.  I asked to speak to the Manager, her name was Julie.  I  explained I ran an on-line Crocheting and Knitting Group and I enquired whether she would like a donation of our Blankets. I said I had 12. I arranged to go to the Home straight away. It was only a ten minute drive, so with my Blankets ready I set off.

I had driven by this Home many times, it was such a  lovely house. It's set on a corner of a side road and main road near to the Olton Railway Station.

I first of all went and introduced myself and was met by the Staff and Julie. I handed Julie one of our SIBOL brochures and while I went out to the car to collect the Blankets Julie had a look at the web site.

Julie loved the Blankets and I explained how we had our Challenges. She agreed to having her photo taken which was lovely. I explained it was very important to me to 'have a photo' for our Blog.

We were talking about Christmas and Julie said how she would like to wrap the Blankets  up and give them out as presents on Christmas Day. I thought this was a great idea and I said I would take up another 3 Blankets to her so everybody could have one! She had 15 Residents altogether.  So I went straight back home to pick up another 3.

Can you imagine the Residents' faces on Christmas Day! The Blankets are certainly going to be great talking points!

I was greeted by very friendly Staff and Julie was so kind to accept our 'Sunshine Blankets'. I do hope that they bring lots of Happiness and Smiles on Christmas Day and throughout 2012!

I would like to say a Big Thank you to everybody that helps me with my project. The Squares are just so lovely and we are making fabulous Blankets for our Elderly Folk. It's so lovely to have the priviledge of working with your gorgeous Squares!

Thank you to St. Michael's Home for the Elderly where it was great to meet the Staff and Julie.

Thank you Julie for accepting our 'Sunshine Blankets'.

Julie has emailed me I thought you would like to read her note.

Hi Sue

Thank you for the beautiful blankets that our residents will enjoy.
I will wrap them up for Christmas gifts for our residents .

Much appreciated
Kind Regards
Julie Buckley
St Michaels Home

Thank you Julie

Please pop over to Inside Crochet now and vote for our Blog! All votes will be very much appreciated thank you!

Thanks for visiting 'SIBOL' today!

x Sue x


  1. Dear Sue,
    How wonderful that each person will receive a blanket AND on Christmas day too! What a great idea! Thanks for showing us these photos. Will be thinking of them at Christmas and will come back to look at this post on 11/15! (Sorry, 15/11 in the UK!) And you package them so prettily!
    Love, Kay

  2. Well done Sue, and a huge thank you for turning our squares into beautiful gifts which will bring warmth and happiness to others. Loved your report and the lovely photos.

    Thank you x millions,

    Jennifer xxxx

  3. What a great idea for the blankets to be Christmas gifts. The residents will love them. :)

  4. I so love your blog and am heading over to add my vote now! The corner charms you add to the blankets are such sweet touches!

  5. Hello amiga, que de trabajo con tantas mantas, son todas divinas. Saludos desde Spain.

  6. Look at you heading out for a special delivery. I'm sure they will all be loved greatly. Off to cast my vote. Always a treasure when I receive a word or two just from you.

  7. What a beautiful Day , Delivering ,that is awesome .I just voted for The Sibol....yesssss.
    Thanks ,


  8. I've already vote! congratulations for the nomination!!!! and Good Luck!!

  9. How wonderful to give the residents a blanket each for Christmas, that will certainly be a special day for St Michaels. Im off to vote too and fingers crossed for you :-)