Our SIBOL TOTAL IS 1376! Thank You!

Slideshow of Sunshine Blankets (Click on Left/Right Arrows).

Challenge Blankets
I'm Sue and can be contacted on

It is so important that email addresses and names are enclosed with your donations of Sunshine Blankets, Shawls and Butterflies please. Thank you!

Butterflies LINK

'Crochet keeps our hands busy so our minds can rest. It is a gift to help quiet the world around us, if even for a moment. To create -- and think of those we create for --is a quiet prayer of hope, love and dreams all wrapped up in a hook, a book and a ball of yarn. Author Anonymous. Thanks Cynthia.
I NO LONGER ACCEPT KNITTED OR CROCHETED SQUARES. I DO HOWEVER ACCEPT MADE UP BLANKETS FOR THE ELDERLY IN CARE HOMES. I'D BE VERY HAPPY TO RECEIVE YOURS! THANK YOU! 'SIBOL' is a charitable outlet for your Crocheting and Knitting Skills why not join us? Together we are 'Sending a ray of Sunshine into the Lives of the Elderly.' All enquiries please contact Sue on sueatpigsty@virginmedia.com Thank you!
Please Note

Please may I remind you to enclose your email address with parcels delivered to my home. If I don't acknowledge receipt it's because I can't find your address. Thank you.

Total 1384 Thank you!

Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Squares from the UK/News about our New Challenges.

Good Afternoon Everyone!

I have some pretty Squares to be showing you this afternoon.  They have arrived from sistersestina (RAV). A beautiful Butterfly takes centre stage today. How nice is this Square? Simply gorgeous! Some other Squares too for our SIBOL Stash!  Thank you so much.  Let's have a look at them.

Sistersestina (RAV) (UK) Sara. Your Squares arrived today! Thank you!

Aren't they lovely? I am very grateful to you sistersestina.

Well it's the 30th November today. 'Happy 50th Birthday dear Bruv! if you are reading me. 'If?'  A milestone today for my dear Brother who I love very much. I hope you have wonderful celebrations.

It is the 1st December tomorrow and I am very pleased to be telling you that my new Challenges will be 'going live'. They are all finalised and I do hope you think they are okay!

At present our SIBOL CHALLENGE Blog is closed. I don't want you to have a sneaky peep now do I?
Also our SIBOL -The Archive Blog is closed too.

But they will both be back on air 1st December. Let's have some fun with our new Challenges and I am posititive they will be generating some beautiful Squares for SIBOL!

Thanks for visiting me today, and please tune in tomorrow to our SIBOL CHALLENGE Blog.

x Sue x

Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Your Local Landscape & Knit Today Squares arrive from the UK!

Good Evening Everyone!

Welcome to SIBOL!

I have two sets of Squares arrive today from Jessiebonbon (Rav) and Barbara both ladies from the UK.
Thank you both so much.

The first set of Squares are 'Simple Squares'. The pattern was put up in the 'Knit Today' magazine and they were suggesting that their readers send them to SIBOL. I was over the moon that they recognised our Charity work for the Elderly. Barbara very kindly emailed me for the pattern and today I received four Squares which are just lovely. The colours are beautiful and these will go towards our 3rd Knit Today Blanket.

Barbara (UK) 4 pretty Knit Today Squares Thank you!

So pretty, pastel colours are my favourite! Thank you so much Barbara for sending them to me.

Let's take a look at the first two 'Knit Today' Blankets we made.

'Somewhere Over the Rainbow'.

Thanks Ladies another great Blanket!

The other 'Knit Today' was made by joyce28 which came out beautifully. She very kindly made and donated the Blanket to SIBOL. It's called 'Lilac Patch'.

This Blanket has been made and donated to SIBOL by joyce28.

I still need 14 Squares to finish the 3rd and final 'Knit Today' Blanket if anyone is interested please email me Sue on sueatpigsty@talktalk.net

The other set of Squares are from Jessiebonbon (Rav) who has very 'quickly' put together a Square for our 'Your Local  Landscape' Challenge. I have put this Challenge up early because I want to get the Squares in as soon as possible. It's basically, 'What do you see when you look out of your window?'. Jessiebonbon sees flowers in her garden, a cat, a butterfly, a road too of course with cars which are tiny buttons! How cute. I love this Square so much and it is the first to arrive for this Challenge.  If we manage to make a Blanket for 'Your Local Landscape' it will be sent to Jersey to take part in the Jersey Textile Showcase next year. Afterwards the Blanket will be sold by the Organiser and all proceeds will be given to Mencap. Now if you would like to take part please pop over to the SIBOL Challenge Blog.

'What do you see out of your window?' Make a Square for our SIBOL Mencap Blanket.

Good isn't it? Now for the other Square Jessiebonbon sent to me. This one is lovely too.

Thank you for this Square too jessiebonbon.

I would like to thank you both very much.

I hope you enjoyed looking at the new Squares today. May I remind you our Challenges begin 1st December, not long to go! I'm getting nervous now. I do hope you will like them.

x Sue x

Monday, 28 November 2011

Snowman Squares fly in from the States and here in the UK!

Good Evening Everyone!


I must thank you all for the wonderful comments jenniferanne has received over on Flickr and also here on SIBOL. 'Carols in the Cathedral' is such a remarkable Blanket. Each Square was so lovingly made by jenniferanne and such a lot of thought went into it.  I'm sure she would like me to thank you all for the kind comments.

You probably know that we are in the process of collecting Squares for the second Snowman Blanket. The first made by mandas' challenges was such a great sucess and some Ladies didn't have chance to take part. So I offered to do a second. We still have spaces, so if you are interested please pop over to Ravelry and put your name down. Please follow the link.

That brings me to the Snowman Squares I received in the post today. One Snowman all the way from the States and the other here in the UK.  Let's take a look at  the 'American' Snowman.

A Lady over on Ravelry 'swfirefly' has very kindly sent me a Snowman Square. It has travelled all the way from Florida and I'm pleased to say it hasn't  even melted! Amazing!

swfirefly (RAV) (Sharon) (USA) Snowman Square. Thank you he's arrived today!

What a cute Snownan!  I particularly like the Fringes on the Scarf and the pompom hat. His orange nose too is just great. I love to see these Snowmen come in because they are all so individual.  He has been made beautifully. Thank you so much swfirefly. I am so pleased you enjoyed making him.

Secondly, the next Snowman has arrived here from the UK. A Lady over on RAV once again called 'Jessiebonbon'.  Jessiebonbon not only sent a Snowman Square but also a pretty Square in icey blue I call it. I think this Square will be lovely in the Snowman Blanket too.

This Snowman too has a comical look on his face! A great big smile he's pleased to arrive at SIBOL HQ I think to meet all of his new friends.  A great Scarf with blue fringes and once again a great nose!

Let's take a look at Jessiebonbons' Squares now!

Jessiebonbon (RAV) Sue (UK) 28/11

I'm sure you noticed the SIBOL Butterfly too! Why not have a go? I'll give you the link. Our friend Nettie gives a great tutorial. She lives in Australia.  Why not make some and send them to SIBOL!

It's so nice to receive your Squares swfirefly and Jessiebonbon. Thank you both so much!  I'm pleased you enjoyed making them.

Well don't forget to check out our SIBOL Challenge Blog on 1st December for our new Challenges. I hope you find something that you will like to have a go at.

Bye for now

x Sue x

Saturday, 26 November 2011

'Carols in the Cathedral' a new Ta - Dah! and also Squares and News from the UK!

Good Evening Everyone!

Ta-Dah! Introducing SIBOL 117! ' Carols in the Cathedral'. Made and donated by jenniferanne (Scotland).

I am so excited today because I have a new Ta - Dah! for you! This one is SIBOL 117!  This one has travelled to SIBOL HQ all the way from Scotland. A very kind SIBOLETTE over on Ravelry 'jenniferanne' has very kindly designed, made and donated this beautiful, beautiful Blanket to SIBOL! Such a lot of thought has gone into it and I have asked jenniferanne to give us some details, I'm sure you will want to know.  Let's first of all have a look at the finished Blanket.

'Carols in the Cathedral'.

For details about these Squares. Please visit SIBOL.

I am so in love with this one!

jenniferanne explained how she thought of the Blanket.

The idea for the blanket grew out of itself and my love of the windows and stonework in old cathedrals. I have turned my lovely local wool shop into a builders’ merchants haha. I’ve been in for “stonework grey”, “wood” for the front door, “concrete grey” for the “pointing” and “lichen green” embroidery thread for the old stones. (I took the half sewn up blanket to show them, and they were thrilled with it. My craft group want to post a picture of it on their website too.)

The squares I used were designed by Jan Eaton (bobbles triangles); Priscilla  Hewitt (Velvet & lace for the Rose window, Antique pearls for the door, Gothic square for the black & white windows,and Maze for the “granny style” blocks); Melanie Stiles (Window Pane for the granny style with a single cross) and the rest were just dc squares from my head. The edging is supposed to represent stone tracery or Bishops Mitres (?)

I chose the yarn for colour; most is “Special” by Stylecraft; the concrete grey is James C. Brett Top Value; the white for the Gothic is James C. Brett Twinkle; and the best find of all, I’m sure you’ll agree, Robin Double Knit “Print” for the multicoloured windows.
Jan Eaton (bobbles triangles) suggest roofs, the one over the 'front door' is a porch roof. The starry night Squares are at the 2 top corners.
Thank you for giving us details about the Squares used and indeed information about the yarn too! I am always very touched with the kindness shown to our SIBOL project and when someone goes out of their way to make a special Blanket for our Elderly folk it really is such a kind gesture. Thank you so much jenniferanne.

I am very pleased to be showcasing your SIBOL 'Carols in the Cathedral'. Thank You!.

Created with flickr slideshow.

As you know during the past few weeks I have been delivering our Sunshine Blankets to the Elderly folk in Nursing Homes local to me. All but 17 of our Blankets have left me and I am very pleased to be telling you that the remaining Blankets including jenniferannes will be leaving me during the week beginning  5th December to travel down to Dorset County Council to a Lady called Tracy. Tracy is a Social Worker and works in the Community with the Older Persons Team in Dorset.

Tracy very kindly emailed me during the week and congratulated us on our work with the Elderly in Nursing Homes. She also brought to my attention that there are many Elderly folk out in the rural areas of the UK who desperately need help keeping warm.

I'm sure she won't mind me taking an extract from her email.

"The last couple of years has been bad for winter, especially for the elderly people that live rural (our area has a high population) they struggle to access basic services. It really is true Sue that people who live in the community do not put fires on as they are frightened of bills they sit in the cold for hours and hours, it is tragic, heart-breaking and sad. We never ever get used to loosing the people we work with, it is especially difficult when they die alone.

Sue, in the community there is a genuine need for your blankets, a genuine need that will help keep people warm and as they wrap it around themselves I am sure they would not feel so isolated."

I really appreciated this email and after chatting to some of our SIBOLETTES,  I am extremely pleased to be sending the remaining Blankets to her. The whole purpose of SIBOL is to help the Elderly and the vunerable. Our 'Sunshine Blankets' are given to the Elderly in  Nursing homes  but I think we can also help these people who 'desperately' need them. So this is what I shall be doing. When the Members of her team visit these vunerable people with food supplies they will be distributing our Blankets to them.  I'm sure our Blankets will go a long way to helping them keep warm! Thank you Tracy for contacting me.

These are the Blankets that will be leaving for Dorset very soon.

I would also very much like to thank Pamela (UK) who very kindly sent me two Knitted Squares today. They are both really nice. The one an 'Olympic Square' shows 'Archery'. I can't tell you how excited I was when I saw the Square. We are busy collecting for the Olympic Challenge which ends March 12th and hopefully we will be able to sell the Blanket on Ebay to raise money for Alzheimers here in the UK. If  you are interested in making Squares for this particular Challenge please pop over to our Challenge Blog.

I love your Squares Pamela, thank you so much for sending them to SIBOL.

Let's have a look now.

Pamela (UK) Your Squares arrived today! Thank you!

jenniferanne, Pamela and Tracy thank you all so much!
I do hope you have enjoyed reading the latest on SIBOL. Have a good weekend everyone!

Thanks for visiting.

x Sue x

Thursday, 24 November 2011

Squares from the UK arrive today!

Good Afternoon Everyone!

Thank you for visiting SIBOL today.

I am very pleased to be showing you some Squares that have arrived today from Anne here in the UK.  Anne has contributed to SIBOL for some time and I am very grateful to her. The Squares are lovely and once again go into our 'Sunshine Blankets!'.

Let's take a look now.

Lovely aren't they?

I have also had a yarn donation from Violet who works with Mr. T. Thank you so much that's very nice of you. Great colours I shall be able to use these balls on our Olympics Blanket.

Well I think that is all for now, thank you for visiting SIBOL and have a good day!

x Sue x

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

CHALLENGE ANNOUNCEMENT LADIES! /Squares on Wednesday from the UK.

Jersey Textile Showcase 2012.

Recently I saw an advert in one of the magazines advertising ‘Jersey Textile Showcase 2012’.

Apart from competitions they hold each year,

they also have work on Exhibition which they then sell to raise money for ‘MENCAP’.

I propose to try and make a Blanket which would be put on Exhibition.

The title would be YOUR LOCAL LANDSCAPE’.

The title can be taken as widely as you wish.
It could be whatever you see out of your window.

Some people living near the sea might be producing work in Blues.

If you live in the Country you could be producing work in Green’s

Or if you see a Garden, you could be producing a piece of work in mixed colours.

You could if you wanted to make it up! No one would know!

So imagine your 6” Square is your ‘Window’

What do you see out of your 'Window'? Where ever you live!


With your ‘view’!

This might be a hard Challenge.

I am announcing now because I think we need to get started on it. This was on my list for you.

So Squares have to be made as soon as you can please  and sent to me.


For my address.

I have been promised by the Organiser Pat that she will take photos of the Blanket on Exhibition for us and also let us know how much the Blanket was sold for. I would not be able to get to Jersey, and she has said she would do this for me.

I do like to do these special Charity Blankets. I hope we can do more of them.

So Ladies why not have a go!

Thank you!

Any queries please contact me
Sue on sueatpigsty@talktalk.net


I am extremely happy to be showing you these pretty Squares which Sue has sent in. Sue lives here in the UK, and I'm really pleased that she has made them for SIBOL. Not only has she made the Squares for our Group, but also a cute Butterfly.

Sue (UK) Your Squares arrived today thank you!

If you want to have a go at the Butterflies, our dear friend in Australia Nettie from NetsPets put the tutorial up on her Blog and I am often telling her how the Butterflies have become our SIBOL Trademark if you like.

Would you like the link? Here it is.  Why not make some Butterflies and send them to SIBOL if you want a change from Squares? I will be very happy to accept them and put them in my Butterfly 'Stash!'.  It saves me  a lot of time if I have Butterflies already made up. So when a Blanket is finished I can instantly attach them.

Well you've got the link now, have a go!

There is still time to vote for our Blog on the Inside Crochet web site if you enjoy visiting us here on SIBOL. I'm very happy to say SIBOL has been nominated as 'Favourite Craft Blog 2011'. We are up against some fabulous Blogs which I hope you will also check out. The closing date is 30th November if you are interested thank you so much!

I think that's all for now. Have a think about this wonderful Challenge!

x Sue x

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Squares from the States and a new SIBOL 116!

Good Morning Everyone!

I am very pleased to be showing you the latest Squares which have flown in from the States. Kay has very kindly sent in two Squares for our second Snowman Blanket. Mandas Challenges very kindly made the first which I have donated to a local Home. The Snowman Challenge was very popular and I decided to do a second. We still have spaces if you are interested.

Let's have a look at them.

Kay (USA) Your Snowman Squares have arrived thank you!

The Snowman has a really cute nose and I love the Blue and Red background!  If you would like to take part please follow the link to RAV. The white Square will be put in the same Blanket. Thank you ver much Kay!

Now for our Ta - Dah!
Introducing SIBOL 116!

Another SIBOL Blanket!  I would  like to thank Jean B for the Squares she donated a while back to SIBOL.  I have now put them into a Blanket and have called it 'Pastel Dreams'.  I do hope you like it. The Squares were so pretty, I love these colours. I still have some Squares left and will put these together as soon as possible.

Let's take a look now

Thank you Jean B for donating all of these pretty Squares! 'Pastel Dreams'.

I've made a Slide Show for you Jean.

Created with flickr slideshow.

This Blanket will go with my last delivery very soon! So we made this one just in time. Thank you!

My new Challenges will be announced 1st December so I hope you will check out our SIBOL CHALLENGE Blog on the 1st December.

Thank you for visiting SIBOL today!

x Sue x

Friday, 18 November 2011

A surprise on a Friday!

Hello Everyone and thanks for popping in to SIBOL!

Well this morning my Postman arrived pretty early and left a parcel on the floor of my porch. I wasn't expecting anything. On opening I found a great pile of Squares and some beautiful Butterflies. Who from?
Our dear friend 'jean nock'.
jean nock (UK) Your Squares, Butterflies and 'a Blanket' arrived Today! Thank you!

Don't you think they are just splendid? I think both Squares and Butterflies are just 'perfect'.
But not only did I receive Squares and Butterflies, I also received a beautiful Blanket which she had made completely herself. She had made this and donated to SIBOL. I am always so grateful for Squares and Butterflies but to receive a whole made up Blanket is just marvellous.  I'm sure you will agree it is so 'vibrant'. The border really finishes the Blanket off beautifully. I am just so overwhelmed 'jean nock' with your kindness shown to our SIBOL project.

Now let's take a look at these gorgeous Squares closer.

What a fantastic Blanket! The whole Blanket has been donated to SIBOL from jean nock! Golly you have made this so quickly! I am so grateful to you, thank you so much!

Truly, truly beautiful. I love it. It will be put with the other two boxes of Blankets I have ready for next weeks delivery. This has arrived just in time, oh I am so touched by your kindness. Thank you so much.

I have made a Slide Show for you now but of course it's for everyone else too.

Created with flickr slideshow.

I would love to remind you about the voting taking place over on Inside Crochet. If you think SIBOL is worthy of a vote, please follow the link.  It is for 'Favourite Craft Blog 2011'. Thank you!

Thanks so much for popping in and please go back and read previous posts thank you!

x Sue x

Thursday, 17 November 2011

Calling all SIBOLETTES - (Help Wanted Please!).

Calling all of our 'SIBOLETTES' PLEASE!

Calling all of our 'SIBOLETTES' PLEASE!

Hi Everyone!

I have been approached by 'Knit Today' magazine here in the UK to send information to them because they want to do a feature on us as wait for it 'Club of the Month'. Well I know we are not an 'ordinary' club that meets in a cafe, hall or other venue but we do have our own 'internet club' don't we?

I have been asked lots of questions, and I have my own answers but I would be very interested to hear what you thought too!

1) They are asking for photographs of my Members. Now would you like to send me a close up photo so I can make a mosaic and send it to them please? I would have to put on Flickr and then go to Big Huge Labs to make the mosaic and then send it up to them. So they can put it in their magazine.
So if you have sent me a Square and belong to our 'SIBOL' Group then please send one.

Next Question is......

2) What does our club mean to you?
     I need to get a few quotes please Ladies. Thank you.

3)  'Do you have any dreams/future plans for our club?
I have written a reply to this question on email, but I would be very interested in hearing how you think our club could progress in the future. What would you like to see for SIBOL? What sort of things would you like to see us doing?

Would you like to email me
Sue on sueatpigsty@talktalk.net

With a photo
and your quotes?
Or if you want you can leave them at the bottom of this post in the comment box.

Thank you to everyone that has left me a comment on the Blog and over on Flickr. I am so pleased you have enjoyed hearing about my deliveries. There will be more very soon!

Please don't forget to vote for our blog. For 'Favourite Craft Blog 2011'.
Over on Inside Crochet. All votes would very much be appreciated.

Thanks Ladies and don't forget to email me please?

I would really appreciate your help on this one. Of course it is to my SIBOLETTES I am asking but really anyone who takes an interest in our work would be most welcome to send a quote too!

Thank you so much.

Sue x x

Would you like to vote for our Blog? Please click on the Link to Inside Crochet. Thank you! Inside Crochet are asking for your 'Favourite Craft Blog 2011'. Do you think SIBOL is worthy of a vote? We'd be so grateful to you!

'SIBOL' are in the top 5! Now we need your votes! 'Please!'

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

'SIBOL's Delivery Day (2). St. Georges Home for the Elderly.

Good Afternoon Everyone!

May I first of all say thank you from myself and all of our 'SIBOLETTES' for voting for the SIBOL Blog! Inside Crochet are holding a competition to find 'Favourite Craft Blog 2011'. SIBOL has come in the top 5, and the winner will be announced on 30th November.   SIBOL really would love your votes please! So if you enjoy looking at all the beautiful Squares and indeed 'Sunshine Blankets' and reading about our Deliveries then please vote for us once again.  I do try to keep the Blog regularly updated with new Squares and news and I 'just love' to show the work of our wonderfully talented Ladies from all around the World!

The link to Inside Crochet is here.  Thank you! (Also top right of the Blog, click on the Button!).

Now for my second day of Deliveries.

I am very happy to be telling you that I have now delivered our second batch of 'Sunshine Blankets'.

At the end of last year I delivered our 'Sunshine Blankets' to St. Georges' Home for the Elderly in Shirley, Solihull. It was nice to hand over the Blankets to the Manager 'Magda' then.  Our Blankets were so well received.  Well I said last year that I would take in some more for them. So I telephoned this morning and arranged to go along and meet 'Magda' once again.

First I had to take a photo of our Blankets before leaving 'Two Times'.

This Home is near to our retail park and once again didn't take me long to get there.

St. Georges Home for the Elderly.

Magda had been on holiday for two weeks and today was her first day back at work. So as you can imagine she was busy with paperwork and catching up. But nevertheless she said I could go and drop the Blankets off. 

I walked in holding a box full of our 'Sunshine Blankets' and Magda kissed me on the cheek. I always get such a lovely friendly welcome whenever I go there. Thank you Magda.

I told Magda how many Blankets we had made now and how Ladies in our Group are just so kind that they wanted to make their own Blankets to send to me too. She thought it was lovely. I also showed her our 'Snowman Blanket'.  As I knew she was pushed for time I left one of the Gift Cards open showing the photo of the Snowman Blanket. I asked her to have a look at the Blanket  when she had more time. Magda and one of the Ladies who worked at the home both looked at the photo and a quick look at the Squares on the Blanket and said how beautiful it was.   Magda thought it would be a good idea to offer it as '1st Prize' in their Christmas Raffle. Well I was really pleased with that as you can imagine!

Magda agreed to have a photo taken with me. This is never a problem at any of the Homes. I explain how important it is to me to show you where the Blankets have gone to. I think the photo has come out lovely.

Magda has invited me to their Christmas Party and she is going to ring me with the date details nearer the time. How kind is that!

It is always so nice to deliver the Blankets on behalf of our Group. Magda was just so pleased to accept them and she said they will be so very useful to her Residents. It makes me feel so good inside to know that our work is greatly appreciated.  Magda could not have thanked us all enough. So from Magda 'Thank you!'.

It was lovely to see Magda and a member of her Staff, they both remembered me well and our beautiful Blankets. They honestly loved our Blankets and I would like to thank each and every one of you who have sent me Squares. To be appreciated is just so lovely, don't you think?

I left Magda with the Blankets and I said I would speak to her soon. I then went on to visit my Mother.

I would also like to say that I have sent some of our Blankets through the post to a friend, who is going to deliver them on our behalf. I am unable to get to the people who I would like the Blankets to go to so she is going to do it for me. They are disabled Elderly people who desperately need Blankets to use with their wheel chairs. As my friend 'Glynis' sent me enough Squares for three Blankets it is these Blankets that will be given.

Ta - Dah's 3 of them! 111, 112, 113. Thanks to Glynis who contributed all the Squares for them.

I am positive these Blankets will be useful to them. I do like to hand out myself but on this occasion I am unable. I have enclosed our contact details if needed.

So another successful 'Delivery Day'. I am not sure whether I will be out again this week, it will probably be next week now. I still have two boxes of Blankets left but I am still awaiting to get in touch with Managers of two Care Homes who have been unable to take my calls.

'SIBOLETTE's'  - Thank you so very much for your hard work.

Thank you Magda for accepting our 'Sunshine Blankets' on behalf of our Group and thanks to everyone that has voted for us. (We still need more though please!) and thank you to everyone that supports my project by sending me Squares. I cannot thank you all enough!

Thanks for visiting 'SIBOL' today and I shall be back soon with more Deliveries so stay tuned!

x Sue x

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Delivery Day (1) St. Michael's Home for the Elderly.

Good Afternoon Everyone!

First of all the nominations are in at Inside Crochet and I have just received an email from Adrian. It says.....

Just thought you would like to know that your blog was in the top five most nominate for 'favourite craft blog of 2011' that Inside Crochet magazine are currently running.
We are holding a vote at the moment (you can view this on our blog: http://www.insidecrochet.wordpress.com/ and the winner will be the blog with the most votes at 9am on Wednesday 30th November.

The winning blog will receive a write up in IC with a review of the blog and I was wondering if you would be interested in telling our readers a few words about yourself/your blog as well? The runners-up will also receive a small piece of editorial advertising their blog so we're hoping to get a small quote from each of you as well.

Wow! This is wonderful! Thanks to each and everyone of you who have nominated  our SIBOL Blog. Now the voting begins. If you think our SIBOL Blog is worthy of a vote, would you please follow the link to Inside Crochet! Thank you so much!

Delivery Day (1)

As you can see from the Header picture, we have now completed another set of 'Sunshine Blankets'. I cannot believe how many we have put together in just a few months. This simple is 'AMAZING!'.  Thanks to everybody that has sent me in Squares!

Each of the Blankets is 'unique' my Husband says. When I do that final crochet stitch I hold it up and say well do you like it?  He says, 'Each one is unique Sue!'.  He is right because each and everyone of them are different.

I cannot thank you enough for sending me the Squares and taking part in my Challenges. The Blankets are beautiful.

It is a long process from when one of my SIBOLETTES  sit down to make the Square to it arriving at my home . They have a little rest before they meet their chums. Well let's face it some of them have travelled thousands of miles as far as Australia and America haven't they?  They sit patiently waiting until they can be put into a Blanket. Sometimes waiting for enough of their 'same colour' or waiting for our Challenges to be made up.  This is the time I like best, when I know our 'Sunshine Blankets' are piled high and they are ready to be delivered to the Nursing Homes.

                                        All Beautifully tied up with Ribbons and Gift Cards made!

I first of all rang St. Michael's Home for the Elderly in Solihull.  I asked to speak to the Manager, her name was Julie.  I  explained I ran an on-line Crocheting and Knitting Group and I enquired whether she would like a donation of our Blankets. I said I had 12. I arranged to go to the Home straight away. It was only a ten minute drive, so with my Blankets ready I set off.

I had driven by this Home many times, it was such a  lovely house. It's set on a corner of a side road and main road near to the Olton Railway Station.

I first of all went and introduced myself and was met by the Staff and Julie. I handed Julie one of our SIBOL brochures and while I went out to the car to collect the Blankets Julie had a look at the web site.

Julie loved the Blankets and I explained how we had our Challenges. She agreed to having her photo taken which was lovely. I explained it was very important to me to 'have a photo' for our Blog.

We were talking about Christmas and Julie said how she would like to wrap the Blankets  up and give them out as presents on Christmas Day. I thought this was a great idea and I said I would take up another 3 Blankets to her so everybody could have one! She had 15 Residents altogether.  So I went straight back home to pick up another 3.

Can you imagine the Residents' faces on Christmas Day! The Blankets are certainly going to be great talking points!

I was greeted by very friendly Staff and Julie was so kind to accept our 'Sunshine Blankets'. I do hope that they bring lots of Happiness and Smiles on Christmas Day and throughout 2012!

I would like to say a Big Thank you to everybody that helps me with my project. The Squares are just so lovely and we are making fabulous Blankets for our Elderly Folk. It's so lovely to have the priviledge of working with your gorgeous Squares!

Thank you to St. Michael's Home for the Elderly where it was great to meet the Staff and Julie.

Thank you Julie for accepting our 'Sunshine Blankets'.

Julie has emailed me I thought you would like to read her note.

Hi Sue

Thank you for the beautiful blankets that our residents will enjoy.
I will wrap them up for Christmas gifts for our residents .

Much appreciated
Kind Regards
Julie Buckley
St Michaels Home

Thank you Julie

Please pop over to Inside Crochet now and vote for our Blog! All votes will be very much appreciated thank you!

Thanks for visiting 'SIBOL' today!

x Sue x

Saturday, 12 November 2011

Snowman Squares arrive today from Australia and the UK!

Hi Everyone!

We are making a second 'Snowman Blanket' because the first one was just so popular. If you would like to take part, you will need to follow the link over to Ravelry and put your name down please.

I am very pleased to be showing you two Snowman Squares which have arrived today. The first is from Jenni over in Australia. Jenni has made a beautiful Snowflake Square. This really has come out lovely Jenni thank you so much and golly it took no time at all to arrive here at SIBOL HQ all the way from Australia.

Here it is....

Jenni (Australia). Your Snowman Square has arrived thank you!

The second Square is from BrendaS2 here in the UK. Brenda has made a cute Snowman with a lovely smiling face, a great hat and beautiful red Scarf! Reminds me so much of being at home when I was little making Snowman out in the garden! What fun I had with my brother. Lumps of coal for his buttons. So cute, thank you Brenda.

BrendaS2 - Your Snowman Square has arrived thank you!

Thank you Brenda and Jenni very much indeed!

If anyone would like to make a Square. Please follow the link over to Ravelry. Please leave your name and say you'd like to take part. If you have already made a Square please don't enter again. Thank You!

I would like to thank everyone for nominating SIBOL as 'Favourite Craft Blog 2011'. Inside Crochet are holding the voting and if you think SIBOL is worthy of a nomination then please click on the button at the top right of the SIBOL Blog. The closing date is 14th November. Everyone at SIBOL would very much like your nominations, thank you!

Thanks to everyone that has left a comment on the last four Blankets. If you haven't seen them then please go back a post.

Have a great weekend everyone, thanks for visiting our SIBOL Blog today and I do hope these Squares have given you some 'crafty inspiration!'.  Pick up your Crocheting Hooks and indeed Knitting Needles and have a go, don't be shy!

x Sue x

Friday, 11 November 2011

Four Ta - Dah's for you!

Good Evening Everyone!

Thank you so much for visiting 'SIBOL' this evening. 

I have four new Ta - Dah's for you and I am so happy to be showing you.  Three of them have been made by myself and the fourth by jean nock.

Now the three Blankets I have finished are from Squares which have been donated by Glynis. Glynis is the Daughter of Alice. Alice is in one of the Homes I visit. I am very grateful to Glynis because she sent me enough Squares to make up three Blankets and I still have some left over.  Such a variety of Squares, beautiful colours, and great patterns.  I have to say I have been workng my socks off to get these three Blankets finished in time for the deliveries.  I am so pleased they are finished. I think these three Blankets and the one from jean nock which she kindly made up will now be the last Blankets made before my deliveries.  I am running out of room now. I have five boxes stacked up in my bedroom full of beautiful, beautiful Blankets and what did Mr. Twins do the other day? Knocked the whole lot flying! Our bedroom is rather like a storage area. I think I shall have to deliver sooner next time. Anyway I sorted the Blankets out and really they are ready for the off apart from now doing a few more cards for the latest Blankets. But on the whole I am ready to go. .......Time allowing. 

Oh, let's have a look at these Blankets shall we?

Thank you so much Glynis for the beautiful Squares. I have had enough for three Blankets and still have some left over. Here they are.


Thank you Glynis for all of these amazing Squares!


25 beautiful Squares from Glynis!


Glynis contributed enough Squares for three Blankets. This is the first. Thank you so much!

Pretty aren't they?

SIBOL 114 has been assembled by jean nock who often helps me out. I am very grateful to you. I would also like to thank everyone who has contributed Squares for this Blanket also!

Thanks to everyone that contributed Squares for this Blanket. Thank you too jean nock for assembling it for me! 'Please add note' if you see your Square!

jean nock has made a lovely job of this Blanket, it really is quite pretty.  When Squares arrive at my home. I bag them up into colour groups. When I have enough we make the Blanket up. I think the variety of Squares in this Blanket look really good together and I love the border than jean nock has crocheted up.

I have made a Slide Show now showcasing our four new SIBOL's.

Created with flickr slideshow.

Thanks to everyone these Blankets are amazing! I love them.

If you have enjoyed looking at the Squares and indeed the Blankets on this Blog and you think our Blog is worthy of a nomination for 'Favourite Craft Blog 2011' which Inside Crochet are holding then 'please' nominate 'SIBOL'.  There is a link over on the right hand side of the Blog.  Our 'SIBOLETTES' work extremely hard all year round making the most gorgeous Squares for our Blankets, and it would be so nice to be recognised! It is so nice to be able to showcase the Squares and the Blankets in our SIBOL Blog! What a crafty bunch of Ladies we have all over the World! Thank you!

Have a great weekend everyone!

x Sue x

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Squares from Spain and the UK.

Good Afternoon  Everyone!

I am very pleased to be showing you some Squares which have arrived from Miren in Spain today. They are really pretty as you will see.

Miren has made crocheted 4 Squares in one with a little Flower, I think these are my favourites. They look so different with the colours she has used. I also received other Squares from Miren which are made beautifully too!

Let's take a look at them now.

Miren (Spain) Your Squares arrived today! Thank you!

I have made you a Slide Show, now take your time and look at each Set of Squares, they are so lovely!

I have to say Miren, my emails are coming back like a Boomerang! Please contact me again on email and let's see if we can sort the problem out! Thank you. I have left a comment on your blog to say your Squares have arrived too! Miren's blog is just so interesting. Why not pop over and take a look!

Created with flickr slideshow.

They look so different with the colours Miren has chosen. Thank you so much for sending them to SIBOL. I know you have enjoyed making them!

I have also had some 'beauties' arrive from Charlotte (Sharky Knows).    today! I am so pleased to be showing them to you. Each Square is just so pretty!  I am very grateful to you Charlotte I know you are busy getting things ready for your new arrival! Only 6 weeks away, how exciting! Thank you for finding the time to make them for SIBOL! Take a look at these!

Charlotte (UK) Your Squares arrived today! Thank you!

What wonderful Squares today! Thank you both so...much!

May I remind you ......If anyone has NOT made a Snowman Square and you would like to take part in our second 'Snowman Blanket' please follow the link to Ravelry/ and put your name down. Thank you!

I have my Daughter at home this week so we are doing fun things together. Next week I hope to do my Blanket deliveries!

Thanks to everyone that is supporting our SIBOL project and if you think our Blog is worthy of a nomination for 'Favourite Craft Blog 2011' which Inside Crochet are holding please follow the link and nominate us. It would be so nice for the wonderful talent of Ladies from all over the World to be recognised with one of the leading Crocheting magazines here in the UK!  The button is over to the right at the top. Thank you so much! I know the Ladies in our Group would be terribly grateful to you! Me included!

I think that's all for now,

Have a good day,

x Sue x

Sunday, 6 November 2011

The Snowman Challenge (2). Would you like to take part? / Mondays Update Squares from the UK.

Good Evening Everyone!

I am very grateful to Amanda of mandas' challenges for putting this beautiful Blanket together. The Squares we have received from all over have been absolutely fantastic and I would like to thank each and everyone of you!

The 'Snowman Challenge' Blanket has worked out so well and we have had such a lot of wonderful comments here on SIBOL and also on Flickr and RAV! I would like to thank each and everyone of you!

You will be very pleased to know that I am going to announce 'Snowman Challenge 'Part 2'.
I have been asked by Kay if we could make another one. She would very much like to take part in this Challenge, so I have decided I will try and make another one up.

I am very busy at the moment getting the Blankets ready for the Homes (which I hope to deliver week after next) but I will try my very best to get Squares in for this second Blanket and also 'try' and make the Blanket up myself.

I can't promise that the second Blanket will be ready to deliver this year. But I will try. If we can't get it ready I will certainly give out for next years Christmas.


I'm afraid if you have already sent a Square, please do not send another one.
Do you need any inspiration?
Please have a look at this gorgeous Blanket.

To enter please go over to RAV and put your name down on the thread.

Snowman challenge complete :)

So have a go, if you haven't already done so.

I am getting the Blankets ready for deliver and at present I am making up Blankets from Squares that Glynis sent in. Her mother resides at one of the Homes I have visited. They are pretty Granny Squares and I am pleased with the progress.

Have a lovely evening everyone!


I am very pleased to be showing you some Squares that arrived today from BrendaS2.  BrendaS2 has made a gorgeous Olympic Square showing the 'Sailing' event which will take place near to where she lives in the UK. What a good idea! I love these sailing boats, a fantastic Square thank you!

A great Square for the Olympic Challenge.

I also received two Knitted Squares from her too. One has a lovely Heart knitted into the Square, and I love the pattern on the other one, but I don't know much about Knitting so I can't help you there. Anyway both Squares will be put in to my SIBOL Stash thank you so much B!

I have made you a short Slide Show sit back and enjoy and have a look at the other two Knitted Squares which are simply lovely.

Created with flickr slideshow.

Thanks for visiting 'SIBOL' today!

x Sue x

Friday, 4 November 2011

Our Snowman Blanket SIBOL 110! /Do you enjoy our SIBOL BLOG?

Ta - Dah! Introducing SIBOL 110 'Snowman Challenge'. mandas' challenges thank you!

Good Evening Everyone!

A wet evening here in the UK too.

Well the nights are drawing in and it is so good that we have our 'Sunshine Blankets' to cheer us up! I do hate these early dark evenings. What is nicer than to sit by the fire and Crochet or Knit for SIBOL?

I am so pleased this evening to be showcasing you our 110th SIBOL!  The Ladies over on Ravelry have been making Blankets up for SIBOL while I have been concentrating on getting the Blankets ready for the Nursing Home.  One of the Challenges they came up with was the 'Snowman Challenge' suggested by Amanda 'mandas' challenges'.

The Squares have been arriving from all over and Amanda has very kindly taken on  the Challenge herself to make up the most beautiful Snowman Blanket.  Well this morning the Blanket arrived back at SIBOL HQ, and I am very pleased to be now showing you the finished Blanket.

Each and every Square in this Blanket has been made lovingly by Ladies who enjoy our SIBOL Group. If you are new visiting SIBOL our new Challenges will start 1st December.  I'm sure you would like to have a look at the Blanket now. 25 Squares all with the Snowman theme in mind.

Let's have a look at them now.

`Please add note' if you see your Square Ladies! Thank you very much mandas' challenges and to everyone who has contributed Squares for this 'Snowman Challenge'

If you have made a Square for this Blanket please do click on to the photo which will then take you to Flickr. Click on the photo over there and then go to 'Actions' and then 'add note'. Drag the box over to your Square and label your name.  This really is a stunner. I am so pleased how it's turned out.

Now if you have enjoyed looking at this wonderful Blanket and you think 'SIBOL' deserves a nomination for 'Best Craft Blog 2011' would you like to click on to the 'Inside Crochet' Button over to the right of this Blog please?

Ladies from all over come together to help the 'SIBOL' project. I am never ever disappoointed when I set a Challenge because the talent and creativity of Ladies is just marvellous. They certainly all put their thinking caps on to rise to the Challenges and it's always so nice to see what they come up with.

So thank you if you would like to nominate us, I know all of our 'SIBOLETTES' would be extremely grateful to you. To be recognised by 'Inside Crochet' would just be super!

We certainly have a very crafty blog!

If there is anything I can help you with please contact me
sueatpigsty@talktalk.net  (Sue)

Thanks for visiting this evening and have a good weekend and I'll leave you with The Snowman Slide Show!

Created with flickr slideshow.

x Sue x

Do you enjoy SIBOL?

Hi Everyone!

Inside Crochet on the following link is asking everyone to nominate their favourite craft blog.

Well......yes you know what I am thinking! Do you think SIBOL would have any chance at all?

Would you like to nominate our Group and our blog!

I am sure you would.

Wouldn't that be absolutely lovely if we were in with any sort of chance?

What another wonderful way to celebrate our 100th SIBOL!

I know there are some wonderful blogs out there, and I love them all too, but please give SIBOL a thought!

Please follow the link and mention our group!


Do you think SIBOL is worthy of a nomination for 'Best Craft Blog 2011?'

Thank you very much!

x Sue x

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Ta - Dah! Our 109th SIBOL!

Hello Everyone!

Thanks for visiting SIBOL today!

First of all may I thank everyone for their kind comments on the previous two posts. It was really nice to get our Group mentioned in Inside Crochet and indeed Simply Knitting. So thank you to everyone that has left a comment, whether it be on here or indeed RAV or Flickr.  'Thank You!'.

I would also like to thank the Ladies on RAV for helping me decide on names yesterday. We had a fun afternoon thinking of names for some of the Blankets which I was getting ready for the Nursing Homes. My storage boxes are full to the brim of Blankets I think I must  have 40 which have to be delivered. So that just shows you how hard our Group has worked this year. It doesn't seem that long ago either that we made the last delivery. Time flies when you are enjoying yourselves!  I am still in the process of making the Gift Cards and checking the Blankets over (the last minute check I call it!).

Before I show you our 109th SIBOL, I get many emails telling me how SIBOL is inspiring them to try new Squares and I thought with Christmas soon approaching I would go back to last year and show you some of the Christmas Blankets we made.  The nice thing about SIBOL is that Ladies 'inspire others' and if you see a Square in one of the Blankets please enquire how to make it. I will do my best to get you some answers!

So let's take a look back now at our beautiful Christmas Blankets from last year.

This is SIBOL 36 'Christmas Blooms!'.

Ta - Dah! Introducing SIBOL No. 36 '900 Squares I'm counting for the big one!' 'Christmas Blooms' - named by LT81 Thank you!

SIBOL 37 'Tidings of Comfort and Joy!'

'Tidings of Comfort and Joy!' - Ladies 'Please Add Note!'....>

SIBOL 38 'Christmas Spirit'

'Christmas Spirit' - Named by Aussie Maria. Ladies 'that dreaded question! Please Add Note!'

Really gorgeous Christmas Blankets made last year.

As a Group we have some really talented Ladies, always keen to try new Challenges. On 1st December my new Challenges will be announced.  It never fails to amaze me how crafty you all are!  Whether the Squares are Knitted or Crocheted if I suggest a Challenge it's not long after that the Squares start coming in! You may pick the design out of a book, you may make it up yourself. However you put the Square together it just shows what a 'crafty' bunch of Ladies we are. So I do hope you will like my new Challenges. They may be a little harder this year, so please stay tuned to SIBOL! 

If you have any ideas for Challenges you might like to suggest please leave them over on RAVERLY

Now....we have our 109th Ta - Dah! and I am so happy to be showing you!

These 25 Squares arrived some months ago and they have been patiently waiting to be put into one of our Blankets. The Squares were beautifully made by Corien (Richtje RAV). Corien has made such gorgeous Squares I am sure you will agree. They are all in beautiful pastel colours, each Square so different. If you look closely there are tiny Butterflies too.

Corien, I think it is only right that you name the Blanket please?  I had such fun making this one up. I do hope you like it!

Corien (Netherlands) very kindly donated these beautiful 25 Squares. I do hope you like your Blanket Corien!

Of course Corien I have made you a Slide Show thank you so much for making these Squares and sending them to SIBOL!

Created with flickr slideshow.

I told you the Squares were nice! What a beautiful Blanket!

Please pop over to RAV if you are interested in our SIBOL Group. We have SIBOL Square Swaps each month and there is always plenty of discussions going on!

I think that's all for now. I will be back if I receive any Squares today!
Thanks for visiting SIBOL today!

x Sue x