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Thursday, 23 June 2011

Just want you to know...........

Good Afternoon Everyone,

I have had a quiet day today for a change on the postal front. 'Nothing today' our Lunchtime Postie has just said. So I thought this will give me a good opportunity to tell you some wonderful news.

It is always so nice to receive positive feedback from our visitors, and in February of this year a comment was left on our SIBOL web site.  Teresa of DiddleDaddleDesigns (Tennessee US)  very kindly left a comment saying how much she loved our Blankets which she had seen over on Flickr. She told me how she was interested in starting a group in her local Church working like we do for their  local Nursing Homes.

Teresa asked me for information about how I started the project, and also she wanted to know the size of the finished Blankets.  So I mailed her back. We instantly struck up a lovely friendship and I gave her as much information as I could about 'SIBOL'. I was only too happy too. Teresa was so....interested in our project and for me it was great to share with someone that wanted to do the same.

I was completely honest with Teresa, telling her that when you start a project such as 'SIBOL' from the very start you have to be 100% committed.  It's no good starting something you may loose interest in shortly after. I have always felt an obligation to the Ladies that send  me Squares to show them as much as I can every step of the way.  That's why it is terribly important to me that once our 'Sunshine Blankets' are finished I ask the Nursing Homes a very important question.  'May I take some photographs please?'  I feel it is my duty to my Ladies, my SIBOLETTES to show them  'where the Squares have ended up!'. So I wanted her to know how much work was needed and how dedicated she must be! Teresa took everything on board and........

After several emails of lengthy chat, I was very pleased when Teresa said okay I am ready to ask the Ladies at my Church. Her idea went down very well indeed, and it wasn't long before Ladies started making Squares for their very own project 'Hands of Kindness'.  This at the moment is really something they are doing as a small Church group, the Squares are mainly coming from within.

The Ladies are enjoying making the Squares, assembling the Blankets and the most important thing too, is that they are 'learning' new methods.Their Blankets are stunning!

I am absolutely over the moon  that Teresa has been inspired from our 'SIBOL' project. 

Congratulations to you Teresa and please tell the Ladies in your Church Group how terribly happy I am for you. I will continue to follow the progress of  your project and I just can't wait for the next Blankets to be shown.

I am crocheting one of the 'Spring Blankets' at the moment, I hope it won't be too long before I can show you.

Thanks for visiting 'SIBOL' today!


  1. How lovely to know that you've inspired someone else to start making blankets. Ooh,I just spotted my own (paltry) two squares on the 'Link within' bit above - how spooky is that? Of all the pictures you show, mine came up when I was commenting. Lol!

    Bet your postie was glad of a day without parcels!

  2. What a inspiration you are to us all. You know that in your heart, don't you. I so adore that you have found the special project and it has done you well. It has done us all well, for that matter. Always a treat to pop over and see what's up here.

  3. Inspirations!!!! Mrs Sue...it's so easy to help some one , just with love , some words across the world and look ,,,,it's working for good.You are united to the world .Very simple ,
    Dedication , Inspirations , Commitment , Love and Caring for other .....this is Mrs Sue .....sometimes it seems to be easy but is not .... lots of work.. .Congratulations !!!! :))

    Good luck for Theresa and everyone in her Church .... :))

  4. Thank you Sue, as always, I'm very grateful for your advice and inspiration.