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Monday, 13 June 2011

My visit to a Care Home today!

Hello Everyone!

Thanks for stopping by 'SIBOL' today.

Over the past few weeks I have been getting the Blankets ready to deliver to St. Bernards Residential Care Home near to where I live.  I have to thank you for the most beautiful Squares I have received over the months which have enabled me to make really pretty Blankets.

When our 'Sunshine Blankets' were first thought of way back in January 2010 I never thought then that I would be making so many. My first target was 6, We have now made 68.

So over the last few weeks I have been getting the Blankets ready, piling them up, putting their ribbons on and  making the Gift Cards.

Today was the day to deliver our 'Sunshine Blankets'.

 To  St. Bernards Residential Care Home in Solihull

Where I met Gwen and one of the other assistants . My husband is off work this week and so I asked him to come along. We met Staff and some of the lovely Residents.  I must tell you how everyone loved our Blankets. They thought all the Blankets were so beautifully made. They loved the Squares and I showed them in particular the themed Blankets.

 The Ladies took such an interest in the Blankets especially the 'Young At Heart' Blanket, with beautiful Squares depicting things from our childhood, they also loved the Flower Blankets too.

Of course I asked if we could take a few photographs! My Husband was Photographer for the afternoon! Gwen was only too happy to oblige.

I would like to thank Gwen and her Staff for hospitality shown to myself and Colin. We were offered tea and biscuits and it was lovely to have a chat with the Residents.  It's so nice to know that our 'Sunshine Blankets' have gone to a home where they will be appreciated and the Residents will enjoy having them beside them.

I also told Gwen and her Residents that I have made these Blankets in Memory of my own Grandmother who lived to the age of 103.

Thank you so much 'SIBOLETTES' and thank you also to St. Bernards Residential Care Home.

Thank you for visiting 'SIBOL' today!


  1. Sue I believe you had a good day! I know it has to feel so good in your heart knowing the SIBOL blankets have found a good home. So nice that they let you meet some of the residents. JOB WELL DONE!!!! cathy xxx

  2. Congratulations Mrs Sue ...I can see you are enjoying all of this,I'm very proud of you.I will keep helping with the granny squares.

  3. What a ver special day I know this was for you. Great to see where all those lovely squares have found there new home. Makes each and every stitch worth it for us all.

  4. Gosh, Sue, what a beautiful lot of blankets. It must make you feel so warm and gooey inside when you get to hand them over

  5. Dear Sue,
    Thank you for sharing these photos at St. Bernard's. The blankets look wonderful and you have done such a good job putting the squares together. Do you have any help with that or do you crochet the squares together by yourself?
    I mailed some squares to you last week (from the USA). I hope you get them soon, but looking at these great squares, I just hope they are worthy enough to be able to use on one of these beautiful blankets!
    Kay Guest

  6. Many hours of hard work has gone into those blankets but I'm sure it has given as much pleasure to the makers as it will to the recipients. Well done everyone!

  7. Kay
    - Thank you so much for your comments.

    Kate 'The Garden Bell' actually assembled 25 Squares for me.

    Louise 'Lally Lou' is just finishing her 2nd.

    Brenda has also assembled 25 for me.

    I have also had Heather who made the entire Blanket and sent it to me to be delivered which I was truly grateful for.

    Please don't ever feel that Squares are not good enough. I value each and every Square whether it's a Granny or a more involved Square. They will fit in anywhere.

    Just hope you don't get fed up waiting to see your Square. Sometimes Ladies have to wait about a year to see what I do with them. The reason for this is because I pile them into colours. When I have enough of a certain colour I will make the Blanket up.

    Then of course because we have Challenges. I have to work on these Squares first before any others I have.

    So...alot of patience is needed. I wish I could use two hooks at a time sometimes!

    I just take my time with the Blankets and of course I have to fit them in with home life which can be quite busy at times!

    Thank you.

    Many thanks to everyone else too for your comments. I really love making the Blankets. Of course when it's delivery day it's quite exciting after all the work that has gone in to them.

  8. I bet those residents at the home just LOVE to see you coming! If I lived there, it would be a certain highlight for me. And it's a highlight that just continues on as they can gaze upon those beautiful creations every day! The love behind those squares just keeps giving of itself! Thanks for sharing all of this, Sue. Your work is incredible and your dedication is miraculous! The contributions from around the world are truly the works of a very loving and creative "village". x&o, Annette

  9. Thank you Petunia Pill!
    They did remember me!
    I think Blankets are a talking point, don't you?

  10. Wonderful! I actually think your blankets brighten everyone's days -- Such an important thing for elderly people who may be feeling a little alone or down. Well done Sue your work is amazing
    Love Linda

  11. Great work Sue!
    Making people happy is wonderful!