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Monday, 2 April 2012

Monday's news.

Good Afternoon Everyone!

Thanks for visiting 'SIBOL' today. 

A short while ago 'SIBOL' was featured in 'Craftseller' and a Lady by the name of Maralyn contacted me by email to say that her Mother would be knitting some Squares for our Alzheimers fund raising. Well today in the post I received a beautiful Red, Blue and White blanket made by Sheila who will be 88 years of age this August.

I'm sure Maralyn won't mind me showing you part of her email.

"My mother would be  knitting these, she will be 88 this August and loves knitting, but
doesn't need any more jumpers or cardigans but would like to keep knitting and as her mother (my grandmother) had Alzheimers when she died my mum would like to help a little and give a little comfort to  someone."

Maralyn was also very kind to send a photo of her Mother with the blanket. I thought that was a lovely thing to do. It's always lovely to see who made a blanket.

The blanket is made with Red, Blue and White Squares and I have added some of our usual 'SIBOL Butterflies and Ribbon' as we always do even when blankets are donated.  The blanket has been made beautifully and I know a lot of love has also gone into this blanket and I'm very grateful to you Sheila, thank you! I  know this cause is very dear to your heart.

This blanket will be auctioned too as well as our Olympic Blanket and the proceeds will be sent on to the Alzheimers Society here in the UK.

Making Squares is a lovely thing to do. It occupys us while watching TV and they are quite easy to carry about too! I always have a batch in my car, I have to wait on occasions for my Daughters and my Mother and if I could drive and hook I would!  :)  To make Squares and then make them into a blanket is just so kind. I will let you know how much your blanket raises Sheila.

I also had a Square arrive from Lynn in  Canada this morning. Lynn took part in our 'One Heart From Around The World' Challenge.  We made the first Heart blanket a few weeks ago and I am collecting Squares for the second one now. If you would like to take part please follow the link.

This Square has been made in great colours and beautifully too, thank you very much Lynn.

I have to say now that I have quite a few blankets to show you which have been made by Ladies in our 'SIBOL' group. I have been experiencing 'sign-in' problems with Flickr and I am locked out for 24 hours which doesn't please me but as soon as I can load my photos up I will.

Thanks to everyone that has sent me Squares for our Olympic Blanket, the Challenge has now ended and it's my turn now to get busy with your Squares!  I will do a final count as soon  as I can and let you know how many we managed to get in.

Thank you Maralyn, Sheila and Lynn for contributing to 'SIBOL'.

Bye for now

x Sue x


  1. Oh Sue, how nice, if this lady can knit with that age. The blanket is very beautiful!
    Have a good time!
    Hugs Crissi

  2. otra vez se me han escapado las lagrimas,que cosas tan bonitas,que corazones mas grandes,que bonita manta pero mas su significado

  3. That's wonderful & I hope I can still do my craft as well when I'm older. She's done a marvelous job. Those stitches are so evenly done.

  4. What a lovely story an what a lovely blanket.