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Sunday, 15 April 2012

What are we good at?

Good Evening everyone!

As everyone knows we work very hard all year long making 'Sunshine Blankets' for the Elderly in Nursing Homes. But every now and then we have 'special Charity Challenges' where we try to raise money for various good causes.

If you remember April of last year we made the special 'Royal Wedding Blanket'. This was a beautiful Blanket to make. It totalled 56 Squares all with the Royal Wedding in mind. Squares came in from all over the World and we won first prize in a competition organised by Great British Yarns. The Blanket was auctioned on EBAY and it raised £112.00 for Prince William and Kate Middleton's Charity Gift Fund.

The Royal Wedding Blanket.

The Squares were all gorgeous!

Then we made and auctioned our first 'Think Pink' Blanket. Squares once again came in from all over. Of course the Squares were made in shades of Pink and it was put together by Lotti on RAVELRY.  It raised £102.00 on EBAY and all proceeds were sent off to Breast Cancer Care.

'Think Pink' Blanket for 'Breast Cancer Care'.

Our third Blanket was made for the Jersey Textile Showcase. This is an event held every year in Jersey and I decided to ask our 'SIBOLETTES' if they wanted to help me make a Blanket to raise money for Mencap. The theme was 'Your Local Landscape' and I asked my 'SIBOLETTES' to design and make a Square Knitted or Crocheted showing a 'view from their window'.  So we had everything from gardens and countryside to Blackpool Tower and the Forth Bridge in Scotland. This was a really exciting Blanket to make and I was so happy to find out from Pat Robson the Organiser that our Blanket raised £95.00! What an achievement!

Our 'Your Local Landscape' Challenge Blanket hanging proud!

I would like to show you an extract from the email I received from Pat Robson.

Pat said,

"All together we raised £500 for Mencap of which £95 was from your blanket. We were inundated with scarves etc most of which we sold but did get left with some , lovely ones, which will be used to sell at their shop.

The blanket was greatly admired and having the information to go with it made it really interesting.

Best Wishes, Pat Robson "

So in total we have raised as a Group £309.00 for various Charities. Our work for the Elderly in Nursing Homes is extremely important to me but so are these special Blankets. It gives our Group new Challenges, something different to work for and of course it benefits those in need.

You all know that I am working now on our Olympic project. With over 300 Squares arrive I have a massive job now putting them together. I do hope once again we can raise a substantial amount of money. This time hopefully raising money for the Alzheimers Society in the UK.

The photo at the top of the web site is our Blanket on show at the exhibition in Jersey. I am very grateful to Pat for allowing us to exhibit our Blanket and for sending the photos back to me. It's very important for me to show you where our Blankets have gone to. Thank you also Pat for telling us how much our Blanket raised. I am most grateful to you. I do hope we can get involved next year too!

I would like to thank everyone for supporting my project, but especially with these Charity Blankets.

Thanks for visiting 'SIBOL' and have a good weekend!

x Sue x


  1. Dear Sue,
    April 15th is my birthday and what a great post to read on my birthday! I see two of my squares in that blanket and it raised 95 pounds, that is awesome. Thanks for this post!

  2. Hi, Sue,
    sooooo wonderful blankets!!!!!!
    Have a great day
    best wishes Crissi

  3. hola ye gustaria participar no puedo traducir y no entiendo lo que me dicespero estoy encantada solo que participaria si supiera como besos de las isla canariad

  4. Happy birthday Kay. Hope you have had a good day. It is very exciting spotting our squares in a SIBOL blanket,isn't it, especially one that has been displayed at a craft fair.