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Friday, 20 July 2012

A Blanket delivery today and Challenge squares!

Good evening everyone!

What an exciting day today for our 'SIBOL' group!

One of our SIBOLETTES 'Anne' over on RAVELRY was telling me a few months ago about her Mother living in sheltered housing in Birmingham  called 'Rowheath House '. Anne thought that they may be interested in receiving some of our blankets so she had a word with Jackie the Manager. The answer was yes they would be interested so I was given the contact details. Jackie suggested that they hold a coffee morning and so she invited us both along.  I sent her one of our 'SIBOL' brochures and she pinned it up on the notice board for the Residents to read.

So during the last week I have been getting the blankets ready writing the cards and sorting which blankets to take.  I decided a few months ago to have some cards printed from 'Vistaprint' and I'm so pleased that they arrived in time.  The card tells them about our group and all I have to do is to fill in the names of the Ladies who made the blanket or who sent the squares. Then I attached them on to the hanging Butterflies. 

Here are the blankets ready for the home.

As you know we have been making Butterflies over in our RAVELRY Butterfly Club ready for the Craft Group talk next March, so I thought why not take some along with us.

We arrived at the home and was shown to the lounge where the Residents were sitting. I was rather nervous about giving a talk it was the first time for me. I explained how our Group was different from other Groups and how we meet on-line rather than meeting in a hall. I told the Residents about my Grandmother and why I wanted to start the project, also mentioning about the squares arriving at my home. I showed them blankets that were made by individual Ladies and I also told them how terribly kind you all were!

We first of all gave Pamela's blanket to one of the Residents 'Vera' We asked Vera  what colour she would like and she chose a pink one. She told us to thank Pamela. So 'Thank You Pamela'. She loved your Knitting and thought the squares were so...pretty!' She really was very grateful to you.

A photo of myself (Left), Jackie - The Manager (Right) and
Vera receiving Pamela's blanket called 'Glady's'.

Then I took a photo of Anne afterwards!

They all absolutely loved our blankets and especially liked choosing a couple of Butterflies each. Their favourite colours were picked and even the Gentleman in the room chose a couple for his grandchildren.

I handed out 'Fields' to Violet and I explained that Sally had assembled the Knitted squares for me. She said many times over and over again, 'Please Thank Sally!' So Sally 'Thank You!'. She loved the blanket you assembled for me.

It was so nice to visit the Residents, they were so terribly interested in our work. It was a pleasure to speak to them about their own Crocheting and Knitting and just like us how over the years they themselves have Knitted and Crocheted for charities.

We really should have taken some more blankets with us and I have promised to return with Anne to take some more.

We went upstairs with Jackie after speaking to the Residents and we met Phoebe. Phoebe is a lovely lady and she goes to Dialysis three times a week. We took 'Cream Lace' with us which was made by Marilyn  and presented it to her. 'For me?' she said. 'Yes for you' Anne said. Phoebe was absolutely thrilled and she was so touched by Marilyn's  kindness. We unwrapped the blanket for her and laid the blanket over her knees. She absolutely loved it, she was so emotional that tears came to her eyes and Anne's too! We were asked to thank Marilyn for the blanket and I said we would. So 'Thank you Marilyn for Cream Lace, Phoebe loved your blanket'.  This really was a very emotional moment for all of us.

(I hate this photo of me!) :(

Rowheath House is in Birmingham and it is sheltered housing for the Elderly. They all have their own little flats where they can live independently but can gather together downstairs for their meals and cups of tea.
The Residents were really lovely people, both Anne and myself thoroughly enjoyed our visit. The Staff were very welcoming and on behalf of our Group 'SIBOL' may I thank you for your hospitality shown to us both.
I promised to return very soon with more blankets and Jackie has given me two more contacts of other homes where she thinks our blankets will be welcomed.

I would now like to thank jenn1feranne for the 'Musical square' received today. Just take a look at this square. jenn1feranne (Jennifer) has made a square with the first two notes of 'Madame Butterfly' how appropriate! What a fantastic idea. Thanks so much Jennifer. I also love the Butterflies she has sent along too!

I also received squares from baw1812 (RAV) Beverley. One square for our Heart Challenge and one for our Owl Challenge. Both great squares Bev, thanks so much. What great squares once again!

May I personally thank you all too. I have written before about my visits to the homes but Anne has seen herself first hand today how much our blankets are welcomed. I would like to thank everyone that sends me squares and indeed made up blankets. These blankets today have brought smiles to the faces of the Elderly and yes a tear has been a shed but 'tears of happiness' as I said to Phoebe. So thanks to everyone that supports 'SIBOL'.  I do hope you have enjoyed reading today's post.


I would like to thank Laura (UK) for the two squares she sent in today for our Challenges. One is the Heart square for 'One Heart From Around The World'.

Laura H. Thank you for your Heart Square!

The other is a square for the 'Owl' Challenge. Brilliant I love them both.

Your Owl square too! Really lovely, thank you!

A simple design but look how effective!
Thank you so....much Laura. I am pleased you have taken part in our Challenges.

I would also like to thank Judy K (RAV) for her squares also.

First of all we have a pretty Irish Rose square.

Irish Rose square. Brilliant thanks Judy!

Great colours.

Then we have a colourful Owl!

Judy K. (RAV) Thank you for your Owl square today!

Love his tummy!

Then finally as you know we are making a 200th special blanket. I know we have passed the 200th mark, but it will take us a bit of time to collect the squares for this blanket. Steph 'craftymizz' suggested using my Grandmother as inspiration for this blanket. So I wrote a  little about my Grandmother on RAVELRY, and Ladies have been using this as a way of getting ideas for our blanket.

Judy read the text and today I received a square. When I was younger my Grandmother would sit near to the coal fire with a piece of crusty bread on the end of a long fork 'do you remember them?' The bread would toast golden brown and afterwards 'Nan' would spread English butter on to it. Oh how lovely, melted butter.....there was nothing nicer. How come food tasted so different years ago? They put so much in to it nowadays!

Judy has made a brilliant square. It is a slice of toasted bread with a pat of butter. How good is this? Brilliant thanks so much Judy. I am glad you made a square for this special challenge but also the others too!

200th square. A slice of Toast and a pat of Butter.

Just to say that yesterday when we were at Rowheath House, Jackie mentioned that two other sheltered housing units would welcome our blankets. I am going to telephone them on Monday but can I remind you that we are not taking in any 'Stash Squares' at the moment, until January 2013 but we are accepting made up blankets. Now if you think you would like to make a blanket for 'SIBOL' for us to give to the Elderly why not pop over to our Challenge Blog. All details about blankets are on there. If there are any queries please email me Sue on sueatpigsty@talktalk.net

I do have a pile of blankets upstairs to give out in the coming weeks, but we do still need blankets. I have at least two other places apart from Jackie's contacts that need blankets. So the more help we can get would be lovely. I do have a lot of squares here which need to be made up and I will be concentrating on them and announcing new Challenges hopefully January 2013.

If you think you can help in any way please contact me
Sue on sueatpigsty@talktalk.net

(That's if you live in the UK though!)

Love and best wishes Suex

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  1. What a wonderful feeling to gift the residents with such beautiful blankets. I know they must be so very appreciative and grateful for your kindness. Continued blessings to all involved, Tammy